Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1607

Mu Tianbo responded first, he looked at Zhao Hai one, turns the head look at heart prison old person said : elder, do not crack a joke? Can you receive Little Hai to be the apprentice really? Don't you want to let Little Hai join to Divergent Technique?” The Zhao Hai look at heart prison elder, to be honest, he now is also also thinking that this issue, he does not know that the Dao Heart prison elder wants to receive him to be the apprentice, wish lets his join to Divergent Technique. although Zhao Hai does not oppose join Divergent Technique, but the premise is, he must maintain the status that hundred treasures manage, in other words he wants to work as one to hold the person of two countries nationality. The heart prison elder shook the head said : I not to think that Zhao Hai is still the Divergent Technique person, but he is also my apprentice, if day of Divergent Technique had any matter, he can help.” Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, somewhat puzzled look at heart prison elder, Mu Tianbo some little time somewhat scruple said : elder, why you have thought that what matter Divergent Technique certainly will have?” The heart prison elder turned the head to look at these to chase down a Weave Fire Clan Divergent Technique people, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you looked the situation of now Divergent Technique was what kind of?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that heart prison Elder Assembly asked this question, but he was replied honestly said : was very good, was the fresh flower the brocade, the raging fire boiled the oil the time.” The heart prison elder nodded good that said : you said that so long as this time has destroyed completely Weave Fire Clan, in entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, can after not be many for the Interface oneself of enemy with our Divergent Technique, five side Upper Realm other three ~ could with us for the enemy, but actually cannot threaten us, what I am worried is another place!” One hear of heart prison elders said that Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo have cannot help but gawked, then they mutually looked at one, facial expression that saw understanding clearly from the opposite party eye. Looked that Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo such expression heart prison elder to has gawked, then his deep voice said : you know that is where? Does that place ask you to make a bet also inadequately?” Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai looked at one mutually, finally also shook the head, is a character has not said that looked that their appearance heart prison elder on understand this said that place truly found hundred treasure, and has made a bet with them, but how the result, actually cannot say. Heart prison elder mind shook his suddenly to think of a point, if hundred treasure made a bet with Tower of Babel, why also had the time to cope with Weave Fire Clan? They should prepare to greet gambling to be approximately right fully, if they made a bet lost, Tower of Babel person, will not make hundred treasure make this type to have the matter of profit to them very much, lived such for a long time regarding the Tower of Babel there person is any welldoing, heart prison old person was clear, hundred treasure such make Tower of Babel person look at not to manage. But now they such have actually done, this expressed that Tower of Babel will not intervene this matter, but this possibility only then one type of explained that hundred treasure have won Tower of Babel. Have they won Tower of Babel? This possibility? Heart prison old person a little by the guess of Zhao Hai frightening, but looked Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo that he unemotionally to believed this point. Heart prison old person let out a long breath, has not been testing them, but thinks that sound said : and however you had guessed correctly that place that I told you, good was that place, if we have destroyed completely Weave Fire Clan, I will not let off Divergent Technique that place, if I have been having an accident, that Divergent Technique will possibly suffer a loss.” What Mu Tianbo wanted saying that actually beckoned with the hand by heart prison old person stopping, heart prison old person looked at Mu Tianbo one, deep voice said : day bo, you spoke the truth with me, how did you see to Horkins this person?”

Mu Tianbo stares, then slightly some scruple, then said :Horkins mister brave fierce courageous, the military force is extraordinary, fighting strength formidable, is Expert that ten-thousand realms battlefield here became famous. Heart prison old person nodded not wrong, Horkins who said : you said truly is brave fierce courageous, the military force is extraordinary, but he was too bravely was fierce, foolhardy, he was the military force was too strong, therefore made him start the mi letter military force to solve all, but some matters, were actually not the military force can be solved, if, he met Tower of Babel, you said that will be what kind of?” Mu Tianbo has hesitated, he could not have thought that really Horkins will be what kind, according to Horkins's character, he will possibly do with Tower of Babel! Thinks that this result, Mu Tianbo has cannot help but gawked, because thinks that Horkins's character, his first inference is Horkins may lift the strength and Tower of Babel Divergent Technique entire does, that final result how, Mu Tianbo will fear that does not need to want also to know. Heart prison old person look at Mu Tianbo, deep voice said :you thought that Horkins will possibly make war with Tower of Babel, this matter he could do, but this exactly was the worst one type of result, by the Divergent Technique present strength, simply unqualified makes war with Tower of Babel, that will bring the total destruction to Divergent Technique. Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai were silent, this words they do not have the means to reply that heart prison old person does not want to make them reply, his then said : „, but in these people of Divergent Technique, sole a little can also had Horkins, this was the place that I most was worried about.” Successor uninhabited! Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo at heart simultaneous flashed through this word, the heart prison elder sighed said : successor uninhabited that Divergent Technique now on some successor uninhabited, therefore I to your two Command Token, am when necessary, you can hold Command Token to act to change Horkins's some erroneous decisions, simultaneously I received Zhao Hai for the disciple \; first, because of his innate skill, two must give him this kind of status, this was his not join to Divergent Technique, in the Divergent Technique here speech also unyielding a little.” Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo were silent, they have not thought really that unexpectedly what heart prison old person moves is such thoughts, how they real don’t know must reply now. Heart prison old person look at their appearances, sighed said : these time to receive Little Hai for the disciple, I was the sincerity, I have inferred, my lifespan oneself after was about two years, two years later I went, can govern Horkins in also nobody, by that time Divergent Technique will turn into one and any appearance in Horkins's in hand, some of my really worries.” Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, then to heart prison old person said : elder, if you did not let Little Hai join to Divergent Technique, I agreed that he did obeisance your teacher.” Zhao Hai has not thought unexpectedly really Mu Tianbo can comply such quickly he to has not been angry, but turns the head look at heart prison old person, heart prison old person look at they, show a faint smile said : your feel relieved, I will mean what he says will not make Little Hai join time matters end to Divergent Technique and other absolutely, I announced to everyone/Great Clan.” Said personal appearance flashes, vanish from sight. Zhao Hai face paid attention dignifiedly around, simultaneously makes Liquid Silver also pay attention to bite around, heart prison old person truly was oneself passes through, Zhao Hai then turned the head to Mu Tianbo said : elder, did I want Bai Xinyu old person teacher really?” The Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai appearance, forced smile said : naturally must do obeisance, I said that your youngster isn't content? Your don’t know many people must do obeisance this heart prison old person teacher not to pay a return visit you now, you have such opportunity, does not understand to treasure unexpectedly, if makes others hear, has not inflated dead.”

Zhao Hai curled the lip said : I not to think, heart prison old person uses, but Divergent Technique, I meet Divergent Technique, regarding Divergent Technique in energetic aspect is not being good at, what can he teach me?” Zhao Hai is not energetic Divergent Technique, his meeting, but he regarding the heart prison old person strength very dreaded that because this type dreaded, therefore Zhao Hai does not want Bai Xinyu old person teacher. Mu Tianbo looked at Zhao Hai one, forced smile said : Little Hai, you did not understand that heart prison old person this person, do not think his present benign countenance, if just we really did not comply to make you be his apprentice, perhaps his immediately will arrange the person to meeting us, even copes with entire hundred treasure, Little Hai, you must remember, why heart prison old person called heart prison name, is not because the heart may enter Heaven one, because the heart may enter Hell one, this can be led into the heart to be possible for a lifetime to enter the Heaven person by him to be too few, conversely., Sent in the Hell person by him, actually extremely numerous, moreover a little you must pay attention, person who these pass through his spiritual force promotion strength, to his very loyal, extremely dependent, therefore do not think that he uses spiritual force to enhance your strength, really for your own good, perhaps that is one type of don't class attack style.” Zhao Hai face changes said : elder you knows these, why can also make me do obeisance his teacher? Wasn't that too dangerous?” Mu Tianbo sighs said : „I am is dragging now, can drag some time is some time, moreover you must pay attention, in the words that he spoke has some possibly real, the issue about his lifespan, his lifespan possibly really was not quite long, Immortal Stage Expert of this ten-thousand realms battlefield most longevity is not nonsense, his live time is not truly short, what even if he eats Heaven and Earth Treasure to continue his life, feared that was also soon to the oil completely lamp dry situation, if we can drag to his lifespan completely, that on what matter. Has solved, moreover before him, regarding Divergent Technique the appraisal of that Horkins's is very good, that Horkins to the feeling of person truly is such, but is Horkins such person, I to somewhat said that , this matter you did not want to add certainly in brief carefully.” Zhao Hai looked at Mu Tianbo one, has hesitated, but open the mouth and said: Elder, just his oneself durable spiritual force attack our time, at that time you not careful had incurred actually, because my spiritual force has the protection of Strength of Faith, therefore does not have the move, moreover I in presently the place of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Secret Art, but also simultaneously obtained formation, this formation does to use in Sentient, this formation my Sentient protecting, him in attack my Sentient, in the formation counter-attack by my Sentient, had been shaken has bled profusely from the head, he said these words, has relieved to your Spiritual Attack.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Mu Tianbo cannot help but face changes, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what you said is really?” Zhao Hai nodded said : absolutely real, I do not dare to spread the elder you.” Mu Tianbo knit the brows said : worthily with the Master Old Monster thing at the same time, the strength is formidable, linked me unexpectedly unknowingly his planning, really if you counter-attacked made him bleed profusely from the head, these words that he speaks today, a mule 80% possibly were the truth.” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo deep voice said : his can not live on much longer, moreover he cannot break through Sentient of person, in other words, so long as you, he is very carefully difficult to cause anything to injure to you, since he does not have the means to injure you, that is wish of sincerity receives you for the disciple, was Divergent Technique leaves a leeway, to be honest, heart prison old person although could be called is vicious and merciless, but he regarding Divergent Technique was loyal and devoted.” Zhao Hai has hesitated, nodded said : this to be also good, so long as I guard against him carefully, will not have the matter, I to have a look at him to do.” During speeches, outside fight oneself after reaching last act, hundred treasure and Divergent Technique the allied armies, oneself after army complete routing of Weave Fire Clan, this fight, lets person very satisfied finally, hundred treasure only then less than thousand people of casualties, but the casualties of Divergent Technique big a point, the total person of casualties has achieved more than 10,000, near twenty thousand person. Naturally, their victories also similarly very Cai'er, kills the Weave Fire Clan person eighty thousand, surplus retreated, can say , if not quick, Zhao Hai their victories that the Weave Fire Clan person runs big.

However Weave Fire Clan after hundred treasure there received the twice setback, study was intelligent, they looked that the lineup was flushed chaotically, these small have also been defeated and dispersed, immediately turn around ran, to be honest, with various Monster Beast Weave Fire Clan, this runs, but also is very difficult to overtake, because of this, their losses so will be small. Can say this although repelling Weave Fire Clan, but to hitting to take them, frightens they, very long section of road must walk, must know the Weave Fire Clan these many years accumulations, is not this simple weaponry can solve. Hundred treasure returned to of person each and every one one face happy on Great Magical Artifact, has rested on Great Magical Artifact, but the people of these Divergent Technique, looked the looks of these people now hundred delimitations also changed. Hundred treasure these time arrives at Divergent Technique here, was looked down upon by the person of many Divergent Technique, are many with the person of Horkins same idea, although said that now in Divergent Technique here, heart prison old person or one word is as heavy as nine tripods, speaks ten to be in charge to use, but Divergent Technique here normally a lot were Horkins have been processing now, but Horkins this character, affected Weave Fire Clan some people, therefore they naturally did not look at over a hundred treasure. However today's fight, making them experience hundred treasure uncommon places, exactly said that was makes them experience hundred treasure these Great Magical Artifact uncommon places. After should on all hundred treasure person returned to Great Magical Artifact, Horkins unexpectedly unprecedented arrived on Yama Ship to pay a visit Mu Tianbo, Horkins arrived on Yama Ship, immediately held the fist in the other hand to Mu Tianbo, then laughed said : Elder Mu, Horkins was courteous, before any place of failure in politeness, but also please wash long Old Hai to contain.” Horkins can say that to is makes Mu Tianbo stare slightly, he has not thought that Horkins is so direct, to be honest, he to somewhat liked on Horkins to be continued!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;