Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1586
Mu Yu face is somewhat heavy, before has not met Zhao Hai, Mu Yu regarding Strength of Faith, but also cannot have a liking for, however after meeting Zhao Hai, he present Strength of Faith important xing, the body of Zhao Hai had Strength of Faith, but the Zhao Hai strength, compared with the person with level, has been higher, Zhao Hai can now with a Immortal Stage Expert resistance, this is other people cannot achieve. Naturally the Zhao Hai strength all because of Strength of Faith, however does not look like in Mu Yu , this Strength of Faith is actually most important, therefore Mu Yu also attached great importance to Strength of Faith. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that the Tower of Babel here people have used Strength of Faith, lets Mu Yu cannot help but heart startled, he now also understand, why the ten-thousand realms battlefield there person was not the match of Tower of Babel here person. Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu one good, deep voice said : Big Brother Mu, have not thought that first had understood this time matter was saying, he makes us rush to five layers, getting down one layer may and that's the end, want five layers that pass/test, we won a time gambling, opportunity that our hundred treasure unfold came, but I think that this Fifth Layer will certainly not feel better.” Mu Yu nodded, deep voice said : Little Hai, these time depended on you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother Mu such politely to do, I am also hundred treasure people, is hundred treasure strives also should be, walks.” Said that Zhao Hai command(er) sword shuttle was flying returned to Transmission Formation there, Luo Ying and Tang Tian graciousness is standing in there. Just these fought them to look in the eye, had seen wild beast and fist that these trees turned into vanished, Luo Ying knows that Zhao Hai they have won, when Zhao Hai arrived around him, his look at Zhao Hai, look complex said : congratulated your Zhao Hai, you won.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : although I not to catch him, but has actually surrounded him, when can catch him, if senior thinks if necessary.” Luo Ying such praised him not to settle any good intention, obviously Luo Ying regarding the Mu Yu status or have some understanding, he said possibly wants in instigating him with Mu Yu relationship, but Zhao Hai pass/test does not care, he believe on Mu Yu not his working as. Luo Ying showed a faint smile said : not to need, this time you have won, walked, on five layers with me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, waves, received Liquid Silver flying sword, with Luo Ying on five layers. Tang Tian graciousness present face was better, in his facial expression also 1 u left liking, his very clear, if their these time has won, then regarding hundred treasure is how important, hundred treasure in the later 500 years, will not have been making a bet with Tower of Babel here, they make anything, Tower of Babel here person in interfering, this regarding hundred treasure, but was too important. However the Tang Tian graciousness also knows that this Fifth Layer definitely does not feel better, he hopes Zhao Hai they to be able now Fifth Layer, but he was reminding similarly also himself, do not report the too high hope. Quick four people on appears in Fifth Layer, but appears in this Fifth Layer, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stares, this Fifth Layer situation really somewhat stems from their unexpected. Fifth Layer here takes a broad view to look, all around is a bare desert, any thing does not have, in sky unexpectedly also giant Sun, entire Fifth Layer is a giant oven. At this time five person's shadows slowly came from the distance, these five people have been divided into five directions, their bodies wore a very ordinary cotton garment, naturally this was not Zhao Hai and Mu Yu pays attention to their reasons, those who were worth Zhao Hai and Mu Yu attention was, these five person long exactly the same, their wear appearance were also exactly the same, they unexpectedly were the quintuplets! But those who make Zhao Hai pay attention, the waists of these five people are carrying on the arm a blade, Scimitar! Must know that cultivator little places outside own weapon generally, they will put in their weapon Space equipment, but these five people actually carried on the arm their blades outside, this made Zhao Hai somewhat strange. Five people arrived at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu front hundred meters places have stood firm, has wrapped in Zhao Hai and Mu Yu middle, simultaneously five people simultaneously open the mouth and said: Good long time nobody to come, really makes people feel lonely.”

Five people also open the mouth, simultaneously silent, nobody early one step, nobody late one step, moreover before them, has not carried on any look exchange, this makes the eye of Zhao Hai cannot help but shrink. He will certainly not open the mouth to be startled for these five people, what he is startled is behind this thing of representative, the tacit, unequalled tacit understanding, their movements all can so unify , because they have does not have with and tacit understanding. Zhao Hai felt that a danger, these five people are very dangerous, the Zhao Hai intention moves, his appears level full body armor, in the hand has also taken the Iron Fist wrap, meets to begin to wield, Mu Yu already appears in Tang Tian graciousness side. Mu Yu a moment ago still in taking a look at that five people, has not actually thought that in the blink of an eye his appears in the side of Tang Tian graciousness, he has not gawked, just moved, by Tang Tian graciousness capture, in the Tang Tian graciousness look at field, deep voice said : be not actually moved, you went only to make Little Hai divert attention, that five people were not simple.” Mu Yu stopped, look at that five people who he also decides, that five people in deciding look at Zhao Hai, in their eyes have also flashed through killing intent, obviously he has not thought that Zhao Hai a few words had not told them, has delivered to the Tang Tian graciousness side Mu Yu , this makes them feel humiliation. Zhao Hai will actually not manage that many, his personal appearance moves, the whole person has exhibited the gateway, stands in there firm as a mountain, that five people simultaneously put out a hand, has extracted own Scimitar, the recover sword before, the knife edge point to Zhao Hai. However both sides have not moved, no matter Mu Yu or the Tang Tian graciousness can feel, Qi between Zhao Hai and that five people have locked the opposite party completely, so long as anybody's slightest sign of trouble a little, by frightful billows and dreadful waves. In this time, breeze is moving, the six people in field actually as if by prior agreement moved, five people of five blades, attack toward Zhao Hai, five blades, five angles, have almost blocked Zhao Hai all attacks and avoidance routes. But Zhao Hai actually at this time fierce proceeded steps, ji had all over the sky sand dust, then the foot proceeded to kick, one group of sandy soil toward had been kicked by him, attacked directly toward his person, his personal appearance also toward advancing, the whole person one hit to that person. That population shouted, together naked eye obvious sound bo from his mouth, toward that group of sandy soil that Zhao Hai kicked blocking, then a blade struck off toward Zhao Hai neck. Zhao Hai actually does not draw back instead enters, the left arm raises, protects own neck, a right hand fist before that person of xiong strikes. On hearing working as, a that person of blade firmly above the Zhao Hai left arm, actually by Zhao Hai full body armor blocking, but at this time the fist of Zhao Hai also arrived at that person of front. That person cries out strangely, body toward swing back, simultaneously with a supine strength, tui kicks toward Zhao Hai cross, but at this time the four blades of other four people also chopped on the body of Zhao Hai. On hearing „, when when when working as four sounds, Zhao Hai full body armor has blocked the blades of four people completely, but he has not cared about that person to kick to his tui, the fist of in hand changes the long jab pounds for below, hears Bang, was pounding before that xiong, that person one was pounded by Zhao Hai lies down on the ground, such as the spirit money, under one on was given to shut the air/Qi that pounded by Zhao Hai unexpectedly. This is Zhao Hai does not want his life, otherwise these that person not only has stopped air to be so simple, other four people look at this situation, called out one, the in hand blade in raising, on their blades intermittent golden light, toward the Zhao Hai detachment. Zhao Hai knows that these fellows used Strength of Faith, he also called out one, the both feet makes an effort, the upper body turned the body one to jump, then the waist abdomen made an effort, entire revolved instantaneously. The both feet such as Divine Dragon fishtails, kicks toward that four people, that four person also immediately/on horseback change the maneuver, in hand blade upward 1 iao, chops to the Zhao Hai both feet.

The Zhao Hai both feet receives, the whole person brings together, hits toward one of them, that person of tui point place, personal appearance anxiously toward retreat, simultaneously in hand blade toward the Zhao Hai detachment. At this moment, Zhao Hai personal appearance, capture that person of blade, the body has then taken the blade as the center of circle, goes toward that person of dang, the both feet kicks that person of head. That person when Zhao Hai capture his blade, on effort has twisted own blade, if the average person, feared that was the hand directly twists, but he has not actually twisted, at this time Zhao Hai tui had also attacked, that person does not dare to meet hardly, the personal appearance moved, a hand loosen, went toward retreat. At this time other three people had attacked, the Zhao Hai arm waved, has kept off that three three blades with the in hand blade one after another, with three person strengths, flew toward that retreat person. although said to their such Expert, already can flying in the sky, because their strengths are so strong, therefore flying in the sky fights on the ground, finally is the same, that five people of walking obviously is the path of close combat, therefore they have not flown, but fights in the ground and Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai very clear, do not look that five people have not flown, they are fly, fighting strength will not compare is now bad goes to there, therefore he toward the launching, has not been only in ground here and that five people of deal with. But this Zhao Hai with that three person strength of the dividing, lost side the person of blade to that person of although also thinks that is taking weapon, was actually already without enough time, was kicked down by the Zhao Hai two feet, went to the combat capability. From several people of exchange hands to the present, is instantaneous skill, several people have exchanged several moves, but Zhao Hai has struck down the opposite party two people, although he also several blades, but sees actually probably is nothing. Also after striking down one person, that three people have encircled Zhao Hai in the light, three people of six eyes, cold light sparkles is staring at Zhao Hai, such wished one could to truncate to the swallow alive Zhao Hai exactly. Zhao Hai actually remains unmoved, look at that several people but who decides, do not dare to have the slight loosen to release, these five people somewhat have a low opinion of the enemy most from the beginning, therefore first strikes, has not used Strength of Faith, Zhao Hai full body armor that uses Liquid Silver to change hardly meets five people this to strike. However he after striking down the first person this, several other people of immediately have used Strength of Faith, at this time Zhao Hai does not dare to meet hardly, although he also has Strength of Faith, because just has, therefore his very clear this Strength of Faith wondrous use, he cannot guarantee that now that Strength of Faith does not have the means wound to arrive at him, therefore was not meeting hardly. That three people have sphered Zhao Hai, looks at Zhao Hai not the first meaning of make a move, their immediately began, three blades high and low flutter, attacks toward Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai in hand was actually appears a huge fearing stick, a person to three people, four people fought in one. Four people more hit are quicker, on that three blade golden light sparkles, uses Strength of Faith obviously, but the Zhao Hai in hand fearing stick was also golden light sparkles, passed through Strength of Faith blessing/additional support, therefore four have fought equally matched. Four people fight more than 300 moves, has not decided the victory and defeat, at this moment, in the field broke out the change, the Zhao Hai in hand fearing stick one distorted unexpectedly, turned into a chain flail appearance, one hit in carrying on the back of person, gave to hit to be out that person. Then Zhao Hai in hand weapon starts to change the shape, toward their attack, that two by the Zhao Hai this unceasingly transformation weapon hitting does not have the strength to hit back, retreat, at this moment, Zhao Hai raises successively, hidden weapon lost, that two although have used protective shield, wields blocks to these hidden weapon, but cannot all evade, was hit the personal appearance by Zhao Hai hidden weapon, has sealed up their Spiritual Qi unexpectedly directly, making them lose the resistance. Formally finished to this time this war, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, received oneself Liquid Silver full body armor, waved also to take back that two Liquid Silver flying needles, this fought although seems like shocking but not dangerous probably, but Zhao Hai was actually very anxious, because this was his first time uses Strength of Faith to fight such long time in the fight with the person, finally the method left completely, has won the opposite party.

Zhao Hai has arrived around Luo Ying slowly, bows to Luo Ying said : senior, this was I have won, whether our hundred treasure did win this time gambling to make?” Luo Ying facial expression complex look at Zhao Hai, sank deep voice said : well, this was you have won, your hundred treasure won this gambling to make, later your hundred treasure made anything in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, our Tower of Babel will not interfere, in 500 years, Tower of Babel will not be having any gambling to make with hundred treasure, later our Tower of Babel made with other Interface gambling, will not involve to hundred treasure.” Zhao Hai let out a long breath, bows said : so to apologize below to Luo Ying senior.” At this time the Tang Tian graciousness had also arrived around Luo Ying, bowed said : to represent hundred treasure to Luo Ying below, apologized senior.” Luo Ying actually beckoned with the hand said : not to need to be polite, I deliver you to exit.” Said that has arrived at Transmission Formation there, making several people also get up Transmission Formation, white light flashed, several people of leave Fifth Layer. When Zhao Hai they when seeing all around situation, they arrived at square there outside Tower of Babel, Luo Ying look at several people of said : several, I delivered you to here, you can sit Transmission Formation leave, today's matter, please several do not say.” The Tang Tian graciousness they naturally comply, saw the ritual after Luo Ying, several people then stepped onto Transmission Formation, the Tang Tian graciousness started Transmission Formation personally, flash of white light, three people vanished in the square. The Luo Ying look at three people of leave places, sighed lightly said : many years, finally some people can achieve, great.” Said that turn around entered Tower of Babel slowly, before long Tower of Babel big gate in time silent relationship, anything had not lived probably.!. «» provides most quickly the latest novel. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;