Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1603

Fifth hundred 28 chapter of battle plan The map on look at screen, Zhao Hai deep voice said : what kind of? Are these information accurate?” Lizzy nodded „the information that said : Divergent Technique provides to be accurate, but not detailed, useful that our scout comes out, Elder Brother Hai you look, Weave Fire Clan this Realm army, is the arrangement in the center-right place, because there is the Divergent Technique attack key point, moreover their cannon and various formation attack, arrangement also somewhat right, generally speaking, Weave Fire Clan defense line right compared with left strength in many.”. .com Megan nodded said : well, moreover left side of their defense line here, many are some strengths is not very strong small, these small although will also enter the war, but will keep always few people to defend their camp, obviously they regarding Weave Fire Clan are also not feel relieved, I think that this is our opportunity.” Lizzy nod said : right, I also think that Divergent Technique wants to move the general attack three days later, we can make them attract Weave Fire Clan army directly, we are putting up the fleet, from their left-wing direct impacts in the past, when the time comes certainly can give to break through their defense lines, so long as their defense lines one chaotic, that Weave Fire Clan must defeat without doubt.” Zhao Hai carefully looked at map, then nodded said : to be very good, but this impact is certainly fierce, is quick, must give to rip open their defense lines within the shortest time, simultaneously must make their entire defense lines chaotic.” Lizzy nodded said : we also to make Undead Creature bring the spear|gun, to these is flurried Is small [email protected] camp attacks, they certainly will be when the time comes more chaotic, so long as they one chaotic, I believe that Divergent Technique meets capture opportunity.” Zhao Hai nodded, he is also very confident to Divergent Technique, these fellows of Divergent Technique, can, when Weave Fire Clan assigns out some people launches to fiercely attack to Weave Fire Clan, and has made not the small progress, if they are giving up this opportunity, that this weaponry did not need to hit, they went home directly. Also carefully looked at map, Zhao Hai turns the head carefully to Lizzy their said : makes battle plan, attacks various small afterward Undead Creature, changes into Divergent Technique cultivator or hundred treasure cultivator, we use Great Magical Artifact to attack, was very conspicuous, does not need any matter to do by us.” Lizzy and Megan have complied with one, did to plan, Zhao Hai called Laura, after deep voice said : hit greatly, you have certainly remembered, paid attention Divergent Technique there these people to our useful Divergent Technique cultivator soldier, must receiving in Space came, we needed many Divergent Technique.” Laura nodded. Megan and Lizzy were not first time write battle plan, quick battle plan has handed over in the hand of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai carefully looked, did not have what issue, this has put out a piece jade slip, has written about in battle plan jade slip, has said a hello with several people, this leave. After returned to octagonal fort, Zhao Hai immediately went to the Mu Tianbo room, Mu Tianbo has been waiting for Zhao Hai information, looked at Zhao Hai to come, Mu Tianbo immediately/on horseback said : what kind of?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, puts out a piece jade slip to give Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo received jade slip, spiritual force searches toward, quick saw that battle plan, after having looked at the entire plan, on the face of Mu Tianbo also appears the smiling face, he nodded said : to be very good, this battle plan did was very good, person who I saw Divergent Technique, you were ready that momentarily left.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite elder feel relieved, our here can leave at any time, so long as the Divergent Technique coordination, I believe that this plan will certainly succeed.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : to get down the preparation, I believe that Divergent Technique will certainly agree with this plan.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked, Mu Tianbo was taking that battle plan, walked toward Assembly Hall of Divergent Technique. Assembly Hall here of Divergent Technique has the guard, Mu Tianbo to Assembly Hall outside, has just about to made that guard notify, heard the heart prison old person sound to transmit said : sky wave to come, came.” Mu Tianbo has complied with one, takes a step to walk toward Assembly Hall. Entered Assembly Hall, Mu Tianbo saw heart prison old person, besides heart prison old person, in Assembly Hall also person, stature very tall and big, beard of face, but was only the beard heavy a little, with Ritter that beast shape, his body did not wear an iron armor, the whole person stands in there, looked like a giant iron suacepan. Sees this person, Mu Tianbo had guessed correctly that the status of team, Siege Hammer Horkins, in Divergent Technique famous force Battle Force, super strong, defense strength is astonishing, he is a that strength falls the representatives of ten meetings. Mu Tianbo first is center of punch prison old person gave a salute, turns the head to see Horkins mister to Horkins gave a salute said :, the sky wave is courteous.” Horkins has measured Mu Tianbo one, this hugged to Mu Tianbo has held the fist in the other hand said : courteous.” Was not having the sound, this lets Mu Tianbo at heart cannot help but a anger, he is hundred treasure most has one of the power and influence elders, but Horkins unexpectedly such to him, how this makes him not get angry. However he has not displayed, but turns the head to heart prison old person said : Immortal, this is battle plan that we make, asking the elder to glance.” The heart prison elder also saw Horkins's performance, he does not have any expression, has not reproven Horkins, but he to Horkins is actually somewhat disappointed. Horkins was extremely arrogant, extremely in believing own strength, took this time matter, in his opinion, hundred treasure hurried hurried following was arriving at their here to come, was because hundred treasure have feared Weave Fire Clan, in his opinion, hundred treasure this behaviors escaped, if were he, he will remain to put together life and death with Weave Fire Clan. However Horkins has not actually thought that hundred treasure are not Divergent Technique, 1000 people of Immortal Stage Expert, regarding Divergent Technique, the wound will possibly arrive at the physique, but will not vacillate, but regarding hundred treasure, these 1000 Immortal Stage Expert, is actually very important, if real appears the too high hope, that hundred treasure were dangerous.

But Horkins has not seen these, he has regarded the behaviors of hundred treasure timidly, this is not the good phenomenon, especially regarding superior. Heart prison old person motionless sound received jade slip, spiritual force searched toward jade slip , the content in careful look at jade slip, some little time, heart prison old person puts down jade slip, turns the head look at Mu Tianbo, smiles said : sky wave, this plan is not you make? How do I feel spiritual force in this jade slip with your to be not quite same?” Mu Tianbo smiles said : this is not I makes, spiritual force really formidable of elder, this is our hundred treasure Zhao Hai lanes, how does the elder think?” Heart prison old person nodded said : plan to be very good, very detailed, we have not noted the detail to note, good sky wave, hundred treasure had a talented person.” The Mu Tianbo smile did not speak. Horkins actually somewhat puzzled look at heart prison old person, heart prison old person gave Horkins said : on the content according to jade slip to do jade slip, is prepared within three days.” Horkins although is arrogant, but regarding heart prison old person, actually does not dare to have slight violation, his immediately received jade slip, to heart prison old person gave a salute, even has not looked at the jade slip content, turn around walked, not with the meaning that Mu Tianbo greeted. Mu Tianbo looked at Horkins one eyes, shows a faint smile, has not cared, although he is angry very much, but will actually not offend Divergent Technique because of this matter. Sees Horkins's performance, heart prison old person in one time sighs darkly, what he has not explained to Mu Tianbo, but turns the head to Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, when do you prepare to leave?” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : the quicker the better, we must early hide, cannot Weave Fire Clan presently our trail, if they were prepared, that troubled.” Heart prison old person said : good, goes, you can leave at any time, so long as our here moves the general attack, I will give you to send the letter, when the time comes you are moving.” Mu Tianbo nodded, to a heart prison old person ritual, turn around walked. Heart prison old person looked at Mu Tianbo one, sighed said : looks like rising of hundred treasure is irresistible.”

Heart prison old person favors that plan that not only Mu Tianbo, Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai sends, making him see hundred treasure differences. The Divergent Technique present made war with Weave Fire Clan, moreover to Weave Fire Clan defense line there, some deep understanding, they even knows where Weave Fire Clan defense line there each small lives, but he had not thought that these thing will be useful, when he sees in Zhao Hai that prospectus, regarding the analyses of these small time, heart prison old person knows one have made a mistake, they the acquired these information were useful before, is very useful, but they do not have use well, but hundred treasure actually better has used these information. Thinks of here, heart prison old person in time sighing, slowly sat, he feels is very tired, his old, he felt, oneself soon arrived at the life the end, but the Divergent Technique here next generation leader, let his very not feel relieved, these have been used to arrogantly the Divergent Technique person, after this time war, feared the arrogance of returning, but this regarding Divergent Technique was not the good matter, leader who they need a good leader, to need to know the onset and retreat, but Horkins obviously was unqualified. Heart prison old person has closed the eye slowly, he felt that he should be Divergent Technique makes anything, in the final time of own life, is the Divergent Technique future makes anything! In the hall is very peaceful, nobody knows that old person of being on the verge of death is thinking anything. Mu Tianbo returned to the octagonal fort, his complexion was not quite attractive, arrives at the octagonal fort, his immediately looked for Zhao Hai, his look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, prepared, our immediately/on horseback left.” Zhao Hai although don’t know why such hurrying up, but he has not asked anything, but nodded said : well, but invited other elders and people must arrive at other Great Magical Artifact to come up, the old turtle because of cannot shrink, therefore can only receive.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : I to come to know that you completed by all means that have remembered, this time matter relationship to our hundred treasure honors.” Zhao Hai nodded turn around to walk....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;