Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1599

Chapter 524 weaves the fire to mobilize soldiers Wish stands in Weave Fire Clan encampment Assembly Hall friendly, static look at front astrolabe, the astrolabe is one type of is similar to Magical Artifact of map, above can demonstrate, map that before stored, reason that let astrolabe name, was because this Magical Artifact most from the beginning in the major uses, to demonstrate major control planet, the astrolabe was a general designation. Wish melts is this generation of Weave Fire Clan Patriarch, Weave Fire Clan continues in the race way, therefore the first generation will have Patriarch, but all Patriarch names were called to wish melt, because wished melts is antiquity Fire God, Weave Fire Clan was controls the fire to become famous, therefore they have thought one were the Fire God child, but each generation of Patriarch in the name of wishing melt, was to record all Weave Fire Clan people remembered, were the Fire God child. Now this wishes friendly Patriarch, although is not the male lord, but Weave Fire Clan in in his hand, although does not have what big show, but has not weakened, simply speaking is mediocre, such result was very actually good. ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation, very complex , because of this, can defend this aspect, is not a very easy matter, perhaps this wished the most wrong matter that friendly Patriarch handled is dispatches troops to attack hundred treasure. The attack of twice to hundred treasure, is the idle work, but instead, but also makes Weave Fire Clan lose is not small, since this can be said as he comes to power, biggest that violates is wrong. However wish melts has not thought that Divergent Technique will be in conspiracy with sword to carry on attack to them unexpectedly, but when he deals with this 2 Realms attack fully, hundred treasure also insert a foot unexpectedly. Wish melted just received this information time, felt anger, but the attacks of hundred treasure, made him feel a restlessness afterward. The attacks of hundred treasure were too quick, quick left his imagination, in the Feng of wishing proposed when her plan, wish melts is the agreement, wish to melt in many commodities to mix, to constrain Zhao Hai their attack, simultaneously he also started from Divergent Technique and sword frontline there round trip mobilizes soldiers. However wish melts also very clear, light mobilizes soldiers useless, hundred treasure present combat style, are somewhat similar to beforehand great Spirit Race, that attacks with Great Magical Artifact, before this method, made hundred treasure eat many time has owed, however that time great Spirit Race has not managed Law Idol to compare with present hundred treasure. Even if great Spirit Race, when is most powerful, making them one put out more than ten not compared with Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bad Great Magical Artifact, feared that is also very difficult, but this hundred treasure uses Great Magical Artifact ten, about hundred sword shuttles. The sword shuttle actually is also Great Magical Artifact, but is on the other hand, the relative person, the sword shuttle is Great Magical Artifact, but to Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, the sword shuttle can only be small Magical Artifact. Hundred treasure make such big move to come, will represent them not to give up, but wanted tidying up hundred treasure, did not have Great Magical Artifact is incorrect, but on the other hand, Great Magical Artifact this thing, Weave Fire Clan also really not many.

Is unimportant without Great Magical Artifact, Weave Fire Clan did not grow perceptibly by Great Magical Artifact, they also has other thing without Great Magical Artifact, is Monster Beast. Weave Fire Clan by raising Monster Beast grows perceptibly, some Monster Beast builds, but very enormous, therefore wished melts after considering for a long time, finally has decided that from Divergent Technique and sword frontline, reassigned army to withdraw troops copes with hundred treasure, but person who reassigned, Monster Beast that they raised, the build was certainly big. The Weave Fire Clan movement is quick, army of fifty thousand person, immediately was reassigned, but this fifty thousand person, was adding on their Monster Beast, the total military strength has achieved 100,000. Besides this only army, but also some are 1000 Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert originally rip to kill with 2 Realms in Divergent Technique and sword frontline there, now also has to be moved. But Weave Fire Clan such army reassignment, must bring to Divergent Technique and sword the attention, 2 Realms immediately and Mu Tianbo has the contact, three sides started the concerted action. Mu Tianbo also from Divergent Technique and sword there knows that the Weave Fire Clan sound, his immediately told Zhao Hai the reassignment of Weave Fire Clan, making Zhao Hai early prepare. Zhao Hai to did not have extremely in worry, the Weave Fire Clan situation he already to know, even this Weave Fire Clan adjusted many armies he to know that he knows Weave Fire Clan was thinking anything, Weave Fire Clan these time adjusted these many armies to come is thinks that was giving to shatter them at one fell swoop. Zhao Hai is waiting for Weave Fire Clan to do, 100,000 armies, sound much, but Zhao Hai in hand the quantity of army are also many, moreover he also has Great Magical Artifact, his Great Magical Artifact is not opposite party these Monster Beast can cope. Wish the look at astrolabe that decides friendly, three region on astrolabe, turned into red, turns into the red part, by Divergent Technique, sword and hundred treasure attacking and occupying place, now looks like these three pieces of region is not big, but wished melts actually knows, if 3 Realms such were attacking, that Weave Fire Clan troubled. In this time, out of the door is transmitting sound speaking sounds: Report.” Wish friendly immediately/on horseback said : to come.” A Weave Fire Clan person walked from outside, his in hand is taking a jade sword, gives to wish the jade sword melts, while said : reported Patriarch, Divergent Technique and sword suddenly to us intense attack, frontline, because has reassigned many manpower, somewhat could not withstand.” Wish received the jade sword friendly, spiritual force searched toward, then nodded, deep voice said : sends the letter to frontline, making them probably constrain 2 Realms, so long as our here tidies up hundred treasure, can turn head to support them, simultaneously gives in sends the letter, conquer, all Infant Stage time above staff, immediately/on horseback enters encampment, prepares to enter the war.”

That person complied with one, immediately has put out the jade sword to order, but wish the friendly vision, in one time has put on the planet map, but his target only stared at the direction that hundred treasure were attacking. here after is the Weave Fire Clan domain, under wishing friendly order, 100,000 armies, immediately advanced phoenix of there wishing, simultaneously these Immortal Stage Expert also arrived. Before the phoenix of wishing, received wished the friendly order, wish melts to her these many armies, but the order of sole is, must within the shortest time, eliminate hundred treasures to manage a people. The phoenix of wishing takes is wishing the friendly order, is actually smiling bitterly, the contact of these days with hundred treasure, making the phoenix of wishing have regarding hundred treasure has certainly understood, she now already attach great importance to hundred treasure, because of her presently hundred treasure fighting strength, slight was not weak in Divergent Technique and sword, but their Great Magical Artifact, its impulse, wanted compared with Divergent Technique and sword on strongly many, in this case, wanted to solve hundred treasure within the shortest time is almost impossible. According to the idea of phoenix of wishing is, is dragging hundred treasure in here, other places also equally with dragging the child Secret Art, are towing Divergent Technique and sword, Divergent Technique and sword are impossible for a while long time attack they, so long as constrains them, slowly consumption their since birth strengths, when the time comes no matter hundred treasure Divergent Technique, cannot escape, finally Weave Fire Clan lost some domains, can the protect majority of domains. But if worries to decide with 3 Realms, that finally defeat certainly is Weave Fire Clan, Weave Fire Clan is impossible simultaneously to block the attack of 3 Realms. From this time posture, 3 Realms to destroying completely them comes, is not as before, but prepares to hit, must select the small advantage to retreat, this time complete is different. What what a pity is, although the phoenix of wishing has been delivering own opinion, but above has not actually valued her opinion, still prepares with quickly solves hundred treasure. Phoenix of although wishing is Immortal Stage Expert, however in Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert may not only her, other Immortal Stage Expert also receive similar order, if she does not dispatch troops, feared that will be is pressed in returned to directly. Not under bears, the phoenix of wishing must agree to dispatch troops, is adjusted five that to form an army by Weave Fire Clan in adding on Monster Beast, a total of 100,000 armies, in adding on the armies of these squads, total in two hundred thousand above . Moreover the Immortal Stage Expert quantity also achieves about 2000 people, is almost hundred treasure double. But Mu Tianbo at this time, Mu Tianbo they also gathered in the octagonal fort, they also similarly obtained this information, Mu Tianbo looked at people said : everyone/Great Clan saying that how then do we want to do?” These Immortal Stage Expert somewhat were silent, ordinary military strength that this Weave Fire Clan sends, is their about three times, but the Immortal Stage Expert quantity is also their double, therefore this weaponry feared that was difficult to hit.

Mu Tianbo changed Zhao Hai the vision, deep voice said : Little Hai, you said first, how this weaponry do you prepare to hit?” Zhao Hai looked at these Immortal Stage Expert one, deep voice said : according to our beforehand plans, directs toward Divergent Technique there these people, then by us and Divergent Technique coordination, from Divergent Technique there, bit by bit Weave Fire Clan destroying completely.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo cannot help but did wrinkle under brow said : as the matter stands to be able by Divergent Technique underestimated we? After all as the matter stands, our equal to was relying on Divergent Technique won Weave Fire Clan.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : elder, our these time dispatches troops, although obtained half monster island, but half monster island there situation is not good, needs us to still, if we spell with Weave Fire Clan in here really hardly, finally suffers a loss we, did not do well us not to have the ability to still half monster island, Divergent Technique and sword were established big, the inside story are deep, if they all have digested really the Weave Fire Clan domain, the strength will become stronger, but we must still half monster island, as the matter stands we in a short time on very difficult show, If when the time comes Divergent Technique and sword are beginning to us, that consequence was dreadful, moreover we are also not relying on Divergent Technique defeat Weave Fire Clan, Immortal Stage Expert that now hundred treasure set out were more than us were too many, all Elders was hundred treasure pillars, if there is anything to damage, our hundred treasure were dangerous, therefore we by arriving at Divergent Technique there went, can make Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert extend handle, other these Weave Fire Clan ordinary cultivator, could not block our Great Magical Artifact.” Mu Tianbo was silent, he knows what Zhao Hai said is right, now they with the Divergent Technique cooperation, all well, one, but Divergent Technique did not have the extra worries, that who knew can they begin to hundred treasure, if Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure loses are too many, that really vacillated hundred treasure the foundations. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;