Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1598

The phoenix of wishing they not direct draws back returned to Weave Fire Clan encampment there to go, because of her very clear, if draw back toward encampment there, then by these small Interface strengths, is impossible to block the attacks of hundred treasure, but she also knows that just by they want to repel hundred treasure are impossible, can only wait, drags hundred treasure in here, so long as hundred treasure were towed in here, waits to get strength back, can tidy up under hundred treasure well. Therefore the phoenix of wishing their these time has fallen back on to poisonous cane mountain defense line not far small encampment, encampment of this small in mountain valley, entire mountain valley had been managed many years by this small, it can be said that was impregnable, has been adding on the reinforcement of this time, was makes this mountain valley turn into a formidable fortress. .com The phoenix of wishing also because knows this point, therefore they fall back on here to come, in simultaneously the phoenix of also immediately/on horseback in addition command wishing, making among various small strengthen the relation, encampment of any small by attack, immediately sent for supporting. Transmission among various small maintain unimpeded, can make reinforcement momentarily overtake, is respectively small Also prepared, must with hundred treasure at risk of life wars. Five small of side Upper Realm to own, and on as good to go as there not necessarily, but these are small Regarding five side Upper Realm is actually very loyal, if these small when facing Divergent Technique or sword attack, possibly somewhat will be timid, when they facing hundred treasure attack, will not actually be afraid, instead attended the meeting rebel at risk of life. This did not mean that these small have the how big enmity with hundred treasure, but is the one type of mentality issue, looks like in five side Upper Realm, place of there chaotic war major, are existences of their First Grade, their object hundred treasure such Interface, are maintaining the one type of superiority psychology, looks like Noble was looking that a poor is the same. Five side Upper Realm such mentality, affects these small that they have governed, is small in these In the eye, the place of chaotic war is the place that a barbarian has, is the low grade person dull place, their although is small, but is actually small that five side Upper Realm govern, their status be higher than the place of there chaotic war Interface status. Because of this mentality, therefore they when facing the attacks of hundred treasure, is not thinking the fear at heart, but is angry, in their opinion, these low grade people, when dare to come attack they, this is unforgivable. When Weave Fire Clan organizes these people guard against hundred treasure, various small going all out, conversely, in Divergent Technique and sword attack that two directions, these small Interface so were not firm, Weave Fire Clan has to send the massive troops to repress these small Interface, because looks like in these small Interface, Divergent Technique and sword, with Weave Fire Clan same level type existence, surrender they are not the disgraced matter. The mentalities of Zhao Hai don’t know these people, he according to his plan, has certainly carried on attack to these small of Weave Fire Clan. target of this Zhao Hai designation, is known as Formation Spirit small Interface, this Formation Spirit Zhao Hai or have some understanding, know from Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature there. Formation Spirit, as the name suggests, this is one takes Formation as is Interface, they regarding the use of formation, have achieved the one type of superb domain, they in encampment, is in all small, was broken through difficultly, but weapon that they use, many are some formation disk and formation flag.

Reason that Zhao Hai elects to make first to attack target here, because of the ability of Formation Spirit, Formation Spirit the ability to formation use, will bring lots of troubles to him, simultaneously he also wants to obtain the Formation Spirit here person regarding formation some application methods, therefore he decided first target in here. When Great Magical Artifact to the encampment also about ten mu of Formation Spirit, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, Mu Tian o also stood on the roof of octagonal fort at this time, Zhao Hai also stands in here, looked at Zhao Hai to stop, Mu Tian o somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „ did Little Hai, stop? Wasn't this immediately must arrive? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be easy, the elder, this Formation Spirit becomes famous by Formation, reason that their encampment are difficult to attack, mainly because of their encampment surrounding, has covered entirely all kinds of Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact can play doing that trapped enemy and kills the enemy to use, if our such trade overrunning rashly, certainly will be blocked by their formation, I know from Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature there, even if the Weave Fire Clan person, regarding encampment of Formation Spirit, very much dreads.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tian o has gawked, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : originally is this, what to do do you have to plan? „ Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :with destroying these formation of their surrounding, was tidying up their encampment.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, one of the cannon on various Great Magical Artifact in time have shone, in bombing recklessly to their front forest. Then in these muzzles unexpectedly sprayed left the massive flame, their front forest firing piece of Inferno, was a shell, exploding almost extinguished these fire, Yama Ship following ocean waves one volume, the trim place turned into the vast expanse of water. Then Zhao Hai release sword corner, he has planned to look that these formation were not, has not actually thought that this sword corner release goes, before long starts to spin same place, does not proceed. Zhao Hai understood at a glance that this is these formation still in getting up to do to use, Zhao Hai coldly snorted, the intention moves, old turtle big mouth, spouts one group of Dark mist, this Dark mist struck like the shell on the front land, before long trim area Mi Wen black mist. Waits for mist complete disappearance of black , Zhao Hai then to wave, all Great Magical Artifact forward fully, before long arrived at outside Formation Spirit encampment. These movements before Zhao Hai, by Mu Tian o looked in the eye, he almost knew Dark mist that in Lao Kameguchi spouted is anything, that Dark mist to certainly spirit dark clouds like existence, otherwise was certainly impossible to break opposite party formation quickly.

This formation power, is actually Spiritual Qi, but this worked the dark clouds to separate leave these Spiritual Qi certainly, making these formation lose the power, naturally did not have the means to use. These formation that Formation Spirit makes, is not that Space of Zhao Hai arrangement outside hidden Cloud village refracts formation, that Space refracts formation, undergoes the Zhao Hai special refinement, the power is these certainly spirits the dark clouds, is different from formation that Formation Spirit uses. When all Great Formation have arrived at outside Formation Spirit encampment time, all Immortal Stage elders, appears on each every Great Magical Artifact, how they have wanted to have a look at Zhao Hai to cope with this encampment Mountain Guardian Great Formation. Zhao Hai not polite, all Great Magical Artifact set up in an array, cannon stretches out, then Zhao Hai wields, these cannon have almost simultaneously opened fire, moreover what attack is a point, then Yama Ship battering ram also liang was flying, clicks toward that afterward is the sword corner. Yama Ship battering ram originally is a break the formation Spirit Snake needle, various special to subdue|grams Mountain Guardian Great Formation, are adding on that Mountain Guardian Great Formation, first is received the hot ball spleen attack, there protective shield hitting very thinly, the break the formation Spirit Snake needle inserted a foot at this time, although was unable to make that Mountain Guardian Great Formation break, but also made that protective shield swings yu to fall. But at this time, these sword corner came up attack, now formation in these sword corner, was changed into formation like break the formation Spirit Snake needle by Zhao Hai, attack naturally sharp, only several that protective shield was broken through large hole. However Zhao Hai presently, the protective shield of Formation Spirit is really not afterward simple, although broke a hole, but protective shield of other places can also use, moreover that large hole heal/fuse slowly, this is also arriving is makes Zhao Hai feel new and odd. However he is certainly impossible to let that large hole in time close, cannon in an start to talk, simultaneously sword corner also in keeping expanded that cave entrance, quick that crack on getting bigger and bigger, finally entire Formation Spirit encampment expose in Zhao Hai their lines of sight. Zhao Hai not polite, waves, therefore Great Magical Artifact arranged the row to clash, simultaneously cannon on Great Magical Artifact has not stopped, carried on attack to encampment of Formation Spirit. However in encampment of this Formation Spirit actually cannot see a person, entire encampment probably by the one layer mi fog keeping off, making your anything not see clearly. Zhao Hai actually knows that in this encampment has the person . Moreover the has plenty person, the people of these Formation Spirit already thinks that their encampment will possibly be broken through, therefore they have also arranged massive formation in encampment, to constrain the attacks of hundred treasure. Formation Spirit such arrangement is nothing less than brilliant, what what a pity was they have met Zhao Hai today, Zhao Hai regarding various formation originally very proficient, although Formation Spirit here formation after some improvements, so long as let ten-thousand realms machine analysis, almost knew the method of break the formation. In adding on Zhao Hai in hand has plenty Great Magical Artifact, these Great Magical Artifact originally are various formation nemesis, Magical Artifact looks like the each and every one trap, but Great Magical Artifact looks like War Chariot/Tank, is gigantic shape War Chariot/Tank, these traps are possibly effective to the person, but regarding this gigantic shape War Chariot/Tank, is a use does not have, War Chariot/Tank straight throw, any trap can by the flatting. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai meets command(er) Great Magical Artifact entire clashes toward, moreover this attacking time, to the ground is very near, the under people of these Formation Spirit arrange formation flag, was almost is put down by instantaneously, simply has not played any doing to use.

Formation Spirit person also present this situation, they also know one could not work as the attacks of hundred treasure, the people of all Formation Spirit, sat Transmission Formation leave, afterward against delivered blasting, Zhao Hai their although has broken through Formation Spirit encampment, the person but who can actually not kill any Formation Spirit, making the Formation Spirit whole body draw back. Can look from this point, these formation of Formation Spirit really are also effective, Zhao Hai their although is advancing, but is actually not quick, but Formation Spirit can the whole body draw back, this is almost miracle. Waits for Zhao Hai entire Formation Spirit encampment flattening out time, the people of Formation Spirit ran away. However Zhao Hai has not been angry, has not worried, his very clear, sooner or later some day also will meet Spirit Race. After putting down Spirit Race encampment, Zhao Hai their immediately/on horseback hurried to toward encampment of another small, encampment of this small was inferior that Spirit Race, encampment protective shield they were given to break by Zhao Hai quickly, although this small obtained some support, but wanted to block the attacks of hundred treasure, was actually impossible, finally this small also only then travelled, moreover they have also left behind many manpower, lost seriously. Phoenix of although wishing to that by Zhao Hai their attack small has carried on the support, but her in hand military strength is also limited, but hundred treasure carry on attack at the superior force to them, this makes these small rebel impossible. The phoenix of wishing also has to think with hundred treasure attack decisive battles, but she gave up this idea quickly, the military strength that because certainly this hundred treasure come are many, is adding on Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact, rapidness that if they the array with hundred treasure field operations, that can only defeat, they may not have no thing, can swing these Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure to charge. The phoenix of wishing presently the present really did not have what good means to be able to block Zhao Hai their attack, finally she can only be constrains Zhao Hai their advancing footsteps, he lets person withdrawing of these small slowly, but in each encampment must keep the person, must let hundred treasure go to attack these encampment, although hundred treasure attack these encampment and will not spend too many times, but can also constrain hundred treasure advancing, lets them not advancing that is possible not to have having scruples, only after can be wiping out of these encampment each and every one, in advancing. Simultaneously she also to Weave Fire Clan encampment there, applied for the massive commodities, starts in encampment with hundred treasure advancing roads on, some massive practice camp, these camp are some simple camp, inside has Transmission Formation, protects imperial formation, in adding on several people, the point that the phoenix of wishing such makes, is makes Zhao Hai they go to break the formation, Zhao Hai they are impossible to put these camp, no matter, in these camp has Transmission Formation after all, if Zhao Hai they are putting these camp no matter, these Transmission Formation there, momentarily can drill large quantities of cultivator, inserts Zhao Hai in behind A their blade, therefore these nail/saboteur Zhao Hai they have to pull out, they are pulling out these nail/saboteur, advancing will be slow, this gave Weave Fire Clan to win more time. To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought really that a phoenix of woman wishing, suddenly will find out such draws on to cope with them, this move really is also effective, although clearly know these small camp attack broken, but he actually has to goes to attack these small camp, this let big slow-down of their advancing. However Zhao Hai to has not worried, he has not thought can overrun to Weave Fire Clan encampment to go quickly, Weave Fire Clan although with Divergent Technique and sword in wrapped around, however their encampment there, certainly is being guards sternly, is not present hundred treasure can attack, now attacks Weave Fire Clan encampment, that loss will be very certainly big, that is not Zhao Hai wants to see, therefore the phoenix of wishing such does, has given Zhao Hai just right their excuse, they can slowly toward capturing these nail/saboteur, when other 2 Realms has the progress time, they in entire toward. encampment attack of Weave Fire Clan.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;