Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1574

Chapter 499 two years later In Zhao Hai they just returned to hundred treasure encampment not long after, long field there suddenly appears one crowd of person's shadows, if general cultivator sees these people, certainly will be frightened the corona, because this unexpectedly is one crowd of Immortal Stage Expert, quantity unexpectedly in more than 200. These Immortal Stage Expert, looked in battlefield there, but more looks at their complexion is not good, in which Immortal Stage Expert said : Senior Brother, this loss is really not it seems like small, you looked that this energy fluctuates, it seems like these time troubled.”. com The person Tang Tian graciousness of speech, they just Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race these Immortal Stage Expert hitting, the opposite party 200 people, their 300 people, were they occupy superiorly in the quantity, this time they altogether damaged to fall 13 Immortal Stage Expert, but the opposite party one was actually struck the type by them 56 Immortal Stage Expert, it can be said that won, finally the opposite party looked not to have what stratagem which ensures success, retreated. The opposite party retreats, their immediately rushed to battlefield here, has a look at the situation, but they arrived at battlefield here time, actually presently here already cleaned was very clean, has only left behind some disorderly energy fluctuations. although these energy fluctuate ten disorderly, but Mu Tianbo their these Expert can from felt that many thing, they can feel, this fights how to be frigid. Because of this, Mu Tianbo their complexion some is not quite attractive, one hear of Tang Tian graciousness said that Mu Tianbo cannot help but sighed said : not to think, becoming true, walked unexpectedly, first returned in has a look to say.” Said that is in the lead to fly in hundred treasure directions. In Mu Tianbo their leave battlefield here not long after, several person's shadow appears successively in battlefield here, after having gathered round battlefield there transferred several, these people also retreated, but person who these come the battlefield here examination, unexpectedly is also Immortal Stage Expert. Quick Mu Tianbo their returned to encampment of hundred treasure, entered encampment, Mu Tianbo they stares, imagines his cloud of gloom to be dreary with them, encampment here now everywhere is the happy talks and laughters, everyone/Great Clan probably very happy. Visited them to come back, these person of immediately saluted to them, Mu Tianbo they somewhat were perplexed, in this time, Zhao Hai Mu Yu united the lapel to the people, saluted to the people. The Tang Tian graciousness beckoned with the hand said : Little Hai, is this motion what kind of? How many loses?” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, listened to Mu Tianbo said : to go back to say.” Said, when flies first toward center hall there, the Tang Tian graciousness their although is puzzled, but also follows on the heels, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu follow finally. After waiting for all person returned to the center hall, Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu said : „said that what's the matter? How many lost?” Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu one, that meaning was to let Mu Yu said first that Mu Yu looked at Mu Tianbo complexion, deep voice said : returned to the Master words, these time went to battle, altogether died in battle 32 people, injured 73 people, now injured basically restored.” One hear of Mu Yu said that Mu Tianbo they have gawked, then the Tang Tian graciousness actually gets angry said : talk nonsense, the small feather, your youngster when did learn lie? Said, casualties how many?”

Mu Yu looked at Tang Tian graciousness said : puzzled Martial Uncle, how this matter I dare to say hurriedly, truly died in battle 32, has injured 73 people, but this time our ginseng has annihilated Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race cultivator person about 7000 people, kills Weave Fire Clan Monster Beast about ten thousand.” Tang Tian graciousness complexion changes, will drink to scold, Mu Tianbo beckoned with the hand, has prevented him, his look at Mu Yu said : small feather, you may probably speak the truth with me, we just came back from battlefield there, the Spiritual Qi fluctuation of there will not deceive people, that passed through a very frigid war obviously, moreover there are trace that many Great Magical Artifact fall down, very enormous, probably is Little Hai Yama Ship, how possibly only to lose that a person?” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that Mu Shu one on understand what's the matter, his bu has smiled said : Master, this time you were really also deceived, the battlefield there trace, was we afterward made, including the Spiritual Qi fluctuation, to deceive other big, the true fight trace, had been used Secret Technique cancelling by Little Hai in fact, we truly only died in battle 32 people, the injured person does not have anything to damage severely now, was good.” Mu Tianbo they have gawked, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai nodded hastily said : truly is, youngster with this method to let other person thinks that our losses are very heavy, moreover I can guarantee that this method was to search clansman came, could not look at anything, therefore please several elder feel relieved.” Mu Tianbo then breathed a sigh of relief, beckoned with the hand said : to do, rests.” Mu Yu actually deep voice said : Master, a matter must tell you, this war time, 120 great Spirit Race person cultivator surrender to us, got up by our Guan Ya, Master do you look?” Mu Tianbo one hear of Mu Yu said that complexion changes, did one stand got up said : where?” Mu Yu looked at Mu Tianbo one puzzled, he regarding the Mu Tianbo such big response, feels somewhat strangely, but he is said : in Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain.” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : immediately/on horseback leads me to have a look.” Response of Mu Yu although not understand why Mu Tianbo big, but he nodded, leading Mu Tianbo to walk outward. He thinks that is a Mu Tianbo person has a look and that's the end, actually not to think, all Immortal Stage elders, follow after behind, this lets Mu Yu stunned, not understand this what's the matter. Not only Mu Yu , Zhao Hai is also fog, but he knows that Mu Tianbo they responded like this, definitely because of these great Spirit Race people, the here surface certainly does not have any matter is his don’t know. The quick people arrived in Cave Mansion of back side of the mountain, these great Spirit Race cultivator rest in here, their Spiritual Qi had been de-archived, but Mu Tianbo actually regulation they cannot leave here, moreover put two Undead Creature to guard on this Cave Mansion in front of the door. Reason that lets the Zhao Hai undead fresh guarding , because Mu Yu does not want to make others know that what here pass/test is who, the person who the matter that these great Spirit Race people surrender, knows now is few. Mu Tianbo they entered in Cave Mansion to look at these great Spirit Race one, these great Spirit Race people had a scare, these many Immortal Stage Expert came here, this made them not dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere. However what sounds queer, Mu Tianbo they looked at these great Spirit Race person one, on turn around leave, other Immortal Stage Expert is also so, this let Zhao Hai and Mu Yu is more puzzled.

When returned to the center hall, Mu Tianbo has let Mu Yu and Zhao Hai leave, when their leave the center hall, Mu Tianbo then turned the head look at people said : looks like when the time comes.” Center hall complexion in all Immortal Stage Expert are not quite attractive, Tang Tian graciousness deep voice said : has not thought that such quick great Spirit Race person has the surrender, yeah, it seems like these time also had troublesome.” The person in hall is for a very long time has not made noise, but complexion of everyone is not quite attractive, Mu Tianbo looked at people said : „to say is troublesome, that naturally had, but this might also as well be opportunity, five side Upper Realm can have today, was not because they have won one time.” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded, deep voice said : is good because of also two years of setup times, Senior Brother, the person looked that what in the two years we do need to make to prepare?” Mu Tianbo shook the head, sighs said : not to need to prepare anything, the preparation is also the white preparation, over the two days let Little Hai and small feather they practices diligently, hopes that can win.” The Tang Tian graciousness stares, then complexion changes said : Senior Brother, this time matter I looked that do not send Little Hai or the small feather goes? They regarding in important degree your very clear, they, if has any accident, our losses were too big.” Mu Tianbo shook the head said : to make them go, Little Hai and small feather are in the strength are strongest, since they are hundred treasure people, must be hundred treasure strives, but this time matter relationship to hundred treasure future, if they have won, that hundred treasure will welcome a giant show turning point, if they lost, that is they remains, our hundred treasure will not have the too big show.” Tang Tian graciousness one hear of Mu Tianbo said that also does not speak, because of his very clear, what Mu Tianbo said was right, even if did not let Zhao Hai and Mu Yu goes to that place, so long as they lost, will have this and that matter to look for them, hundred treasure possibly have not unfolded. Thinks of here, the Tang Tian graciousness cannot help but sighs, other people in center hall also sighed, Immortal Stage elder look at Mu Tianbo said : Lao does Mu, want to tell Lao sect this information them? Can our plans change?” Mu Tianbo shook the head said : not to need to change, now do not tell Lao sect this information, avoid he diverts attention, no matter what, even if two years later the small feather they lost, our immediately will not have the prestige of extermination of the clan, if this our plan success, even if two years later the small feather they lost, our in hand also had enough strength to go facing anything.” That Immortal Stage elder nodded, Mu Tianbo looked at people said : everybody, this everyone/Great Clan in not returning, has assumed personal command in encampment here, in the two years wants our plan successes, strength minimum of our hundred treasure can rise double to be many, this to us, important.” The people nodded, then stands to say goodbye to Mu Tianbo, returned to in Cave Mansion, center hall here has only saved Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness they, Tang Tian graciousness look at Mu Tianbo said : Senior Brother, you said these people really such as in legend is so fierce?” Mu Tianbo looked at Tang Tian graciousness one, forced smile said : had feared that was fiercer than the legend, these materials you have also looked, before how many formidable Interface were given to destroy completely by them, don't we comply with the line? Has complied, on some on losses, does not comply at most dies, to be honest, no matter you, are I, nobody dares to take risk.” Tang Tian sighed, his manner although was crude, was not stupid, his very clear, Mu Tianbo the saying was right, from the record on historical data, very I compared with their much stronger Interface, was because approximately on content has not done according to the gambling is destroyed completely, if they do not comply, the consequence feared that is good not to go to that. The strengths of although Tang Tian graciousness to these people somewhat suspected, but just as is such that Mu Tianbo said that they do not dare to take risk, if hundred treasure destroy really in their in hand, they have become hundred treasure people condemned for all time.

Tang Tian graciousness look at Mu Tianbo said : Senior Brother, that this matter must tell Little Hai and small feather, no matter what, this time matter is needs them to face.” Mu Tianbo sighed, nodded said : to wait for one to enter is telling them, how first had a look at the ghost Spirit Race there result, if there all smooth, we will not have any too big movement in a short time, when the time comes told them this matter, making them practice some time relieved.” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded, during the center hall fell into one piece to be silent. No matter Mu Tianbo or the Tang Tian graciousness does not know that their these words, were heard in the ear by Zhao Hai. Center hall here was already received in Space by Zhao Hai, but here also does not have no energy to fluctuate, therefore Zhao Hai in Space can definitely see that center hall here lived anything, Mu Tianbo their these words, naturally were also passed to the ear of Zhao Hai a character did not fall, this has also caused the Zhao Hai curiosity. although Mu Tianbo they are some languages unlucky, but from their words, Zhao Hai can infer many thing, for example in two years, he could go to anything to agree with Mu Yu , but this agreement, may be related to that gambling that former Mu Yu said very much. But as for why they must keep an appointment, this matter may be related with these great Spirit Race captives very much, in other words, because just great Spirit Race these people have surrendered, they need to go to this making, but the place that keeps an appointment may very much in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, person who they must see, is very formidable existence, extinguishes in ten-thousand realms battlefield here are innumerable, similarly can also make innumerable Interface reach, looks like five side Upper Realm is the same. Hears this information not to have Zhao Hai to worry, conversely, his very happy, because he can draw finally touches compared with hundred treasure, five side Upper Realm such existences also want formidable existed, since this has been he continuously target. Reason that Zhao Hai such eagerly unfolds hundred treasure the strengths, to draw out behind hundred treasure is standing existences of these people, now this target must realize, they must see these people finally, how this lets him not excited. Laura they naturally also saw this breaks the dialog, several people also mutually looked at one, in the eye is also bringing excited, to be honest, Laura they also really very much want to know that what compared with hundred treasure they stronger existence is, these people who establishes the ten-thousand realms battlefield, the ten-thousand realms battlefield, the 6 Realms battlefield, establishments of these places for anything, these issues are waiting for them to look for the answer, now they felt finally that the answer left them to be very near. Reason that Zhao Hai they want to know that ten-thousand realms battlefield here outcome what's the matter , because they felt, these people who establishes the ten-thousand realms battlefield, to his Space is a huge threat, but this threat must solve as soon as possible. ( ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;