Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1581

Under Chapter 506 target In Zhao Hai face calm sitting Transmission Formation walked out, the front surface was seeing Mu Yu , he two years had not seen with Mu Yu , two suddenly meet, but also feels really very kind. Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai, showed a faint smile said : to come, walked, Master they in wait for you.” Zhao Hai nodded, has not said anything, walks in the direction of center hall with Mu Yu . This they have met all the way many hundred treasure cultivator, cultivator of these hundred treasure, each and every one imposing manner is uncommon, this strength unexpectedly two years ago has the length vigor greatly. Mu Yu looks at Zhao Hai to pay attention to these cultivator, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : in the two years, in many people had Cloud Beast, and has trained some time in beast sea there, progressed is not small, yeah, has not looked that your youngster progress was not small, now unexpectedly was Divided Spirit Stage Expert.” These two years time, the progress of Zhao Hai truly is very big, he used all energy in the practice, because there are these Magic Beast in Space to provide Spiritual Qi to him, Zhao Hai these two years time, thing that before trying to find solution oneself this using, integrate got up, uses in the actual combat. The attack method that before Zhao Sea Lord wanted had several types, one type of attacks with Great Magical Artifact, this technique content was not big, before Zhao Hai although, met Pagoda Profound Technique, but truly used , in the actual combat were not many, because did not have that necessity, these Great Magical Artifact were only impact few people can block, do not say exquisiter operate. The second type is Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, this Sword Formation in has not used Strength of Faith moment, to be honest that Might has not sufficed to look really that is used to cope with Divided Spirit Stage Expert, if copes with Immortal Stage Expert, that is absolutely incorrect, but after adding Strength of Faith, this Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation Might will increase, even if copes with Immortal Stage Expert, is handles. The third type was Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, 18 Arhat Profound Technique Zhao Hai already learn, moreover studied was very good, opportunity that because used was few, therefore could not can be called mastery now. But these two years time, Zhao Hai in trying to find the solution, fuses these thing in together, to using, can but conveniently. Because there are these Magic Beast to provide Spiritual Qi to him, on equal to he in practice Spiritual Qi not to stop, Zhao Hai regarding the practice of Spiritual Qi instead to has put down much, full has studied own war technique in the two years, but also works as own trainer Julie, in fact also only then Julie can dāng dāng his trainer, others really not be unqualified. Because Julie also obtained Cloud Beast some genes, her present strength, has compared general Immortal Stage Expert on high to be many, even if Chang like this, Julie with Zhao Hai to, cannot ask to be good, Julie being good at close combat, but Zhao Hai present, this Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, very beneficial close combat, but is the utilization of fist and feet or Magical Artifact, at the close combat, has big Might.

After more than two years of wearing , the Zhao Hai war technique has finally achieved but conveniently, the situation of having one's wish, now Zhao Hai is to Mu Tianbo such Expert, engaged in a decisive battle to share half and half, if their real going all out, feared that was Mu Tianbo has not put together Zhao Hai, after all body of Zhao Hai extremely in abnormal, but Mu Tianbo could not have achieved Zhao Hai degree. Now Zhao Hai on strength has achieved Divided Spirit Stage outwardly, if just hits, 100 Divided Spirit Stage returned to insufficiently him to hit. Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, is shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu, you are also good, I thought that you soon did break through to Immortal Stage? Is pressing?” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiled bitterly, what to do deep voice said : has not pressed can, make Little Jie they go? This assignment is our two brothers.” Zhao Hai laughs said : this not to be good, I already waited not to be anxious, what I to have a look at that place am, to be honest, that tower high, I also really want to experience.” At the same time was saying they arrived at center hall there, entered the center hall directly, center hall there was the same with before, only then three people, sect Ze, Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness, these two years time, Mu Tianbo and Tang Tian graciousness already not Steward, when Zhao Hai and Mu Yu closed up, they have also closed up, but these time went out, to see Zhao Hai and Mu Yu saw. Visited them to enter the hall, Mu Tianbo nodded said : to sit.” After they sit down, Mu Tianbo facial expression complex looked at their said : tomorrow you to go to Tower of Babel there, how I don't care you think that these time went, you with every effort good, no matter lost wins, the protect life came back.” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stare, pleasant to hear that Mu Tianbo although said that making them with every effort good, actually in turning round of said that does not favor them, from this can look, Mu Tianbo they regarding Tower of Babel are dreading how. although they thought that Mu Yu this saying is somewhat improper, but they have not actually displayed, but has complied with one, Mu Tianbo look at they, deep voice said : in has completed most badly has planned, you do not need to be worried that thinks my hundred treasure based these many years in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, nobody can us how present, currently we also had hidden Cloud village this base, we did not need to fear anything, but Tower of Babel there did not compare other place, Tower of Babel there person origin mysterious, nobody knew them from there, but their strengths were actually not. With saying, therefore your time goes to Tower of Babel there, bets can hit, can win well, but should better not to offend the Tower of Babel there person, otherwise, didn't have the advantage to our hundred treasure, understand?” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu one hear of Mu Tianbo said that also immediately understand the meaning of Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo meaning very obvious, has made a bet to win, but cannot certainly the person on Tower of Babel offending, then to hundred treasure extremely in disadvantage, in other words, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu can win the opposite party, should better not to harm the life of opposite party. They nodded, Mu Tianbo looked at their one eyes, sighed said : to be good, this explain/transfer I explain/transfer was clear, tomorrow you went to the back side of the mountain, had Transmission Formation to send you to Tower of Babel there in there, will send Immortal Stage Expert accompanying, some Tower of Babel there people to meet you.”

They have stood, to three people of gave a salute, turn around walked, Mu Tianbo look at their backs, sighed, shift to Tang Tian graciousness said : day graciousness, this time you must protect these two youngster, the small feather worked capably, is our hundred treasure future hopes, but Little Hai that did not need me saying that the small feather came compared with Little Hai, was tender, how regardless of this time they cannot have the matter.” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded, then the brow wrinkled got up said : Senior Brother, since clearly know this very dangerous, why can also let the small feather and Little Hai goes?” Mu Tianbo has smiled bitterly, turned the head to look at sect Ze one eyes, sect Ze looked at Mu Tianbo one, was smiling bitterly said : Tower of Babel these many years, the custom that subscribed, actually only then a point, in most outstanding young man major gave to abandon, if we did not let the small feather and Little Hai go, good Tower of Babel there to think that other means coped with our hundred treasure.” Tang Tian graciousness coldly snorted one, obviously he is to Tower of Babel this procedure very discontented, but his very clear, hundred treasure present could not have offended Tower of Babel, this invisible losses were eat, now only hopes after this time matter, Zhao Hai Mu Yu will not have the matter, otherwise the losses of hundred treasure were heavier. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu left center hall, Mu Yu walked Little Hai to Zhao Hai said :, the line my sit a while.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, walks toward his Cave Mansion with Mu Yu . Before long they entered Mu Yu Cave Mansion, enters Mu Yu Cave Mansion, Mu Yu sighs said : Little Hai, you said that what meaning Master today that words are? That is Tower of Babel so really strong?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Feared that real, otherwise Elder Mu will not say that such words come out, but this time they, if also makes us rush to the tower, we to can these fellow lessons, making them know that we are not affable.” Mu Yu coldly snorted said : Little Hai, you still do remember for two years ago you to I have spoken the words? You said that sooner or later one day, we will turn into the person who plays chess, Little Hai, you have remembered, our sooner or later will one day turn into the person who plays chess, certainly will.” The Zhao Hai look at Mu Yu appearance, shows a faint smile said : I to believe that certainly will, he he, Big Brother Mu, should not be excited, the matter comes gradually, this is the same with the practice, cannot advance by rushes, I think that now Elder Mu their also don’t know that Tower of Babel to is any background, therefore does not dare extremely in offending the Tower of Babel person, now we must do, is the collection Tower of Babel information slowly, when has found out their ins and outs, is tidying up them, Big Brother Mu, our hundred treasure to cope with great Spirit Race, several generations in obscure preparing, now great Spirit Race were tidied up., you and I should decide target on the body of this Tower of Babel, must say really that our hundred treasure biggest enemies are they, but is not great Spirit Race.” Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but has gawked, then he annoys thought lowering the head, thought some little time, to gain ground look at Zhao Hai said : well, now our target must subscribe on these hundred treasure bodies, these time first searched their bottoms, Little Hai, where did you say on that Tower of Babel to be?” One hear of Mu Yu said that Zhao Hai to has gawked, then he laughs, said : I also want to know.” He knows now, in this world, curious person, not only his.

Mu Yu also smiled got up said : to be good, tomorrow knew, was don’t know tomorrow is that elder goes with us, do you want to go back to rest?” Zhao Hai knows said : slightly well, goes back to rest, tomorrow sees.” Said that then stood got up to walk outward, he knows certainly that who tomorrow must with the elder who they went be, but this saying actually cannot tell Mu Yu . Next morning, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu arrived at the encampment back side of the mountain, they just arrived at the back side of the mountain to see sect Ze and Mu Tianbo have the Tang Tian graciousness three people, they were busy at this going, Mu Tianbo nodded to them, getting them to enter Cave Mansion, in that Cave Mansion had small shape Transmission Formation that establishes temporarily, Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at their said : this time is the Tang Tian graciousness elder gets you to go, was good.” They have not thought that is really the Tang Tian graciousness gets them to go, but they have not said anything, with the Tang Tian graciousness in Transmission Formation, flash of white light, three people vanished. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;