Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1579

The tower of Chapter 504 direct access to the highest authorities They salute to three people hastily, Mu Tianbo look somewhat complex looked at their said : to sit.( Next. Carrying. Building)” they look at this posture, knows that certainly had the important matter to say, they were also busy at sitting, look at three people. Mu Tianbo look at they, deep voice said : these time asks you to come back, very important matters want you to be done, this matter relationship to our hundred treasure future exhibitions.” Speaking of here Mu Tianbo to stop, looked at their one eyes. Mu Yu and Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Tianbo main is so serious, serious look at Mu Tianbo they, Mu Tianbo looked at their one eyes, after deep voice said : this matter wants wait for you to become Immortal Stage Expert, was telling you, but left some changes, the right and wrong told you not to be possible, the small feather you possibly know that our hundred treasure and great Spirit Race long ago, once was the best ally, mutual support, together facing all difficulties.” Mu Yu nodded, Zhao Hai is stern-faced, he already guessed correctly that Mu Tianbo they look for him and Zhao Hai come back for this matter, now looks like really so.Our hundred treasure and great Spirit Race, because is the best ally, therefore in ten-thousand realms battlefield here influence very big, other people could not find allies like us, can only be in a state of disunity, operates independently. At that time our hundred treasure and great Spirit Race alliance, had almost unified the ten-thousand realms battlefield aspect, but at this time, a suddenly organization looked for us, that organization was known as that was the Tower of Babel protector, they must hit a gambling with us, if we have won, they will support us, was not taking care our matters, if we lost, must illuminate their instruction to handle a matter. At that time in person naturally will not believe them, thought their crazy, dares to speak such words unexpectedly, but quick had information to lose, said these Tower of Babel protectors, has made a bet with other Interface, that Interface did not care about them, finally all entered entire Interface by them to the ten-thousand realms battlefield people gives to kill. Just heard this information time, in senior does not believe that but afterward underwent investigation in every way, they believe that this is real, these people had that ability, can destroy completely an Interface. Finally in person did not have means to agree the gambling house of that Tower of Babel protector, their gambling house also very simple, were lets us and great Spirit Race various two people went to Tower of Babel there, started upward to hit from First Layer, so long as these four people can project on Fifth Layer, even if were they won the gambling to make, they not only will not look for our troubles, but also fully support we. Finally two candidates had four people, went to Tower of Babel, these four people are top Expert in Divided Spirit Stage, because the opposite party does not permit the Expert participation of Immortal Stage, but various 2 Realms factions Immortal Stage Expert went to there, the opposite party said that makes these two Immortal Stage Expert supervise, because they send out the person who meets, reported below Immortal Stage. Waited for our 2 Realms person to arrive at there the time, that two Immortal Stage Expert somewhat have tarried, because there had tower, don’t know high tower, by Immortal Stage Expert spiritual force, did not have the means to search that tower tower top.

That Tower of Babel protector, welcomed inside tower the 2 Realms person, First Layer inside tower had a person, 2 Realms four Expert began with that person, that person was also Divided Spirit Stage Expert, but this begin the exchange, actually very easily our 2 Realms four Expert defeating, us had not passed including First Layer unexpectedly, this gambling also naturally was we loses. These Tower of Babel protectors, saw us to lose, only proposed to us a request, after letting we went back, must by our hundred treasure make a move, massacre great Spirit Race five Immortal Stage Expert, great Spirit Race also needed make a move, massacred our hundred treasure five Immortal Stage Expert, if we did not comply, their personally make a move, destroyed completely our hundred treasure and great Spirit Race. Our 2 Realms person naturally also understand Tower of Babel person wants to make us kill one another, but actually has to comply, after both sides returned to, began to prepare this matter, original both sides want to sacrifice ten Immortal Stage Expert to settle this matter, has not actually thought that after we reached an agreement, Tower of Babel protector suddenly make a move, has destroyed completely that ten Immortal Stage Expert, then said to us that making us probably strike to kill opposite party five Immortal Stage Expert in the fight. Finally both sides do not have the means that must begin, as the matter stands this enmity has also had, after both sides strike respectively has killed opposite party five Immortal Stage Expert, this thinks that this matter passed, has not actually thought that in both sides, respectively some Transcends Tribulation Stage and Divided Spirit Stage cultivator was killed, but the evidence is to actually point to the opposite party, Qiu Qing of such both sides are also deeper on the knot, finally finally made war. Both sides get up conflicts for ten years later, the Tower of Babel protector, gives us to receive a letter, they spoke frankly that the previous time bet final point wants us to kill one another, if we do not kill one another, their make a move, this gambling approximately continuously effective, only if the person of side were expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but if the person of side have not surrendered to a side, this gambling was about had also ended, a side that however won actually must send below two Immortal Stage Expert Tower of Babel there, hit one to bet and them. ” Speaking of here Mu Tianbo to stop, looked at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu their said : now you knows, why previous time I saw the great Spirit Race person who these surrenders will have that big response, because this was representing, we must send for Tower of Babel there, but well in time two years later, but these time sent all over the body the person in tower, regarding hundred treasure, very heavy wanted, I planned to send you, what did you have opinion?” Mu Yu and Zhao Hai looked at one mutually, they have not thought that really the matter can be this, even if Zhao Hai has not thought that can be this, originally in this ten-thousand realms battlefield unexpectedly also Tower of Babel building, but this Tower of Babel, really has so in the power and influence. Zhao Hai turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : I not to have the opinion, Elder Mu, didn't family what instruct?” Mu Tianbo looked at their said : I to know that you experimented Cloud Beast to succeed in Cloud Sea Territory there, quick that your strengths can increase, but I call on you to want the control good my practice now, within two years can't you rise Immortal Stage, understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not to have issue, according to my normal practice, within two years is impossible to arrive at Immortal Stage, invited elder feel relieved.” Mu Yu also nodded said : to invite Master feel relieved, I can control be good.”

Mu Tianbo looked at their one eyes, sighed said : small feather, Little Hai, your this motions, relationship to the future of entire hundred treasure, I do not have the means that your do not blame me.” Mu Yu and Zhao Hai have stood hastily, salutes to Mu Tianbo, Zhao Hai deep voice said : invited elder feel relieved, since I were hundred treasure people, naturally must be hundred treasure strives, the elder does not need to be worried that perhaps this time we can win the opposite party.” Mu Yu also nodded said : „, Master, you do not need to be worried that perhaps this time we can win the opposite party, you do not need to be worried that this matter gives me with Little Hai.” Mu Tianbo although does not believe that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu can defeat the opposite party, but does not attack their times now, he nodded said : well, you rest, in the two years relieved practice, but wants control good own practice, in the two years will not arrange any duty to you, you practice well and that's the end.” Zhao Hai nodded with Mu Yu , turn around walked, look at their backs, Mu Tianbo cannot help but lightly sighed, sect Ze look at Mu Tianbo appearance, did not feel better at heart, his very clear, Mu Tianbo attached great importance to Mu Yu , almost regarded son to regard Mu Yu same, but went to Tower of Babel there, but very dangerous, the there person was not the friendly stubble, went to there, but meeting deceased person. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu left center hall, they no one has the speech, what some little time and Mu Yu sighed said : originally I to guess was real, we were others in hand chess piece, Little Hai, what to do did you say?” Zhao Hai looked at Mu Tianbo one, showing a faint smile said : suddenly practices diligently, early one day, we must turn into the person of that playing chess, Big Brother Mu, you did not need to be too many, this time our two together went, am I to have a look at that Tower of Babel that fierce, if we have won them, I to have a look at them to lose anything to me.” Mu Yu looked at Zhao Hai one, has smiled bitterly, he naturally also knows that Zhao Hai is cracking a joke, the Tower of Babel there person strength is so strong, even if were they lost, did not fulfill the gambling to make, who can be what kind of them, but no matter what, for, these time must spell. The Zhao Hai look at Mu Tianbo appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not think that many, I walked first, returned to blue tree star there, if you had any matter, went to there to ask me to be good.” Mu Yu nodded, he felt now own is pressing a piece Stone at heart, not having the means to achieve Zhao Hai to be so free and easy, sometimes he envies Zhao Hai really very much, Zhao Hai can achieve unexpectedly free and easy so comfortable, this stems from his unexpected. Zhao Hai simply too has not cared this matter, direct returned to the blue tree star, entered in Space, Laura they are waiting for Zhao Hai in Space, saw Zhao Hai to come back, several people welcomed, Laura look at Zhao Hai, showed a faint smile said : finally a little feature, Elder Brother Hai, you said that what that Tower of Babel above will have?”

Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but laughs said : worthily is my Zhao Hai woman, I also think that you will ask I must go to Tower of Babel there.” Not only Laura, several other people white Zhao Hai, Lizzy was said : Elder Brother Hai you already waited on this day, currently finally has the clue, how you possibly, we now also want to know that Tower of Babel passes through there, moreover Elder Brother Hai, did you have to think, this Tower of Babel looked like with a place very much!” The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, thinks that two eyes bright said : suddenly you said that Milky Way?” Lizzy nodded said : well, was Milky Way, Li Jiang did not say, Milky Way was a Cloud Sea Territory boundary river, came from the space, but actually nobody knows that source of Milky Way in there, didn't this look like with Tower of Babel very much?” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;