Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1583

Monk has opened the eye slowly, look at gradually to Mu Yu that he walks, Monk expression calm, after Mu Yu arrives his surface top five about ten steps stop, Monk also to Mu Yu gave a salute. Mu Yu look at Monk, to Monk gave a salute, meets to begin to wield, puts out the weapon that he became famous, the rain falls ten thousand flowers to flutter, Monk still calm look at Mu Yu , but Mu Yu actually felt that from the body of Monk a danger, he , the in hand rain had not fallen ten thousand flowers to flutter suddenly make a move. A flower petal piece by piece flew from Mu Yu in hand, attacks toward that Monk, standing of Monk face calm in there, when Mu Yu make a move, he proceeded to take slowly one step. However these step actually almost before blinking arrived at Mu Yu , simultaneously the right hand makes a fist, strikes toward Mu Yu . Calmly like the virgin, moves, if fast, Monk gives the feeling of person now is so. However Mu Yu against this, his personal appearance was also already moving the body to get up in that flash that Monk moved, he did not draw back, but has shifted one step, but these step was actually arrived at about hundred meters, simultaneously the side of his body also by piece by piece flower petal sphering. However Mu Yu has not actually thought that Monk simply has not cared about his these flower petals, attacks toward Mu Yu , but these flower petals of Mu Yu when chop the Monk body, actually flashes through Spark, simply any doing has not used. The Tang Tian graciousness sees this situation, face cannot help but changes, he has not thought that practicing body skill unexpectedly such understanding of this Monk, must know Mu Yu Magical Artifact, in hundred treasure is also very famous, even if these traditional Magical Artifact of hundred treasure uses, has Mu Yu Magical Artifact such formidable not necessarily, has not actually thought that this Magical Artifact simply takes this Monk not any means. But Mu Yu also noted this point, his personal appearance flew to draw back, while waved to put out Magical Artifact, this huge acicular Magical Artifact, imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle. Imitates break the formation Spirit Snake needle although is only counterfeit, however his attack strength is absolutely is not weak, but this type of imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle, Zhao Hai has done much, Mu Yu in hand also has several. However normally Mu Yu will not use, biggest Might that because he cannot wield this type of imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle, is adding on this type of imitation break the formation Spirit Snake needle with is not long with the life, therefore Mu Yu did not hate to use. However now he does not want to use not to be good, the defense of that Monk is too strong, his rain falls ten thousand flowers to flutter with the opposite party does not have the means that therefore can only with imitating the break the formation Spirit Snake needle. That Monk present has also imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, his eye cannot help but shrinks, he felt that thing will probably bring the danger to him, the Monk movement has cannot help but been careful. although said that Mu Yu used has imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle, this imitated the break the formation Spirit Snake needle also very flexible, but compared with the person, he was bad many, was adding on thing that this against break the formation Spirit Snake needle simply was not used to make to fight alone, therefore was Mu Xin has put out such against break the formation Spirit Snake needle, cannot that Monk be what kind. The Zhao Hai look at that Monk movement, he can affirm that the Body Refining method of that Monk use, is one type of Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, in his Spiritual Qi, has certainly Strength of Faith, otherwise, is impossible to block the Mu Yu rain to fall ten thousand flowers by his defense to flutter. This presently makes Zhao Hai two eyes cannot help but shrink, he has not thought that Monk uses can be Strength of Faith Cultivation Method unexpectedly, this may really be very rare, must know that this Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, is not good to practice, to practice this Cultivation Method, must have Strength of Faith not to be possible, if naturally you can practice, that this Cultivation Method also compared with ordinary Cultivation Method on strong many. Zhao Hai knows that now why the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield was not the match of Tower of Babel here person, a side with Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, what a side used was ordinary Cultivation Method, this victory and defeat already was actually doomed. Zhao looked at one, presently Mu Yu although was still insisting, but actually already complete falling in leeward, his cannot help but coldly snorted, the foot proceeds to step, personal appearance actually appears in that Monk front.

Monk already in against Zhao Hai, was also looking at Zhao Hai appears in his front, Monk does not have the surprised appearance, but is a fist hits toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wielded, has supported the fist of Monk, a foot kicked toward the Monk abdomen, Monk face changed, the strength of his very clear this fist big, has not thought by Zhao Hai superficial gave to support, moreover Zhao Hai afterward was a foot, he actually does not dare to meet hardly, the personal appearance moved, went toward retreat. Zhao Hai look at that Monk, open the mouth and said: Big Brother Mu, you rest first, this Monk I deal with.” Mu Yu shouted the tone, deep voice said : good, Little Hai, hands over give you.” Said that slowly has fallen back on behind. Zhao Hai look at that Monk, shows a faint smile said : strength to be good, does your body have Strength of Faith? I come to be able today you.” Said that a Zhao Hai double fist pendulum, has laid out the gateway, look at Monk. Monk face is actually somewhat dignified, the personal appearance moves slowly, has exhibited the posture, both sides are separated by 50 steps, the distant opposition, some little time, Monk suddenly calls out one, proceeds to stride, a fist hits toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is also suspends the fist to welcome, their fists came the foot toward the war in one, but their such forms of combat, were let the Tang Tian graciousness and Luo Ying look were scared. Luo Ying regarding that Monk strength very clear, that Monk strength, but very formidable, especially at the close combat, he actually has not thought that Zhao Hai can unexpectedly strong to this situation, in the close combat, has hit an evenness with that Monk. Actually Luo Ying and don’t know, Zhao Hai fights with this Monk, altogether has actually used four Buddhist Sect Profound Technique, bends down demon Profound Technique separately vigorously, Dragon Descend Profound Technique, Crouching Tiger Profound Technique and Cosmos Profound Technique. This Cosmos Profound Technique is in 18 Arhat Profound Technique, that sole Body-maneuvering Technique Profound Technique, Zhao Hai had not used before, but these time with this Monk to the war, he was actually uses, because of him presently, this Monk Body-maneuvering Technique very marvelous, if did not use this Profound Technique, feared that also was really not the Monk match. That Monk actually more hits the heart startled, his entire life he practices is Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, is adding on itself that he studies is Strength of Faith Cultivation Method, this lets his attack formidable, has not actually thought that today some people can block his attack unexpectedly, even he felt that Zhao Hai attack also wants formidable compared with his attack, how this makes him not be startled. They more hit are quicker, fist and feet is also getting more and more heavy, that Monk although has studied Body Cultivator Cultivation Method, but does not have the means to compare with Zhao Hai that abnormal body, at once unexpectedly by Zhao Hai compelling falling slowly to leeward. Luo Ying is actually face inconceivable look at Zhao Hai, he has not really managed the Law Idol letter, really has the person with level in here, can hit evenly with Monk, this in his opinion. Does not dare to imagine completely. Luo Ying strength although compared with Monk in many, but he regarding Monk is very clear, Monk strength, in their there, is in Divided Spirit Stage top existed, but Zhao Hai can tie with him unexpectedly, this too may not the meaning. Zhao Hai has not actually managed that many, his movement is getting quicker and quicker, fist and feet was also getting more and more heavy, Monk retreat, at this moment, Monk fierce retreat a stride, has met to begin to wield again and again, has hung the reading ball on his neck arrived at in his hand, his both hands point, read the ball one to separate, turned into one long whip that reading the ball comprised, Monk has wielded, reads the ball whip to hit toward Zhao Hai. Zhao looks at this, cannot help but laughs said : to dispatch troops? Good, accompanies you to play.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, in hand appears a long iron stick, has struck toward Monk.

They changed into the weapon from fist and feet, however walks is still the close combat route, bad risk, the look at Tang Tian graciousness is just fearful and apprehensive. Monk has bitterly knew that he has not thought, Zhao Hai strength unexpectedly such formidable, he has not fought the silk bold small advantage on the weapon. They have fought some little time, Zhao Hai coldly snorted said : played enough, sufficed to finish.” The hand wields, large quantities of flying sword appears in his all around, these flying sword immediately have composed Sword Formation, was stranded Monk in middle, Monk presently now every time move, Spiritual Qi in within the body fast will be vanishing, this made his face ugly. Moreover he presently, these flying sword vanished, he places oneself in the interspace probably, his simply, is entering in this, he felt suddenly all around planet presses toward him, then he felt one cannot move, at this time he present, his body by large net tying down. All around all illusions vanished, only then Monk is similar to a fish same was entangled in large net, Zhao Hai stands in Monk not far away, looks at smiling look at he. Monk look at Zhao Hai, in the eye full is the inconceivable facial expression, he does not have to think really one such have defeated unexpectedly, he just had to think must work loose, but presently, the proud strength, simply does not have the means with this large net finally. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head look at Luo Ying said : Luo senior, this game was we wins, whether we upward could walk.” Luo Ying look complex looked at Zhao Hai said : well, has been OK, please here.” Said that leads three people to arrive around a piece flagstone there, Zhao Hai they then presently, there unexpectedly was Transmission Formation. Four people got up Transmission Formation, Luo Ying immediately started Transmission Formation, flash of white light, their appears in Tower of Babel Second Layer, arrived at this Second Layer, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stares. Zhao Hai look at all around situation, in often staring, because this all around environment was extremely was really strange, black , these four could not see point light, had Transmission Formation there in slightly light, other places, light did not have, jet black piece. Not only around this black, moreover can isolate spiritual force of person, lets spiritual force of person, obtained the biggest suppression in here, Expert like Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo, their spiritual force, in here actually cannot feel thing hundred meters away. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, shows a faint smile said : interestingly, Big Brother Mu, we have a look.” Mu Yu face heavy nod, he currently understand, the protector in this Tower of Babel, had the home game superiority, in other words these protectors, can change the environment in this Tower of Babel , helping them be fighting. This although is only one type of suspected, but Mu Shu is actually thinks that the suspicion has the possibility, Zhao Hai has not actually cared about these, he one step has stepped forward Transmission Formation, meets to begin to wield, one group of light leave from in his hand, then that group of light fierce storms, according to all around one piece greatly bright. Zhao Hai such procedure, making Luo Ying they feel eye very uncomfortable, could not bear narrow the eye, but at this time Zhao Hai actually felt that a very incisive aura, got down to puncture toward his top of the head. Zhao Hai wields, flying sword shoots toward his top of the head, white light that at this time Zhao Hai exited vanished, that [say / way] wanted the point to incisive aura also vanish from sight of his top of the head. Zhao Hai deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, protects own all around.” Mu Yu complied with one, rain fell ten thousand flowers to flutter immediately to fly from his hand, his encirclement all round in middle.

Zhao Hai was actually the personal appearance moves, fluttered, then on him radiance greatly did, simultaneously his ten thousand flying sword flew from his body, on these flying sword was dodging the fluorescence, around the body of instantaneous Zhao Hai has shone, although was unable to compare with outside, but has actually been able to see thing. But at this time Zhao Hai and Mu Yu also stood in the Sword Formation middle, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, sneered said : to think sneak attack, how I to have a look at your sneak attack.” Zhao Hai is leading Mu Yu , before slowly walks, at the same time, Zhao Hai release the massive Liquid Silver flying needle, was also seeking for their matches. Quick Zhao Hai presently, around here is uneven, but like hill, gets up to float erratically, but this black regarding spiritual force suppressed very big, even if Space, is impossible to see too far thing, Zhao Hai can only investigate with the Liquid Silver flying needle, but had not found the person now. In Zhao Hai look at all around situation, suddenly he felt that a very dangerous aura, has compelled toward Mu Yu , a Zhao Hai coldly snorted hand moves, stars Ten Thousand Swords Great Formation immediately moved, on sword has emitted yellow light layer upon layer, all around pressure one increased. At this moment Zhao Hai felt shadow swaying from side to side of Mu Yu under foot, then jet black Rapier, punctures toward the Mu Yu his abdomen. Mu Yu also presently this Rapier, but he wants to hide already late, Zhao Hai was responded, his hand wielded, a small shield kept off in the Mu Yu abdomen, listened to one that worked as, that Rapier one on the thorn on the shield, had kept off. However that shadow actually slowly vanished, then hears a he he strange laughter. Zhao Hai is actually two eyes often bright said : Divergent Technique, interesting, has not thought that these time meets, unexpectedly is Divergent Warlock , Big Brother Mu, you, the fellow can hide in the shadow has attack carefully to person suddenly.” The Mu Yu heart has nod of makes to palpitate, just really had a scare him, opposite party suddenly kills unexpectedly from his shadow, killed his one to be caught off guard, he even including responding opportunity did not have. Zhao Hai coldly snorted, hand has wielded, deep voice said : crack!” Along with his issuing an order, his these flying sword, immediately splits, turns into big flying needles. Then these flying needles left the intermittent bright, this time bright be just brighter, moreover under this bright, an all around actually point shadow does not have.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;