Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1595

The Chapter 520 old turtle wears armor Standing of Zhao Hai face calm in Space, ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship that look at is vanishing slowly, these Giant Spirit do Treasure Ship fuse actually yes, but Zhao Hai fused other people finally, because he, when makes the war with Weave Fire Clan, not only needs ten Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but also needs thing, that is the old turtle. Zhao Hai was saying that in the sea subdues is only old turtle, strength very formidable, most important is his defense capability, even if Immortal Stage Expert attack, is a point with does not have to that old Turtles, but Zhao Hai wants to become weapon this old Turtles transform. The old turtle lives, but this is better, Zhao Hai must put on one layer armor to the body of this old turtle, but this armor is Liquid Silver. Must say that the body several weakness of old turtle, one is their eyes, their eyes in opening, is a very obvious weakness, if were given sneak attack really the eye, then the injury regarding the old turtle is very big. In one is the anus, that is also one of the old turtle weakness, Zhao Hai must these places, give him to protect, his eye there, Zhao Hai equipment makes Liquid Silver turn into light red Crystal, covers on the eye, this will not have the issue, but the anus was not the issue, the old turtle drank is eating thing, but the bowel movement, will directly actually not give to block there on the line. What most important is to old turtle the defenses of four limbs and other non- armor places, defense although also very strong, however Zhao Hai not too feel relieved of these places, therefore he will prepare to the old turtle comes a whole body to wear armor. Not only he must wear armor to old turtle whole body, but also prepares to construct a castle in carrying on the back of old turtle, the entire Liquid Silver change, then makes in the castle be occupied by the person, or Undead Creature, but after him, went on a journey lives in this castle. The sword shuttle that before Zhao Hai said that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, these simply were not a problem, now Zhao Sea Lord must do wore armor to the old turtle, not only need wear armor, but must make these equipment strengthen fighting strength of old turtle. Now Laura they to the old turtle design proposal, they are looking like in Laura, naturally must design one to be also attractive to the old turtle, fighting strength the strong mail-armor and helmet, enabling fighting strength of old turtle to wield fully. Zhao Hai also they have certainly made along with Laura, Universal Machine has delimited many plans to the old turtle design, but these plans are not Laura they are not satisfactory, is old turtle is unsatisfied, therefore has not determined to the present plan. Must say that this old Turtles is really very interesting, he before the Cloud Sea there survival, although very intelligent, spiritual force also was also very strong, but will actually not exchange with Zhao Hai, can only exhibit some movements to demonstrate own secret.(, Powerful literary network However after Space, he to is slowly was intelligent, now although cannot turn into human-shape, cannot start talking, but can actually they use spiritual force to exchange with Zhao Hai, was because of this, therefore he will some design proposals not be unsatisfied. Zhao Hai has not thought, the old turtle that oneself receive unexpectedly is a fellow of beautiful stench, he somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry regarding this situation. Finally under Laura they discussed with old turtle repeatedly, the plan has decided finally, this was one thick armor method, the abdomen of old turtle, by one layer thick armor protecting, the four limbs and other defends weakly, the place that can also move, needs to protect with scale armor, these scale armor were divided into several layers, not only can protect the old turtle, will not have affected his activity, what most important was, these scale armor returned very beautiful.

Around the personal appearance of old turtle, but also one group of double-decked armor, normally time, that looks like looks like ordinary scale armor, to fight time, some scales of can shrink to other scale backs, inside can stretch out cannon, or stands some Undead Creature to fight, can say that this is a fight base of add-ons type, between this fight the bodies of base and old turtle, will also have five layers scale armor to do to use as the protection. But carrying on the back of old turtle, actually must construct a bastion, this bastion is the octagon, inside and outside is divided into altogether five layers, eight Xie Cuokai, looks like the flowers that looks like let loose is the same, in bastion most, is a castle, this castle in that like traditional sense does not have the fence and sharp turret castle, but is a foot has the octagon construction of 36 floors, on three layers of uppermost, is Zhao Hai their quarters, under three layers is Zhao Hai is used to collect some places and reception rooms of guest, remaining thirty storey, actually. Must enter Undead Creature, is used to fight. But in this bastion, implements is also the junction inserts the firepower, does not have point firepower blind spot, moreover in the castle also has plenty cannon, these cannon can want from airborne to enter the person in castle to attack to these. What most important is, this bastion has the division of height, most outside city wall is shortest, is higher toward inside, highest is the castle of that octagon. Naturally, Heavy Armor that these thing add is also heavy, but regarding the old turtle, is an issue does not have, because Zhao Hai has also installed a cloudy Yang lightning pond in the castle, on the four limbs of old turtle, but also has installed the sharp claws, these thing can help the old turtle fight, similarly, on the abdomen and four limbs of old turtle, but also has taken some driver units, these thing, can help the old turtle fly, reduces his pressure. Zhao Hai half a month time, in being busy on old turtle these thing, other thing, he had already prepared, simply does not need to worry.(, Powerful literary network Quick half a month moment on the past, Zhao Hai returned to encampment here, but encampment here three days ago starts person who has the mass built up toward here, and other Zhao Hai arrived. Zhao Hai just appears in encampment here, immediately was called the center hall, center hall there all Elders, Zhao Hai salutes to them hastily. sect Ze beckoned with the hand, look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, lets the thing preparation that you prepare how?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : elder feel relieved, has prepared.” sect Ze nodded said : well, we exit, not only these time with eighty thousand ordinary cultivator that you go, and also about 1000 people Immortal Stage elders, the dwellings of these people you must arrange.” Zhao Hai smiles said : elder feel relieved, is not a problem.” sect Ze nodded, arrived at outside with the people, then he turns the head look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Yama Ship, pagoda, 11 Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, 100 sword shuttles, appears in encampment here, simultaneously old Turtles appears . Sees the old turtle, sect Ze they cannot help but stares, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai smiles said : this old turtle is I was saying that in the sea subdues only clouds Beast King, I have thrown over armor on his body, has constructed a castle in his carrying on the back.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that sect Ze also nodded said : well, looks like very imposing, the small feather, the arrangement person embarks.” Mu Yu complied with one, immediately has arranged the people to embark.

Zhao Hai to sect Ze said : elder, the Immortal Stage elder who together goes, can rest on any Great Magical Artifact, there has to them prepares the good room, to go to the castle on old turtle's back to rest also yes, to place that the elder rests, passed through my special transform and ensure lets comfortable that all Elders lives.” sect Ze smiles said : well, that looked at the meaning of all Elders.” These elders to not polite, Magical Artifact that some on oneself have liked, some were on the castle on old turtle's back, Zhao Hai have actually arranged guest room there them. These places truly are pass through Zhao Hai transform, area in living room is very big, very quiet, inside also puts the rest place that the multipurpose clouds have made completely, the liquor, has the tea, has small side dish, all needs to prepare, Zhao Hai has prepared. After waiting for all people to get up Great Magical Artifact, sect Zecai turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what these time led a group was Elder Mu, I must keep encampment here to assume personal command, Elder Mu their main duty coped with Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, command(er) they handles the matter that fought, looked at you and small feather.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite elder feel relieved, I complete certainly.” sect Ze nodded, pats the shoulder of Zhao Hai, deep voice said : went, has remembered, makes hundred treasure the power and prestige to come.” Zhao Hai nodded, jumps in the castle on old turtle's back, was leading army enormous and powerful leaving. Their this motions have not thought must be able to hide the truth from Weave Fire Clan, in fact now Weave Fire Clan feared that was already with Divergent Technique and sword exchange hands, even if knows the motions of hundred treasure here, did not have the means to prevent, they can only carry by. Such army goes into action, that naturally is world-shaking, the surrounding all influences were almost alarmed, but before hundred treasure, had greeted with these big Interface, these big Interface people, know that hundred treasure must dispatch troops to cope with Weave Fire Clan, complies through giving hundred treasure, but they have not thought that hundred treasure will set out such large-scale army. Such army transit, has naturally caused their vigilance, but they have not stopped hundred treasure army, but has carried on the surveillance to army. Now these big, know that Weave Fire Clan there hit, they also know that hundred treasure this feared made with the person, must profit, they naturally will not be blocking, in their opinion, this was rare consumption hundred treasure fighting strength opportunity, how they will stop. Therefore army transits, these big monitored, not any motion, but at the same time, hundred treasure also received information that Weave Fire Clan and Divergent Technique and sword battled against, both sides have exchanged fire. From hundred treasure to Weave Fire Clan, originally must step onto about ten days, but Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact is quick, this does not move a moment stay, all has only used about seven days, almost must arrive in the Weave Fire Clan domain. Elder who these come, centralized to castle , the main fort that in the castle because Zhao Hai constructs is the octagon, in the top of castle, is a plane, if fights time, there can put cannon, but now actually turned into an open-air conference room, all elders arrived, Mu Yu also arrived. This motion is leads by Mu Tianbo, he calls the people, for the matter that to discuss carries on. Looked that all people arrived, Mu Tianbo deep voice said : in having about two hours, we will enter to the Weave Fire Clan domain, I believe that Weave Fire Clan there has prepared to greet us, everyone/Great Clan thinks how our time can move?”

These elders have not made noise, Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, these Great Magical Artifact were your, you said.” Zhao Hai nodded, in hand has put out computer type thing, then presses, in the front of people on appears giant map projection, Zhao Hai has arrived at map there, to people said : in having about two hours, we must enter to the Weave Fire Clan domain, before, I have sent out Undead Creature, used computer recording defense in Weave Fire Clan domain, Weave Fire Clan this time has made the completely safe preparation, in side borderline here of Weave Fire Clan domain, just right was together mountain range, this mountain range on was the famous poisonous cane mountain, now Weave Fire Clan already in mountain range here Has constructed the fortification, they have almost hollowed out entire mountain range, moreover their nearest/recent in the two years also with according to our hundred treasure manufactures the artillery, was opened, has arranged massive cannon in mountain range here, but the person of mountain range here Weave Fire Clan this clan are not many, is their under the hand/subordinate some small Interface people, the biggest threat that therefore we face is these Weave Fire Clan cannon, does not need to be worried to have attack of flintlock, to is must pay attention to under one, these Weave Fire Clan under the hand/subordinate these small Interface, they also use Magical Artifact attack, therefore my meaning on is, in arriving poisonously. Cane mountain time, sets up in an array Great Magical Artifact, uses cannon on Great Magical Artifact, with poisonous cane mountain here Weave Fire Clan cannon to the bang, strives within the shortest time, makes a gap their fortifications, then makes the sword shuttle kill from the gap place, from interior the entire poisonous cane mountain defense line ruining.” Zhao Hai the battle plan is not complex, it can be said that very simple, but this battle plan, is actually based on complete information, Zhao Hai knows that poisonous cane mountain defense line there although has Weave Fire Clan and his under the hand/subordinate small Interface Immortal Stage Expert sits, but the population are not many, only then about 300 people, hundred treasure this come Immortal Stage Expert, can extinguish the opposite party fully, moreover can use the superiority of fire, makes a gap poisonous cane mountain here, was moved quickly, the volume exquisite sword shuttle goes in attack, tidies up the poisonous cane mountain defense at one fell swoop falls. Zhao Hai has calculated, defended here in the poisonous cane mountain, Weave Fire Clan secure has certainly governed cannon about 300, but in these cannon, many were some small artillery like mortar, has not managed Law Idol to compare with the Cannon that he used . Moreover the small artillery shell of opposite party did not have the tracing ability, therefore in the contrast of cannon, he has wanted the opposite party, this was his superiority, but this attack of Zhao Hai, must give to wield to a big way own superiority. Mu Tianbo they static listens to the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai the projection to make that very clear, above has sectioned unexpectedly also out the opposite party cannon quantity, the simulate attack scene, lets a person item of understanding, looks at clear understand. After Mu Tianbo hear of Zhao Hai lectures, deep voice said : how many Immortal Stage Expert does the opposite party have to assume personal command in poisonous cane mountain defense line here?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : rough estimate is the person about 300 people, not 400 people.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, Immortal Stage Expert gives us, other pressed you to say came.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;