Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1575

Chapter 500 Ghost Spirit peace talks! In Mu Tianbo they when thinking the two years later matters, sect Ze has been getting the person and ghost Spirit Race person exchange hands, this two large clans may make the completely safe preparation, a side has completed the completely safe defense, but another side has actually completed all preparatory work of attack, this is a spear resistance between one shield. sect Ze knows the person who other big in one side look at, he to will not certainly worry, the selfish attack, must say that this attack, hundred treasure very much profit, because their in hand has Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, break the formation Spirit Snake needle, not only guards, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of legal copy, these may be the attack opposite party protect the camp Great Formation treasure. Naturally, the ghost Spirit Race person is not easy to cope, to these large clans, that in hand has not selected good thing, but ghost Spirit Race good thing, to come compared with hundred treasure, has been short much. Hundred treasure these two years exhibitions are quick, because of these two years time, obtain the technique of Water Refining, obtained Giant Spirit Treasure Ship refinement method, what most important is, they have the innumerable materials to be used to spend freely, good thing of such hundred treasure to emerge one after another incessantly, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle of legal copy makes much, counterfeit were more. Can say , since Zhao Hai turned into the material the crag on-board waste material, hundred treasure had suddenly Hu was aggressive, any thing dares to do, does not fear the waste. Like this aggressive is ghost Spirit Race can't compare with, they may not have that many good thing, making these Crafting Master spoil, moreover they do not have these Great Magical Artifact crafting methods, if in the two years hundred treasure are the violent show, ghost Spirit Race is the lukewarm water same show. This cannot blame Ghost Spirit Realm, the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, can unfold like hundred treasure, simply does not exist, therefore this ghost Spirit Race regarding the attacks of hundred treasure, some are impercipient. Both sides begin the exchange, ghost Spirit Race has eaten not small owing, after all hundred treasure have the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship achievement to defend weapon, the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship impulse is very strong, but defends is stronger, especially Giant Spirit Treasure Ship of hundred treasure, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship of hundred treasure, although looks like does not have with great Spirit Race Giant Spirit Treasure Ship what difference, however in the refinement, regarding attaching great importance to of defense, has actually wanted great Spirit Race. Great Spirit Race although takes seriously the defense of Giant Spirit Treasure Ship , what they settle on is the Giant Spirit Treasure Ship impulse, but hundred treasure are different, hundred treasure take seriously Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength, this has big relationship with Magical Artifact that hundred treasure use. Before hundred treasure, Magical Artifact that uses, is various hidden weapon, but now added the spear|gun, this spear|gun attack strength, does not need the user to spend too many Spiritual Qi and spiritual force, can the long time doing war, therefore in hundred treasure be very popular. although said that hundred treasure force clansman to learn their Magical Artifact utilization, later can study the spear|gun, what this spear|gun is inevitable is became in hundred treasure popular Magical Artifact. As the matter stands on hundred treasure has to thinking well, if can make the spear|gun better was used.

To make the spear|gun wield he better doing to use, must use the person of spear|gun to find a bunker, but this bunker, not compared with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship more appropriate, therefore hundred treasure so will take seriously Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength, to let Giant Spirit Treasure Ship can better with using cultivator of spear|gun makes the coordination. To change a mature Magical Artifact some aspect ability is not an easy matter, is good has Zhao Hai because of hundred treasure, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength increases, Zhao Hai it can be said that has lasting achievements, Zhao Hai uses Universal Machine, has adjusted formation in Magical Artifact, join some Magic Formation, have let Giant Spirit Treasure Ship defense strength formidable. In because has these Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, therefore this time sect Ze's their attack very smooth, have fought several times with ghost Spirit Race, still does not have the appears too big casualties. Is having the break the formation Spirit Snake needle to attack a city in addition Ba Zhai for them, therefore hundred treasure present presses ghost Spirit Race to hit completely. But sect Ze has not worried, he first is really strange Spirit Race surrounding camp one by one wiping out of some small Interface, in layer upon layer advances toward ghost Spirit Race encampment. sect Ze such procedure is absolutely correct, after they these small Interface encampment to ruining, did not have the extra worries, does not need to be worried one will be attacked front and rear, then in bit by bit toward the encampment advancement of ghost Spirit Race, looks like one team of hunters, bit by bit hunting for the clan compelling the dead angle, making their rebel opportunity not have. sect Ze they display like this, naturally cannot escape the gazes of these big Interface, these big Interface people, feels to be startled to the performance of hundred treasure, actually dreaded to hundred treasure. But sect Ze will be naturally impolite, he urging these big Interface dispatch troops, but these big Interface are actually shirking with this and that reason. However at this time, Mu Tianbo their there had the motion, Mu Tianbo motion very simple, that condemns to these big. Not wrong, condemns, Mu Tianbo is to ask them, why Weave Fire Clan army came from their Interface domains, they are information do not have. Now hundred treasure with these big Interface are the allies, therefore the condemning of Mu Tianbo, is well-founded completely, these big Interface people could not say anything to come, can only say that they have not received this information. The discerning people can look at that are impossible, these big Interface regarding own Interface control is very strict, how possible don’t know Weave Fire Clan to have gotten up from their Interface, this clarified opened the eye to talk nonsense. However these big Interface recognize, no one has the means that both sides only then fight the saliva war in there.

These big Interface people to like such doing very much, because they do not use as the matter stands , was participating in the hundred treasure and ghost Spirit Race fights between anxiously, they only needed to be good with hundred treasure slapping in the face weaponry. sect Ze Mu Tianbo is the character of wily old fox, how possibly unable to look at these big Interface thoughts, but this is the result that they want, only then they can make these big Interface divert attention like this, is not paying attention to sect Ze excessively they, sect Ze they can exaggerate their casualty figure. This motion, the original intentions of hundred treasure must exaggerate their casualties quantity, very goes to Cloud Sea Territory there and Cloud Sea Territory person meets the tough head-on with toughness. Other big person actually don’t know these, but they actually note, the nearest/recent hundred treasure there casualty figures probably were big, but these big Interface people had not felt that extremely in strange, hundred treasure really strange Spirit Race some surrounding influences has given to defeat now, more advanced toward inside, the ghost Spirit Race defense intensity was big, the casualties of hundred treasure increased are also normal. The fact is hundred treasure in recent time casualties has some increase, even also lost Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but does not have that many that they reported. But now most is worried instead to was ghost Spirit Race these people, ghost Spirit Race with hundred treasure wars, although they have been ready, but they have not thought that hundred treasure attack unexpectedly so savage, after hundred treasure some small Interface camp of their surrounding to wiping out, they have rescued to other big Interface, ghost Spirit Race also mixed in ten-thousand realms battlefield here these many years, moreover what same was big Interface, their naturally also several allies, therefore in feeling danger, ghost Spirit Race on has prayed for rescue from their these allies. However was quick they to be disappointed, their these so-called allies, used this and that excuse, has rejected their request, even if were ghost Spirit Race puts out some excellent condition to tempt many big Interface, they had not agreed. This presently makes ghost Spirit Race these people be startled, their present matter resembles some not to suit, will certainly dispatch troops to rescue according to past convention these big Interface their, like this they already can obtain the advantage, can prevent the expansions of hundred treasure, good matter of killing two birds with one stone. However this these big Interface actually probably reached an agreement was the same, with them was concerned with hundred treasure war, pretends ignorance, this was not the good matter, this was probably achieving some association intent on behalf of hundred treasure before with them, this was not ghost Spirit Race wants to see. Meanwhile ghost Spirit Race is associating to the matter that Zhao Hai they search to return successfully, ghost Spirit Race person immediately understand, had feared that is this Zhao Hai they searches the sea, had found any treasure, but these people had formed an alliance with hundred treasure now, want together to obtain in the sea thing, in this case, these people will not certainly manage them.

One presently this situation, ghost Spirit Race somewhat could not sit still, because of ghost Spirit Race very clear, if hundred treasure formed an alliance with other big Interface, not only that did not save them to be so simple, these big Interface feared that was also the meeting soldier helps hundred treasure attack them, this was not the result that they want to see. More is the analysis more thought that this possibility real, ghost Spirit Race somewhat despaired, ghost Spirit Race person also very clear, if hundred treasure have formed the alliance with other big, they died, even if were they to great Spirit Race such, to five side Upper Realm any one prayed for rescue is impossible to prevent hundred treasure to cope with them, because five side Upper Realm wanted in a participation basis, other big on having to give a pretext open and aboveboard meddles to come, so long as these big meddled to come, was five side Upper Realm must withdraw. Ghost Spirit Race is in itself place of chaotic war big, nobody compared with place of here their clear chaotic war big Interface, to five side Upper Realm dreaded, normally is having a grudge some big, so long as is five side Upper Realm attacks, immediately can abandon the hatred, alliance gets up to oppose the enemy together, this is an agreement that place of here all big Interface chaotic war reach. Because knows these, therefore ghost Spirit Race does not dare to seek help from five side Upper Realm, because that equal to has pushed to itself the deathtrap, one, but they have rescued to five side Upper Realm, they will be next great Spirit Race, this point anybody will not change. However not to five side Upper Realm rescues, by the strength of their clan, but also does not have the means to resist hundred treasure, this makes the ghost Spirit Race person in a dilemma. When ghost Spirit Race headache, attacks of hundred treasure still in continuing, moreover according to that violent, ghost Spirit Race under the hand/subordinate these medium grade Interface camp, were broken one after another, ghost Spirit Race had been compelled near the cliff, because they cannot be finding out the means to cope with hundred treasure the words, their under the hand/subordinate these Interface feared that must revolt. Presently after this situation, ghost Spirit Race High level, has finally made a decision, the peace talks! With hundred treasure peace talks! &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;