Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1596
Poisonous cane mountain defense line, this is the Weave Fire Clan newly-built soon defense line, before poisonous cane mountain here was only a Weave Fire Clan medicinal herbs habitat, simply has not planned to make the military purpose, because Weave Fire Clan has believed before then that their Weave Fire Clan does not need to guard against place of there chaotic war, place of there nobody chaotic war dares to come attack they, they only needed to guard against Divergent Technique and sword are OK.

However they actually have to construct the defense line in poisonous cane mountain here now, because the people of hundred treasure must come attack they!. .com The people of hundred treasure must come attack they! What this in the former Weave Fire Clan person is wants not to think, in their opinion, hundred treasure are Lower Realm, when they want to go to attack to go to attack, even during turning the hand can hundred treasure destroying completely. However Weave Fire Clan presently has made afterward a mistake, hundred treasure absolutely are not the soft persimmons that they can pinch conveniently, but is a piece hard Bone, their several times plans were given to return by hundred treasure, moreover loses is not small. But this hundred treasure were calling they and Divergent Technique and sword to war, ran attack they, this made Weave Fire Clan angry, but actually understand, this feared that was 3 Realms reaches an agreement. although said that Weave Fire Clan wants to send for very much directly, keeps off army of hundred treasure outside, present that but they actually not bear, oneself cannot put out that many military strength, finally does not have the means that can only set up the defense line in poisonous cane mountain here. cultivator must establish this defense line is very relaxed, like the matter of this type of digging mountain regarding them simple, so long as has been OK with several Spell, most important is establishes defensive formation. Weave Fire Clan very much attaches great importance to defense line here, will otherwise not send 300 Immortal Stage Expert to come here to assume personal command, in these 300 Immortal Stage Expert, besides 50 is Weave Fire Clan the clansman, other is under Weave Fire Clan small Immortal Stage Expert, but these small to poisonous cane mountain not far small, can say one, but poisonous cane mountain defense line here was broken through, that has encounters hundred treasure attack first is their encampment, therefore Weave Fire Clan did not fear that they do not do one's best. The phoenix of wishing stands on the poisonous cane mountain, the look at distant place, he received information, in not long after, army of hundred treasure must open, this will be a war. The phoenix of wishing is in Weave Fire Clan unusual female xing Immortal Stage Expert, although she is a woman, actually never has the person to dare underestimated he, even if Weave Fire Clan these people are same, because of her strength, in Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, is can count existence. Now the phoenix of wishing is actually standing that face yin sinks on the poisonous cane mountain, her side with two Monster Beast, this is Monster Beast of two bird, long very beautiful, the body is throwing over seven color feathers, this Monster Beast known as seven color flying phoenixes, are one type of very formidable Monster Beast, flight recalling, moreover uses any element to carry on attack. The phoenix of wishing now poisonous cane mountain defense line here Chief Commander, her very clear poisonous cane mountain defense line here regarding Weave Fire Clan important degree, if made hundred treasure break through the poisonous cane mountain defense line, can push directly into, carried on attack to the entire Weave Fire Clan center. The phoenix of wishing listened to these to say with the person who hundred treasure have fought that the strengths of hundred treasure, hundred treasure developed unexpectedly with their Weave Fire Clan same flintlock, even also caused cannon, but hundred treasure cannon even compared with their Weave Fire Clan being better of , this made phoenix of some wishing unable to believe. Now she must face hundred treasure finally, she to wants to have a look, these hundred treasure are these fierce, when the phoenix of wishing these people said likely is thinking these, the seven color flying phoenixes of her side called one suddenly, the phoenix of wishing looks up, is actually fierce one was shocked. He knew from the information, hundred treasure these time sent out many Great Magical Artifact to attack them, but he has not thought that hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly such.

Giant Spirit Treasure Ship she has seen, before Weave Fire Clan, has cooperated with great Spirit Race, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship she has also seen, she knows that hundred treasure can also manufacture Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but he has not thought that hundred treasure Giant Spirit Treasure Ship unexpectedly such. The fleets of quick hundred treasure arrived at poisonous cane mountain defense line there, the phoenix of wishing looked at hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact, coldly snorted, the personal appearance moved to fly, two seven color flying phoenix following one on the left and other on the right in her side. Phoenix of look at hundred treasure wishing fleets, said loudly: Hundred treasure that in Chancellor on the ship, please come out to speak.” Among cultivator to war, before this armed forces, talked cannot avoid. cultivator is this, must hit to live obviously to kill, but before hitting, actually must get a mouth artillery, good demonstrated one is a just side, actually walks an interlude, but this interlude, unexpectedly has become the one type of convention, Zhao Hai although cannot have a liking for this behavior, but he has not actually tried to change it, because he did not have this ability now. Mu Tian o appears in the Yama Ship bow, the phoenix of look at wishing, deep voice said :originally is seven color flying phoenixes face to face, Mu Tian o was courteous. ” Monster Beast that the phoenix of wishing uses is seven color flying phoenixes, therefore the people also gave him to have a nickname of seven color flying phoenixes, the wear of phoenix of wishing, was similar to ordinary Weave Fire Clan cultivator, but her clothes after some modification, looked like attractive, naturally, those who most made the person pay attention, she has not carried long spear, but by own body, was leaving two handle spear|guns, naturally this pistol also lengthens the shape, the length of each handle spear|gun, half meter. The phoenix of wishing sees Mu Tian o, cannot help but coldly snorted said :Mu Tian o, you are short in there install the good person, said that you do lead these many people to come to do? ” Mu Tian does the phoenix of o look at wishing, laughing said : suddenly I want to do? Good that asked that my understand told you, I was revenge, your Weave Fire Clan over and over again attack my hundred treasure, are my hundred treasure revenges now.” The phoenix of wishing has not thought of Mu Tian really

o actually answered was so refreshed, one hear of Mu Tian o said that her cannot help but face changes, deep voice said :Mu Tian o, you may, if wants, if your hundred treasure take part to this time matter, are waiting for our Weave Fire Clan hundred generations of retaliations afterward. ” Mu Tian o laughs said : we not to come, after your Weave Fire Clan, won't be coping with our hundred treasure? Said that these are useless, your can Weave Fire Clan this close also two saying that under the hand/subordinate sees the true facts.” Mu Tian a o saying ended, the entire fleets of hundred treasure, moved suddenly, they to the direction of poisonous cane mountain, horizontally setting up in an array, on the ship the artillery window opened, thick cannon barrel have extended from the artillery window. The phoenix of wishing sees this situation, cannot help but face changes, he has not thought that Mu Tian o actually said that begins to begin, but also early is prepared in her well, her personal appearance moves, immediately returned to in the poisonous cane mountain defense line, poisonous cane mountain defense line here defensive formation also already opened. Because here is the newly-built defense line, this defense line formation, is not very formidable, they looks like in the phoenix of wishing, blocks hundred treasure fire attack not to be a problem. When the phoenix of wishing just in the returned to poisonous cane mountain defense line, the fleets of hundred treasure had fired off, cannon that almost fires at the same time, only leaves a sound, then the raindrop same shell, goes toward the poisonous cane mountain against diffraction. This poisonous cane mountain defense line in poisonous cane mountain halfway up the mountainside, the entire mid-hill by Weave Fire Clan hollowing out, besides some load-bearing columns, other places, by the cloth on all kinds of Magical Artifact, in against here, Weave Fire Clan also had been arranged more than 200 artillery, but the calibers of these artillery are not big, moreover this artillery also like the mortar, before is, installs, now Weave Fire Clan these people arrived at cannon there, the Weave Fire Clan artillery have also opened fire. However the phoenix of quick wishing on present incorrect place, cannon although of hundred treasure almost opens fire at the same time, however their shells actually almost come to a direction, is she enters the defense line that place, some shells have turned curved, flies toward there, after this shell turns had has first, lines up toward there to attack. The phoenix of wishing has not thought that hundred treasure artillery unexpectedly so strange, moreover her very clear, if these shells concentrate to attack there, their Great Defense Formation will certainly break. In phoenix of wish wishing lets cultivator in defense line, with Magical Artifact blocks these shells time, these shells have rumbled on defense line Great Defense Formation.

Bang bang bang bang bang, a loud sound, Great Defense Formation of poisonous cane mountain defense line one was left opening, hundred treasure second round bombing in an arrival, that opening in one time were been then big by the artillery, defense line there was also made simultaneously large hole, entire poisonous cane mountain mid-hill, already expose nearby hundred treasure fleets. But at this time, Weave Fire Clan these cultivator, actually by such change shocking, them have not thought of that the defense line of oneself careful preparation, actually qualifications of companions next hundred treasure do not have, only two rounds bombing, the defense line was broken. At this moment, sword shuttles, depart from the fleets of hundred treasure, sneaked in the poisonous cane mountain mid-hill directly, these sword shuttles are place original spindle-shaped, moreover peripheral also has very sharp blade edge, this clashes, is one-sided slaughter. Has to recognize, the Weave Fire Clan field operation ability be very strong, however the ability of their constructing defense line, must miss really on many, in adding on the volume of sword shuttle is big, the attack strength is fierce, these sword shuttles have crashed in the poisonous cane mountain mid-hill, looked like the hot blade cuts in the butter to be the same, entire poisonous cane mountain the person in mid-hill, some simply people cannot block attack of sword shuttle. Saw that sword shuttle flushed, the phoenix of wishing knows that the important matter is not good, her hand moves, two big pistols on appears in her in hand, phoenix of in hand wishing two large spear instantaneously have then opened fire, are burning the gloomily blue radiance bullet, hits toward a sword shuttle on. On hearing ‚, when working as several resounding, the bullet of phoenix of wishing has hit on the sword shuttle, the phoenix of wishing is very confident to own attack, she believes that her these attack, can wreck a sword shuttle fully, only if on that sword shuttle is assumed personal command by Immortal Stage Expert. However let situation appears of phoenix of accident wishing, that is stopped by sword shuttle although that he hit, but has not actually received any injury, instead to gives to shoot the bullet that the phoenix of wishing projected, then flushed away toward the crowd, probably to attack of phoenix of wishing, a response did not have.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;