Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1593

Just as is such that Mu Tianbo they think, since other after matter big of this white clouds continent know, entire ten-thousand realms battlefield in an uproar, five side Upper Realm started to send for contacting with hundred treasure, naturally, Weave Fire Clan with hundred treasure contacts, both sides has not had a grudge after all, but Weave Fire Clan actually started to contact with other big, wants to understand, that clouds that in the sea had anything. This matter hundred treasure have not been thinking now wanted keep secret, these people want to go to Cloud Sea there to slice, that was the best no person, let these person and Cloud Sea Territory there person consumes mutually. Because has such idea, therefore hundred treasure these time has not been hiding the truth from anything, they announced the systems of multipurpose cloud use the method, announced the white clouds cannot put on the outside long time, will otherwise be extensive, announced that join weapon of multipurpose cloud, the crafting success ratio will strengthen considerably and so on advantage, naturally, has not forgotten also to say the Cloud Beast matter while convenient. When hundred treasure announced these thing that anything adding on major before Cloud rice and Cloud Herb that obtained, all these thing, were too appealing, moreover what most important was, hundred treasure had this white clouds, on equal to was clouds that the in the sea surface had a piece own domain, that may really enter or attack to draw back may defend. All big are not the idiots, their very clear, this white clouds continent regarding the various Realm importance, had this white clouds continent, hundred treasure can raise the crafting success ratio, subdues Cloud Beast, speeds up practice, can have various Cloud rice, Cloud Herb and Cloud Wine, these may be good thing. These thing very make person be jealous, but these people also can only be jealous, they may not have the ability to enter to at all times clouds in the sea go, they want to obtain the white clouds continent, can only snatch from in hand of Cloud Sea Territory person, moreover they have not been able to transport returned to the white clouds continent ten-thousand realms battlefield here. However other also saw hundred treasure this losses, hundred treasure this going to battle time led many people, these big inquired, naturally they obtained was not a digit of preparation, what hundred treasure made them know, this knowing how things stand of going to battle in thirty thousand about, but person who came back, only then 10,000, did not lose near twenty thousand person. Such loss did not calculate regarding any big slightly, but compared previous time to invade Cloud Sea Territory major, the situations of hundred treasure were actually better on many, previous major to have sole possession of victory, they attacked Cloud Sea Territory time, use was cultivator in Interface, these small Interface even/including Dianbian have not stained. However as the matter stands, to has exempted these small Interface disasters, the troops of major lose seriously, but these small Interface are has not actually damaged. But hundred treasure are different, hundred treasure these time dispatched troops to gather the majority of small Interface person, their this Realm dispatched troops is not extremely numerous, therefore hundred treasure this troops lost were not many. Naturally all these are placed outside make others know that this loss of dispatching troops is actually not many, is about several thousand people, but looks like in other people, hundred treasure actually lost near twenty thousand person.

Regarding the losses of hundred treasure, other big although also watched, but they pay attention is actually hundred treasure that white clouds continent that obtains, that thing was too appealing. Major one started with the relations of hundred treasure at once frequently, except for inquired the situation, other people were want to know that the Cloud Sea Territory there situation was what kind. Mu Tianbo and sect Ze this several days is very busy, is busy at meeting to receive the various Realm person, the normally various Realm person, they separate the interview, but they actually in center hall here, together saw a person today. This is a stature is not high, green skin, Mao Nongmi, looks like wild beast, but he to has worn an appropriate cultivator clothing/taking, moreover this person of although appearance is scary, but on him is bringing refined air/Qi, is really incomprehensible. Mu Tianbo and sect Ze have seen Ritter mister to that person of gave a salute said :, mister is Divergent Technique almighty, today can kiss our hundred treasure, hundred treasure are really honored extremely.” As soon as Ritter listened to Mu Tianbo saying that cannot help but laughed said : Elder Mu, sect long Old Lady was polite, my these time came to discuss that with hundred treasure on behalf of Divergent Technique the matter of cooperation, may not be at all two so politely.” Mu Tianbo asked Ritter to sit down, now center hall here, is putting is not that praying mat that before used, but was white clouds, sat soft, was very comfortable. Ritter has sized up that white clouds, this slowly sat, then cannot help but nodded, turns the head smiles said : two to enjoy to Mu Tianbo and sect Ze, this is the multipurpose cloud manufactures? To is really good thing.” Mu Tianbo smiles said : is, the use of this multipurpose cloud are many, he he, if Ritter mister likes, we can deliver give mister.” Ritter has not declined, but smiles said : so my impolite, this time I come here, has presented in order, comes to discuss the cooperation with hundred treasure.”

Mu Tianbo and sect Zehu looked at one, sect Ze then open the mouth and said: Does not know how expensive can cooperate with us?” Ritter looked at Mu Tianbo and sect Ze eyes, deep voice said : feel relieved, this our cooperation, is not copes with Cloud Sea Territory, but to cope with another place, Weave Fire Clan!” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze to stare, they think that Ritter looks for them, for the Cloud Sea Territory there matter, now looks like is actually not, but to cope with Weave Fire Clan, this arrived happens to hold the same view with their ideas. Ritter look at their look at each other in dismay appearance, thinks that they do not believe words that he spoke, Ritter immediately/on horseback said : two, do not need to suspect our sincerity, this time to cope with Weave Fire Clan, we have related sword, sword there also gives our affirmative answers, in other words, these time copes with Weave Fire Clan, not only our Divergent Technique, sword, if you also agree, that was 3 Realms together dispatches troops to cope with Weave Fire Clan, believes that certainly can eliminate Weave Fire Clan.” Mu Tianbo and sect Ze were silent, they only want to relate Divergent Technique together to cope with Weave Fire Clan before, has not actually thought that now has added unexpectedly on sword, as the matter stands grasped to is even bigger a little, but they can also obtain half monster island, that may not say. They were looking at one mutually, sect Ze open the mouth and said: Ritter mister, although we and Weave Fire Clan have a grudge, but by the strengths of our hundred treasure, did not have the means to cope with Weave Fire Clan now, regarding your proposed that we to are interested very much, but you also know that our hundred treasure nearest/recent lost many people, with Weave Fire Clan to the war, the casualties meets even bigger, therefore this matter is very awkward.” As soon as Ritter listened to sect Ze saying that did not have the annoyed meaning, his understand sect Ze this saying was any meaning, sect Ze meaning very obvious, they were not do not want to dispatch troops, but this dispatched troops to have some advantage. Already had the mental preparation regarding this point Ritter, he looked at sect Ze one eyes, shows a faint smile said : this although is three alliance copes with Weave Fire Clan, but Weave Fire Clan is not near with hundred treasure, even if has won, does not have what advantage regarding hundred treasure, therefore hundred treasure do not want to dispatch troops is also understandable, if this hundred treasure dispatch troops, our Divergent Technique will not treat unjustly hundred treasure absolutely, afterward we will present as a gift by half monster island, doesn't know mister what do you think?” One hear of Ritter said that sect Ze and Mu Tianbo somewhat cannot sit still, this time Ritter comes, very much has surprised them, the condition that now Ritter puts forward, before them exactly the same that thinks, this lets them is very the accident, what will they somewhat trace do not permit to propose this specially with their beforehand idea exactly the same propositions? Actually this arrived is sect Ze and Mu Tianbo has thought that regarding Divergent Technique, half monster island was really weak like existence, there produced although to be many, but these Monster Race, were actually arbitrary , was not very good to manage, was adding on there is an administrative enclave, kept in hand not to be really useful.

But person also very clear of Divergent Technique, these half monster island means anything regarding the place of here chaotic war person, especially means anything regarding hundred treasure, is for these reasons, therefore Divergent Technique will propose that trades hundred treasure to dispatch troops with half monster island, like this not only threw a weak, after extinguished Weave Fire Clan has blown a minute of benefit, they can also be in the upper hand, can I obtain the a piece domain. Discards the a piece administrative enclave, has changed a piece domain, such account everybody calculates, therefore Divergent Technique will propose that such sees to discuss. Ritter looks at Mu Tianbo and sect Ze's appearance, knows that they have moved, he shows a faint smile said : two not to need to think that half monster island to hundred treasure, is the decision of our Divergent Technique up and down together approval, we even can establish the written agreement, writes this matter on outwardly, this people will not have reneged on a promise, but the words said in clear(ly), so as to avoid later affected our 2 Realms friendship, that half monster island there, these years the management of our Divergent Technique, was not very good, there Monster Race each and every one was refuses to accept to teach the generation, was. there has given expensive, what expensive wants to obtain from there, feared that is somewhat is also difficult, if expensive did not agree that this plan, we can discuss how two do look?” One hear of Ritter said that Mu Tianbo and sect Ze to relaxed, to be honest, half monster island there situation, they are very clear, reason that half monster island there Monster Race makes happy, the here surface cannot leave instigations and support of hundred treasure, half monster island is not far from hundred treasure, hundred treasure are impossible to make there honest, in that case, Divergent Technique will perhaps use there as the springboard, dispatched troops to hundred treasure directly, therefore these years hundred treasure in half monster island there bossing around person in all directions, often gave under Divergent Technique the short rope used to bind animals. Supports some Monster Race to resist Divergent Technique, therefore Divergent Technique fifty-fifty monster island there control is not good, this is hundred treasure these years did not have the extra worries reason. However these must unexpectedly be some procedures of amounting to something, is Divergent Technique insufficiently attaches great importance to half monster island there, if Divergent Technique wants to tidy up half monster island there, half monster island there also already stilled. Because of such reason, therefore hundred treasure to taking back half monster island being careful such, made the person bury a feeling of nail/saboteur behind oneself after all, was not good.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;