Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1588

Chapter 513 in time dispatches troops One hear of Cai'er said that Zhao Hai has not felt the accident, Tower of Babel there that mysterious, hundred treasure their here traced these many years, had not actually found out any thing to come, if Zhao Hai can such quickly look up, that called to be fishy. Nod of Zhao Hai does not care about, deep voice said : monitored them to be good, Tower of Babel there was impossible such easily to find out anything to come by us, by them present should not be most important.” …… com Cai'er nodded, Zhao Hai look at screen said : Cloud Sea Territory there situation how? Has the person presently hidden Cloud village to disappear?” Cai'er shook the head said : not to have, in the two years Cloud Sea Territory there continuously to beast sea direction protection the strictness of, but they to the previous such all around inspection, cannot say now the people really forgetting hidden Cloud village there.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Mi Clan? What Mi Clan has to respond that the rice four presently Li Jiang hadn't had good long time not to go to their there to trade?” Cai'er forced smile said : Elder Brother Hai, rice four, when previous time copes with other big died in battle, now Mi Clan there has traded manage things, do not say that they do not have presently Li Jiang not to go, even if were Li Jiang went, feared that will be will not trade with him in some people.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be so best, beast sea there situation how? Two days I must lead in the person entered from beast sea there to hidden Cloud village , the mister route looking at understand was saying.” Cai'er said : beast sea there some change of situation, there Cloud Beast probably suddenly ~ however were many, moreover Cloud Beast level also increases, not only now hidden Cloud village there goes to beast sea there to grasp Cloud Beast the time, meets some appears dangers, even if the beast sea protects there to go to beast in the sea to catch the Cloud Beast person, appears not the small casualties, they have sent for beast sea there examining, they think most from the beginning is ghost who the person of ten-thousand realms battlefield does, finally presently is not.” Did Zhao Hai stare, knit the brows said : there Cloud Beast suddenly to be how many?”

Cai'er shook the head said : „the present also don’t know situation, possibly is because Cloud Sea increases various white clouds continent massive capture their all around Cloud Beast to make that Cloud Sea Territory here person, to promote their strength, massive capture live in white clouds continent surrounding Cloud Beast that they are, these Cloud Beast possibly are for this reason, runs away to beast in the sea, had other reason on don’t know, but this regarding hidden Cloud village to was good information.” Oh?” Zhao Hai looked at Cai'er one puzzled. Cai'er shows a faint smile said : from geographical position, hidden Cloud village must approach the beast sea compared with the beast sea health/guard, can hidden Cloud Beast already in the beast in the sea surface, only the water originally, because Cloud Beast on beast seaside is not very formidable, therefore hidden Cloud village has existed, but once for a while will receive Cloud Beast attack, why this is also hidden Cloud village there not by the person completely control primary cause, now beast sea there Cloud Beast increased, these Great Clan influences cannot hidden Cloud village there, too the danger, moreover was they presently hidden Cloud village there vanish from sight, Also thinks that is by Cloud Beast attack vanish from sight, does not think that has any Formation.” Zhao Hai one hear of Cai'er such spoke of nodded, then showed a faint smile said : this to arrive is really good, but, we in want to grasp Cloud Beast to are somewhat difficult, will bring to our journeys troublesome some.” Cai'er nodded said : on truly, finally beast sea there Cloud Beast increases was too quick, moreover is some ordinary Cloud Beast, their attack strength have stiffened probably, this is really somewhat strange.” Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, deep voice said : „, no matter they, changed Yama Ship slightly sneak to slip at the worst, our these time cannot live the conflict with these Cloud Beast, otherwise may bring to the attention of Cloud Sea Territory there very much, then did not have the advantage to us.” Cai'er nodded, deep voice said : „, if changes the small logical expression Yama Ship, we to can sneak to slip, or this Elder Brother Hai, you look on Yama Ship, how many Transmission Formation installs how? Can directly person Transmission to hidden Cloud village there.” Zhao Hai stares, he in the Yama Ship upper garment Transmission Formation, a Cai'er such saying, to had not reminded him before, he thinks that said : „, Yama Ship there has sufficed the remarkable person in any case now, did not fear that pays attention to a point in the hidden person, the attire, like this we can bypass the beast sea, went to hidden Cloud village there directly.” Before Zhao Hai, reason that has not thought that in Yama Ship upper garment Transmission Formation, because in Great Magical Artifact upper garment Transmission Formation, regarding the injury of Great Magical Artifact is very critical, if on Great Magical Artifact has installed Transmission Formation, so long as Transmission Formation causes above ten times, that Great Magical Artifact basically has discarded, this regarding any an Interface, cannot lose. Do not say like Giant Spirit Treasure Ship such big guy, even if like sword shuttle such shape Magical Artifact, if discards with ten times, made these big Interface lose everything sufficiently, even if like hundred treasure, can in one time change become a useful person material Interface the waste material, does not dare to use, after all the people refined Magical Artifact to require the time. However Zhao Hai Liquid Silver actually so many scruples, he cannot have one's wish join any Magical Artifact on Liquid Silver, Transmission Formation is a cinch, reason that before he has not installed Transmission Formation, does not want to be too remarkable, but he has sufficed now remarkably, has been adding on also no big deal. In two days that in Space rests, over the two days hundred treasure started in the set person, but they gather is not only then hundred treasure people, under the people of some small, naturally are also in these small some trustworthy people, looks like Comprehend the world like this small Interface.

Hundred treasure will not be long, simultaneously their this that the Cloud Sea Territory there matter conceals the truth also in compelling these big Interface is reacting, these big Interface previous losses is Expert in Interface, hundred treasure such do, sooner or later will have sound of the wind/rumor to pass to small under these big Interface control, these small will be certainly discontented with these big Interface, these big Interface to pacify this dissatisfaction, on can only give alliance these small Interface, then in time dispatching troops Cloud Sea Territory, as the matter stands, on equal to is from, on the other hand in time weakening. These macrocosms strengths, to hundred treasure later motions advantageous. But hundred treasure have not thought must this time matter complete conceals the truth, therefore their keep secret work also set an example, how should concentrate the person is how centralized, but this time must with the military strength that Zhao Hai goes, sketch is about twenty thousand. Two days, this twenty thousand military strength, fully can these military strength concentrating, Zhao Hai they have prepared. Zhao Hai they are not in sight Hornberg there to leave, but leaves in octopus island there, this point has stemmed from unexpected of other big. After Zhao Hai leaves, hundred treasure immediately strengthened control to their under the hand/subordinate place, that place is the octopus island. Octopus island when previous war, destroyed serious, after hundred treasure have won, Palpus Clansmen has reconstructed under the support of hundred treasure, in adding on afterward several times of hundred treasure fought, obtained very big domain, now octopus island there is domain in a hundred treasure, cannot be hundred treasure border. But after present Cloud Sea Territory, the octopus island here geographical position, spatially however became important, can directly enter in the sea for octopus island there, from there appears complete did not have the issue, what most important was, left not long after from octopus island there, can see can certainly the dark clouds, but Mu Tianbo their plans were, raised the dark clouds in octopus island there. Not wrong, raises dark clouds, the meaning of Mu Tianbo is, in makes bulk white clouds from Cloud Sea Territory there, then raises in octopus island there, even if that white clouds in keeping changes is small, that also compared with, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here changes small wants on slowly many, so long as raises that white clouds in the nearby of octopus island, the background of their white clouds did not question on nobody. Zhao Hai when hears this plan, has to sigh that to is the ginger is old spicy, such means can think, so long as he brings enough much white clouds, these white clouds not tailing off slowly, but as the matter stands, the white clouds whences of hundred treasure can talk clearly, these Cloud Beast have eating, moreover can completely one step take hidden Cloud village to give to protect, by anybody in thinking, hundred treasure in Cloud Sea Territory there, will have hidden Cloud village as the base. Yes, the white clouds are impossible to install with Space equipment, but Zhao Hai can not be turned into Space equipment by own Yama Ship, he also can the release pagoda, release Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the release sword shuttle, release eight Jun green imperial Chariot, come these thing release, he can install many white clouds, like this he almost can transport about ten mu white clouds, when the time comes these white clouds naturally can grow slowly, hundred treasure did not lack the white clouds to use in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. Naturally, now these other person was unable to know these, they regarding the understanding of white clouds are too few, like Zhao Hai them, has not performed that many experiments to the white clouds.

When Zhao Hai makes the white clouds, hundred treasure can announce that all sorts of points of white clouds, these fellows cannot be jealous dead by that time. In appears , Zhao Hai they said to Mu Tianbo, he will install Transmission Formation on Yama Ship, Mu Tianbo they to somewhat was worried that after the Zhao Hai multiple guarantee, they were not worried. These time gets the person to go to hidden Cloud village Mu Yu with Zhao Hai together, hidden Cloud village there hundred treasure although also sent the elder of elder time to assume personal command, however in there manage things was still Tang Jie, let Tang Jie in there Steward, for the smelting trial he, enabling him to assume sole responsibility for an important task, this Zhao Hai and Mu Yu have a look at him. Zhao Hai their, has brought to other attention, they have not thought that hundred treasure will attack to Cloud Sea Territory at this time unexpectedly, in their opinion, they and Cloud Sea Territory just fought in the past not two years of time, at this time hundred treasure attacked, equal to walked into a trap, therefore their although attention, but reported one type of to look at the joke the mentality, after all their previous loss were many, but hundred treasure did not have what loss, this made their at heart was very not balanced, had the vigilant heart to hundred treasure, has not actually thought that hundred treasure have dispatched troops at this time, To be honest, this is they want to see....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;