Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1589

Before Chapter 514, boosts white light flashes, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu appears in hidden Cloud village , now hidden Cloud village here very lively, Cloud house were also many, but these Cloud house positions are scattered and organized, has not affected hidden Cloud village here that Spirit Gathering Formation. Zhao Hai and Mu Yu are these time goes to battle in Cloud Sea Territory twenty thousand person army finally they, moreover they do not use Transmission Formation to come, but is use Space Divergent Technique of Zhao Hai. Tang Jie was waiting for them in there, sees them, his immediately welcomed, grasps two, is laughing said : to them Big Brother Mu, Little Hai, you may be came, such long time has not met, thinks me?” This saying naturally is caused that Zhao Hai and Mu Yu laugh to continue, Mu Yu smiles said : to hear that your youngster work pretty good, a while I may want in the two years, if your youngster dry is not good, I may probably tidy up you.” Tang Jie laughs said : to walk, first pays a visit the elder, then we were chatting.” Said that got them to pay a visit has assumed the here elder, regarding hidden Cloud village here, hundred treasure very attached great importance, altogether ten elders assumed personal command in here, but their normally not too Steward, because hidden Cloud village here when Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , entered right track, they naturally did not use tube anything. Zhao Hai that exchange system, this exchange system is still interlinked with hundred treasure there, thing that inside can exchange, is hundred treasure there existing, therefore regarding this exchange system, hundred treasure there very attaches great importance. Now hundred treasure there are preparing to popularize in the entire hundred treasure dominant areas this exchange system, because of them presently, has used this system, in can obtain more commodities, moreover can these small Interface better unite and rise under handle, let these small Interface, has the one type of sense of belonging to hundred treasure. However wants to achieve this point not to be easy, now these small Interface autonomous, lets them with the in hand commodity, exchanges that contribution points, they have not been glad. After Zhao Hai they have paid a visit the elder, arrived at Tang Jie Cloud house, in Tang Jie Cloud house tidies up to is very clean, but in the room puts several liquor saying that Tang Jie after leading Zhao Hai Mu Yu was entering the room, gave them to arrive at one glass of liquor. Must say, now in ten-thousand realms battlefield there, most comfortable was hundred treasure people who the easy life has, because the people of hundred treasure had existence of hidden Cloud village , their there person gave to drink the Cloud Fruit liquor or the Cloud rice liquor generally, ate Cloud vegetables, this easy life naturally was ten points comfortable. although said that Cloud rice can also eat directly, that Cloud rice non- water used boils, so long as roasts with the fire can eat, Cloud rice will roast the bread same expansion, can the water used boil eating, naturally, if fell far short compared with Bread Fruit.(, Powerful literary network Now in Zhao Hai Space, has gotten so far as the white clouds to plant some crops in Space, Bread Fruit also has naturally planted, with Bread Fruit that the white clouds plant, pure white, the taste is better, Spiritual Qi plants, what most important is, with beer that this Bread Fruit makes, flavor also mellow. Hundred treasure there now although every year has plenty Cloud rice income, but the majority all was actually used to brew alcohol, because of cultivator of hundred treasure, was not familiar with eat meal throughout, drinks yes. After three people have drunk one glass of Cloud Fruit liquor, Tang Jie look at Zhao Hai and Mu Yu said : Little Hai, Big Brother Mu, previous time in hurried hurried gives to call you, does the bottom to do? How I inquired, in also nobody told me, I asked Master, instead to by Master scolding.” Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu one, Mu Yu also looked at Zhao Hai one, finally they simultaneously smiled bitterly, Mu Yu turned the head look at Tang Jie said : Little Jie, was not we do not tell you, but was this matter, in did not let say that has gotten down gag order, do not ask that the matter passed in any case.”

Tang Jie one hear of Mu Yu said that also nodded, in asking, him knew, if got down the gag order matter should better do not ask, will otherwise be punished. Tang Jie drank duty that liquor said : this time you came I to know, but was brings some white clouds to go back, this did not have the issue, my tomorrow made them prepare.” Zhao Hai is actually shows a faint smile said : this time not in the hidden Cloud village here belt, changes a place.” Tang Jie does said : change a place? Don't you want to go to other place to trade? That is not good, will expose target.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, feel relieved, my this time target, is a beast in the sea surface place, there originally has a white clouds continent, my first time runs into the Cloud Sea Territory person in there, previous time I changed refine there many white clouds the multipurpose clouds, now there also remaining many, can bring to go back fully, moreover can the growth, making such one group of white clouds keep beast sea there, too has wasted, therefore I want to bring back to the there white clouds.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Tang Jie and Mu Yu nodded, Mu Yu said : this is also good, can you use Space Magic now in the past? If possible, then on fantastic, the good words, I looked good that too do not take risk.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved, I can pass, will not have the matter, I go to there to have a look first, then thinks the means to give to carry off these white clouds, if I have succeeded, you in enter through Transmission Formation to Yama Ship on, we go back in together.(, Powerful literary network Mu Yu also nodded, he also knows that he goes with Zhao Hai together, Zhao Hai will use many Spiritual Qi to help him carry on Transmission. Such words instead to are danger, therefore he does not have. After a period of time, beast in the sea Cloud Beast probably is crazy is these days same, so long as dares to enter to the beast in the sea person, they can insane same attack, our here lose many manpower, nearest/recent I have cancelled have caught Cloud Beast duty.” Tang Jie said. Zhao Hai nodded, is knows regarding beast sea there situation Zhao Hai, beast sea there Cloud Beast were many, moreover these Cloud Beast temperament become very violent are also hot-tempered, although Zhao Hai don’t know is any reason, but went to beast sea there at this time, truly is not the good deed. Moreover they cannot such quickly go back, that will cause others' suspicion, therefore Zhao Hai sharply is not entering to beast in the sea goes, that white clouds continent under the surveillance of Zhao Hai, cannot in any case be inescapable. What Zhao Hai now headache is, how brings returned to ten-thousand realms battlefield there that white clouds continent, but will not cause others' suspicion, therefore he must keep hidden Cloud village here some time, careful research in Space, how in does not use in the Space situation, gives the migration the white clouds. That white clouds have the entity, but can move, but this white clouds you, if makes an effort pulls him, his immediately will be cut off, although you can join the white clouds, but Zhao Hai thinks that is turning into the iron hook Liquid Silver, the plan that then the white clouds continent walks did not work. This plan is invalid, that can only use other method, with what method? This is Zhao Hai most headache issue. Then some time, how Zhao Hai has hidden in Space research makes the white clouds, but this is not easy, that white clouds are competent, have the weight, wants to move him, if a scrap, that naturally is not a problem, but was too big, will actually be startled, Zhao Hai has Yama Ship and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, that also quickly.

It is not quick, will receive attack, now person although of hundred treasure had some people to adapt was saying that in the sea made the war, but compared to fall far short with these Cloud Beast, if their were too slow, these Cloud Beast will blot out the sky to come, their losses were too big. Why Mu Yu and Tang Jie although don’t know Zhao Hai hides in own rooms in does not come out, but he has not asked anything, they have been handling the hidden Cloud village here matter. This they must go back, must keep here with cultivator that they come, simultaneously carries off some Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, making the ten-thousand realms battlefield there other Interface people see, Cloud Sea Territory here cultivator, can surrender. However is like this same, this candidate was an issue, was good because of these time comes the Cloud Sea Territory here person with Zhao Hai and Mu Yu , was some trustworthy people, after was worried about them to go back, will not speak irresponsibly, but this candidate must elect. Among in the blink of an eye Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stayed for one month in hidden Cloud village here, these days Zhao Hai also finally research left the method that beast in the sea that white clouds continent moves away, this method is, first boosts. Zhao Hai plans to manufacture large net, that white clouds continent covering, then makes Yama Ship draw this large net in front, but in behind of that white clouds continent, is using the multipurpose clouds to manufacture wall same thing, is letting Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the pagoda, eight Jun green imperial Chariot and sword shuttle these thing, push in behind, this pull pushes, can carry off that white clouds continent. But that large net of Zhao Hai manufacture, wants to manufacture with the multipurpose clouds, because Zhao Hai present, if uses the Liquid Silver manufacture, large net that Liquid Silver turns into, might shearing that white clouds continent very much torn to pieces, but with the gale of multipurpose cloud manufacture actually, in the similar strength, similarly in the situation of density, with large net of multipurpose cloud manufacture cannot very good will give to drag away that white clouds continent, but will not have any cutting the effect. although with large net of multipurpose cloud manufacture, was inferior that the Liquid Silver manufacture the gale is so tenacious, but the effect will be better, therefore Zhao Hai decided finally that manufactures large net and wall with the multipurpose clouds. Therefore Zhao Hai closing up for one month later, finally from own in the room walked out, but Tang Jie and Mu Yu are waiting for him, hidden Cloud village here too many matters should not be done, when they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to go out. This month of time, beast sea there Cloud Beast stopped many, hidden Cloud village here Catch beast duty has put, but does not allow too to go toward the beast in the sea surface, after all hidden Cloud village here is the beast sea surrounding. Zhao Hai goes out, Mu Yu and Tang Jie immediately knew, they before quickest arrived at Zhao Hai Cloud house, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : Big Brother Mu, Little Jie, your present immediately collect here all person in hand to idle the useless multipurpose cloud, must collect after the quickest time.” Zhao Hai although has not said that must do, but trust of Mu Yu and Tang Jie stemming from Zhao Hai had not asked that immediately transmitted orders, before long entire hidden Cloud village here cultivator moved, no matter Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, is hundred treasure cultivator, own in hand multipurpose Yun Na who does not use. Because of multipurpose cloud uses in big, therefore in hand of everyone has many, remains momentarily is using, this collects, may really be many. Zhao Hai immediately the organization person, making on the face start to weave a fishing net, the net that because Zhao Hai needs was really too big, needing all people participate to be good. Also used ten days to weave that net on this, this was a incomparably huge net, almost can entire hidden Cloud village covering, each net opened the eyes to stand a person to go, but to a such big standing net, such net opened the eyes is small.

Besides this net, Zhao Hai has also manufactured several with the multipurpose clouds like city wall, after these thing prepare, Zhao Hai immediately received in the net and city wall Space, then had found Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, I went, when my information, so long as my information arrives, your immediately organization people go to Yama Ship there, these time goes to beast sea boundary there, certainly will meet Cloud Beast attack, only depends on I, feared that cannot deal with.” Mu Yu nodded, deep voice said : does what one can, first assures own security.” Zhao Hai nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to Mu Yu and Tang Jie, the flashes body vanished in same place. The place that look at Zhao Hai vanishes, Tang Jie complexion somewhat heavy said : Big Brother Mu, you said that Little Hai can have the danger?” Mu Yu shook the head said : feel relieved, the Little Hai present strength, is not you can imagine, we just wait, I believe soon, Little Hai will have good information to transmit.” although do not understand Mu Yu so is why confident to Zhao Hai, but Tang Jie actually still nodded, they organized the person separately, the preparation momentarily supported Zhao Hai. But at this time, Zhao Hai already appears , in has met on Guo Ling that white clouds continent, this white clouds continent to does not have too many changes, this also makes Zhao Hai somewhat curious, a such white clouds continent in beast in the sea, these Cloud Beast has not run to eat him unexpectedly, is really extraordinary. However now Zhao Hai also without enough time thinks these many, his immediately these Undead Creature let out, then the multipurpose clouds made took large net and city wall that simultaneously release Yama Ship, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the pagoda, eight Jun green imperial Chariot and sword shuttles, after all prepared, Zhao Hai immediately made these Undead Creature start the shop net, this large net manufactured according to this white clouds continent, naturally was enough big, city wall quickly was also well, afterward Zhao Hai issued an order, all Great Magical Artifact moved, large net collapsing slowly tightened, thought of city wall, looked like turned into one probably. Giant Spirit Treasure Ship such Great Magical Artifact of bulldozer also moved, proceeding of going all out is pushing, the entire white clouds continent slowly moved, slowly moved the past in the direction of ten-thousand realms battlefield. Zhao Hai excited grasping fist, had today such result firmly, is he with Laura they, laborious one month of achievement, they succeeded fortunately. However at this moment, the Cai'er sound also conveys said : Elder Brother Hai, paid attention, has plenty Cloud Beast came to here.” Zhao Hai complexion changes, immediately has put out the signalling jade sword, let out. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;