Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1582

Chapter 507 copper coin great tower white light flashes, three person's shadow appears in Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai have sized up all around one, this is a mountain, they are standing in the square of summit, the mountain looks like probably is very high, but this cannot bring to the attention of Zhao Hai, what Zhao Hai attention is, behind this square that tower.( Next. Carrying. Building) This is a very big tower, the tower footing occupies a land area about about one mu, the octagon, each corner/horn has the upturned eave, on hangs the copper bell, the breeze blows, the ting is fragile, making the person mind defend calmly. To the square direction, is having a pyller, but in the above of pyller, the huge made of copper inscribed horizontal tablet, submits a written statement to three large characters Tower of Babel, the writing technique is mature and powerful, although is only three characters, actually gives people the one type of greatest pressure, person who wants to write this character, the strength is certainly extraordinary. Three people were just just appears on Transmission Formation, but three people of spiritual force very formidable, only sweep with spiritual force, obtained these information. However afterward they by Tower of Babel attracting, because their spiritual force truly do not have presently this tower high, Zhao Hai Space not presently, obviously the altitude of this tower seriously very astonishing. What most important is, they can feel that tower with spiritual force, but they are impossible to know that inside tower situation, in other words they feeling existence of that tower, inside tower all, likely are one group of dense fog. This Tower of Babel First Layer, highly fully about hundred meters, but big gate of that tower , more than 90 meters high, more than 50 meters width, is divided into two leaves, under Zhao Hai their gazes, that big gate slowly opened, such big big gate, in the process of opening, actually does not have a point voice, silent on opening. A person's shadow walked out of slowly from tower, this person of personal appearance very tall and big, looks like the height unexpectedly in 2.5 m about, personal appearance like Iron Tower, but his white, actually betrayed his age, he is not young. This is old person, snow white head, snow white beard, but the wainscot is straight, two eyes is fine, imposing manner fierce such as the lion tiger, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu sees this old person is one startled, because he is Immortal Stage Expert. That old person looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, slowly walks to three, Tang Tian graciousness immediately moved forward to meet somebody, bows by that old person slightly said : hundred treasure Tang Tian graciousness, has seen your excellency.” That old person has also stood firm the personal appearance, held the fist in the other hand said : Tower of Babel protector Luo Ying to see the Tang Tian graciousness elder to the Tang Tian graciousness, information that the Tang Tian graciousness elder must come we had known, in the past our Tower of Babel protector, had the agreement with hundred treasure, so long as the great Spirit Race person surrendered hundred treasure, hundred treasure may send for Tower of Babel, carried on the gambling to make, today everybody can come, my very happy.”

Tang Tian graciousness face calm said : that asked the protector to say this time gambling to make.” The appearance of Luo Ying look at Tang Tian graciousness, shows a faint smile, he knows that Tower of Babel the gambling approximately does not have any an Interface to accept, but they have to accept, therefore the Tang Tian graciousness does not give him good complexion, in his expected, in his opinion, this is the weak one, in this way, maintains the final dignity, to be honest, he has not cared regarding this matter. Luo Ying deep voice said : gambling approximately and before was the same, hundred treasure sent out them to rush to the tower, so long as can arrive at Fifth Layer, my Tower of Babel will support hundred treasure in any motion of ten-thousand realms battlefield there, was not interfering absolutely, within hereafter 500 years, will not be carrying on the gambling to make with hundred treasure absolutely, if hundred treasure cannot rush to First Layer, after that hundred treasure went back, must attack Weave Fire Clan, the Tang Tian graciousness elder thinks that can be fair?” This possibly is how fair, the Tang Tian graciousness in hearing Luo Ying said that if hundred treasure lost, goes back to attack Weave Fire Clan the time, knows that what this Tower of Babel hits is any idea, by hundred treasure present strengths, attacks Weave Fire Clan, simply will not have any good result, will not do well will also incur the massive loss to oneself, the excellent bureau that as the matter stands, hundred treasure will set the record of great difficulty feared that must ruin, but will not comply with not the line, therefore Tang Tian graciousness complexion pale said : good, this bet approximately us to receive.” The appearance of Luo Ying look at Tang Tian graciousness, shows a faint smile said : such as some, three, please enter the tower.” The body lets, left hand empty directs, Tang Tian graciousness coldly snorted, the light walked toward Tower of Babel in first. But Luo Ying somewhat curious was sizing up Mu Yu and Zhao Hai, Mu Yu that is needless saying that was also complexion is pale, face extremely angry look at Luo Ying, this also in expected of Luo Ying, actually before going to the tower said this gambling to make, for harasses mental state of bursting in tower, so long as their mental state one chaotic, they must defeat without doubt. When Luo Ying sees Zhao Hai, he was actually shocked, because of Zhao Hai now look at of face smiling face he, but don’t know why, when Luo Ying sees the eye of Zhao Hai, is actually felt that a heart startled, personal appearance fierce one tight, the fine hair of whole body one has set upright. The Zhao Hai look at Luo Ying appearance, shows a faint smile, to Luo Ying gave a salute, smiles said : high protector Sir, don’t know this Tower of Babel, this may really be below has seen highest has constructed, below produces in very that is admires.” Zhao Hai this makes noise, the Tang Tian graciousness and Mu Yu have gawked, their puzzled turning the head looked at Zhao Hai one, actually presently a Zhao Hai face smiling face cleans to shout the speech with Luo Ying. In two people of hearts shakes, let out a long breath as if by prior agreement, to be honest, they , since this Tower of Babel, has been suppressed by Tower of Babel formidable imposing manner, they make a decision every time, probably is leading by the nose by Tower of Babel, but all these, in Zhao Hai this question, vanished cleanly. Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai, in his eye inferior appears dignified radiance, what doing type his understand Zhao Hai these words will certainly play, only looked that the Tang Tian graciousness and Mu Yu put the facial expression of spear|gun, knows that Zhao Hai wanted to do, his two eyes cannot help but flash of cold light, to Zhao Hai such person, was always they defends to eliminate.

However Luo Ying killing intent is only flashes does not have, his look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be good to ask your excellency to know that this Tower of Babel altitude is secret, if your excellency must inquire, will be regarded as will pry Tower of Babel secret, was decided as the enemy by Tower of Babel, does not know that your excellency also does want to inquire?” Zhao Hai stares, then hastily beckoned with the hand said : how dare how dare, our hundred treasure and Tower of Babel protectors relationship between have been very good, you looked that you make us start with great Spirit Race, we made war, you make us expel the ten-thousand realms battlefield great Spirit Race, we also expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield great Spirit Race, you let us after some great Spirit Race people surrendered, comes Tower of Babel here, we also came, our relationship so intimate, how I can become the Tower of Babel enemy, cannot absolutely.” The Tang Tian graciousness and Mu Yu one hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face has shown the smiling face, if not fear in the Luo Ying face unable to pass, they feared that had laughed already, even if now, they were the face that suppressed to smile to suppress are also red. Now the Tang Tian graciousness feared that has taken Zhao Hai, this skill that opens the eye to talk nonsense, he feared that has been too difficult to learn, compels the matter that cannot handle obviously, he said that is because good to do with relationship of Tower of Babel protector, but also stops up Luo Ying to have nothing to say in reply, look at Luo Ying complexion, they want to smile. Zhao Hai look at complexion pale Luo Ying, shows a faint smile, the hand turned, has put out jug liquor, handed nearby Luo Ying said : senior, this was our hundred treasure special products, high grade Spirit Wine, asking senior to accept, for Tower of Babel and my hundred treasure friendship.” Luo Ying look at Zhao Hai, on the face actually appears slowly in the smiling face, some little time he laughs, received Zhao Hai to give his liquor jug, the rush-leaf fan big hand, has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : HaHaHa, good, good young man, good long time not to have seen you such interesting young man, your liquor I accepted.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : so, senior invited.” Luo Ying hands over, received the wine pot, directs said : to invite with the hand.” Said that leads three people to walk toward Tower of Babel. But the Tang Tian graciousness is actually face shocking look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in his at present, turned the hand broke their awkward aspects, but also caused Luo Ying to laugh, such skill, he may not have. However now the Tang Tian graciousness also without enough time says anything, is leading Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , entered in Tower of Babel with Luo Ying together, entered to Tower of Babel, Zhao Hai they gawked, because area in this Tower of Babel, if imagine them was much bigger, here unexpectedly was a design of internal space. Zhao Hai looked, this one layer interior feared that has about ten mu sizes, highly also in kilometer about, but the ground actually is the flagstone, appears very bleak. In this huge Space, is standing a person, this person is bald, a Buddha robe, on neck is hanging one string of huge prayer beads, such as the fist size, his skin receives appears the one type of faint golden color, the light one according to above, straight anti- golden light, his stature is not very high, looks like, only then about 1.8 m, compared to the incoming messenger to with Luo Ying be too far, dares not to be strong, looked like probably also some thin and weak.

However you cannot see fat on his body probably, the muscle like the steel, the muscle like the iron, the skin resembles [gold/metal] Zhu, the whole person stands in there, Golden Man of eternal truth liquid gold casting is ordinary. This person of closing one's eyes, hangs in the body side, sets upright the palm in the front, cannot see him to breathe unexpectedly, if not his body also has the vitality, will make the person think that really he is a statue. Luo Ying look at that person, turns the head to the Tang Tian graciousness their said : he is the Tower of Babel First Layer protector, strength Divided Spirit Stage, you can start, was right, you can together begin.” Said that Luo Ying fell back on the one side, the Tang Tian graciousness has also fallen back on the one side. Monk of Zhao Hai look at that golden body, turns the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, I thought that we do not want good on together, in that case, will make others say that we are bullying the person, do you see? This First Stage who comes first?” Mu Yu is sizing up that Monk, he can affirm that this Monk certainly is Body Cultivator, moreover is very formidable Body Cultivator, Mu Yu knows, if oneself turn real fighting strength, definitely is not the Zhao Hai match, therefore his deep voice said : I come first, if I could not withstand, person on.” Reason that Mu Yu must come first, is to search this Monk bottom, if won well, even if extremely, can be Zhao Hai probes that Monk actual situation. Zhao Hai understand his meaning, he has not struggled, but nodded, the personal appearance draws back slightly. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;