Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1584

Wolf that Chapter 509 escapes ------------ Wolf that Chapter 509 escapes shadowless lamp! Zhao Hai arranges these Liquid Silver flying needles according to the principle of shadowless lamp, Zhao Hai knows the own present match is one can suddenly in the shadow kill Divergent Warlock , such person is not good to deal with. The range of this shadowless lamp is enormous, around Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , were covered by the light of this shadowless lamp, any thing of their side, will not have the shadow to remain. Sees this situation, Luo Ying complexion cannot help but changes, he to Second Layer this person very familiar, must mention true fighting strength to come, Second Layer the person, feared that is can't compare with First Layer, but this person can hide Divergent Technique in shadow, was really virtually impossible to guard against, many Expert plants under this move. These that however now Zhao Hai makes light, made him not have the shadow with the Mu Yu two people, this has almost been in an impregnable position on equal to, it seems like that this Second Layer, feared that could not stump them. Luo Ying has guessed right, this Second Layer cannot certainly stump Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai they do not have the shadow now, naturally does not need to be worried that fellow suddenly kills, but Zhao Hai other Liquid Silver needles at this time actually already common that fellow in his entire Second Layer, Zhao Hai believes that he may find quickly, so long as had found that fellow, he does not have to run. On the face of Zhao Hai has shown before long a smiling face, this Second Layer area is almost big with First Layer, just the here ground resembles some fluctuating, moreover these shadows can also suppress spiritual force of person probably, but these cannot baffle Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai had found that shadow with the Liquid Silver needle, that fellow is ambushing in Zhao Hai their not far away, he black-clothed, almost melts with Darkness for a body. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, personal appearance flashes, vanished in same place, next quarter he appears in that person of side, the hand has wielded, one grasped toward that person. That person of response is is extremely also quick, personal appearance flashes has let Zhao Hai grasps, but he already by Zhao Hai present form, that can also run, Zhao Hai presses on step by step, retreat that person of keeping, he also thinks that is ambushing, but he every time just ambushed, immediately by Zhao Hai present, lets his ambush complete failure, he has to get up to spell with Zhao Hai hardly. So crossed more than 50 moves, that person by a Zhao Hai fist strike, Zhao Hai this fist had not been wanted his life finally, was actually one his Spiritual Qi sealing up, then Zhao Hai proposed that person to arrive around Luo Ying, put down that person, has hit that person, has untied that person of seal. That person looked at Zhao Hai one, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai, the flashes body vanished in Darkness, Zhao Hai wielded, these Liquid Silver flying needles flew returned to his body, Mu Yu have also stood Zhao Hai side, entire Second Layer, fell into Darkness. Luo Ying looked at Zhao Hai their said : to walk saying that led Zhao Hai they to walk toward side, walked several steps, their under foot suddenly one bright, new Transmission Formation appears in their under feet, several people got up Transmission Formation, white light flashed, several people vanished in Second Layer.

When appears in Second Layer, Zhao Hai they stares, because their unexpectedly appears in piece of Prairie, this Prairie is not ten mu, but is one does not look side, don’t know big. This to lets Zhao Hai being startled, he has not thought that really will really have such place, this Tower of Babel is not really simple, light looked that they can manufacture this place, knows the uncommon place of this tower. Is thinking in Zhao Hai these times, the suddenly distant place heard sound of the desolate wolf howl, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stares, turns the head to look at Luo Ying, Luo Ying actually often smiled, has not made noise. In this time, on green Prairie of distant place, suddenly flood black line, black line getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer, quick Zhao they were seeing clearly, that simply is not black line, but is one flock of wolves! That flock of wolves arrived at Zhao Hai quickly their front, but actually all stopped, Zhao Hai saw this flock of wolves, on the face has cannot help but revealed a surprised color, because he has not thought that strength unexpectedly very strong, of this flock of wolves strongest unexpectedly is Divided Spirit Stage, weak also has been the Infant Stage time, Transcends Tribulation Stage was also not infrequent. In Zhao Hai surprised uncertain time, suddenly stood from this flock of wolves, Zhao Hai also thinks most from the beginning since was a wolf sets up the body, afterward presently actually simply is not that a matter, what that stood was a person, was throwing over the person of wolf skin. This person of figure is not tall, looks like is also one meter about six, the stature is skinny, the body is throwing over a wolf skin, the part of wolf's head on the top in his top of the head, after throwing over wolf skin, his clothes , will be made by the wolf skin, on both hands will be bringing two iron claws. This human form wolf many likely the fellow of person, looked at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , they immediately some one type of by the feeling that the wolf stares, then sees this fellow supine neck, then in mouth sound of the sad and shrill wolf howl. With his howl, Wan Langqi eats delicacies, then all wolves have revealed the hostility to Zhao Hai with Mu Yu , looks at such, probably momentarily must throw to be the same. Besides following in these wolves of this person of side, the distant place has heard the intermittent wolf howl sound, seems is responding to that person to move, it seems like that this person of strongest skill is control these wolves. On the face of Zhao Hai has cannot help but shown a very strange smiling face, this person must come attack with Magic Beast unexpectedly he, this may be too interesting, compares the Magic Beast quantity with him? Mu Yu is actually somewhat anxious look at these wolves, in this time he, the distant place is also having large quantities of wolves to run toward here, Zhao Hai sketchy has counted, feared that is the quantity not under hundred thousand head of this wolf. hundred thousand Infant Stage time above wolf, if general Divided Spirit Stage Expert sees the scalp to be able the hemp, does not use other, the light was the pile also pile dies you.

Zhao Hai is actually suddenly turns the head look at Luo Ying said : Luo Ying senior, we can also use Monster Beast that oneself surrender, or does Undead Creature help make the war?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Yu and Tang Tian graciousness stares, then complexion one happy, because they thought finally, the body of Zhao Hai was bringing innumerable Undead Creature, moreover Zhao Hai has been joined to the spear|gun to these Undead Creature, if hit, these wolves feared also insufficient Zhao Hai killed. Luo Ying has gawked, nodded said : naturally to be OK, Monster Beast or Undead Creature that no matter you surrender, is part of your strength, naturally can use.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be good.” Said that he turned the head to look at these wolf one, the hand has wielded, large quantities of Undead Creature appears in his surroundings, these Undead Creature in hand were taking the spear|gun . Moreover the quantity were not less than these wolves. That person in wolf pack sees this posture, cannot help but two eyes shrinks, then he face upwards wolf howl, the personal appearance one lowly, hidden to wolf pack, then let appears of Zhao Hai accident, these wolves scattered in all directions to run unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye vanished shadowless not to have the trace. Zhao Hai look at all these, what he is really don’t know that fellow is doing, what meaning is this? When Zhao Hai stares, the Luo Ying sound conveys said : this one layer, you passed.” Zhao Hai stares, turns the head puzzled look at Luo Ying, Luo Ying not bears looked at Zhao Hai said : this wolf youngster became famous bullying the weak and fearing the strong that saw you unexpectedly so many Undead Creature, moreover spear|gun probably Weave Fire Clan that used, he naturally does not dare to remain to fight with you, walked, went one layer under with me.” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu have not thought that really can be this, it seems like that this Tower of Babel protector also not very reasonable. Luo Ying has not actually managed these, leading three people to walk toward nearby Transmission Formation, several people on directly four layers. Nearby four layers the three layers scenery is different, here unexpectedly is a forest, a very big forest, cannot look side. The Zhao Hai facial expression was vigilant, he this forest probably is a little presently different, he had Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique, Purifying Heart Perceiving Nature Profound Technique can make Zhao Hai feel the danger, but this forest made Zhao Hai feel that a danger, but Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, can make Zhao Hai feel that this forest probably was a whole, he had his consciousness to be the same probably. This presently makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised, this forest one shortly side, moreover is the same with Second Layer, has the ability that the spirit suppresses, what is not quite same as Second Layer, spiritual suppression for in probably not because of relationship of environment, but was a person is using spiritual force to block Zhao Hai probably desirably their spiritual force. This type feels very bizarre, probably is your opposite is not a forest, but is a person, this person after presently you, immediately has carried on the suppression with spiritual force to you, letting you to see clearly his actual situation to be the same. Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, Mu Yu also present this situation, does he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai is the feeling does not suit very much?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „, does not suit very much, this forest is somewhat strange, how to resemble me to feel that this forest does have the hostility to us?” Mu Yu nodded said : I to feel is also, you said that can be Divergent Warlock ? Perhaps this is simply Monster Race?” Zhao Hai looks at Mu Yu one, deep voice said : „I have not been able to affirm now that we went, probe to know.” Mu Yu nodded, release own Magical Artifact, has protected the body, with Zhao Hai slowly walks toward inside. They toward walk toward the forest , the feeling of that hostility is intense, Zhao Hai complexion also slowly dignified, he presently gives his feeling this forest to the present is still a whole, moreover imposing manner is getting stronger and stronger, this imposing manner was similar to Immortal Stage Expert. Not only Zhao Hai, Mu Yu also felt, his complexion also very difficult looked, his deep voice to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, situation some were not right, you looked that Yama Ship release came, to attack, I to have a look, whether this forest could block the impact of Yama Ship.” Zhao Hai does not have what good means now, as soon as he listened to Mu Yu saying that also nodded said : to try well.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship appears in his side, he they got up Yama Ship with Mu Yu , Yama Ship flew slowly, at this moment, in suddenly forest departs the innumerable vines, entangles toward Yama Ship, on these vines is bringing the green leaf, but the vine itself is actually the green black, is flashing the metal same gloss, looks is not easy with it generation. ...... &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;