Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1594

Chapter 519 demonstration strength Mu Tianbo and sect Ze sit in the center hall, in their sides, is Battalion about 50 people of elders, they are the members who the elder rolls, composition that now hundred treasure here, are handing over ten groups of Elder Assembly, the matter that because their this time must handle was really too important. Dispatches troops to Weave Fire Clan! Mu Tianbo and sect Ze this decision dispatched troops to Weave Fire Clan, was this important matter, what existence Weave Fire Clan is? That is one of the five side Upper Realm, strength compared with hundred treasure many, but this hundred treasure must dispatch troops to Weave Fire Clan unexpectedly, besides revenging, but can also receive half monster island, this absolutely is a big matter. So long as originally this matter these elders discussed that has been OK, but Mu Tianbo and sect Ze let Zhao Hai and Mu Shu participated, this time conference, they had the great merit regarding hundred treasure, was qualified for attending this time conference. Mu Tianbo looked at the person to be in attendance, he then lightly coughed, then deep voice said : today looks for everyone/Great Clan to come, for what, I thinks that everyone/Great Clan knew, good, this Divergent Technique asked us to dispatch troops, together coped with Weave Fire Clan, besides our hundred treasure and Divergent Technique, participated in this matter has sword, my track Ze elder meaning was, we must dispatch troops, what opinion did everyone/Great Clan have?” Elder deep voice said : should dispatch troops, these time dispatches troops not only can revenge, but can also take back half monster island, this regarding us is very important.” „The words that another elder actually deep voice said : must dispatch troops, this time casualties feared that will not be few, Weave Fire Clan is not good to cope, if our casualties are too big, feared that is other big can cope with us.” Another elder actually shook the head said : they to fear that does not dare, previous time in Cloud Sea Territory there, their losses was too heavy, a short time could not have recovered, I to am think that this copes with Weave Fire Clan good opportunity, our these time copes with Weave Fire Clan is the loss very big words, will not have any matter, because these big present is also strength/Origin Qi damages severely, does not cope with us.” The people nodded, sect Ze deep voice said : copes with Weave Fire Clan to not to revenge, most important to take back half monster island, half monster island in our rear areas, if not receive, we momentarily must face the threat of come from half monster island there, in recent years, our hundred treasure are very big in the investment of half monster island there, but actually does not dare to begin the person, after all half monster island in name Divergent Technique, if we moved half monster island, the person of that Divergent Technique feared that will be will not let off us, but present situation not. Same, currently has opportunity lets our open and aboveboard takes back half monster island, we cannot miss this opportunity.” The people nodded, this truly is good opportunity, half monster island was needless to say regarding important degree of hundred treasure, all people know, if can succeed, very much had the advantage to them.

Mu Tianbo looked at these complete eyes, what deep voice said : most important is, this motion, can further reduce other Interface to our vigilance, the motion of previous several big, making their losses extremely in serious, made them have very big vigilance to us, although beforehand Little Hai they have brought back to the white clouds continent the matter, making these big Interface vigilance reduce, but cannot be relaxed completely by them, on after all one time brought back to the white clouds continent time, we were various small together dispatch troops, moreover lost the population many. These small Interface, therefore major have thought our previous time has not injured to arrive at strength/Origin Qi, therefore they to our vigilance are very strong, if this time we dispatch troops, we can report some casualties to come out, let them to our thorough elimination vigilance, perhaps they will organize the person to attack Cloud Sea Territory, after all now their this Realm loses is very heavy, but these small losses of their under the hand/subordinate are small, the easy appears weak Master, strong servant phenomenon, they will not permit this phenomenon appears , therefore they will organize in these small to dispatch troops to Cloud Sea Territory possibly, First, to rob the Cloud Sea Territory there commodity, two to consume their under the hand/subordinate these small Interface effective strengths.” The people these time to have gawked, they have not thought that really this time, one hear of Mu Tianbo said now, they then presently, dispatch troops to Weave Fire Clan, so many advantage, their naturally immediately must dispatch troops unexpectedly. Looked at nobody in opposing, sect Ze then turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, this attack must think your, we and Divergent Technique between association meaning was, our minimum must dispatch troops to about the eighty thousand person, do these person of I want to make them sit Great Magical Artifact to go, have the issue?” In hall the vision of all people centralized to the body of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai this name regarding these elders of sitting, is not absolutely strange, because Zhao Hai was hundred treasure has performed too many merit, these elders want to forget unable to forget. Now one hear of sect Ze such asked how these elders also want to listen to Zhao Hai to say. Zhao Hai has stood, looked at these elder one eyes, deep voice said : returned to the words of sect elder, did not have the issue, even if were the hundred thousand person, I can also guarantee to transport, moreover can guarantee, they in the fight, cannot leave Great Magical Artifact.” A Zhao Hai such saying, these elder also Shu the tone, they also know that Zhao Hai the ability, on Zhao Hai three Great Magical Artifact, has the design of internal space, this design is used to transport person that is in good also no. sect Ze nodded said : well, you prepare, how to have any need words, in raises as far as possible, in fully supports you.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, sat, sect Ze then turns the head to other person of said : „, if this matter has decided that everybody also gets down to prepare, this time we dispatch troops to Weave Fire Clan, not only but the light goes to ordinary cultivator, Immortal Stage cultivator cannot be short, was good, everyone/Great Clan prepares.” The people complied with one, turn around walked, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu were remained, sect Ze looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : these time has coped with Weave Fire Clan, regarding our hundred treasure was very important, not only this coped with Weave Fire Clan and regains half monster island to be so simple, must let sword and Divergent Technique, saw our hundred treasure the strengths, only by doing so, we later might cooperate with their 2 Realms, moreover was the equal cooperation, otherwise, they will always press our one, this to us disadvantage, therefore this fight. The attractiveness that must hit, can Little Hai, in your Magical Artifact also integrate Great Magical Artifact? If possible, in putting out several Giant Spirit Treasure Ship comes, integrates in your Magical Artifact, this time attacks the strong hot clan, mainly looks at your in hand Great Magical Artifact.” Zhao Hai has gawked, to be honest now he, so long as wants, can definitely cause several Giant Spirit Treasure Ship to come, but such one, extremely was conspicuous regarding him, he has not actually thought that in unexpectedly also in hitting such thoughts, although said to make in several Giant Spirit Treasure Ship somewhat feel sorry, but Zhao Hai does not have what good worry, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that in produces were many, what he is fuses in oneself Magical Artifact ten to be also inadequate issue.

Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : „, invited elder feel relieved, if in permitted, I can in integrating Liquid Silver ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, if in the add some material, I can also manufacture some sword shuttles.” sect Zezhan, transferred two on the ground, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : go ahead, material your optional receiving, I give you ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, you must guarantee, dispatches troops, your in hand besides original three Great Magical Artifact, but also wants ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, with 100 sword shuttles, sword shuttle is quick, flexible incomparable, attack strength, these thing, no matter when the group fights or attacks a fortified position, very useful, you do as far as possible independently.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to receive ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship first, then went to crag star there, crag star there nearest/recent also had many waste materials, I must clean up, but I required the time.” sect Ze nodded said : I to give you time, but cannot too long with, for half a month, I can only give your half a month time, enough?” Zhao Hai nodded said : elder feel relieved, half a month time was enough, the elder, I now receive Giant Spirit Treasure Ship.” sect Ze nodded, Mu Tianbo deep voice said : in present has refined some Giant Spirit luck ships, is preparing to transport to encampment here comes, I looked that Little Hai you went to that income to be good directly, avoid also transported Treasure Ship to encampment here comes, was carrying on the assembly, such instead arrived troublesome, encampment here Giant Spirit Treasure Ship do not move.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, my immediately leaves, invites two Elders feel relieved, I complete certainly.” sect Ze nodded, loses took Command Token to get the ship to Zhao Hai a piece Command Token said :, after getting the ship, goes to crag star there directly, goes.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around walked. When Zhao Hai walks, Mu Tianbo turns the head to Mu Yu said : small feather, your present immediately reorganized the troops, army of eighty thousand person you must reorganize to me, this reorganization was not gathers to finish up, you must train their to me first, in assigns the manpower them according to the forms of combat that each one was good, when the time comes they by the each and every one combat unit, will enter to Little Hai ocean, like this can they wield biggest fighting strength, understand?” Mu Yu nodded said : Master feel relieved, my understand, I had ensure completes.”

Mu Tianbo nodded, deep voice said : goes, this although will have the Immortal Stage elder with going, but these elder command(er) fights, the key of fight do not think you and Little Hai, these people want give you command(er), what I want, smallest casualties, biggest harvest.” Mu Yu deep voice said : teacher feel relieved, I guarantee to achieve, have the Great Magical Artifact coordination of Little Hai, will not have any accident, asking teacher not to need to be worried.” sect Ze nodded said : to go, first wants keep secret, if makes Weave Fire Clan know, to us, troublesome is not small, you to visit various small, counts the previous Cloud Sea Territory motion loss report to give a pretext, selects the person to various small, enters however is carrying on the understanding and assignment to these people, cannot absolutely appears any mistake.” Mu Yu has complied with one, sect Ze then beckoning with the hand of let his leave, sect Ze look at Mu Yu back, deep voice said : hopes that these time will succeed!” Meeting!” Mu Tianbo deep voice said....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;