Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1577

Chapter 502 Cloud Beast Spiritual Qi Zhao Hai and Mu Yu sit in the room, look at in front of them Cloud Beast, this is Cloud Beast of tiger, level is not low, this only Cloud Beast is not in hidden Cloud village these people makes, but is Zhao Hai Mu Yu own automatic pilot Yama Ship, runs up to beast in the sea to grasp. Reason that they must grasp this only Cloud Beast to come back , because they must perform some experiments with this only Cloud Beast, he wants to have a look, the person of this Cloud Beast hundred treasure can also use. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Mu Yu one, deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, I looked at or change others, you did not need to experiment personally.” Zhao Hai is complete not by certainly the influence of spirit dark clouds, therefore his simply does not need these Cloud Beast, therefore wants to experiment these Cloud Beast to be useful, only then makes Mu Yu come. Zhao Hai although knows in two years later will send him to see the person of that bet with Mu Yu , but he has not displayed, sees sees, no big deal regarding Zhao Hai, he was already waiting for this day. Therefore was similar, he who hundred treasure there matters process arrived at hidden Cloud village here with the Mu Yu two people, and personal is harnessing Yama Ship, ran up to beast in the sea with Mu Yu , grasped Cloud Beast of this tiger to come back. Original Zhao Hai wants to make others experiment, so long as they exited this idea saying, person who will arrange the experiment, but Mu Yu these time actually must want to experiment, Zhao Hai also was really some not feel relieved. Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, all right, in any case I now also learn how surrenders these Cloud Beast, said it, does not have you, has you to give me Protector, I have anything to be good to fear.” Zhao Hai not bears looked at Mu Yu said : well, if there is any incorrect place, the person wants immediately/on horseback to stop.” Mu Yu nodded, look at by the Cloud Beast that he knocks down, has raised own hand gently, slowly was reading Incantation, index finger appears of right hand spike same Spiritual Qi, then he has used simultaneously this Spiritual Qi fast to puncture his left middle finger, on his left middle finger immediately appears a drop of blood, Mu Yu has shot that Cloud Beast forehead place this drop of blood, Incantation in his has not stopped. But at this time that dropped the blood on Cloud Beast forehead, actually slowly left red light, red light is getting more and more abundant, but that only unconscious past Cloud Beast, the body also started to shiver slowly, finally that rolled red light one surrounding entire only Cloud Beast, Cloud Beast also shivered was fiercer, red light permeating bit by bit Cloud Beast within the body, completely vanished finally, but Cloud Beast also stopped shivering, appears on his forehead a person red dot, then Cloud Beast slowly has also opened the eye, looked at Zhao Hai, turned the head to look at Mu Yu one. The eye, in the eye has revealed joyful radiance. This tiger shape Cloud Beast immediately jumped Mu Yu side, has rubbed Mu Yu with the big end gently, Mu Yu was also a face happy expression, put out a hand to trace Cloud Beast neck, Cloud Beast has lain gently, has closed the eye, present from throat comfortable snort|hum hum, obviously was enjoying. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, look at Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, has a look with the Cloud Beast sign, feeds this to him.” Said that Zhao Hai took up the a piece white clouds to give Mu Yu . Mu Yu has complied with one, took up the white clouds to feed to that only old tiger, that only old tiger appeared very happy, lowered to Mu Yu has roared, 32 have eaten up the belly the white clouds. Then Mu Yu put out had already prepared the good Cloud Beast sign, to the old tiger direction, deep voice said : was sealing!” On the Cloud Beast sign suddenly appears huge Cloud Beast sign phantom, one one has then attracted entry that only old tiger.

Mu Yu felt with own spiritual force, presently old tiger Zhengan static digging up in Space in Cloud Beast sign, probably does not have the uncomfortable feeling, Mu Yu then to relax. Actually the worry of Mu Yu is somewhat unnecessary, Cloud Sea Territory here used Cloud Beast already many years, the Cloud Beast sign was these years Cloud Sea Territory person continuously in thing of use, was the most suitable matter Cloud Beast survival, Cloud Beast in Space in Cloud Beast sign, activity that not only can from swimming, but can also increase own strength slowly, except for cannot be used to store up the place of white clouds, this Cloud Beast sign was it can be said that perfect. Looks at old tiger to be all right, Mu Yu then slowly carries on communicate with own spiritual force with old tiger, has a look whether to obtain Spiritual Qi from old tiger there, lets itself practice. Quick Mu Yu passed to old tiger there own idea, old tiger has gawked probably, then Mu Yu felt Spiritual Qi slowly reached in his body from the Cloud Beast sign, Mu Yu one happy, immediately deferred to own use the cultivation route to operate this spirit. However quick Mu Yu has appeared issue, that Spiritual Qi although entered his within the body, but with Spiritual Qi of his within the body complete did not satisfy the need, Spiritual Qi of his within the body, has regarded heterogeneous Spiritual Qi that Spiritual Qi unexpectedly, must that Spiritual Qi pursuing within the body, this made Mu Yu cannot help but complexion change. He does not dare in Spiritual Qi that absorbing the Cloud Beast sign transmits, immediately/on horseback made old tiger stop transporting Spiritual Qi to him, simultaneously he used his Spiritual Qi, refining fast in oneself body that Spiritual Qi, some little time he that Spiritual Qi complete refining. Place that Zhao Hai present Mu Yu has not suited, but he no optional meddling, in his opinion, Mu Yu although some do not suit now, but is not dangerous, at this time he meddled regarding Mu Yu does not divide the matter. Mu Yu refining that Spiritual Qi, this let out a long breath, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one finally, smiled bitterly was shaking the head said : to be defeated, that Spiritual Qi entered my within the body, my simply had more than enough, Spiritual Qi of my within the body instead to have regarded heterogeneous Spiritual Qi good Spiritual Qi, the repel of ten points.” Zhao Hai one hear of he said that cannot help but gently knit the brows said : „to be that Spiritual Qi attribute, is different from your Spiritual Qi attribute?” Mu Yu nodded said : to have this possibility, you also know that Spiritual Qi of our normally attraction, almost does not have attribute, even if these has attribute Spiritual Qi, can attract income within the body, these Spiritual Qi that but comes out from the Cloud Beast sign, with Spiritual Qi of our normally use, attribute probably are completely different, this Spiritual Qi has own consciousness probably, you also know that like this has consciousness Spiritual Qi to enter to our within the body, on will be regarded is must attack our heterogeneous Spiritual Qi, therefore we can only be give refining for type Spiritual Qi or pursue own within the body, but. Unuseful.” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, extends make a move said : Big Brother Mu, you release release to come some of your Spiritual Qi first, puts in my hand.” Mu Yu nodded, releases release Spiritual Qi to the hand of Zhao Hai, then permeating slowly in body of Zhao Hai. Mu Yu Spiritual Qi to the body of Zhao Hai, naturally is heterogeneous Spiritual Qi, therefore Zhao Hai slowly this Spiritual Qi to refining, but he knew Mu Yu Spiritual Qi attribute. Then Zhao Hai turns the head said : Big Brother Mu, in Spiritual Qi in Cloud Beast sign, puts to my hand.” Mu Yu has still complied, although says Spiritual Qi in Cloud Beast sign he now to be unuseful, but adjusts Spiritual Qi.

After this Spiritual Qi entered Zhao Hai within the body, Zhao Hai was feeling slowly this Spiritual Qi had any differences with Mu Yu Spiritual Qi, quick Zhao Hai felt, this Spiritual Qi also real has plenty differences. That Spiritual Qi is also the non- attribute spirit institute, normally such Spiritual Qi, Mu Yu can use, but in that Spiritual Qi, has an own consciousness, but this own consciousness, makes Mu Yu not have the means to use this Spiritual Qi. So-called Spiritual Qi has own consciousness, did not mean that this Spiritual Qi lived, but said that in this Spiritual Qi has the meaning of practice, Spiritual Qi exists in Heaven and Earth, is the unconsciousness, is completely free, is not anybody, anybody can use. But when cultivator Spiritual Qi inhales own within the body, uses spiritual force command(er) Spiritual Qi, operates according to own use the cultivation route, this equal to in this Spiritual Qi, has printed his consciousness, this Spiritual Qi also had the consciousness, but this had consciousness Spiritual Qi, can be used for the attack enemy, this is also many cultivator infiltrates own Spiritual Qi to others' within the body, destroys the reason of others body. Naturally, outside being able to discriminate the one type of situation is case, that is when cultivator was injured, cultivator do not give him wound treatment time, will pour into own Spiritual Qi to being injured cultivator within the body, but is injured cultivator, must intend to recognize receives this Spiritual Qi, this can guide that Spiritual Qi, operates according to own Cultivation Method line, uses for oneself. But passes on that Spiritual Qi that from the Cloud Beast sign, because is Cloud Beast comes out, has own consciousness, although Cloud Beast had been surrendered by Mu Yu , however self-awareness of Cloud Beast still, therefore in that Spiritual Qi naturally also had the consciousness of Cloud Beast, Mu Yu when receives that Spiritual Qi, had not realized that Spiritual Qi has the consciousness, therefore he has not received that silk Spiritual Qi desirably, the True Qi nature of his within the body on has also regarded heterogeneous Spiritual Qi that silk Spiritual Qi. Thought of here, Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, Mu Yu in anxious look at Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai did not have the means that that also showed that their test failures, later the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield, wanted to strive for hegemony with Cloud Sea Territory cultivator in Cloud Sea Territory here, difficulty. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, shows a faint smile said : to be all right Big Brother Mu, I almost know that issue appears in there, Big Brother Mu, that Cloud Beast also had the consciousness, Spiritual Qi that therefore his release comes, has the consciousness, but he to you are completely harmless, you try not to bring heart of the protection, desirably receives these Spiritual Qi, looks like others when helping your healing such, gives a try to be able.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu cannot help but somewhat hesitates, among cultivator besides the person who most trusts, generally little accepts others to help oneself healing, although others use Spiritual Qi to help your healing, you possibly good quicker a little, but cultivator is actually not willing to take risk. Because desirably accepts others' Spiritual Qi, on equal to is to that person complete does not garrison, if that person had one read evilly, that helped their healing Spiritual Qi, momentarily Spiritual Qi that might turn into wants them to assign, was because of this, therefore cultivator little made others help oneself healing. Also because of this, therefore Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that also hesitation, but he quickly that hesitant abandoning, he believes that Zhao Hai will not deceive his. Mu Yu in one time has closed the eye, then lets old tiger release Spiritual Qi, then his desirably receives that to enter Spiritual Qi of his within the body, Spiritual Qi of this time his within the body is not having appears any illness, that enters Spiritual Qi of his within the body, quick with his own Spiritual Qi fusion in together, did not have any issue. Mu Yu one happy, has opened eye look at Zhao Hai said : effectively.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : you to custom feeling slowly, moreover you must let old tiger custom feeling, only by doing so, you can receive that old tiger to give your Spiritual Qi frequently.” Mu Yu nodded said : you to make me experiment first.” Said that Mu Yu closed the eye to open the eyes, received that old tiger to pass to Spiritual Qi of his within the body fully, made old tiger increase the Spiritual Qi release quantity. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, cannot help but shows a faint smile, then his suddenly has thought of anything, cannot help but has tapped own head, criticizes to be really stupid enough, now these Magic Beast in Space, almost became has the same ability with Cloud Beast, in other words, these Magic Beast, can provide Spiritual Qi for him, looked like Mu Yu old tiger is the same, but these Magic Beast in Space, but not in the Cloud Beast sign, but Zhao Hai believes that this was not the issue, but after all Space compared with Cloud Beast sign Advanced level many existences. If Zhao Hai the suspected that successful, that also said on equal to that some innumerable Magic Beast helped him practice, his strength progressive will be only quicker. Thinks of here, his immediately said to Cai'er their idea, Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that also immediately agreed the Zhao Hai words, Magic Beast in Zhao Hai Space, is completely loyal his, provides Spiritual Qi naturally not to be a problem for him, Zhao Hai also immediately closed the eye to open the eyes to start to experiment. He just made within the body Magic Beast give him the Spiritual Qi transportation, felt that formidable incomparable Spiritual Qi, wells up toward his body from Space, although he has prepared receive, but has not actually thought that this Spiritual Qi unexpectedly such, probably is a person, takes the barrel to fetch water, he only wants to fetch one bucket of water, has not actually thought that a river front surface flushed, this is very dangerous. Good Zhao Hai is in itself body very formidable, if changes into others, feared that was these his body by these Spiritual Qi to exploding. Even if this, Zhao Hai also immediately ordering made these Magic Beast stop giving him to supply Spiritual Qi. Zhao Hai used some time, to digest these Spiritual Qi well, but he has not given up this method, just he was only has not thought that Spiritual Qi one gushed out that many, in fact he has underestimated somewhat in Space these Magic Beast quantities, has somewhat underestimated these Magic Beast strengths, therefore met that Spiritual Qi attacking. Thought through this point Zhao Hai, immediately has made Cai'er pay attention, making Cai'er understand in some Space various Magic Beast to him to provide many Spiritual Qi first, but was unable to affect Magic Beast in Space to grow and practice, after calculating this Spiritual Qi quantity, was calculating him to absorb many Spiritual Qi, was passing to his within the body these Spiritual Qi. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;