Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1591

Actually this Zhao Hai is used to cope with the principal means of these old turtles is Enlightenment Profound Technique, beforehand several Profound Technique are giving Enlightenment Profound Technique to hit to conceal, likely is Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, can cover the part of Enlightenment Profound Technique spirit o moves, Imperial Beast Profound Technique is also same, but Bright Sword Profound Technique is so, he uses these three Profound Technique spirits o moves, the Enlightenment Profound Technique spirit o moves for blocking, finally in using Enlightenment Profound Technique invasion bit by bit in the spirit of old turtle, finally old turtle surrendering. fighting strength of this old turtle, compared with general Immortal Stage Expert don’t know many, Zhao Hai and Julie two people coped with him, has hit an evenness, has occupied a winning side slightly, but wanted the life of this old turtle, was actually the countless sufferings and hardships. This old turtle don’t know in this clouds how many years in the sea lived, strength does extremely powerful, like formidable fighting strength, Zhao Hai have to let off? He wants certainly to receive this old turtle for himself uses. Enlightenment Profound Technique is one type of is very useful, reason that but effective very slow Profound Technique, Zhao Hai must use in this moment , because that old turtle will only note his several other Profound Technique attack, but will not pay attention to Enlightenment Profound Technique attack. Zhao Hai and Julie have blocked old turtle, but other people are actually making the war with these Cloud Beast, is good has the Undead Creature coordination because of these people, these Undead Creature Laura their command(er), coordination good of. Mu Yu these time also felt that pressure, before with the Weave Fire Clan person carried on the fight the time, one, but fought is extremely fierce in ji, the casualties too big words, these Weave Fire Clan people will retreat or escape. However their this fight to is actually these Cloud Beast, so long as these Cloud Beast leads undead, each and every one looks like not awfully same proceeding clashes, they deal with the very wasteful vigor. Fortunately, before hundred treasure, had deals with the experiences of these Cloud Beast, these Cloud Beast mainly by close combat give priority to, under command(er) of hundred treasure these people, to have not eaten too big owing, naturally, the casualties cannot avoid. In commanding a war, Mu Yu also looked, although said that they looked like probably with Main Force that Cloud Beast made to fight, actually what strove to be most was Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature has plenty meets transformation, their Spearman were divided one after another, each team was divided into three groups, a lord opened fire, another group was responsible for in the cartridge clip that gave them to change pressing the bullet, one group stood in one side, so long as there is a person injured, or changed the bullet, in them person immediately will force up, therefore these Undead Creature spear|gun, no matter when will not stop.. If there is Cloud Beast anti- attack of bullet, before running, these were responsible for pressing in Undead Creature of bullet, will flush several, then instantaneous transformation, turned into the Magic Beast appearance, gave to tie down that only Cloud Beast, in other Undead Creature killing of coordination, that only Cloud Beast killing.

But those who most annoy the Mu Yu attention is, in these Undead Creature, some puts on Magic Robe Undead Creature unexpectedly, these Undead Creature walk randomly in Undead Creature of various teams, so long as sees Cloud Beast that died, immediately meets release one group of Dark mist, turns into Undead Creature these Cloud Beast, then these Undead Creature Cloud Beast can in turn other attack Cloud Beast. Such forms of combat, Mu Yu had not paid attention to have been before, he thinks that Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, hide in Great Magical Artifact puts spear|gun one type of forms of combat, now looks like is actually completely is not that a matter. These Undead Creature this coordination very well coordinated, this makes their casualties also want on mutually few many, there are coordination of these Undead Creature, Mu Yu they can stabilize stays in a brothel overnight the potential, moreover fought the present, casualties also about 2000. Mu Yu looked that this way is not good, his immediately puts out the jade sword, in one time believed to hidden Cloud village there, making Tang Jie organize the a batch person to come, best to have two Immortal Stage Expert to come, because Mu Yu present had several Immortal Stage Cloud Beast in here promiscuously in its, these Cloud Beast have given them and Undead Creature causes not the small casualties. Tang Jie was also worried that the Zhao Hai there situation, looked Mu Yu worries, he knows that the Zhao Hai there situation is not quite certainly good, but he must assume personal command in hidden Cloud village here, cannot leave lightly, therefore can only worry dry. In this time, Transmission Formation on hidden Cloud village one bright, then a jade sword flew, Tang Jie capture, spiritual force sweeps toward, immediately understand what's the matter, Tang Jie immediately/on horseback has let the hidden Cloud village here several Steward person gathering manpower, but entire are taking the jade sword Cloud house that went to that several Immortal Stage elders to close up. After the jade sword has given that several Immortal Stage, that several elders want not to think, on has stood, first one step went to the Zhao Hai there help, lets Tang Jie in the here organization manpower. To be honest Tang Jie has not thought that really these Elder Assembly are so happy on make a move, but looked that several elders walked, but Tang Jie has gone bad depressed, that several elders walk, the matter of this organization person he came, he must become in last battlefield. Tang Jie although is not feeling well, although worries, but actually has to keep the here organization manpower, along with the Tang Jie organization, a batch batch of cultivator, through Transmission Formation to battlefield there, join the fight, this has made the battlefield there situation further be eased. After these Immortal Stage Expert to fight here, immediately looked for that several Immortal Stage Cloud Beast, was good had the Cloud Beast sign before that several Immortal Stage Expert, moreover very adapted to this combat environments, this that several Immortal Stage Cloud Beast blocking, but wanted to solve these Cloud Beast in a short time is actually impossible, these Cloud Beast also not to be trifled with. But Zhao Hai and Julie are only old with that the turtle the fight, entered the situation of superheating, Zhao Hai is the method completely leaves now, but he presently, besides some strength big attack, other attack this old turtles almost can be impolite.

The defense of old turtle was really too formidable . Moreover the strength was much bigger, Zhao Hai presently the carapace of his attack old turtle, simply is the useless merit, carapace don’t know of old turtle thick, was its defense most formidable place, attack his carapace, feared that was equal to brushes off the ash on clothes to him, was a point does to his simply with. However Zhao Hai Spiritual Attack to played very major role, that old turtle making mentally confused intent is chaotic by Zhao Hai the methods of several Spiritual Attack. In Zhao Hai Spiritual Attack, but has Strength of Faith, is adding on many Spiritual Attack together use, general Immortal Stage Expert feared that already could not withstand, only then this old turtle spiritual force formidable, like the rock, this can withstand Zhao Hai spiritual force attack steadily. Fight from start to the present already past three hours, these Cloud Beast also in attack white clouds continent, white clouds continent there appears casualties also even bigger, now entire white Cloud Beast there already appears about 5000 people of casualties, but Cloud Beast casualties actually in twenty thousand above, but these Cloud Beast have not drawn back, is still attacking, good Tang Jie they catch up to support, otherwise, feared that was present Mu Yu cannot maintain the aspect. Zhao Hai and Julie still with that old turtle wrapped around, but attack of that old turtle already slowly weak, in once for a while eye meets 1 u to leave of confused. Zhao Hai knows that this was Enlightenment Profound Technique gets up to do with, he has not added strong attack to strike, conversely, his attack to also has slowed instead down, this will make the vigilance of old turtle smaller, like this he can subdue the old turtle. Finally underwent three hours of fight, old turtle now already complete not in attack Zhao Hai, but is two eyes confused look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at the opportunity to be mature, his hand moved, huge Space rift, received in the old turtle Space directly. The volume of this old turtle is very big, is only area that he carries on the back, seems like not smaller than Yama Ship, therefore Zhao Hai wants this old turtle income to Space, but must spend many skill, this old turtle is carrying on the final resistance fortunately now, had hauled in Space by Zhao Hai easily. Old Kameichi enters Space, Space immediately leaves prompt speaking sounds: Presently procedure chaotic life form, surrenders life form, surrenders successfully, this life form is turtle shape variation life form, strength formidable, defense strength is astonishing, mentioned that its fine gene, withdraws successfully, join to Space life form, join succeeds.” Along with falling of prompt sound, the old turtle officially became Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, this old Kameichi becomes Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai felt that Strength of Faith of rushing wells up toward own body, comfortable of not being able saying that of this Strength of Faith, unexpectedly compared with Strength of Faith that ten Immortal Stage Expert came out on many many, this was Zhao Hai has not thought. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, the old turtle let out, after that old turtle release comes, immediately has flown the Zhao Hai side, has rubbed intimately on the body of Zhao Hai with his easy mark. Zhao Hai rub the head of rub old turtle has shown intimately, this deep voice said : makes them stop, if willing with our, me to look for a home to return to him, does not want, making them enter to say in the sea.”

The old turtle has understood long of Zhao Hai obviously, his immediately/on horseback raises head long to recite, all heard his voice Cloud Beast to stop, then accumulation fast his side. Zhao Hai has then remembered, these after all are Cloud Beast, they are different from the person, if Cloud Beast dares to betray their Eldest Child, feared that will be by the first time execution, so long as has subdued this old turtle, has subdued all Cloud Beast on equal to. Zhao Hai one happy, these Cloud Beast when make the war with them, although died much, but now also remaining near eighty thousand, so long as these Cloud Beast, them can be joined to the Cloud Beast sign to more hundred treasure people, enabling more hundred treasure people saying that in the sea moved. Zhao Hai let old turtle appease one these Cloud Beast, he with Julie returned to on the white clouds continent, white clouds continent here gathered several Immortal Stage Expert now, was adding on Mu Yu and Tang Jie, all people arrived. Sees Zhao Hai and Julie appears , these people cannot help but stare, they know certainly Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that Julie also, these people, has Tang Jie and Mu Yu knows Julie, other people did not know. After Zhao Hai is getting Julie several Immortal Stage Expert have saluted, this to several Immortal Stage Expert said : thanks a lot several elders helps, please several elder feel relieved, the here matter have been solved.” A in which elder looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : solution to be good, several of us old fogy went back, the matter of damage control on give you.” Said him to several other people of nods, several elder flashes bodies to Transmission Formation there, returned to hidden Cloud village . ro!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;