Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1601

The Zhao Hai calm look at front, he saw opposite party army, Battalion of near twenty thousand person, stands by the loose lineup in there, that is big one piece, if he could not see that is a blind person. However Zhao Hai has not made the fleet stop, but in one time added that mentioned quickly. But Weave Fire Clan these people, think that hundred treasure in one time will stop to speak several polite speeches, but they presently make a mistake quickly! Meaning that person simply of hundred treasure has not stopped, but is straight flushed. Wish Jie brave to look at this situation, greatly surprised, his immediately/on horseback said loudly: Scattered lineup, all attacks!” Meanwhile his in hand spear|gun has made a sound. Wish Jie brave in hand spear|gun, a little looks like the Zhu Gui spear|gun, spear|gun very big, looks like looks like a small artillery is the same, bullet also very big that hits, moreover on his bullet the belt is burning the tangerine flame. But other Weave Fire Clan people have also taken up the spear|gun, starts to carry on attack to hundred treasure fleets, other cultivator to have not begun, they transformed the lineup. Because of the fleets of present hundred treasure, has not entered to their attack scopes, these person of in hand may not have the spear|gun, what they use is can only Magical Artifact, leaves is too far, Might big reduction of ordinary Magical Artifact, therefore they have not participated in the attack. However the fleets of quick hundred treasure entered their attack range, these person also immediately put out Magical Artifact to carry on attack to hundred treasure fleets. However Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure probably is actually affected, on more than ten Great Magical Artifact, simply cannot see a person, the Weave Fire Clan attack these Great Magical Artifact bullets, runs into that Great Magical Artifact person, directly was shot, other Magical Artifact hit on these Great Magical Artifact, with giving Great Magical Artifact scratches itchy almost, simply has not let the appearance of Great Magical Artifact a little reducing. However was good because of these people raises advancing good changed, but Zhao Hai has not thought must hit them therefore to howl from the sides of these people, letting these people only the look at Great Magical Artifact back to be covered with dust in there. Looked own defense line unexpectedly by hundred treasure such relaxed overran, wish face of Jie brave cannot help but becomes very difficult looked, his response was also quick his immediately to put out the signalling jade sword, told the phoenix of wishing this situation. The phoenix of wishing receives to wish the jade sword of Jie brave, face changes, her understand hundred treasure such do, certainly presently she has had an action to perform, but this also makes him believe that must block hundred treasure. Phoenix of immediately/on horseback wishing in one time has sent out 500 cultivator, this these 500 cultivator appears approached Divergent Technique and Weave Fire Clan battle the place in the domain very much, she is or wants to let hundred treasure and Divergent Technique meeting. Front sends out these people go to intercept at the same time, the phoenix of wishing also made the people stop has gotten down she to know that such pursued useless, by their, was impossible to overtake hundred treasure, therefore she started to organize remaining in turn to sit Transmission Formation, planned that overtook Zhao Hai with this method. Zhao is also clear regarding the movement of phoenix of wishing, but he has not cared about these now, there is these cultivator and Immortal Stage Expert to the fleet sufficient energy, advancing big tall Kuai of fleet is the phoenix of wishing uses Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to block under the fleet. The fleet still in moving forward fast, now they already was not quite far from the strong hot clan and Divergent Technique the place of fight, but their this has broken all the way also through the Weave Fire Clan five defense lines, even has also killed Weave Fire Clan several Immortal Stage Expert in defense line there. Because they Weave Fire Clan several Immortal Stage Expert killing the phoenix of wishing have not dared extremely Yu Zulan hundred treasure fleets.

However for in order to avoid a long delay usually means many problems, hundred treasure fleets in entire has depended toward Divergent Technique there, provides Spiritual Qi these cultivator to the fleet, started the wheel to turn has rested, even if were this, fleet very fast after all each on the ship ten Immortal Stage Expert were still giving the ship to raise to energy, energy that these Immortal Stage Expert provided, was very enormous. Zhao Hai knows that front also has the Weave Fire Clan defense line together, moreover on the Weave Fire Clan defense line that this against Lou Ke is not together good to break through, but also has arranged many Great Magical Artifact. Weave Fire Clan Great Magical Artifact are not many, they do not grow perceptibly by Great Magical Artifact, but this does not represent their in hand not to have on Great Magical Artifact, especially when cooperates with the Giant Spirit treasure, Weave Fire Clan has gotten so far as several great Spirit Race Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is adding on the sword corner and so on Magical Artifact, the strengths of some big shapes are big, defense strength strong Monster Beast, this last defense line, is the Weave Fire Clan prepare defense line that is most difficult to break through. This Zhao Hai also sent out fully, on first Great Magical Artifact 20 Immortal Stage Expert input energy toward Magical Artifact, simultaneously all cultivator also input energy toward Great Magical Artifact, to let these Great Magical Artifact energy is stronger, Zhao Hai was release large quantities of Undead Creature has input energy toward Great Magical Artifact, then the entire fleet, by unprecedented imposing manner, flushed away toward the Weave Fire Clan defense line. This Zhao Hai has not made the old turtle take the lead, the old turtle is Magic Beast, if were injured, that may not be good, doing that the old turtle can wield uses, is not used to attack this defense absolutely, by his strength, copes with Immortal Stage Expert to handle in the fight. Weave Fire Clan also knows that hundred treasure will not stop, their also very clear, if stand in there , etc., that only by hundred treasure charge armies hitting, therefore Weave Fire Clan these Great Magical Artifact and Monster Beast, toward leaving for the fleets of hundred treasure had the charge. The 2 Realms troops, look like two fearless Knight, had the charge to the enemy, getting closer and closer that they leave, the eyes of both sides, stubbornly is staring at the opposite party, their eyes were red, they have forgotten the life and death. The fleets of hundred treasure, 13 Great Magical Artifact compose, these small sword corner, were received by the Zhao Hai person, when this Great Magical Artifact hedge, these sword corner simply cannot have anything to do to use. Besides 13 Great Magical Artifact, only then old turtle, but this old turtle was put finally, drivehead is still Yama Ship, Yama Ship one on the left and other on the right is the pagoda and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, hundred treasure the Battalion lineup is a triangle, with the Yama Ship arrow, the pagoda and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship fell on his behind. But Weave Fire Clan there is actually five Giant Spirit Treasure Ship with 50 sword corner, in adding on the total achieves Battalion that about 1000 big Monster Beast comprised, their this team naturally impossible to exhibit that good lineup like Zhao Hai, they look like the tide same has rushed hundred treasure Battalion. Boom! both sides hit together finally, Yama Ship have been hitting on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship made the Yama Ship hull excel at actually not being able to make Yama Ship slightly stop, Yama Ship battering ram, inserted that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship the bow, simultaneously breaking has met to push that to be hit waste Giant Spirit Treasure Ship from the middle Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, went toward the forward flight. But several other Giant Spirit Treasure Ship although do not have this so to be likely miserable, but is also similar, hits Giant Spirit Treasure Ship in pagoda perhaps is luckiest, the pagoda is not good at dashing very much, but hitting discarded that Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, after all both sides this is refutes directly, certainly the side must discard. Other Giant Spirit Treasure Ship also hit with Zhao Hai Giant Spirit Treasure Ship in together, Giant Spirit Treasure Ship of nose is hit to discard, these sword corner say nothing, directly by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship cracking-up. But Monster Beast that these clash, cannot prevent hundred treasure Battalion advancing, Monster Beast that all frontage and Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bumps into, was all hit a meat paste, but these were scratched side Monster Beast by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, is bone breaking muscle tearing, parts of some Monster Beast bodies, directly hitting have been separated from their bodies by Giant Spirit Treasure Ship bloody, the scene extremely.

This time crash, comes to an end by the Weave Fire Clan entire defeat, Weave Fire Clan sends to resist hundred treasure army besides Monster Beast of some surrounding not by any wound, is almost annihilated, this lets Weave Fire Clan High level, has to take seriously hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact. Has been separated from the battlefield, direct Divergent Technique there flies, but Zhao Hai had actually been hit waste Giant Spirit Treasure Ship receiving by him these, including these sword corner. Naturally these are secret carry on, Mu Tianbo and don’t know, Mu Tianbo is standing on eight Xie Bao roof now, look at front, to Zhao Hai deep voice said : Little Hai, was this Weave Fire Clan last defense line? Is proceeding, was Divergent Technique and Weave Fire Clan battlefield.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, this was Weave Fire Clan copes with our last defense line, was proceeding is Divergent Technique and Weave Fire Clan battlefield, our appears position, should be the Divergent Technique control area.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : „, if no danger, that falls, do not make Divergent Technique have the misunderstanding, that is not good, we now after all ally.” Zhao Hai complied with one, immediately/on horseback has informed various on the ship all cultivator and Immortal Stage Expert, did not use in pours into energy toward Great Magical Artifact, entire Battalion also one slow. However this is slow also relative, before relative, was slow, actually their present is quick, underwent two hours of flight, they were official entered Divergent Technique and Weave Fire Clan does to fight the battlefield that has been able to see from here by Qi Strength bo, big tree that broke off. Fleet in one time slowed down, almost all Immortal Stage Expert, appears on the roof of octagonal fort, look at all around situation. In this time, distant place suddenly is flying several black spots, then black spots increasing slowly, quick black spots on appears in front of Battalion of hundred treasure, Zhao Hai then saw clearly, that black spots unexpectedly is some people of winged. Mu Tianbo waves, Battalion of entire hundred treasure stopped, then the old turtle slowly went forward, stops that several to have the front, that person of several winged , the light fan the wing, was stopping. Mu Tianbo looked that several people also stopped, he then holds the fist in the other hand said : hundred treasure Mu Tianbo to see everybody, everybody, but Divergent Technique friend?” And a person of winged, holds the fist in the other hand to Mu Tianbo said : „, Divergent Technique Scout Team eighth squad Captain, Hourie has seen the Mu Tianbo elder, the Mu Tianbo elders and hundred treasure friends, please come along with us.” Said that a personal appearance revolution, does hand signal that empty has directed, when goes toward the forward flight first, hundred treasure Battalion followed hastily. Before long huge camp on appears in the front of hundred treasure people, this camp very enormous, in one is not on very high mountain, on mountain secretly arrange Cave Mansion, but also the has plenty bizarre person passes and out in these Cave Mansion. This camp here any defense has not handled to lose, does not have including defensive formation, this arrives somewhat stems from Mu Tianbo their anticipation. Battalion of hundred treasure just arrived at this camp outside, gushed out one group of people to come from camp, a Ritter who in these people led.

Mu Tianbo looked that Ritter came, he led audiences Immortal Stage Expert to fly from the octagonal fort hastily, moved forward to meet somebody directly, to far away, Ritter flushed Mu Tianbo to hold the fist in the other hand, then laughed said : „the Mu Tianbo elder, you may be came, welcome.” Mu Tianbo holds the fist in the other hand to Ritter, smiles said : Ritter elder, how to dare the work your undercarriage to come to greet me and others, was really folds the ghost I to wait.” Ritter smiles said : „should, hundred treasure ten-day periods during the day, including the broken Weave Fire Clan six defense lines, kill here, are really very much, invite quickly, my elder who makes me admire is waiting for everybody, comes the person, greeted hundred treasure friends to rest well.” Mu Tianbo smiles said : Ritter elder not to need to be busy, they have been used to it on Great Magical Artifact, the rest place did not need to arrange separately, went along with them, we do not make all Elders wait for a long time, please! nodded said : so also well, please.” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu not, in Immortal Stage elder, only then about hundred people entered Divergent Technique large camp along with Mu Tianbo, other people kept on Great Magical Artifact, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu stand on the roof of octagonal fort, is going against one glass of liquor, look at Divergent Technique large camp, Mu Yu suddenly deep voice said : Little Hai, you said that this large camp has not made any defense, was they were too self-confident, was they are somewhat arrogant?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to think that they are self-confident . Moreover the person of Divergent Technique, absolutely is not Defense Item does not have, they choose this position, is nearby peak, moreover all around vegetation destroyed very critical, they did not fear that some people come sneak attack, said it, hadn't you just heard the person of that winged to say? He is only Scout Team Junior Captain, in other words, Divergent Technique also has plenty Scout Team, there are these Scout Team, Weave Fire Clan simply cannot come sneak attack here, therefore Divergent Technique feel relieved.” Mu Yu nodded said : this Divergent Technique strength is really very formidable, you note not to have, is only this camp, feared that has about three hundred thousand cultivator, is Transcends Tribulation Stage above Expert, currently also real don’t know, Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert has many.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „must have, can Weave Fire Clan hitting retreating in defeat again and again, that can Expert little result in? Weave Fire Clan the family properties of these fellows are also very thick, must not be otherwise impossible to decline that many Expert to cope with us, it seems like before me, to five side Upper Realm some estimate mistakes, too underestimated they.” Mu Yu has drunk the liquor in cup. smell of alcohol, deep voice said : sooner or later a little we will defeat their, sooner or later!”!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;