Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1580

In the Zhao Hai heart moves, he had not thought of this point a moment ago, now by Laura their reminder, he to has been thought such through, he nodded said : truly is so, said that has the words of time, we must have a look at that above of Milky Way are anything.” Lizzy smiles said : to result in Elder Brother Hai, do not worry, now will go only to alert the enemy, if that above of Milky Way will have the person, you will go, happen to didn't bring to their attention? We use this time opportunity, has a look on that Tower of Babel is anything.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk, went to say that I also really want to take a look, that Tower of Babel above had anything.” Said that entered the villa with several people. To villa there, Zhao Hai looked at the hidden Cloud village there situation, hidden Cloud village there all are good, nothing lives. Mingyi who the following two years, Zhao Hai to have closed up stays in blue tree star there, has not exited, but nobody knows, his actually continuously very concerned about ten-thousand realms battlefield there matter. Not only ten-thousand realms battlefield there, Cloud Sea Territory there, was called returned to encampment not long after in Zhao Hai and Mu Yu by Mu Tianbo from hidden Cloud village , the people of other big, began to Cloud Sea Territory, their first target naturally is Ye. Before Ye there, has made some time preparation, feared the person who ten-thousand realms battlefield attacks, but near one month did not see to have any sound, slowly relaxed, but they have not thought that they just relaxed not long after, the ten-thousand realms battlefield person attack unexpectedly. The both sides troops have fought in Ye Zhou there, because of ten-thousand realms battlefield person early on control Transmission Formation, has Expert Transmission to come, in adding on them also knew some strengths of Ye from Zhao Hai there, therefore enters Ye actually to take them not to have the means that finally Ye was falls leeward. Ye looked that this situation also knows cannot in this way, call youth that ten-thousand realms battlefield here Expert goes, their immediately sits cloud penetration ship leave. Major of ten-thousand realms battlefield, had the first domain in Cloud Sea Territory there, their domains were not steady, Ye, immediately went to the beast sea to protect there, told the beast sea health/guard Ye Zhou the there matter, the beast sea protected there person immediately to spread over entire Cloud Sea Territory this information. At once in Cloud Sea Territory blustery, Cloud Sea Territory here all big Interface moved, prepares to carry on attack to Ye Zhou, large quantities of Expert arrived at the beast sea to protect here. But at this time the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield had appeared in the Cloud Sea Territory here inferiority, after the beast sea protects there to know most Ye Zhou was occupied, all places, have blockaded to Ye Zhou there Transmission Formation, but does not have Transmission Formation, ten-thousand realms battlefield there Expert, simply does not have other means attack place, as soon as they enter Cloud Sea, could not be absorbing Spiritual Qi, if by Cloud Sea Territory person attack, that had the dead end. In this case, the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield was stranded on equal to in Ye Zhou there, not having the means to move, but at this moment, Cloud Sea Territory here also organized the person to start to attack. ten-thousand realms battlefield here naturally knows that Cloud Sea Territory look at they will not have occupied this place, no matter, therefore starts to Ye Zhou there massive increasing troops, Transmission Formation deadlocking, has been able to go to except for the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, the Cloud Sea Territory person did not have the means to pass Transmission Formation to Ye Zhou. Simultaneously ten-thousand realms battlefield person, but also in Ye Zhou here arrange Great Defense Formation, with huge protective shield, Ye Zhou here coating, although Zhao Hai told them, in this way, will make Ye Zhou change is slowly small, but actually cannot give a thought to that many now.

Let alone, this also is really a good method, the Cloud Sea Territory here person, because long time did not use this type to defend Magic Formation, regarding breaking through this Magic Formation good method, both sides has not refused to compromise really at once unexpectedly. However the quick ten-thousand realms battlefield here person does not live on the support, because they use protective shield to coat Ye Zhou, not only Ye Zhou area is changing is slowly small, Ye Zhouli Spiritual Qi also in tailing off slowly, then ten-thousand realms battlefield person scaring, if Ye Zhou here did not have Spiritual Qi, they with anything with the Cloud Sea Territory cultivator fight, if Spiritual Qi, that has not defended Magic Formation not to use. Cannot , the ten-thousand realms battlefield person probably open defensive formation, actually immediately by the Cloud Sea Territory person present, how the Cloud Sea Territory person to break through that defends Magic Formation to worry that look at them to open, that naturally was happy extremely, immediately has gathered large quantities of troops types. This war may really be murky sky over a dark earth that hits, increasing troops that both sides keep, is adding on Cloud Sea Territory here Expert, is almost near body wars, this doing fights the method, lets person not suitable of ten-thousand realms battlefield, naturally the Cloud Sea Territory person does not adapt to the doing of ten-thousand realms battlefield to fight the method, the casualties of both sides are very big. Finally both sides have also made Fire Qi, the military strength of investment are getting more and more, the Cloud Sea Territory here person killed the heart to the ten-thousand realms battlefield person hitting, almost did not count the cost increased troops toward Ye Zhou there, but the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield also knows, if they lost Ye Zhou this standpoint, after them, in do not want to come Cloud Sea Territory, therefore also in increasing troops of keeping, one entered on Ye Zhou white clouds by the blood of cultivator to be given incarnadine. They no one have thought that they at the here war, finally cheap is actually Zhao Hai, no matter Cloud Sea Territory or ten-thousand realms battlefield here cultivator, so long as died, Zhao Hai will elect to haul in Space to turn into Undead Creature them, has also gotten so far as in their weapon Space, making them his under the hand/subordinate. Naturally Zhao Hai does not dare to do goes too far, if Cloud Sea Territory and ten-thousand realms battlefield here person present, these cultivator that they die, vanish from sight, that immediately has not all had the suspicion, therefore Zhao Hai drew in part of Immortal Stage Expert Space, the quantity was also not many. This war, altogether has hit for several months, ten-thousand realms battlefield here somewhat could not withstand finally, their Expert lost were too many, not having the means they to retreat finally. However before removing, they have also made the preparation, in some Ye Zhou secret places, arrange some Transmission Formation, these Transmission Formation to is Fabbio star there Transmission Formation is the same, hides in underground, cannot easily by the person present. After waiting for these Transmission Formation to complete, these people sit Transmission Formation returned to outwardly the ten-thousand realms battlefield, and these Transmission Formation outwardly blasting. Person who the Cloud Sea Territory person one presently finally repels the ten-thousand realms battlefield, naturally is extremely happy, but they to around cherishing this also had the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, in their opinion, wanted on around this also to have the ten-thousand realms battlefield person, already should call ji fierce time that they fought came out to help in the fighting, but was not hiding of saying nothing in one side. Ye Zhou although received, but there already destroyed was very serious, because everyone/Great Clan strove, Ye cannot in unshared Ye Zhou, Ye move to the beast sea to protect there finally, but Ye Zhou there, but has sent some people, turned into huge Farm there. But ten-thousand realms battlefield here attacks Ye Zhou several big losses is very big, although they also obtained many good thing, for example multipurpose clouds and so on thing, but compares with their losses, is actually the gain does not equal the loss, this lets several people, hates the clenching teeth incisor to the Cloud Sea Territory person. However makes them feel what comfort is, they in Transmission Formation that Ye Zhou there leaves behind not presently, they later have opportunity to attack ten-thousand realms battlefield there.

Several big lose is very big, but hundred treasure here have not actually coped with them according to original plan make a move, now hundred treasure here most important makes with the Tower of Babel there gambling, simply did not have the thoughts to expand. But makes Mu Tianbo they feel what is puzzled, five side Upper Realm there actually had not responded that this lets Mu Tianbo not understand. Now place of here chaotic war big, loses seriously, if five side Upper Realm seize the opportunity soldiers, can certainly occupy many domains, but they have not actually moved, this equal to lets slip a golden opportunity, this makes sect Ze they somewhat puzzled, understand five side Upper Realm to are not any meanings. sect Ze their understand, Zhao Hai did not have some understand, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here big, with the inextricably involved time that the Cloud Sea Territory person hit, five side Upper Realm wanted to dispatch troops, because among five side Upper Realm various Realm, complete did not trust the opposite party, feared that others planned them, finally actually knew. Five side Upper Realm person very clear, do not look that now place of there chaotic war big received the heavy loss, but in them any one if dispatches troops alone, impossible to ask for anything to be good to come in place of there chaotic war, finally was also possibly profited to seize the opportunity by other Upper Realm, to cope with the place of chaotic war, must dispatch troops to be good with joint forces, but five side Upper Realm these days, relationship is very anxious, simply impossible alliance to dispatch troops, therefore they can only look at opportunity finally helplessly from their present disappearances. But most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, great Spirit Race also noisily has translated finally with Weave Fire Clan, originally Weave Fire Clan there has many great Spirit Race people, now these people withdrew, in other words, from now on, great Spirit Race will be official withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Hundred treasure these two years exhibitions to are quick, they from the ghost Spirit Race there minute to the in hand domain, by their complete control, in adding on them in the Cloud Sea Territory there loss manpower, have not used the strength at internal show, now in place of here chaotic war, hundred treasure strengths, already other steady pressure big. However hundred treasure have not actually displayed, they do not think, if the person pays attention, simultaneously they also to save strength, to make a bet after Tower of Babel prepares. Mu Tianbo their very clear, the Tower of Babel there gambling approximately regarding hundred treasure is most important, if hundred treasure do not leave behind enough strength, that is only that gambling makes, will make hundred treasure badly battered, to did not say that Mu Tianbo looks down upon Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , but is Mu Tianbo they regarding Tower of Babel extremely in dreading. Fact Mu Tianbo also has talkative very not to tell Zhao Hai and Mu Yu they, Tower of Babel not only appears that time, after that Tower of Babel also appears several times, the matter that every time handles, is world-shaking. Because knows these, therefore Mu Tianbo does not have the confidence to Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , although said that Zhao Hai showed very strong strength, but Mu Tianbo they have made the worst plan. Zhao Hai also from Mu Tianbo their talks, knew some spider's thread and horse track, probably is present five side Upper Realm becomes relationship is so anxious, has relationship with Tower of Babel. But after knowing these matters, Zhao Hai had affirmed own guess, this Tower of Babel does not want to let ten-thousand realms battlefield here unite and rise, they are want to see ten-thousand realms battlefield here has massacred mutually, this equal to in ten-thousand realms battlefield here person the blood of slowly, lets the ten-thousand realms battlefield here person, forever does not have the means to be formidable. Why although Zhao Hai understand such do not do for them, but Zhao Hai knows that they such do have certainly the point, but this is also Zhao Hai wants to know.

Because suffered a loss in Cloud Sea Territory there, several other big of place of chaotic war, returned to in own domain, tian own wound, therefore ten-thousand realms battlefield here, arrived at once is calm, besides following some small Interface occasionally some conflicts, among big Interface unexpectedly appears rare and normally time. Other big do not certainly dare to stir up trouble at this time, the present is they are weak the time, if in stirring up trouble, they will become weaker, when the time comes feared that was their under the hand/subordinate these small wants to make their instead. Before went to Cloud Sea Territory, the person who these big Interface people have not transferred their in hand small went with together, they sacrificed was the Interface manpower, do they want to make these small Interface know this matter, does not want these small Interface to slice, but they actually presently have made a mistake now, because of their present strengths, wants to suppress these small Interface, was very difficult, weak Master, strong servant, this, but must have problems. Was good they had such big matter because of these small Interface also don’t know, therefore these big Interface naturally also honest, did not dare the expose paper tiger essence. ten-thousand realms battlefield here very calm, but Cloud Sea Territory there is actually not calm, to did not say that they started internal strife, but said that Cloud Sea Territory there entered a big show time, the invasion of this ten-thousand realms battlefield, to was makes the Cloud Sea Territory person see own insufficiency, weapon that first, they used can only the close combat, unable to fly to offend somebody like flying sword, this made them feel suffering a loss, therefore they also start various research flight Magical Artifact now. In is these defensive formation of ten-thousand realms battlefield, has brought not the small trouble to them, they are also thinking means research, how can within the shortest time, give to break that defensive formation, because present these deficiencies, research these thing that Cloud Sea Territory there cultivator, starts to go all out, entire Cloud Sea Territory welcomed an show peak. Originally Cloud Sea Territory here does not have what metal, ten-thousand realms battlefield cultivator that but these time with the ten-thousand realms battlefield war, these died, to has left behind many good thing to them, making them obtain many metals, this also let the Cloud Sea Territory here person, attached great importance to metal weapon, heard some Great Clan, started to organize the person to go to copper wall, iron bastion mountain there to mine, prepared big show metal weapon.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;