Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1592

These elders walk, Mu Yu and Tang Jie immediately has encircled, they looked at jasmine 1 i one, Has seen the sister-in-law to zhu 1 i ritual said :, Little Hai, how did this sister-in-law come?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : does not make her come, I may unable to cope with these Cloud Beast, that Cloud Beast that especially leads, my goodness, is stronger than Immortal Stage Expert, the zhu 1 i helper, I may unable to cope with him, was good, Big Brother Mu, Tang Big Brother, immediately makes everyone/Great Clan prepare some Cloud Beast, a while I makes these Cloud Beast come, you use Cloud Token to pick these Cloud Beast.” Said that Zhao Hai waves, received these Undead Creature, but at this time old Turtles brought these Cloud Beast to arrive at white clouds continent here. Sees that incomparably huge old turtle, Mu Yu calling out in alarm of their cannot help but solution, is seeing that old turtle behind these Cloud Beast, these cultivator also cannot help but anxious. However these Cloud Beast very honest, to does not have what accident present, Mu Yu and Tang Jie immediately arrangement had a Cloud Token person to pass these Cloud Beast received Cloud Token, this feared that was they subdues Cloud Beast most relaxed one time. In Cloud Token may not only install Cloud Beast, Cloud Token with according to the quality of refinement, can be divided into several level, minimum Cloud Token can install five Cloud Beast, many Cloud Beast can install next 50 Cloud Beast, moreover Cloud Token that a person can use is not one or two, so long as your original intention, you are the body hang 100 Cloud Beast also nobody to manage you, these cultivator in hand Cloud Token install under these Cloud Beast, after all now hundred treasure are too short in Cloud Sea Territory here, person who has Cloud Beast general, in Cloud Token can accept Cloud Beast on to be only good, not enough to go around.. After these Cloud Beast were received, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu made Tang Jie bring few people returned to hidden Cloud village to go, now their here only remaining about 1000 people, but also little was many cultivator corpses, these corpses very good to have been preserved, equipment went back later to bury. Regarding the deceased person, these cultivator to do not have what feeling, is cultivator, what struggle is go against the Heaven to change fate, but this deceased person is also the common matter, has taken cultivator this road, you must have momentarily face the dangerous the consciousness. After all processed, Zhao Hai they in time appears , these cultivator had kept on the white clouds continent, some entered the Yama Ship rest, Zhao Hai stayed outside the old turtle, had the old turtle, Cloud Beast that some did not enlarge ones vision did not dare to approach the white clouds continent. Their is not quick, after must drag to that big a piece white clouds continent is not an easy matter, these cultivator these days to the ten points custom that in the white clouds week stays, some did not have Cloud Beast cultivator, these days also to be joined to Cloud Beast. Zhao Hai was not worried that Cloud Sea Territory there change of person present beast in the sea, they are impossible presently, position that because they fight, was far from Cloud Sea Territory too, the Cloud Sea Territory there person, is impossible to penetrate into beast in the sea is so far. Before Guo Ling can arrive at this white clouds continent there, is he is absolutely lucky, that route that now Guo Ling passes through, already did not pass, is thinking that some people penetrated into beast in the sea are so far, that was completely impossible, Cloud Sea Territory there also nobody had this strength, therefore Zhao Hai feel relieved. At the same time walked for more than ten days, finally has been separated from the range of beast sea, remaining road although are not short, but in having Cloud Beast will come sao to harass, on the other hand security. These cultivator to are familiar with such life, must know cultivator closes up sometimes is several years of time, this point time simply is not anything. However these cultivator to have not closed up, but is discussing with others, these people also rarely have such opportunity, once for a while also will compare notes, this regarding the promotion of his strength is very helpful.

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu these days to is also very relaxed, has the old turtle to assume personal command, not having Cloud Beast dares to come sao to harass, they are also glad with ease. They in went to believe that told, in having about one month, they can go back, let in prepare. Mu Tianbo they to this matter to are very meticulously, was also stricter to octopus island there control, this has also brought to the attention of other big. Actually several big very envy regarding hundred treasure, not for other, because in hundred treasure has Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai can come and go out Cloud Sea freely. Now looks at hundred treasure such movements, they also know that Zhao Hai they feared must come back. Time past bit by bit, one month of time quick on the past, Zhao Hai they also finally arrived at Cloud Sea edge, here although to octopus island also distance, but Zhao Hai they actually have to stop in here, because they must keep here that white clouds continent, is proceeding, can dark clouds that many, Zhao Hai not fear by mistake the growth of white clouds continent certainly. After the white clouds continent stops, Zhao Hai immediately large net received, but city wall Zhao Hai has actually put on the white clouds continent, then Zhao Hai is bringing these cultivator, sits Yama Ship to advance the octopus island. Mu Tianbo they were waiting for Zhao Hai in octopus island here, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Mu Tianbo and sect Ze moved forward to meet somebody personally, Zhao Hai let other cultivator to the octopus island here rest, he and Mu Yu were leading Mu Tianbo and sect Ze personally went to white clouds continent there. When four people of appears in the white clouds, on the look at white clouds continent war from now on trace, Mu Tianbo and sect Ze's facial expression also ji very move. sect Ze turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your time has contributed to the great merit, had this white clouds continent, our hundred treasure my thing can be placed in the floor very much . Moreover the people of these big, have to gather round us to transfer, so long as found appropriate opportunity, we can tidy up their well.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, so long as there is this white clouds continent, we can let several other big, bleeding, sooner or later one day, we will swallow these fellows.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : these time to meet Cloud Beast attack in the halfway, Tang Jie Big Brother there accepted eighty thousand many only Cloud Beast, in can arrange the person in the past, divided these Cloud Beast to in hand of various people, in the here training for a while, their fighting strength was then stronger at the appointed time.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, so long as makes other person see the appearances of these people, they move certainly, when the time comes did not fear that they do not take the hook, was good, we go back, here must arrange the person to live to be good as soon as possible.” sect Ze shows a faint smile said : I to think that these time brings certainly these Cloud Sea Territory cultivator that shocks most greatly, these fellow appears , the people of other big are certainly scared, when the time comes they also certainly want to run up to Cloud Sea Territory there to make an arrest, he he, when the time comes had looks lively.” Mu Tianbo nodded, deep voice said : we can make these fellows fight, when necessary tidies up them in make a move, but we, I noticed that can transform target.” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that sect Ze they cannot help but stares, sect Ze look at Mu Tianbo said! How did this saying say?”

Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : to be very simple, our hundred treasure present looks like existence that five side Upper Realm want, several big have scruples, if Lou Men has anything to move, several big meet alliance to get up, this to us very disadvantageous, therefore we need an enemy now, a formidable enemy, for example Weave Fire Clan.” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that Zhao Hai they cannot help but stare, what existence Weave Fire Clan is, their very clear, one of the five side Upper Realm, at this time to Weave Fire Clan make a move, were really some non- wisdom. Mu Tianbo looked that several people of face know they are thinking anything, he showed a faint smile said : do not look at Weave Fire Clan high, Weave Fire Clan with is not very good that other five side Upper Realm were together, if we seize the opportunity attack, several other big possibly happy.” sect Ze has hesitated next step: „The Weave Fire Clan strength truly is very formidable, but five side Upper Realm as one, we attacked at this time, can be not quite good? Easy to provoke the interconnection response of several other Realms?” Mu Tianbo shook the head said : five side Upper Realm rows, was looks forward to annex the opposite party, with 2 Realms that Weave Fire Clan was near, one for sword, one was the Divergent Technique pledge, this 2 Realms and Weave Fire Clan relationship was not very good, especially when sword, with Weave Fire Clan had the conflict, but was not very strict is heavy to the feast, if we with sword alliance, to may not have anything to progress, these fellows of sword, among relationship with Weave Fire Clan, were not such, some said probably did not scavenge unclearly, these fellow of sword they displayed, probably did not yield mutually. Weave Fire Clan dies, conversely, to is Divergent Technique pledge there, Divergent Technique pledge there these fellows, they use is Divergent Technique, no matter the attack strength or defense strength are very strong, directly to the words of war, we feared that could not ask for point good.” sect Zezhou under brow said : you meant that the person of Divergent Technique, to helping us is coping with Weave Fire Clan? This feared that is unlikely, five side Upper Realm existed these many years, has made every effort one type of to be balanced, our present suddenly insert, Divergent Technique will agree?” Mu Tianbo showed a faint smile said : what this to think us to need, if we think that was weaving the a piece domain of flame clan, own influence insertion to five side Upper Realm domains, they will certainly not agree with, but if we not?” sect Ze stares, then what immediately/on horseback has thought, his two eyes bright said : „did you say? That place?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : well, is that place, will we want that place, Divergent Technique to give? When the time comes Divergent Technique can obtain the Weave Fire Clan boundary, we can obtain that place, can they not agree?” sect Ze to does not speak, obviously his some words approvals to Mu Tianbo, conversely, what to was Zhao Hai and Mu Yu do not understand Mu Tianbo says was where. However quick Zhao Hai almost guessed correctly place that Mu Tianbo and sect Ze said that they said should be half monster island! Half monster island, that is a place of forever pain confusion! Half monster island as the name suggests, that is the peninsula that Monster Race seizes, he is also part of place of chaotic war most from the beginning, but many years ago, five side Upper Realm invade the place of chaotic war, although is repelled by major of place of chaotic war finally, but these half monster island actually by five side Upper Realm occupying, became Divergent Technique part, many years, major of place of chaotic war, have wanted to give to receive to come back half monster island, but had not succeeded finally, five side Upper Realm may not be the soft persimmons, you. How wants to pinch how to pinch, if you dare to move their domains, they will be impolite. However the geographical position of half monster island place, very special, the geographical position of half monster island, draws close to the place of chaotic war, if the place of chaotic war dispatches troops, now seizes Divergent Technique of half monster island really is very difficult to defend half monster island. If but protects mutually, that situation was different, half monster island gave up one penetrating into the place of chaotic war domain, but obtained entire Weave Fire Clan, this Divergent Technique, absolutely was one with calculating business, they will certainly agree.

Zhao Hai although has guessed correctly this point, but he has not said that because he knows that half monster island there has been the taboo of place of chaotic war, especially these people, few people will mention. Reason that major of place of chaotic war in raising that place, because of that place, if depending on the military force, were very difficult in taking back, because did not have the means in taking back, therefore place of chaotic war various Realm in mentioning there, because regarding various clans of place of chaotic place, there was a shame. However regarding the person of Divergent Technique, there is actually a weak, the there not anything specially important commodity, a side arrives at in the sea thoroughly, a side and land are connected, with five side Upper Realm any side not by, even if supports there also only to be able by Transmission Formation, there on equal to is the a piece administrative enclave. But this administrative enclave randomly this has a dream wants to obtain, before they can for five side Upper Realm honors, continuously is defending half monster island, but if hundred treasure come to change half monster island with the Weave Fire Clan domain with them, that was needless saying that Divergent Technique met first complies, they also will possibly fear that hundred treasure reneged on a promise. Has hesitated some little time, sect Ze said : „, if Divergent Technique agrees, our here to does not have any issue, when discussed the rebel, we to can make Divergent Technique first letting that place, then we were dispatching troops.” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : „with be the same, if cannot obtain there that I think, we will not dispatch troops, so long as obtained there, our equal to did not have the extra worries, when the time comes we can tidy up place of here chaotic war well, so long as here unifying, us has been able to wield the armed forces to attack five side Upper Realm, so long as unified five side Upper Realm, by that time feared was how Tower of Babel does not dare us?” Zhao Hai is listening to the Mu Tianbo words, he has to recognize, the Mu Tianbo words, truly be very grand, if can achieve such that Mu Tianbo said, that hundred treasure almost unified the ten-thousand realms battlefield, copes with Tower of Babel by the strength of entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, who loses who wins has not said. However Zhao Hai can affirm that Tower of Babel there will not let hundred treasure so relaxed unification entire ten-thousand realms battlefields, first did not say also has Cloud Sea Territory to eye covetously in the one side, where behind who knew five side Upper Realm is, now everyone don’t know, if five side Upper Realm behind, is one to Cloud Sea Territory such existence, what to do that hundred treasure can? Feared that cannot preserve including the present domain.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;