Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1602

Chapter 527 heart prison old person Mu Tianbo enters along with Ritter to Divergent Technique encampment Cave Mansion, these enter the encampment Immortal Stage elder along with him, kept outside Cave Mansion, that Cave Mansion very big, after these elders go, naturally some people offer the liquor water.(, Powerful literary network Mu Tianbo enters to that Mu Fu time, elder who presently in that Cave Mansion sits ten Divergent Technique, they sit on seat that in the multipurpose clouds make, saw Mu Tianbo to come, these people have stood hastily, saluted to Mu Tianbo. Mu Tianbo also hastily also manages, Ritter also looked like Mu Tianbo to introduce the people, in these people was a person, was an appearance very ordinary old man, wore a long gown, was white with the eyebrow, on the face was having the gentle smiling face, but the two eyes none remaining sparkled, can probably penetrate the innermost feelings of person to be the same. This old person becoming famous of very in Divergent Technique, nickname heart prison old person, therefore this called this name, was because use of this old person was the technique of complete Spiritual Attack, pointed to the conscience of person, brought back your Heart's Demon, making your Heart's Demon invasion die. Except that can make your Heart's Demon enter slightly dies, he can also bring back you **, even he can also help the person practice with this method, therefore in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, has a few words to come the shape to be easy he, the heart may enter Heaven, the heart may enter attains, meaning in other words of this saying, he can make you enter Heaven, can let under you Hell, this is heart prison old person. Mu Tianbo had already heard the heart prison old person given name, but he has not actually seen heart prison old person, he has not thought that this heart prison old person, unexpectedly is such one looks like gentle incomparable old person. Mu Tianbo actually does not dare to neglect to this heart prison old person, because of this heart prison old person, besides is Immortal Stage Expert, is established Expert, it is said that he possibly is ten-thousand realms battlefield here, oldest Immortal Stage Expert, moreover some people said that his age, topped one Yuan, heart prison old person had how old, Mu Tianbo on don’t know. Mu Tianbo bows said : to see the elder to heart prison old person, has not thought that can see you in here, the sky wave was really most honored, hears in the past the elder and some my teacher also friendship, the sky wave was also the junior of elder, asking the elder sky wave not to know the crime.” Heart prison old person he he chuckle said : does not need to be how polite, your present representative gives people a hard time hundred treasure, if too polite to me, that is not good, to sit.” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile, bows to heart prison old person, this sat, he sits down, other Divergent Technique people also sat, heart prison old person look at Mu Tianbo said : heard that you in the several days time, including has been breaking through the Weave Fire Clan six defense lines?” Mu Tianbo has smiled bitterly next step: This does not have the matter of means that at that time Weave Fire Clan sent the two hundred thousand armed forces line to cope with us, has 2000 Immortal Stage Expert, but our Immortal Stage Expert only then 1000, although said in ordinary cultivator to war, we have confidence to win the opposite party, however in Immortal Stage Expert to the war , we have not actually grasped, therefore can only come to meet with Divergent Technique.”

Heart prison old person has not been angry, has not revealed any contempt the expression, instead to is approval nod said : „you are qualified Commander, does is very good, I saw your Great Magical Artifact, very good thing, there are these Great Magical Artifact, no wonder you can break through the Weave Fire Clan defense line.” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : „our altogether has massacred the opposite party Immortal Stage Expert 32 people all the way, has ruined Giant Spirit Treasure Ship five of opposite party, sword shuttle 50, about 2000 Weave Fire Clan gigantic shape Monster Beast.” Speaking of here Mu Tianbo to look that other Divergent Technique person said : „the Weave Fire Clan person did not hope us to converge, by the Great Magical Artifact openings of our hundred treasure, their defense lines will be very when the time comes difficult to defend.” The heart prison old person look at Mu Tianbo appearance, shows a faint smile, why his understand Mu Tianbo must say that Mu Tianbo is feared the person who Divergent Technique looks down upon hundred treasure, he wants to tell Divergent Technique, fighting strength of our hundred treasure is very strong. Heart prison old person crosses the Battle Qi age, therefore he regarding Mu Tianbo view not point dislike, but smiled, deep voice said : is so best, you rest first well, when attacks, we naturally can inform your.” Mu Tianbo nodded, other heart prison old person look at person of said : Weave Fire Clan wants to give to tow us in here, towed to be weary to us, was tired, naturally retreat, but this time we have gathered the strength of three clan, not only but to obtain a point little profit, what we wanted was the entire Weave Fire Clan domain, must therefore Weave Fire Clan taking, must with quickest broke through the Weave Fire Clan defense line.” The people are strict however take orders, this time war wants regarding three clan very heavy, if their this time cannot succeed, that later must cope with Weave Fire Clan more difficult, will welcome the retaliation of Weave Fire Clan frantic, Weave Fire Clan is not the fellow who these suffered a loss do not answer back. Heart prison old person looked at people said : everyone/Great Clan to prepare, three days, I gave everyone/Great Clan three days of times carried on the final recuperation, three days later, we had the general attack, I hoped three days later, we can take the opposite party defense line at one fell swoop.” The people rumble complied with one, heart prison old person had then beckoned with the hand, Mu Tianbo deep voice said : that these person of ordered leave, heart prison old person look at must walk sky wave remained.” The Mu Tianbo nature remained honestly, after people leave, heart prison old person look at Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, you speak the truth with me, did you have the big assurance to cross the Weave Fire Clan defense line? Must know that this attack is very to us important, if we have not been able to clash their defense line, to our morale attack, but very critical.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : this I to know, but I too did not understand the situation of their defense line now that I need to understand the situation of that defense line, can determine.”

Heart prison old person nodded said : well, here steadiest completion, this, you give me as soon as possible an answer, my here good to make the arrangement.” Mu Tianbo nodded, bows to heart prison old person, turn around walked. The heart prison old person look at Mu Tianbo appearance, actually nodded, muttered said : „is really a talented person.” Mu Tianbo returned to fast octagonal fort, Zhao Hai Mu Yu has stood in there is waiting for him, sees them, Mu Tianbo nodded said : just the Divergent Technique person to decide, three days later, carries on the general attack to Weave Fire Clan, when the time comes our Great Formation armies, feared that will be advanced most frontline, Little Hai, you pay attention to the Weave Fire Clan defense line, having a look at several assurances to give their defense lines.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, my immediately arrangement person goes to scout.” Mu Tianbo nodded, in this time, a jade sword has flown Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, then on the face has shown the smiling face, smiles said : to Zhao Hai well, Little Hai, you have a look, avoid perhaps went to scout.” Zhao Hai received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, presently this is actually scout about Weave Fire Clan defense line there reported that on facing the Weave Fire Clan defense line there situation, very detailed that writes. Zhao Hai carefully looked at this report, he only knows that Weave Fire Clan is difficult to do in the Divergent Technique opposite defense line, Weave Fire Clan always had the military strength to cross five hundred thousand on the Divergent Technique opposite defense line, the Immortal Stage Expert quantity about 10,000, moreover always organized various Great Magical Artifact in here Weave Fire Clan, 300, it only Giant Spirit Treasure Ship ten, sword shuttle about hundred, more than 100 have been eight Jun green imperial Chariot or other all kinds of Great Magical Artifact, besides these Great Magical Artifact, had 500 gates cannon, in adding on the two hundred thousand Weave Fire Clan this Realm troops. Has various formation of these innumerable quantities . Moreover the depth of entire defense line, has achieved remote of thousand li(500 km), wants to break through a such defense line, is very difficult. After Zhao Hai has read this report, cannot help but on gently the eye, having made Cai'er they calculate this attack success ratio to have many in Space. Then his immediately opens the eye to Mu Tianbo said : elder, I want to send for Weave Fire Clan defense line there having a look, tomorrow will give you to answer.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : to go, has remembered, these time makes our hundred treasure power and prestige opportunity, if possible, achieves as far as possible well.” The meaning of Zhao Hai understand Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo wants to let his with every effort conflict Weave Fire Clan defense line. Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head returned to in the octagonal fort, simultaneously release the Liquid Silver flying needle, has carried on final scout to Weave Fire Clan defense line there. The Weave Fire Clan defense line there situation, he knew before some, but this time he wants to carry on time scout, to guarantee absolutely safe.

Situation that his scout arrives, carried on to contrast with the Weave Fire Clan situation, was designing the best attack plan to come, Zhao Hai very clear, this War General was he praises to set up ten thousand opportunity in ten-thousand realms battlefield here. Before he also had not the small fame in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, but the people to his strength, are not regarding as important, but after this time matter, the people who Zhao Hai must let the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield know that his Zhao Hai, had with any Immortal Stage Expert strength side by side. Such makes although to bring lots of troubles to him, later copes with him in some people, careful, must deal with his person, the strength will be also stronger, but similarly, will save lots of troubles for him, the young thief who some do not enlarge ones vision, in does not dare to cope with him. Sits in front of the screen, now on screen has been divided into many scraps, each scrap Weave Fire Clan camp, exactly said that these scraps are Laura they draw to divide, in fact looks from the semblance, these places is a Weave Fire Clan defense line, does not have too many divisions. However Laura they actually through observation, divided each one scraps the Weave Fire Clan defense line, these scraps were not the casual divisions, in each scrap, was an influence, Weave Fire Clan army has not lived in camp, but has been divided into different camp, some small were the independent letter in small camp, the although cultivator motion was convenient, so long as one had the war, immediately can the set, but division like this, will give hundred treasure opportunity. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;