Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1590

Mu Yu is waiting for Zhao Hai information, hidden Cloud village here has prepared completely, cultivator of Cloud Sea Territory and hundred treasure, arrived at Transmission Formation there, so long as Zhao Hai there has information, their immediately can leave. The Zhao Hai leave several hours, Mu Yu has also wanted to come Zhao Hai there also almost to have information, was in this time, suddenly together Space rift appears in Mu Yu not far away, then signalling jade sword appears in Space rift. Mu Yu received jade sword, spiritual force searched toward, complexion cannot help but changes, immediately/on horseback said loudly: On quick, quick Transmission Formation, arranged according to before, with quickest on Transmission Formation.” Tang Jie stands in Mu Yu side, one hear of Mu Yu said that complexion also cannot help but changes, he knows that Mu Yu is so anxious, certainly was Zhao Hai there appears , his immediately/on horseback said : Big Brother Mu? Little Hai did there have an accident?” Mu Yu nodded said : Little Hai there to prepare, but there is Cloud Beast to go to attack he, a Little Hai person fears cannot block, in a bit faster!” Finally this Mu Yu shouted to these people. These are getting up the Transmission Formation person also to know that they must go to Zhao Hai there, looked that the Mu Yu appearance knew to have an accident, the movements of all people sped up. Zhao Hai in hundred treasure there status is very high, even if small under these hundred treasure control, the Zhao Hai status is also very high. Because Zhao Hai enters from Comprehend the world there to hundred treasure, therefore his these person of very polite to small, moreover is also helpful to these people of small, the people of these small are very grateful regarding Zhao Hai, therefore looked that Zhao Hai there has the matter, they also worry. On Yama Ship flash of white light, a batch cultivator appears on Yama Ship, these cultivator appears , Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : quick, gathers to here.” These cultivator look at behind Yama Ship that bulk white clouds continent then, at heart an exclamation, but now is not the exclamation time, their immediately according to Zhao Hai said that to the white clouds continent on, has put out Magical Artifact directly respectively. But at this time on white clouds continent had been standing many Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are taking the spear|gun, is pointing at white clouds continent all around, on Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact, so long as there is an artillery, cannon barrel has also extended, does not have the artillery, above has also stood Undead Creature, these Undead Creature are also ready with the rifle firing. Sees this posture, these cultivator does not dare to neglect, these cultivator has plenty many have fought with Zhao Hai together, their very clear, Zhao Hai such arrangement, has been able to repel a Weave Fire Clan tens of thousands people of regiment, now Zhao Hai so is anxious, that can only explain enemy who these time comes, strength very formidable. These people have guessed right, the enemy who these time comes is very formidable, Zhao Hai has not thought really that this white clouds continent not to such that he imagines, is these Cloud Beast not presently, therefore has not eaten, the polarity, this white clouds continent is these Cloud Beast already presently, grain ration that has preserved, but regarded the grain ration this white clouds continent Cloud Beast, a King in this piece of beast sea, his strength far general Immortal Stage Expert, under the hand/subordinate has innumerable small Cloud Beast, Cloud Beast, his wisdom was very high, now existing. The people must move his grain ration idea, how he does not get angry, therefore has directed under the hand/subordinate all Cloud Beast to encircle toward Zhao Hai here. This these clouds Cloud Beast quantity that Beast King brings hundred thousand, moreover these Cloud Beast fighting strength very formidable, therefore Zhao Hai so anxious.

His strength is very strong, but that cloud Beast King strength is not weak, even if Zhao Hai to these Beast King, may not win, therefore he so anxious. Quick a batch batch of cultivator by Transmission to Yama Ship on, then immediately to the white clouds continent there set, standing by, cultivator that this Zhao Hai adjusts, altogether 15,000 people, 3000 people are Cloud Sea Territory cultivator, the remaining 12,000 people with these cultivator that he comes out. With Zhao Hai appears these cultivator, keeps hidden Cloud village there by Zhao Hai and Mu Yu 8000, after these 8000 people go back, naturally said that sacrificed. When white clouds continent here just built up less than 5000 cultivator, that cloud Beast King is bringing Cloud Beast army the type arrived, that cloud Beast King main body unexpectedly is a incomparably huge old turtle. This old turtle black, the flashing metal same gloss, a fresh antler, the carapace like Nine Palace, the four limbs is all over the body sturdy, incredibly fast. In this old turtle, innumerable Cloud Beast, these Cloud Beast each and every one two blood red eyes has grasped toward their here, is looks for Zhao Hai to go all out evidently. Zhao Hai knows that was only old turtle to enter his cannon firing distance, his immediately ordered to fire off, at once crackle of gunfire rumbling, but Zhao Hai actually knows that injury of these artillery to these Cloud Beast very limited, Cloud Beast that especially that only led, that was only old turtle defense capability that to be needless saying that real very formidable, the artillery hit on him, with scratched to him is itchy same. The Zhao Hai facial expression changes, the hand wielded appears Space rift, then the Julie's walked out from crack, Julie's strength very formidable, was in his woman only one by one can resist with him directly, Zhao Hai once for a while also will ask Julie to be the trainer, obviously Julie's formidable degree. Julie also unfamiliar road Zhao Hai asks her to come out to do, her immediately/on horseback keenly blowing, the flashes body entered in Cloud Sea, Julie's such procedure, to these cultivator on white clouds continent frightening unbearable, they have not thought of that Zhao Hai actually will ask a woman to come, moreover this woman crashed in unexpectedly clouds in the sea. However Zhao Hai has not said anything, they are not inquisitive, because in Cloud Sea, spiritual force was suppressed, they now also don’t know Cloud Beast in that therefore although they have been ready, but does not have attack target. But at this time these Undead Creature on team latter several Great Magical Artifact opened, there are many Cloud Beast to rush to their there. Julie has kept off now, in that was only old in front of the turtle, must say that is only old turtle the strength to be possible suffices, Julie has compared general Immortal Stage Expert also to want strongly to be many, however is only old in that the turtle the front, is actually good not to ask, moreover slowly comfortable leeward.

However Zhao Hai had not actually gone to help Julie cope with that at this time to be only old turtle, because large quantities of Cloud Beast have killed white clouds continent here, these Undead Creature also opened fire. although these Undead Creature have opened fire, but these Cloud Beast defense capabilities are very strong, thinks that a rifle butt they give to kill, that is not an easy matter. But these cultivator on white clouds continent also started to begin, in these cultivator, besides this Realm cultivator of some hundred treasure, these small Interface cultivator, does not have Cloud Beast now, they not with the experience that Cloud Beast battled, therefore cannot make their leave white clouds continent cope with these Cloud Beast. Is good when Mu Yu puts these cultivator come, has made some assignments, when small cultivator of fate/fixed number quantity, will have some hundred treasure cultivator, in this fight, cultivator of these hundred treasure played very big doing to use, to have their command(er) these small cultivator, although said how many not necessarily occupies to be cheap in these Cloud Beast there, but protects oneself can actually. Zhao Hai release Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation, had also surrounded many Cloud Beast at this time, is killing they striking, presently person Zhao Hai cannot attend to these Cloud Beast gets so far as in Space to go, because did not have that to will, Magic Beast in his Space, became was the same with Cloud Beast, did not need toward Space lira Cloud Beast. When their here hits lively, a batch batch of cultivator also passed from hidden Cloud village there, join to regiment, Cloud Beast although were many, but underwent bombing first, was being bombed, finally will fight with these cultivator, arrives not to take the too big advantage at once. Naturally most important merit or Julie, Julie constrained that only saying that Beast King words, feared that was these cultivator can the casualties of appears mass. Reason that Zhao Hai has not gone to help Julie , because now is also not the time, he now is Chief Commander of these people, if his leave, these cultivator appears will be flurried, in that case, these cultivator casualties even bigger, therefore he can only insist in here, he and other Mu Yu , so long as Mu Yu arrived, can Mu Yu command(er) these, but he can help Julie. Some little time Mu Yu along with finally a batch cultivator to here, saw this situation, Mu Yu stares, then complexion changes, his immediately join to regiment. Zhao Hai looked at Mu Yu to arrive, his immediately/on horseback turned the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, you came command(er).” Mu Yu nodded, Zhao Hai flashes body on disappearing trace. Mu Yu although don’t know has Zhao Hai done, but he also knows that Zhao Hai has certainly a more important matter to do, therefore his immediately received command. But Zhao Hai appears in Julie's side, with joint forces had actually fought that to be only old with Julie at this time the turtle, does not begin with this old turtle, you do not have the means to imagine his fearfulness, this old turtle has been able own dark clouds, to turn into very big Domain, Zhao Hai and Julie attack very strenuous.

Zhao Hai immediately has put on full body armor, simultaneously in oneself and Julie's blessing/additional support Strength of Faith, in hand appears has then feared the stick, is only old with that with Julie together ** to together. This Strength of Faith blessing/additional support, the effect really differently thinks, but Zhao Hai while attack, gave back has used several other attack, one was Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, he tried to establish the relation with the surrounding dark clouds, however had little effect, because these dark clouds are almost under the hand/subordinate of old turtle, has been full of the hostility to him, he wants to establish the relation not quite to be easy with these dark clouds. Second is Imperial Beast Profound Technique, this Profound Technique regarding Zhao Hai is the weak, because he must surrender the Monster Beast words, met Space to be good Monster Beast directly, simply could not use this Profound Technique, but to old turtle level Monster Beast, his Imperial Beast Profound Technique simply did to use. Third is Bright Sword Profound Technique, this is one type of pure Spiritual Attack Profound Technique, but spiritual force also very formidable of old turtle, rock-solid, thinks that is using this Profound Technique to defeat the old turtle, is almost impossible. But finally one type of Zhao Hai uses is actually Enlightenment Profound Technique!!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;