Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1578

Chapter 503 recalls urgently ------------ Chapter 503 recalls urgently So many computation loads, if places on others, feared that already collapsed, but a Cai'er pressure does not have, because Cai'er had already merged into one organic whole with Space, all in Space receive her control, therefore she must calculate these thing, was really too simple. In adding on the request of Zhao Hai is, in the situation in not affecting these Magic Beast practices, in provides Spiritual Qi to him, because of Zhao Hai very clear, these Magic Beast in his Space, actually is also fighting strength, moreover is not weak fighting strength, therefore Zhao Hai does not want to let these Magic Beast for him, but sacrificed itself. Naturally, his simply has not needed such to do, because various Magic Beast in Space were really too many, that feared that was each Magic Beast only to him Spiritual Qi, he will unable to bear, therefore he will make Cai'er computation well same. Quick Cai'er calculated, Magic Beast in Space can the Spiritual Qi quantity that Zhao Hai provided really be too big, even if were Immortal Stage Expert, impossible refining to have resulted in that many Spiritual Qi, these Spiritual Qi were also few some Magic Beast, each Magic Beast only provided Spiritual Qi to create, if all Magic Beast gave Zhao Hai to provide Spiritual Qi, that 100 Immortal Stage Expert did not enjoy. Cai'er has calculated most to suit the Zhao Hai practice now the Spiritual Qi quantity, and these Spiritual Qi bit by bit passed to Zhao Hai within the body. originally Zhao Hai because of relationship of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, in frequently has been practicing, but that practice is different from this time, must say that originally Zhao Hai is a person in the practice words, he now was many a person in helping him practices, moreover that type frequently is carrying on, the practice of biggest degree, this made the Zhao Hai practice degree under one promote several times, not only. Any cultivator, Spiritual Qi when the first practice, can buy is different, when this with the practice place, the practice mood, the condition of practice has big relationship. A cultivator impossible each practice maintains own optimum condition, cultivator is also a person, they will have the condition fluctuates the time, is adding on some external factors, degree that therefore cultivator every time practices is different. But in Zhao Hai, Space will actually not have calculated Zhao Hai when the optimum condition of practice, can absorb many Spiritual Qi, then pours into these Spiritual Qi from Cai'er to Zhao Hai within the body, this equivalent to Zhao Hai frequently maintains the best condition is practicing, this regarding others is almost impossible, even if Cloud Sea Territory here uses the Cloud Beast for a long time person not to be impossible to achieve.

In a twinkling, Cai'er computation is not a lid, makes her calculate to start from Zhao Hai, completes the computation to him, altogether has not spent how much time, when Cai'er calculates later Spiritual Qi pours into to Zhao Hai within the body the time, Zhao Hai slowly has also opened the eye. Actually these Spiritual Qi pour into to cultivator within the body, cultivator needs to carry on some guidances with their Spiritual Qi, because of this, therefore Cloud Sea Territory here cultivator, in the use of spiritual force, has wanted ten-thousand realms battlefield there cultivator. However Zhao Hai does not have this issue, the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art that because he practices, is frequently the operation, therefore after these Spiritual Qi pour into to his within the body, Spiritual Qi that immediately by Zhao Hai within the body operated leading, according to his practice line, the normal operation, simply is not needing Zhao Hai to worry. Zhao Hai looked sat in opposite Mu Yu one, presently now Spiritual Qi of Mu Yu within the body was also deeper and deeper, it seems like he also custom way slowly. In fact this practice way, regarding Transcends Tribulation Stage above cultivator, is not difficult, because crosses time above cultivator, their spiritual force very formidable, even if extracts part of spiritual force to come command(er) these Spiritual Qi, will not have any accident. Zhao Hai has stood, went out of the room, looked at outside one, outside these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, some are illuminating look at these medicinal herbs in the field, these medicinal herbs lived the root sprouts, long with ten-thousand realms battlefield there is actually completely different, these medicinal herbs seem like more like Cloud Sea Territory here Cloud Herb, but Zhao Hai knows that this is only the superficial phenomenon, these medicinal herbs efficacies and medicine's essence do not have any change. These are looking after Medicine Fields Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, is some old, they have not wanted unable outside to catch Cloud Beast, therefore received has planted medicinal herbs this duty, contribution points that this duty very safe, although obtained wanted less, actually also enough uses. Now hidden Cloud village here entered the benign show time, hidden Cloud village here show good of , Zhao Hai, not only in the here cloth duty, has planted medicinal herbs, moreover he has still planted Cloud rice in here, with Cloud vegetables, all kinds of practice commodities that provides in additional over a hundred treasure there, entire hidden Cloud village here now already official became hundred treasure branch Hall exists. In hidden Cloud village here Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, they have regarded themselves hundred treasure people now, this did not mean that their back has sentenced Cloud Sea Territory, regarding the hidden Cloud village here person, did not exist to betray a saying, because Cloud Sea Territory has not accepted them. They can until today, complete by own effort, Cloud Sea Territory here actual control, these Great Clan, has not provided a point help to them, even has also carried on all kinds of suppressions to them, finally they can only run away to hidden Cloud village here wait for death, are living the convict life, this lets these people's senses of belonging to Cloud Sea Territory not point. But all that they need, hundred treasure have actually given them, if these people did not have the sense of belonging to hundred treasure, that also can only explain that these person of simply do not have the heart.

Regarding the hidden Cloud village here show, Zhao Hai very much happy, had this bridgehead same base, hundred treasure can have room for maneuver in Cloud Sea Territory here, because hidden Cloud village here close beast sea, they can obtain massive Cloud Beast in here, had these Cloud Beast, the people of hundred treasure not only can big promotion their strength, but can also adapt to the Cloud Sea Territory here circumstances, to think to attack Cloud Sea Territory to prepare. Zhao Hai stands in room in front of the door, all in static look at hidden Cloud village , that scattered and organized Cloud house, looks like very beautiful, leisurely and carefree chat cultivator in place, increased vitality for this beautiful picture scroll, making hidden Cloud village here is more attractive. In this time, Zhao Hai was feeling that Mu Yu awoke, he turns the head to look, Mu Yu is standing, Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu one, how shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu? How feels?” Mu Yu smiles said : to be very good, felt that is very good, it seems like that this experimental success, I looked that can in go to believe that lets in turn sent for here receiving Cloud Beast.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : several other Realms these fellows, but also thinks really his Cloud Sea Territory here was any soft persimmon, although I to that information that in they provided already Cloud Sea Territory here orientation lecture detailed, but I think that these fellows may not care, they now by open up new territory and enlarge the domain this idea filling, have made them come Cloud Sea Territory here to touch nail/saboteur, was good to give them a lesson.” Perhaps Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : these fellows to think that he gives their information is fake, to prevent them comes ten-thousand realms battlefield here.” Zhao Hai snort|hum said : they have not believed are better, if they lose in Cloud Sea Territory here live miserably, we happen to can move, Big Brother Mu, you give in send the letter, making them come here to receive Cloud Beast, was making them meet Catch beast duty Cloud Sea Territory cultivator with these, to the beast sea there familiar environment.” Mu Yu nodded, has put out a signalling jade sword, wrote the content in the jade sword, the jade sword also let out, on quick hidden Cloud village here Transmission Formation shone a white light, then cultivator of some Tang Jie and hundred treasure, appears in Transmission Formation, Mu Yu has not thought really that every time came hidden to say here took in the Cloud Beast person, really had Tang Jie. Tang Jie also arrived at their side at this time, he to Mu Yu gave a salute said : Big Brother Mu, Little Hai, the elder makes your immediately/on horseback return in goes, the here matter gives me to be responsible for temporarily.” In the Zhao Hai heart moves, why he almost knew Daoist priest to be old must call them to go back, he has not thought on this day can come was so quick. But Mu Yu actually do not understand, what matter did he knit the brows said : to say? Now hidden Cloud village here just stepped onto right track, many matters must process, I with Little Hai this leave, I feared that you are not familiar with here.” Tang Jie smiles said : to be all right, Big Brother Mu, your general explain/transfer I was suddenly good, I study slowly, the elder there matter very worries probably, I thought that you are about a point to go back to have a look.”

Perhaps Big Brother Mu, elder there really has any matter, will otherwise not call us at this time, we go back to have a look.” Why Zhao Hai although general guessing correctly must ask them to go back, but he has not expressed that but so urged Mu Yu one. Mu Yu sighed, nodded said : well, we went back, Little Jie, you came, I with your explain/transfer.” Tang Jie has complied with, Mu Yu the hidden Cloud village here matter with Tang Jie explain/transfer well, how also told him to use Cloud Beast, explain/transfer ended, Mu Yu then to Tang Jie said : Little Jie, hidden Cloud village here wanted regarding in very heavy, you must favor here, arranged the person with these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, went to beast sea there to adapt, surely the attention do not bring to the attention of nearby these big influences, understand?” Tang Jie nodded said : feel relieved Big Brother Mu, will not have the matter, after a period of time, will send out the Immortal Stage elder to come here to sit, your feel relieved was good.” Mu Yu one hear of Tang Jie said that this nodded said : this to be best, we walked, here first give you youngster, you, if makes a mistake, looked how I tidy up you.” Tang Jie nodded, has complied with one grinningly, Zhao Hai and on Mu Yu then turn around Transmission Formation, flash of white light, returned to hundred treasure encampment. To encampment here, their immediately went to the center hall, to center hall here, they have gawked, because in those days in the center hall of has plenty person, now only then three people, sect Ze, Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness, see this situation, they a little feel helpless. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;