Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1604

Chapter 529 is not the time One group of Weave Fire Clan people stand on their Monster Beast, after having flown the Weave Fire Clan left, piece forest, this could not be called in piece of forest, because of the here lofty tree, had almost been broken, the remnant fallen leaves, find at everywhere, tree that these are cut off, is some received Qi Strength to affect to be broken, although now key points of hundred treasure attacks in the right, but left here also received affects, but the fight right is not intense. That crowd of Weave Fire Clan person is scouting of Weave Fire Clan, they are responsible for defense line all around stand guard any, has a look has the person secretly from side to touch to defense line there goes. However under the eyes of these people hide, in that piece of broken forest, is actually stopping several about one meter long ship-shape Magical Artifact, these Magical Artifact underwent the camouflage, looks from outside looks like sections of breaks tree trunk, simply cannot bring to a attention. Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo, the Mu Yu three people stand in the top layer of pagoda, the Weave Fire Clan defense lines of three people of look at distant places, after now this pagoda looks like looks like a velamen discounts, stands in the stump of ground equipment, does not have the extraordinary place, no one will note, on this wooden stake unexpectedly in also has three also to want on some young people compared with the thumb. The Mu Tianbo look at Weave Fire Clan defense line, turns the head to smile said : to Zhao Hai not to think really that now changed small, looked that this Weave Fire Clan defense line actually such felt, probably one entered a giant world to be the same.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the everyone/Great Clan help words, I also made three Great Magical Artifact change small such long time, but was now good, tomorrow Divergent Technique should be the general attack time, we did not have what good worry.” Mu Tianbo nodded, deep voice said : this time is our hundred treasure first time works with them, must make them know, our hundred treasure not to be trifled with.” Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo nodded, at this time was one team of Weave Fire Clan people have flown from their heads, Mu Tianbo looked at these Weave Fire Clan people, sneered said : to look at these fellows also to be able rampant how long, these time must solve them.” At this time the distant place broadcast a sound of fighting, Zhao Hai they have been unalarmed by strange sights to this sound, although said tomorrow is the general attack time, but this time, Divergent Technique has not stopped regarding defense line here small range attack, for did not make the Weave Fire Clan person know the plan of Zhao Hai, if made the Weave Fire Clan person know this plan, that Zhao Hai they wanted to be difficult successfully. Mu Tianbo looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, transfers first year Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, I had a matter to the person tell, this time war, if as expected, that Weave Fire Clan will certainly defeat, but Divergent Technique also met the appears casualties, I wanted you these people who Divergent Technique died, turned into Undead Creature to me, can achieve?” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Tianbo such spoke of stares, pulling his puzzled look at Mu Tianbo, nodded said : to achieve afterward is not a problem, I also want such to do, but cannot turn into Undead Creature all the Divergent Technique people of dying, in that case, the matter Divergent Technique person could not find the corpses of these people, feared that was also a troublesome matter.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo cannot help but let out a long breath, calm one their mood, nodded right that said : you said that your look at office, as far as possible turns into Undead Creature to me the people of these Divergent Technique, if there are if possible, person who butchers several Divergent Technique, but do not make them know.” Zhao Hai nodded, Mu Yu is actually somewhat puzzled look at Mu Tianbo said : teacher, why is this?” That Horkins's good that Mu Tianbo coldly snorted said : you have not seen Divergent Technique, because this time we remove to the here matter, the fellow also suspends the face with me, naturally this is unimportant, more importantly, after I look at Divergent Technique , may be calculation that fellow will say, if really will be calculation that fellow will say, after not doing well us, will meet the conflict, we on first destroy completely their part strength in saying now.”

Zhao Hai and Mu Yu immediately understand what's the matter, is that Horkins was it seems like embarrassed to Mu Tianbo, but copes with Divergent Technique to is also no big deal. Original Mu Tianbo also prepares this time their motion, making Divergent Technique also send some people to participate, the appearance that but looks at Horkins, he has not proposed this, he knows, if he said that heart prison old person will certainly comply, however Horkins's that fellow feared that will look down upon him. However Mu Tianbo has not lain, he must cope with Divergent Technique not only also to leave the one breath to oneself, he felt that really later Divergent Technique may become hundred treasure enemies, he wants to have a look, when later Divergent Technique really with hundred treasure will be the enemy, when Zhao Hai the person who corpse release of these Divergent Technique people will deal with Divergent Technique, that can be any scene. Naturally, his these Undead Creature to Zhao Hai, has not reported the too high hope, but he knows that Zhao Hai in hand has the spear|gun, if lets these Divergent Technique Undead Creature, takes person who the spear|gun is coping with Divergent Technique, that effect will be better. Time long, one day quick on the past, next morning, all people will get up, has been ready, today Immortal Stage Expert of hundred treasure cannot in giving Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact provides any Spiritual Qi, other cultivator are not good, Zhao Hai has decided that some release Undead Creature come to provide Spiritual Qi to their Great Magical Artifact, but other cultivator, is responsible for dealing with these Weave Fire Clan small Interface people, naturally after hundred treasure clash randomly their defense line. These cultivator heard that finally had fight opportunity, each and every one happy could not result, they have no alternative but happy, such long time, this attack not to have their anything matter, when except for attacking the Weave Fire Clan defense line, they have input beside Spiritual Qi toward Great Magical Artifact, continuously idle, this made them feel aggrievedly very Currently finally has opportunity big show skill, they are really very happy, to be honest, comes out to go to war with Zhao Hai is very satisfying, if has stayed in Great Magical Artifact, almost not appears any casualties, but simultaneously, their make a move opportunity is also few, they do not even have Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature make a move opportunity to be many, this makes them feel itself uselessly. Looked at these person of in high spirit appearances, Zhao Hai has also smiled bitterly, his understand, why these people in going all out to be interested, their don’t know, meets the appears casualties with the person battle? The Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows that what he is thinking, he shows a faint smile said : to think that they is a little silly? Exits to go all out also such happy?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, has tacitly approved, Mu Yu smiled said : you not to understand them, opportunity that if this time war, they left if no, after when going back, how to go to receive an award? They were also embarrassed to lead often.” One hear of Mu Yu said that Zhao Hai to stares, he has not thought of this point , the Mu Yu look at Zhao Hai appearance, then said : said it, in their opinion, with Great Magical Artifact the opposite party defense line to chaotic, they exited not to have what to be dangerous, remained to pick up a bargain to chase down, that can appears many casualties, therefore they can not attack happily.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he has not thought of this point, he has smiled bitterly next step: I have not thought of these, but this is also good, the resistance when we really the Weave Fire Clan defense line ripping open, them have met should become will be very weak, should not have the too big casualties.” Mu Yu nodded said : hope so, if the real appears too big casualties, that may not be wonderful, therefore you must frequently attention they.” Zhao Hai nodded. In this time, Weave Fire Clan defense line there has been hearing the sound of intermittent fighting, that rumbling loud noise, their here hears clear, then cultivator in Weave Fire Clan defense line here each and every one camp, flew, toward Fang Jijin who Divergent Technique Realm Master attacks in the past, the left defense line here person were getting fewer and fewer.

The war starts didn't have long time, not big flying sword has flown into forest, fell in the hand of Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo received the jade sword, spiritual force searches toward, knew what's the matter, he turned the head to one side with Zhao Hai said : that Mu Yu they talked in whispers Little Hai, the Divergent Technique general attack to start, did we also begin?” Zhao Hai looked at a that place of battle, there turned into two groups of giant shadows, is killing in ripping that airborne kept, often had the explosive sound to transmit, often had each and every one black spots to fall from sky, Zhao Hai knows black spots that these fell was each and every one strength formidable cultivator. However he does not have the meaning that immediately sets out, but is deep voice said : returns to the words of elder, I think that should and so on, both sides although fight now in one, but the war has not arrived at the hottest time, the Weave Fire Clan person can definitely retreat, our impacts the best effect.” The Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai appearance, showing a faint smile suddenly, nodded said : well, that and so on, this opportunity you grasps.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, but other people actually stare, they have not thought that Mu Tianbo actually will say such words to Zhao Hai. Only then Mu Yu understand, Zhao Hai does not attack now, because besides the opportunity has not arrived, a reason, that wants to use the hand of Weave Fire Clan, consumed some Divergent Technique the strength, Mu Tianbo saw this point, will therefore say to Zhao Hai. On Great Magical Artifact no matter Immortal Stage Expert is ordinary cultivator, static standing in there, the battlefield of look at distant place, they also saw that two big group shadows now is getting closer and closer, the final two big group shadows soon turned into one in a big way to roll, just position, sometimes had the flame to emit, more and more black spots fell from sky. On Great Magical Artifact all cultivator will look at Zhao Hai one once for a while, when they want to take a look at Zhao Hai to dispatch troops, presently Zhao Hai unexpectedly has actually closed the eye, this makes all people hate the tooth to be itchy. So long as a small number of person feelings are startled, they have not thought Zhao Hai unexpectedly such can calm down, this was really too astonishing, Mu Tianbo somewhat was surprised. Their don’t know is, Zhao Hai is paying attention to the situation of warring parties through Space now, now both sides are evenly matched, what hits is inextricably involved, but Weave Fire Clan here, two Reserve Troops have not put into the fight, these two Reserve Troops are Weave Fire Clan the clansman horse, they do not put into the fight, if Zhao Hai their this clashes, feared that is proper does to use. However Zhao Hai to believes that Weave Fire Clan these two Reserve Troops feared was quick must put in the battlefield, because Divergent Technique today's attack was extremely violent, violent left beyond the imagination of Weave Fire Clan. Quick in which Reserve Troops opened, put into during the fight, but at this time in Space also received many cultivator, are many by the Weave Fire Clan habitat, Divergent Technique person naturally also many. Now in Space were also many dozens Divergent Technique, these Divergent Technique have some are is used to attack, some are used to defend, is some very formidable Divergent Technique. Finally, after both sides make war for three hours, Weave Fire Clan last Reserve Troops moved, they also returned to into the regiment, Zhao Hai knows, time. He has opened the eye fiercely, does not leave the person who a face worries, the hand wields, all Great Magical Artifact flew instantaneously, then immediately/on horseback lets loose to the normal size, then his release the old turtle, appears in the octagonal fort, under the leadership of old turtle, all Great Magical Artifact, has flushed away toward the battlefield.

Time retreat about one hour, heart prison old person has stood in the battlefield rear area, the static look at battlefield, his side on Horkins who a face is worrying. although hundred treasure did not have appears , but heart prison old person has not worried, he believes that hundred treasure meet appears , but hundred treasure are thinks probably the appears opportunity has not arrived. Heart prison old person carefully is observing the battlefield, why he wants to have a look at hundred treasure people to think that the time has not arrived, was quick he present, Weave Fire Clan Reserve Troops has not used unexpectedly, but this Reserve Troops population, has achieved the fifty thousand person unexpectedly, moreover all was Weave Fire Clan the clansman horse. The fifty thousand person, is adding on their Monster Beast, hundreds of thousands fighting strength, if they present hundred treasure attack, meets first to throw, even if will be dies they also to give to constrain hundred treasure, by that time Weave Fire Clan can arrange calmly, reason that it seems like that this will be hundred treasure did not have appears . although has guessed correctly these, what heart prison old person actually don’t know guess is correct, therefore he is observing, he wants to know that hundred treasure can think. Horkins has stood in the heart prison old person side, his understand, why heart prison old person has not made him attack, in knowing in his, Reserve Troops of Divergent Technique, this Reserve Troops population, in fifty thousand about, now the both sides in battlefield is evenly matched, they press, can defeat the Weave Fire Clan person, why heart prison doesn't old person make them move? He also and other these fellows of treasure? These cowards, their institute already frightened to jump. Heart prison old person also noted Horkins person appearance, to be honest, he now was really more and more disappointed, Horkins has not looked unexpectedly, the Weave Fire Clan also Reserve Troops matter, this disappointed him, but he was deep voice said : Horkins, should not be anxious, now is also not the time, and so on.” Horkins although understand does not wait for anything, but he nodded, was only killing aura is getting more and more heavy. At this moment, heart prison old person presently Weave Fire Clan Reserve Troops moved, in the heart prison old person heart moves, turns the head to look toward the Weave Fire Clan defense line left wing. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;