Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1585

Chapter 510 thought understanding Zhao Hai although already thinks that forest will carry on attack to him, but he has not actually thought this forest attack can come so fierce, these vines in the Yama Ship sky, within however have composed large net, from airborne covers. Zhao Hai one startled, Zhao Hai strain very fast, the entire Yama Ship surrounding, suddenly has also emitted the massive white flame, these vines just covered on Yama Ship protective shield, formed the ice instantaneously, the Yama car(riage) has made gently, these vines are the same to the net that the ice made, burst instantaneously. At this moment, the suddenly innumerable big trees flew, has composed a giant hand in in midair, then this big hand one grasped a fist, a fist hit toward Yama Ship on. This extremely fast, Zhao Hai wants to hide not to hide, unexpectedly one by this giant fist hitting on Yama Ship. Boom! Yama Ship is swaying retreat fast, in Zhao Hai just Yama Ship stood firm, another big hand comprised of the tree, one grasped on Yama Ship, downward towed Yama Ship. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, cannot help but coldly snorted, Yama Ship in instantaneous transformation, one turned into the appearance of sword shuttle, big in hand that composed from that tree escapes leave directly, then by Zhao Hai the sword shuttle, appears more than 20 sword shuttles, on these sword shuttles were flashing the white flame, the rotation that gathers round Zhao Hai to be at the sword shuttle that flies, simultaneously the Zhao Hai sword shuttle downward sank, one entered to this piece of forest, started to destroy this piece of forest. At this moment forest in having the change, each and every one compared with sword shuttle big fist appears , hits toward these sword shuttles, but sword shuttle is quicker, flexible, drills in forest, difficult helping overcome difficulties solution that fist that but also once for a while attack many forest compose, both sides suddenly hits at once. At this moment, more wild beast comprised of forest, in audiences forest drilled, to has fought in the circle toward join. Zhao Hai wields, 12 metal beast appears , attack toward these wild beast. However at this moment, Zhao Hai complexion actually changes, happy Mu Yu that looked noted the Zhao Hai facial expression, his quickly said: How Little Hai?” Zhao Hai has not spoken, but has referred to the ground, Mu Yu looked toward the ground in that complexion also changes, because of the present ground, some plants frantic upward is growing, almost blinked a big tree to grow into. Zhao Hai is counted on one destroyed the growth of these plants, piece of forest slowly vanished, control this piece of forest appears , but this situation completely has actually stemmed from his anticipation, this lets the Zhao Hai beforehand wreck plan, failed completely.

Mu Yu complexion also very difficult looked, fist and wild beast that entanglement if they have made with these trees in here, that is not the good matter, must find the talented person lines of control these trees. Zhao Hai also frowns, because Space now already release many Liquid Silver flying needle, but until now, had still not found that control these trees the people, this makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. What no matter that use is Spell or Divergent Technique, he should not be impossible to leave here to be too right, why until now, he not presently that person? What's all this about? However now does not have the time to make him want to be too many, Zhao Hai looked at these in the insane long big tree, coldly snorted, the hand has been wielding, his front densely packed appears Magic Formation of big piece, then Fire Dragon drilled from Magic Formation, these trees made throws toward wild beast and fist that. Fire that these Fire Dragon release come, was not the nether world ice is hot, but was Earth Fire, this fire met wild beast and fist that not long after these trees made, wild beast and fist that these trees made, started to burn, has fired before long the ashes. This has not calculated that these Magic Formation before Zhao sea surface have existed, has Fire Dragon to depart from inside, before long entire forest. On the face of Zhao Hai has then shown the smiling face, this woods must fear the fire, at this moment Space suddenly prompt Zhao Hai, found the control these plants people. Zhao Hai sinks spiritual force to Space in looked that actually stares, because in Space present appears is not a person, but is a tree, an ordinary tree. Zhao Hai puzzled to Cai'er said : Cai'er, you were says this tree control such forest? Is Monster Race?” Cai'er smiles said : to proceed to have a look at you to know.” Then the picture proceeds to put, before long Zhao Hai noted the issue, his present person's shadow was being burnt from one tree fast dodged, then one integrated in that tree that he just saw vanish from sight. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai that can also don’t know what's the matter, his deep voice said : „will control Divergent Warlock of tree? Was his strength too but strong? Can unexpectedly control such big piece of forest? I cannot achieve probably, really Expert in this world returns has plenty.”

Cai'er smiles said : Elder Brother Hai you to be needless saying that reason that he can achieve this point, I want possibly to integrate in Divergent Technique Strength of Faith, before Elder Brother Hai you, such had not done, must know that regarding the people of this level, sometimes Divergent Technique possibly compares various Cultivation Method easily-to-use, because Divergent Technique is you are inherent, can be the person of your body, but Cultivation Method was you afterward had actually practiced, therefore many cultivator, used various Cultivation Method attack with the Divergent Technique ratio smoothly.” Zhao Hai has gawked, to be honest, he has not thought of this point, but he actually has to recognize, Cai'er say is very reasonable, two layers that can integrate the black-clothed person in shadow, can control the tree with this person, gave Zhao Hai to bring many troubles, compared with one layer that fighting strength formidable Monk, three layers that werewolf, is big to the trouble that he brought. Zhao Hai cannot help but started to reconsider, to be honest, he little used Divergent Technique before, although his Divergent Technique, feared that was became most people, he can be able any one type of element in control Five Elements, he to be able at will to change the Chinese shape by his body, he even can let the control thunder and lightning, this all thing, were he surpasses the place of average man. However Zhao Hai had not actually used these, to be honest, he does not use these Divergent Technique, wants by oneself become not like a person. Now he uses most is cultivator practice method, because this method too many people are using, therefore Zhao Hai uses not to be anything, but he, if uses Divergent Technique, he will feel one probably were not a person, became they are different from Mu Yu . Because of such idea, therefore Zhao Hai had not used Divergent Technique, even in the subconscious, he repels to use Divergent Technique, possibly his not present this point. However today's matter, is adding on the Cai'er words, made Zhao Hai one note this point, his suddenly own idea somewhat is presently silly, but here Cultivation World, here person, no matter you used was what method, no matter also you did not look like like the person, what they must look was your strength, your strength sufficed, that feared that you were only Monster Beast, will earn the corresponding respect, the strength was insufficient, that feared that was your moral character in perfect, you also can only be one fight with the fists but actually, stepped the millions and millions foot, forever cannot only turning over. This is a the weak are the prey to the strong world, what the people will not manage you to use is any method is stiffened by oneself, they will note only, you have stiffened, such simple. Thinks through these, Zhao Hai suddenly felt the own front road has broadened, heart that pressed the feeling of intent also completely to vanish, he felt that own spiritual unexpectedly unprecedented good, the entire heart became is broader. However Zhao Hai immediately has also contracted own mind, is paying attention to that fellow fully, that fellow can by oneself complete integration to the tree, even can deceive including Space, has saying that his ability is really very formidable. However this fellow now by Space staring, that has not said that began directly, stood Zhao Hai on sword shuttle, the fierce opening eye, the hand wielded these in the sword shuttle that four deal with transferred, split instantaneously, turned into all over the sky sword shade, flew in a direction, quick these flew to take that person hiding place as the middle, instantaneous cloth good Great Formation, this Great Formation was not Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, but was Space locking formation, this formation in the past Zhao Hai in research that. When Space refraction formation, Space formation that research comes out, this is one type of trapped enemy formation, so long as this Great Formation forms, completely had been surrounded in the enemy of Great Formation center, he will feel one entered in Space, in that Space only then he, looked like a prison, will make him lose all contacts with outside world. That hides cultivator in tree, has not thought of this point most from the beginning, after this Great Formation forms, he in wants to withdraw, but opportunity did not have.

Surrounds that cultivator, entire forest instantaneously peaceful, fist that then these trees compose, with wild beast on vanish from sight. Mu Yu that worried sees this situation, cannot help but stares, he turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one puzzled, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, deep voice said : had finished, just I present that fellow, gave to surround him with Sword Formation, if in other place, this Sword Formation has not turned really easily, but here was forest, although that fellow can command(er) these trees, however the simultaneous these trees after all not be his genuine eye, will make his response slow under one, this on was also enough.” Mu Yu relaxed, then has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : Little Hai, more than time thanks to you, have not thought that Elder Brother I instead to your burden.” Zhao Hai shook the head, dignified said : Mu Yu Big Brother do not say that you know why our ten-thousand realms battlefield there person isn't the match of Tower of Babel here person? In Cultivation Method and Divergent Technique that the here person uses, has Strength of Faith, if not I also has Strength of Faith, now our two feared that was already given to make a clean sweep by them.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that the Mu Yu facial expression cannot help but changes said : Little Hai, you can affirm Strength of Faith that they use?” Zhao Hai nodded said : affirmation, no matter one layer that Monk, is two layers that black-clothed person, is adding on this to control the tree the person, they used Strength of Faith, three layers that fellow not to fight ran, I cannot affirm, but he can defend in Third Layer, should not compare two layers that fellow to miss many, in other words, he has also used Strength of Faith.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;