Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1605

Chapter 530 win heart prison old person looks toward the left wing of Weave Fire Clan defense line, presently there already appears piece of black spots, his at heart cannot help but one happy, but along with not only actually and knitting the brows head. What his happy has guessed right, hundred treasure were not does not dispatch troops, but before was, did not have when the time comes, Weave Fire Clan last Reserve Troops has not moved, therefore hundred treasure have not dispatched troops, they, when Weave Fire Clan last Reserve Troops moved, they dispatched troops. But knits the brows is actually fantastic that because, the opportunity of hundred treasure grasps, he also guessed, if the army that he comes command(er) hundred treasure, he self-examines unable to achieve this point, but hundred treasure have actually achieved, this makes the person of heart prison old person to hundred treasure dread. Afterward his two eyes cannot help but 1 u left firm radiance, but on hidden went in a flash, he turns the head to Horkins said : Horkins, you prepare, so long as person Charging Formation of hundred treasure succeeds, your immediately begins.” As soon as Horkins listened to heart prison old person saying that cannot help but gawked, he also turning the head cannot help but looked toward the Weave Fire Clan left wing, this looks actually presently, Weave Fire Clan left wing, piece of black spots, aggressive flushed toward here. Zhao Hai here moves, these cultivator ji of hundred treasure moved, but Mu Tianbo actually understand why Zhao Hai at this time did not move, but these cannon on these Great Magical Artifact, already outside a time outstretch artillery window, walked shooting that while kept, Mu Tianbo paid attention to next a point of descent of shell, presently this shell is falling on formation, gave destruction that formation ~. This presently lets Mu Tianbo cannot help but in time nod, compares these cultivator to come, these formation makes head painful, so long as because has formation that, Weave Fire Clan these cultivator, can operate these formation, with hundred treasure cultivator to war, so long as has destroyed these formation, that hundred treasure were coping with these Weave Fire Clan cultivator to be easier. Simultaneously Mu Tianbo also notes, Zhao Hai release a large number of sword shuttles, attack target of these sword shuttles, are these small camp of Weave Fire Clan, in these small camp present originally not many people, because in defense line, therefore camp defense capability is not very strong, these sword shuttles almost one has broken through small camp, has carried on the slaughter to inside cultivator. Naturally, at this time hundred treasure also part of cultivator from Great Magical Artifact, their target are also these small camp. But Great Magical Artifact present very fast, Mu Tianbo already present, now these Great Magical Artifact, does not break through compared with them, moment of Weave Fire Clan defense line is slow. Such, quick rushed to the battlefield, at this time these by the sword shuttle that Zhao Hai release went, also returned to side of fleet, by 13 Great Magical Artifact, was bringing the innumerable sword shuttles, flushed away toward Weave Fire Clan Battle Formation. Weave Fire Clan rubber also present Zhao Hai their charges, but they did not have the means to branch out the person to resist the charges of hundred treasure, can only eye look at hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact, give from one side maliciously their came.

Under the Weave Fire Clan person and attention of Divergent Technique person, Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure, looked like only crashes in the rhinocero of flock of sheep, simply did not have no thing to block them, many Weave Fire Clan people can only eye look at hundred treasure Magical Artifact, in their Great Formation, bloody roads. Army quantity although that Weave Fire Clan these time invests five hundred thousand, because of the reason of Divergent Technique to war, lineup already secret Ji, but at this time, was such flushed by hundred treasure, the person who light killed is countless, was adding on their lineups also to be removed disrupting of bottom. Before Weave Fire Clan person, knows the person who hundred treasure arrived at Divergent Technique encampment, they also want to go to Divergent Technique encampment there to have a look, having a look at hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact not to be, what a pity the protection of Divergent Technique was really too strong, opportunity that their simply has not examined. When hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact suddenly appears when their flank, their complete being thrown into confusion, even has not made the corresponding response, directly by hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact crashing in, Great Formation by thorough ripping open. But at this time, has paid attention to the intent battlefield situation heart prison old person, has sent out in hand last Reserve Troops, is led by Horkins, total Reserve Troops of fifty thousand person. Heart prison old person leaves behind Horkins's total Reserve Troops, prepared for this time, he wants to have a look at hundred treasure to be able before him thought such did, if hundred treasure can, when was most essential, carried on attack to Weave Fire Clan army, his Reserve Troops was the last straw that broke the camel's back. He has succeeded obviously very much, hundred treasure according to having done, moreover did was very good, one Weave Fire Clan defense line that he thought removing bottom has torn into shreds, at this time he pressed total Reserve Troops, was the most appropriate time. Weave Fire Clan cannot block Zhao Hai their impact, Battalion of several hundred thousand people, was flushed from the middle by the fleets of hundred treasure, they are the additional day are now weak. Formation one chaotic, army of Divergent Technique has pressed on seize the opportunity, but at this time before hundred treasure, these cultivator that release goes, also flushed, hundred treasure and Divergent Technique cultivator one Weave Fire Clan lineup to complete flushing chaotically, entire Weave Fire Clan army, the immediately four points five were crisp. If this time were only hundred treasure in the attack, that Weave Fire Clan army also will possibly insist, now what attacks was hundred treasure adds Divergent Technique army, this 2 Realms army upward pressure, Weave Fire Clan army could not withstand. These small of Weave Fire Clan, can be placed put on airs in hundred treasure front, thinks one are five side Upper Realm, compared with on hundred treasure high First Grade, they possibly will not surrender to the low grade person. However in adding on Divergent Technique did not have same, Divergent Technique with big Interface that Weave Fire Clan same level had, they before Divergent Technique Interface, always from feeling on low First Grade, before Weave Fire Clan and Divergent Technique tied, they can also loyal and devoted with Weave Fire Clan, but hundred treasure such flushed, Weave Fire Clan army immediately appeared the defeat has shown in this case, these small Interface immediately could not withstand, some strength small and weak small Interface started to be defeated and dispersed.

In the battlefield, being defeated and dispersed will provoke the chain-reaction, in the ancient times some were in commotion a saying, but in the fight of cultivator, although does not have anything to be in commotion, however that following blindly psychology of person exists, a person ran, some immediately people will run, especially these small Interface people, looked that some people ran, they also meet immediately/on horseback to run, regarding these small Interface people, besides to own Interface, to control their these big Interface, the loyal saying, these person also on has not been fights the running free war. Before hundred treasure and Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race wars, absolutely were Divergent Technique, can say that at that time hundred treasure had not appeared the defeat shape, moreover hundred treasure gave back to them to promise many advantage, this can call the battle formation, making these small Interface cope with Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race army with their together. Moreover hundred treasure in fight, performance has been very good, in army to Weave Fire Clan and great Spirit Race, besides driving drawing back returned to, encampment of hundred treasure, in the remaining fights, almost does not have any defeat most from the beginning, this has also given hundred treasure these small Interface confidence, making them have the confidence with hundred treasure to fight finally. But this Weave Fire Clan situation is not quite same, this Weave Fire Clan, is facing the attacks of two big most from the beginning, moreover they have almost not exceeded, was only resisting will the attacks of hundred treasure, before adding on Weave Fire Clan manner to generation great Spirit Race, has caused these small disaffection, wants to make these small fight to the end with their together, that was almost impossible. These small Interface draw back, regarding the attack of morale is very fatal, is adding on the lineup to be flushed chaotically, Weave Fire Clan army was finally chaotic. Zhao Hai has not thought must let off them, a fleet tone, in one time clashes toward Weave Fire Clan Battalion, waits for hundred treasure the fleets in Weave Fire Clan army, when time overrunning, Weave Fire Clan army, removed being defeated and dispersed of bottom. Divergent Technique and army of hundred treasure, like has actually taken the aphrodisiac, rushing of called, Weave Fire Clan army to raising torn to pieces. Zhao Hai received all Magical Artifact, the static look at battlefield, just had Immortal Stage Expert to resist them, however in front of fully horsepower Great Magical Artifact, these Immortal Stage Expert, in praying mantis arm, when car(riage). These Immortal Stage Expert of however hundred treasure also sent out, part was copes with Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, part was actually bursts the armed forces to chase down to these. Only then Mu Tianbo stands with Zhao Hai on the roof of octagonal fort, look at battlefield in great confusion, Mu Tianbo grew the tone, muttered said : to win!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, won, does the elder, want to see the person who Divergent Technique?”

Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : first to chase down these Weave Fire Clan people, butchered them as far as possible, now kills were more, later we when ran into them, will be more relaxed.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wields, 13 Great Magical Artifact, are adding on these sword shuttles, immediately separates, has carried on chasing down to these Weave Fire Clan cultivator, all also wants to tie a resistance Weave Fire Clan cultivator, immediately welcomed the impact of Great Magical Artifact. Has to recognize, Great Magical Artifact, when this tangled warfare, its impulse feared that , especially the opposite party does not have in no Great Magical Artifact situation, such impulse governing life. Original Weave Fire Clan also has some Great Magical Artifact, when with Divergent Technique to the war, Weave Fire Clan has regarded the bunker these Great Magical Artifact, was placed in the Great Formation forefront, time when Zhao Hai they flushed from one side, because their these Great Magical Artifact rotated insufficiently flexible, has not started, was far from any impulse, the fleet that was walloped gave to sink directly. Of without the means organizing effective counter-attack, remaining hundred treasure cultivator that only then one-sided slaughter, had already waited eagerly, Divergent Technique cultivator, looked like smells the shark of smell of blood to be the same, threw toward Weave Fire Clan these cultivator, did not overtake two words, struck to kill at the scene. But Zhao Hai to has not worried, command(er) old turtle roaming of slowly in battlefield, once for a while fires an artillery, more often, he in using to receive these cultivator corpses toward Space, turns into Undead Creature them, especially Divergent Technique cultivator corpse. At this moment, the sound of suddenly broken wind, a person's shadow stood in the top of octagonal fort afterward! To be continued!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;