Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1587

Under Chapter 512 step motion white light flashes, three form appears in temporary Transmission Formation, two have defended in the Transmission Formation there person, immediately has stood, two eyes moves also motionless look at Transmission Formation. white light removes the bottom vanished, Zhao Hai they also saw that two people, one is sect Ze, leaves one is Mu Tianbo, human spirit highest elder of these two in hundred treasure, have waited personally outside Transmission Formation. Saw that Zhao Hai they come, their immediately moved forward to meet somebody, careful is sizing up Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , looks at their facial expression calm, complexion is also normal, likely is not the injured appearance, this turns the head the look at Tang Tian graciousness. The Tang Tian graciousness now look at Mu Tianbo and sect of Ze face smiling face, look at them to look to him, does he then laugh said : What happened? is very surprised? HaHaHa, did not need to look, we have won, we won!” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze have not responded, said : that Mu Tianbo muttered has won well, has won well...... Won? You were said that won?” The look at Mu Tianbo appearance, the Tang Tian graciousness cannot help but laughs, effort patted Mu Tianbo shoulder said : is Senior Brother, has won, we won!” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze have shown the inconceivable facial expression, they move also the motionless look at Tang Tian graciousness, the Tang Tian graciousness show a faint smile said : to walk Senior Brother, went back saying that but this time we won.” The quick several people arrived at the center hall, because among the matter with Tower of Babel is the security, therefore person don’t know Zhao Hai and Mu Yu of hundred treasure have done, naturally also nobody feels curious, but they the human spirit in hundred treasure are very high, therefore these see their cultivator, with a smile notified them, or saluted to three elders. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu return a courtesy to these people with a smile, follow to walk toward the center hall in behind of three elders, but mood very good Tang Tian graciousness also once for a while nods to the person who they salute to that knot, making these people have the feeling that one type of feels extremely flattered. Must know that in hundred treasure, the Tang Tian graciousness, Mu Tianbo and sect Ze's human spirit is very high, their three can be said as in entire hundred treasure, most respected elder, this has nothing to do with their strengths, but the matter that because they handle, Mu Tianbo was needless saying that in in his hand, bitter enemy great Spirit Race of hundred treasure was extinguished, these ordinary hundred treasure cultivator may the don’t know Tower of Babel matter, they only know that great Spirit Race was their bitter enemies, now the great enmity was extinguished, their happy, Mu Tianbo also won certainly the respect of all people. But the Tang Tian graciousness is heaviness of Mu Tianbo in the assistant, this point all people have known, therefore this merit naturally must have the Tang Tian graciousness. But sect Ze was extraordinarier, comes to power also less than two years, has destroyed completely ghost Spirit Race, was hundred treasure open up new territory and enlarge the domain, he human spirit in hundred treasure was not naturally low.

These three elders are adding on Zhao Hai and sect Ze, can say that they completely are the human spirit combinations of hundred treasure, no matter arrives at there, will cause that the person position cheers loud. The quick five people arrived at the center hall, enters the center hall, Mu Tianbo immediately to Tang Tian graciousness said : day graciousness, what's the matter, you said carefully.” The Tang Tian graciousness laughs, told them the process of matter. When Tang Tian said that Mu Tianbo and sect Ze quite a while have not said the words to come, but their look at Zhao Hai look, somewhat changed. Good that some little time Mu Tianbo let out a long breath, look at Zhao Hai said : great Little Hai, more than time thanks to you, have made.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : if actually discussed the strength to come, Big Brother Mu also compared with these person of bad, was mainly not such person causes the show Strength of Faith, therefore Big Brother Mu was not the matches of these people.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo cannot help but stares, then the complexion single layer, turns the head look at Tang Tian graciousness said : day graciousness, is this real? Has the opposite party used Strength of Faith really?” Smiling face also vanish from sight on Tang Tian graciousness face, he nodded said : not wrong, is Strength of Faith, the five layers protector, used Strength of Faith, did not have the mistake that Little Hai said.” sect did Ze knit the brows said : to use Strength of Faith? They Strength of Faith that came from there? Tower of Babel origin very mysterious, currently unexpectedly has used Strength of Faith, it seems like their back person not simple that.” Mu Tianbo also nodded, but he look at Tang Tian graciousness said : day graciousness, said afterward, this time we have won, did Tower of Babel these fellows, what comply with our?” Tang Tian graciousness one hear of Mu Tianbo said that cannot help but has smiled, his look at their said : „the Tower of Babel person promises us, later our hundred treasure make anything in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they will not meddle, in the later 500 years, our hundred treasure will not be having any gambling with Tower of Babel approximately, they with the gambling that in other hit, will not be involving our hundred treasure!” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze heard the Tang Tian graciousness saying that the spirit shook, this regarding them absolutely was good information, these ordinary cultivator possible don’t know, but Ze status person possible don’t know Tower of Babel there like Mu Tianbo and sect fierce? Tower of Babel like hanging in the swords of ten-thousand realms battlefield all Interface head Damocles, they have any motion, has to have scruples Tower of Babel. But now Tower of Babel said that they in meddling hundred treasure matters, moreover in 500 years will not interfere hundred treasure, this regarding hundred treasure, absolutely is good information, they will enter a big show time.

However was quick their calm, Mu Tianbo has hesitated next step: although Tower of Babel said that but we cannot proud be unconventional, our strengths must miss compared with five side Upper Realm on many, do not say Tower of Babel, if they do not mean what he says our means not to have, therefore defers to our beforehand arrangement, cannot worry.” sect Ze also nodded said : next step I to plan that in the name of our, dispatches troops to Cloud Sea Territory, naturally, but delivers to hidden Cloud village there to go some people, now the show, has brought to the attention of other big, we must set an appearance to come, making them think that we lost some people, how do you see?” The Mu Tianbo understand sect Ze meaning, he nodded said : means to is good, when the time comes we can also bring back two Transmission Formation to come, making them then take the hook.” sect Ze look at Zhao Hai smiles said : these time to want laborious Little Hai, you must put up Great Magical Artifact, leading in person to go to Cloud Sea Territory there, what kind of? Doesn't have the issue?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have the issue and ensure delivers to hidden Cloud village there everyone/Great Clan, Transmission Formation this easy to do, I can bring to come several, when the time comes I am bringing some Cloud Beast and some Cloud Sea Territory people, I do not believe these fellows not to move.” although said other big in Ye Zhou there arrange Transmission Formation of hideaway, but that in Ye Zhou, after passing through the previous time matter after all, Ye Zhou there has become the object of Cloud Sea Territory key attention, later they think that was attacking Cloud Sea Territory from there, certainly will receive dealing a head-on blow of Cloud Sea Territory. But if at this time Zhao Hai were bringing several other white clouds continents Transmission Formation, these big will certainly run to beg. Moreover Zhao Hai also prepares the belt to come back a batch Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, Cloud Beast, other Cloud Sea Territory there commodities, these big see hundred treasure income these many, is not jealous is strange. Naturally, this loss cannot avoid, but this is unimportant, these big previous time has bumped dirty in Cloud Sea Territory there, finally has not obtained any good thing, their although has also brought back to some white clouds, because of don’t know refinement method, therefore these white clouds to ten-thousand realms battlefield here not long after, extensively fell, except for some Cloud Herb and Cloud rice and so in thing, several big of ten-thousand realms battlefield, are almost anything has not been fishing. This regarding these big, may lose face, they consider to revenge anxiously, but they also know that now in attacks Cloud Sea Territory there, absolutely is not the good matter, therefore they can only wait, if at this time, hundred treasure suddenly dispatched troops to Cloud Sea Territory, moreover obtained many good thing, although lost some people, but these big definitely could not sit still. What most important is, before Zhao Hai, to these big information, pass/test not records about multipurpose cloud, this time, so long as Zhao Hai they bring back to a fate/fixed number quantity the multipurpose clouds, and told them, these multipurpose Cloud can raised the crafting success ratio, these big met frantic. Naturally, Zhao Hai can also also disclose Cloud Beast some information to these big Interface, if when the time comes these big Interface can also be able to sit still, that damn.

Several people also discussed detail that moves, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu then leave, when they walk, Mu Tianbo turns the head to Tang Tian graciousness said : day graciousness, is the Little Hai strength so really strong?” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded said : to be very strong, the Little Hai method are many, moreover on him also has Strength of Faith, I now present, this Strength of Faith regarding cultivator so important, no matter attack defends is very important, Little Hai with Strength of Faith, is adding on Magical Artifact that his hundred change, can win this time gambling to make.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : no matter what, wins this time gambling approximately to us is the good matters, this matter cannot pass on, otherwise the Tower of Babel person will possibly become angry out of shame, then to us is very disadvantageous.” The Tang Tian graciousness nodded said : feel relieved, we complied with Luo Ying, will not pass on this time matter, to be honest, this time Little Hai words, feared that was the small feather is dangerous.” Mu Tianbo nodded, deep voice said : „the Little Hai later achievement feared that is will be higher than the small feather, we should pay attention to protect him, after these time goes to Cloud Sea Territory there to come back, must make Little Hai rest well some time good.” The Tang Tian graciousness and sect Ze nodded. Zhao Hai now was actually already returned to in Space, entered Space his immediately to Cai'er said : Cai'er, what has presently? Did Luo Ying go to there?” Cai'er shook the head said : not anything presently, the place that Luo Ying goes to is Tower of Babel Sixth Layer, in there he a signalling jade sword, later in had not begun, but I want to send the Liquid Silver flying needle to have a look toward Tower of Babel on, but presently there has to defend Formation, forewarns Formation, if we make the Liquid Silver flying needle upward fly, that possibly by the Tower of Babel person present, was too disadvantageous to hundred treasure.” ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;