Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 16 - Chapter 1600

Fifth hundred 25 chapter of army block the way Zhao Hai look at hesitates Mu Tianbo that did not speak, was very anxious, he feared really Mu Tianbo ordered hardly to spell with the Weave Fire Clan person in here, good regarding them, may absolutely not be the good matter, by their present strengths, not suitable such hardly spelled with Weave Fire Clan, lost is too big. Zhao Hai to was not worried that the loss of ordinary cultivator, there are these Great Magical Artifact, ordinary cultivator, can definitely sit in these Great Magical Artifact with the Weave Fire Clan person to the war, will have some casualties, but the casualties will not be big. Zhao Hai fears is the loss of Immortal Stage Expert, if Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure has anything to lose, that hundred treasure were dangerous. Immortal Stage Expert is a basis, there are these Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, other wants them, must think over ahead of time first own component enough. But reason that Zhao Hai was worried that Mu Tianbo will spell with Weave Fire Clan in here hardly, is feared that Mu Tianbo cares about the face, regarding cultivator, the face is very important, especially comes the hand regarding Immortal Stage Expert, the face was more important. Mu Tianbo has hesitated some little time, nodded right that said : small said that this is the present the best means that I will send the letter to Divergent Technique, stated clearly our immediately toward their there shift.” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Tianbo said that to was light the tone, so long as the Mu Tianbo agreement were good, Mu Tianbo looked at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : Little Hai, you prepared, our immediately put toward Divergent Technique there changes course.” Zhao Hai nodded, has adjusted all Great Magical Artifact advancing directions ~, changes course in the direction of Divergent Technique directly. However this time changing course, Zhao Hai is impolite to Weave Fire Clan, all Weave Fire Clan camp that meets all the way, by Zhao Hai carrying, but this time end camp, with before not, by front camp time is army presses, such one came the Weave Fire Clan person also to run, this time end camp, Zhao Hai general sets out the sword shuttle, first has destroyed protective shield, was Transmission Formation, is wanted to run by these person cannot be inescapable, finally direct on was given to tidy up by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai such does for directing Weave Fire Clan these people, Weave Fire Clan army left actually, moreover their here to is not far to Zhao Hai , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai they want immediately to change course. However Weave Fire Clan army, motion can't compare with hundred treasure, the motions of hundred treasure depend ** along, Weave Fire Clan although has plenty formidable Monster Beast, but single Congdu, is quickly Great Magical Artifact. Shortly after the phoenix of wishing in Zhao Hai they change course goes to Zhao Hai they had stayed the place, look at these ruined camp, the phoenix of wishing is actually the knitting the brows head, in these camp has the person, before although was broken through camp, but will not live the fight generally, that indicated that the person in these camp will be living, but currently these camp here have fought the trace, in other words, the person in camp feared that was the danger.

Moreover from the trends of hundred treasure, they were prepares Divergent Technique there and Divergent Technique person probably met, this regarding Weave Fire Clan was not good information, if the people of hundred treasure with Divergent Technique meeting, by hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact attack abilities, Divergent Technique there feared was really quick will break through the defense of Weave Fire Clan. The phoenix of wishing falls in camp that had been destroyed, carefully looked at the fight trace in camp, felt all around energy fluctuation, turns the head to following hundred treasure person leave time not to be long in her behind some Immortal Stage Expert said :, most not two hours, but we want such to pursue to be difficult, looks at their appearances, is prepares with Divergent Technique meeting, that disadvantage to us, therefore I want to send minority elite troops, gives to block them, don’t know everyone/Great Clan what do you think?” In which Immortal Stage Expert knit the brows said : this to fear that is some difficulties, the strengths of hundred treasure are not weak, the population of if sending, is impossible to entangle them, person who if sends are many, we do not have the means to send that many people to go at once, Transmission Formation of although these small can use, but these Transmission Formation cannot Transmission too many Monster Beast in the past, if person Transmission in the past, that fighting strength big reduction.” The phoenix of also knitting the brows head of wishing, this Immortal Stage Expert said is very right, this is also she somewhat hesitant reason, the person but who if such lets hundred treasure goes to converge with the Weave Fire Clan person, that only trouble. Thinks that wished phoenix immediately/on horseback said : to send some Immortal Stage Expert to go, mainly tied down them, the large unit added advancing, must gives to block them before them and Divergent Technique meeting, and annihilated.” Some some prestige of phoenix of wishing in these Immortal Stage Expert, otherwise wish melts is impossible to send her to come command(er) these Immortal Stage Expert, must know that these Immortal Stage Expert, is easily will not be convincing. Now phoenixes of one hear of wishing said that these Immortal Stage Expert although have gawked, but immediately according to ordering to have done, they can definitely use Transmission Formation, first before small encampment of Transmission to hundred valuable Interface goes, is giving to constrain hundred treasure, when phoenix of their army wishing arrive, can hundred treasure annihilating. This plans although looks like absolutely safe, but the phoenix of wishing was worried that hundred treasure are not good to cope, after fighting of several times with hundred treasure, phoenix of deep understand this point wishing, no matter Immortal Stage Expert these Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure, same have not been good to cope, he only hopes that now his plan can succeed. The phoenix of wishing when sets this plan, Zhao Hai is knows that he in the place that Battalion passes through, has left behind some Liquid Silver flying needles, monitors the motion of there, therefore of phoenix of wishing plans him is also clear. although knows the plan of phoenix of wishing, but Zhao Hai does not have the ability to prevent, he can only be now speeds up advancing, but his also very clear, his advancing is too quick, Transmission Formation, now only hopes quickly they can breaking through Weave Fire Clan these time surrounds. Zhao Hai also told Mu Tianbo him this information, after Mu Tianbo listened to Zhao Hai the information, wrinkled brow said : to determine what their these time came was Immortal Stage Expert?”

The Zhao Hai nod [say / way] is: Yes, determined completely that phoenix of understand wishing, does not set out Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to block under us, now we must do with biggest broke through their defense.” Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai said : what do you have to plan?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : plans to have, is invites on each Great Magical Artifact, minimum has ten Immortal Stage elders, but also other person cultivator coordinate, everyone/Great Clan collaborates to input Spiritual Qi toward Great Magical Artifact, this big enhancement Great Magical Artifact, moreover can the big enhancement Great Magical Artifact impulse, even if front has Immortal Stage Expert to block, so long as the population is not too many, we can overrun.” Mu Tianbo thinks that said : can try, the person who Weave Fire Clan these time sends, is impossible to be too many, such means that regarding camp of these small, in attack.” Zhao Hai has complied with one. Mu Tianbo has put out the jade sword, sends the letter to various ships, simultaneously Zhao Hai also arranged, in his all Great Magical Artifact had the cloudy Yang lightning pond, all Great Magical Artifact were Lightning pool provides energy, but on his all Great Magical Artifact, had another formation, this formation was volume of spirit formation. Collection spirit formation uses on the break the formation Spirit Snake needle generally, break the formation Spirit Snake needle also relying on this collection spirit formation can break through various Mountain Guardian Great Formation. On Zhao Hai each every Great Magical Artifact, momentarily can carve into collection spirit formation, then makes cultivator concentrate Spiritual Qi, provides every two power system to various Great Magical Artifact, this power system will provide the power with cloudy Yang lightning pond together to Great Magical Artifact, like this was makes the Great Magical Artifact power enhance double on equal to to be even more, in this case, Great Magical Artifact, no matter impulse, big enhancement. The order of quick Mu Tianbo handed down from generation to generation, various ships also prepared, each ship was held by ten Immortal Stage elder groups, on the ship almost all cultivator will participate, then these people simultaneously input in their Spiritual Qi Great Magical Artifact. These cultivator these days also feel actually very aggrieved, because they almost do not have make a move opportunity, all fights, by Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact completing, currently finally have this kind of opportunity, although is not fights, but their very happy, no matter what, finally for this motion strength. As Spiritual Qi of these people input to various ship this, various on the ship immediately flood intermittent golden light, then one enhanced a big truncation, but the old turtle had not been fallen unexpectedly, old turtle's is quick, on adding on him although has thrown over armor, but in also has the cloudy Yang lightning pond, in octagonal fort here also has plenty Immortal Stage Expert and cultivator, they also input own Spiritual Qi to the star anise fort, now the old turtle is almost does not use own strength, on can the quick flight. In adding on the old turtle very intelligent, he has not been using Spiritual Qi in now hurrying along, but also input in Spiritual Qi the octagonal fort, this old turtle instead to has become in all Great Magical Artifact quickest.

Zhao Hai stands carrying on the back in octagonal fort, two eyes is actually gazing at the front, because he knows that Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert appears in their front, the population about 500, besides of these Immortal Stage Expert, Weave Fire Clan has been able to organize, all small troops, Manager already near twenty thousand, front they. Meaning that however a Zhao Hai point do not stop, instead to is various Great Magical Artifact was quicker. Mu Tianbo stands in front of Zhao Hai not the transporting place, in front of his although don’t know is any situation, but he actually knows that Zhao Hai such does certainly reasonable, therefore he has not gone to prevent Zhao Hai. Quick Mu Tianbo presently the front some people block the way, his facial expression cannot help but changes, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, actually presently Zhao Hai two eyes stubbornly was staring front, did not have a meaning of reducing, he did not have to say anything. Wish hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact that Jie brave two eyes stares at erect is coming, his in hand spear|gun has prepared completely, with has other Immortal Stage Expert that he same begins, these do not use Immortal Stage Expert and various Realm of cultivator spear|gun, had revealed their Magical Artifact, similarly stubbornly is staring at hundred treasure army, they know that the hard fight was unavoidable....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;