Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1606

? Zhao Hai one startled, but his spiritual force very formidable, but when this person comes he actually does not have presently, if not this person does not have evil intention, intentional causing sound, feared that is when continuously this person arrived on Yama Ship, he presently, this person of very strong strength! Zhao Hai turns the head to look that presently comes person heart prison old person, Mu Tianbo also present heart prison old person, his face cannot help but changes, bows said : to see the elder to heart prison old person.” Zhao Hai also hastily gave a salute that pretended not to know, heart prison old person looked at Zhao Hai said : day bo, but this Zhao Hai?” Mu Tianbo nod said : „, Little Hai, sees the heart prison elder, the heart prison elder has borne my Master same time the person of high skill, can not to its impolite.” Zhao Hai appearance that pretends just to know salutes said : to see the heart prison elder to heart prison old person hastily.” Heart prison elder look at Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is very good, young man, you are very good, you are I see most have potential young man, is very good.” Zhao Hai salutes said : not being at all elder to praise hastily, the elder overpraised.” The heart prison elder suspended has blocked hand said : Zhao Hai, I did not praise you, but told the facts, young man do not study was so smooth, a little edges and corners was young man.” Zhao Hai embarrassed smiling , the heart prison elder actually laughs, turns the head to Mu Tianbo said : day bo, this fights is your merit, was very good, has this war to make the scratch coat, I ensure these time died.” Mu Tianbo one hear of heart prison elders said that cannot help but slightly stares, said : of face happy difficult Daoist priest to be then old you to want make a move? If you want, that Weave Fire Clan really died.” The heart prison elder shook the head said :not, my old, sixth branch after old did not move, this time I in make a move, the present world did not belong to your young man. One hear of he said that Zhao Hai at heart fierce felt fearful and apprehensive, he knows that this was his Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique to get up to do with, had the danger to come toward his here.

Zhao Hai just a vigilance, felt very hidden dark spiritual force raids Zhao Hai one intention one revolution toward him, his immediately notes, Mu Tianbo resembled oneself after saying that Zhao Hai understand this was heart prison old person is carrying on attack to him. Zhao Hai stares, afterward his immediately feels that this spiritual force formidable is unusual, is not he can contend now, his intention moves, immediately directs toward own mind in this spiritual force, really that spiritual force immediately pursues after his spiritual force, has killed. Zhao Hai sneering, spiritual force shrinks at heart, withdraw to in his Sentient, but that spiritual force just chased down, actually one hit on Great Formation. 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, protects Zhao Hai Sentient Great Formation any not to pass through spiritual force that Zhao Hai permits specially, wants to enter his Sentient, by 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation writing off. spiritual force although very formidable of heart prison elder however compares with 5 Elements Certain Kill Great Formation, actually must fall far short his spiritual force immediately strangling to death by five virtue Certain Kill Great Formation, then Five Elements Certain Kill Big Brother immediately/on horseback counter-attacks, seven orifices immediately of heart prison elder has flowed out the blood, but he hardly has actually suffered this, ting past. Zhao Hai spiritual release, in one time restored, he gains ground the look at heart prison elder, heart prison elder look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly, puts out a hand blood that scratched in the seven orifices to flow, young man to Zhao Hai deep voice said : of face alert, you did not use such anxiously, my oneself after will be one person of dying, but before wants dead , was Divergent Technique works.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at heart prison old person, heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai, forced smile said : you do not need to think strange, I am real old, I felt that I could not live too long time, but in Divergent Technique, does not have the who talent now, but hundred treasure there were actually abundance of capable people, no matter Mu Tianbo was you, may not many years of talented person, I only want to make you give loyalty to Divergent Technique with spiritual force from now, perhaps this Divergent Technique can also obtain the further show, otherwise, Divergent Technique cannot defend continually now.” Zhao Hai one hear of heart prison old person said that to stares slightly, he has not thought really that heart prison old person unexpectedly is for this reason therefore attack he, but he has not relaxed vigilantly, who knew when he relaxes, heart prison old person will not give him to come ruthlessly. The heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, forced smile said : does not need to be worried I in planning you, that Great Formation in your Sentient, will not be your arrange? What chance should have to obtain? That Great Formation your control, he deferred to the instinct helped you block attack, backlash enemy, is right?” Zhao Hai although wants not to say right, but he actually knows that this matter could not deceive heart prison old person, therefore he has not made noise, heart prison old person has smiled bitterly, beckoned with the hand, Mu Tianbo restored instantaneously, he resembled simply don’t know to live any matter, deep voice said : „, the elder you were still not old, now needs your make a move time.” Zhao Hai dull look at Mu Tianbo, he has not thought, heart prison old person such formidable, Mu Tianbo obviously [say / way], actually also point also don’t know.

Heart prison old person has smiled bitterly next step to Mu Tianbo: Day bo, my will die soon, if make a move, that will only make quicker, therefore my this time really not make a move that I die, day bo, I at a here request person matter, if later Divergent Technique has any difficulty, asked you to look in the face of my this old fogy, must help Divergent Technique.” Mu Tianbo one hear of heart prison old person said that cannot help but slightly stares, his do not understand why heart prison old person suddenly these many, but he polite said : elder, Divergent Technique compared with hundred treasure strong over a hundred times, what matter even if had, is Divergent Technique looks after our hundred treasure, how possibly to let our hundred treasure attendance Divergent Technique? Did you speak incorrectly?” Heart prison old person looked at Mu Tianbo one, shook the head said : I not to mean that makes hundred treasure help Divergent Technique, but said that makes you help Divergent Technique.” Speaking of here heart prison old person also to sweep Zhao Hai one. Looked at the heart prison old person look, Mu Tianbo one on understand, heart prison old person feared that settled on the Zhao Hai potential, later had any matter, asking him to help is false, asking Zhao Hai to help real! If makes others know that Mu Tianbo such idea, will certainly be surprised, Zhao Hai now is who? However is Divided Spirit Stage Expert, such Expert in other small possibly is also a character, however in Divergent Technique big Interface, was actually considered as anything like this. However Mu Tianbo did not think that heart prison old person this speech has any excessive place, because of strength completely understand of Mu Tianbo to Zhao Hai, his very clear, Zhao Hai strength very formidable, now although is Divided Spirit Stage, but must discuss true fighting strength to come, he be too more than general Immortal Stage Expert, did not say other, the light is his Great Magical Artifact attacks, feared that is hundred treasure wants to block is not easy. Hundred treasure although have Great Magical Artifact, however their Great Magical Artifact are actually uses by many people, moreover what fever is Crystal Stone, however Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact obviously is not, he can also these Undead Creature energy centralized on Great Magical Artifact, as the matter stands is these Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure is also absolutely can't compare with, in this case, hundred treasure want to block Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, can only use the Great Magical Artifact pile, to be honest is this, he not too big confidence. If Zhao Hai in the future became Immortal Stage Expert, he can by his Great Magical Artifact more often, when the time comes Zhao Hai formidable, such person, anybody not have qualifications underestimated he. Thinks through these, Mu Tianbo immediately/on horseback elder so said to heart prison old person said :, day bo natural your command, if later Divergent Technique has the need day bo make a move place, day bo will certainly not decline.” The heart prison elder nodded, deep voice said : „, if on thanks a lot you, these two Command Token gives your gift.” Said that he has thrown to they two circular silver Command Token. Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo received Command Token to size up, presently this is a piece very ordinary Command Token, divides the pro and con, on writes a heart character, on writes a prison character, looks like very ordinary, but Zhao Hai sizes up these two Command Token with Mu Tianbo time, actually presently the differences of these two Command Token, most from the beginning look like ordinary, but looked at the time to grow, presently, the character on this Command Token, probably Magic will be the same, making your spiritual force unconscious hidden enter.

Their greatly surprised, has taken back own spiritual force hastily, does not dare in looking at that Command Token, heart prison old person look at their appearances, has shown a faint smile said :to take, in these two Command Token seal separately my spiritual force, my spiritual force is out of the ordinary, the people of all Divergent Technique know that sees Command Token such as to see me, is taking this Command Token, some people will not doubt your identities, if some people dare to doubt your identities, therefore the Divergent Technique person strikes. Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo only know that this Command Token important xing, this Command Token really has the so big use, this stems from their unexpected. look at their appearances, heart prison old person showed a faint smile, turns the head to look at Zhao Hai said : Zhao Hai, your spiritual force was very strong, the old man wants to receive you to do to close disciple, can you want?” One hear of heart prison old person said that no matter Zhao Hai or Mu Tianbo greatly surprised, heart prison is old person who? Divergent Technique most has the elder of power and influence, he must receive Zhao Hai for the disciple, that Zhao Hai immediately will be great increase in price, moreover he must receive is not ordinary disciple, but closes disciple, regarding any cultivator, this closed disciple is almost Legacy teaches other people on equal to, that status absolutely was not ordinary, even can say, so long as Zhao Hai complied, in Divergent Technique, can stir up the Zhao Hai person to be few. Do not look that heart prison old person immediately was dying, but these years he in Divergent Technique here, but has helped countless person pass through Heart's Demon, the promotion strength, these he has helped person, later when meeting his disciple, naturally will look, that is a very enormous strength, Divergent Technique here also really nobody dares to come to offend Zhao Hai directly. Zhao Hai dull look at heart prison old person, he currently real incredulity prison old person has any bad attempt, however his Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique not to feel that any danger, this lets him some confidence prison old person, at once he has been in the contradiction to be continued!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;