Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1608

How idea of base sentiment spread all around, but actually this with base sentiment not point relationship, this is the one type of man's appreciation to the man, you can say that Horkins is a qualified leader, but you have no alternative but recognize, he to be a very outstanding man. His perhaps not politics, is not skilled to plan, but he has man all courageous spirit, he looks down upon the coward, when he presently makes a mistake, he can brave recognize his mistake, be able to face up to his mistake, this is a very great matter. Mu Tianbo look at Horkins laughed said : Huo Chang Old Lady to be polite, come, in requested personally.” Said that made Horkins enter Yama Ship. although said that they most open such as the dull place in the octagonal fort, but octagonal fort there cannot make others go at will, therefore reception person time, generally on Yama Ship. Mu Tianbo asked Horkins to arrive in the Yama Ship cabin, this cabin was process specially transform, seemed like a very beautiful lobby. Horkins enters the cabin, looked at all around one, nodded said : Elder Mu, to be honest, I also really very much envy your hundred treasure the Great Magical Artifact, was really too attractive, if our Divergent Technique also had such Great Magical Artifact, after that if I went on a journey, I do not want to make Transmission Formation.” Mu Tianbo laughs, after inviting Horkins sits down, to Horkins said : Huo Elder, don’t know this time you comes to have what matter?” Horkins shows a faint smile said : matter to not to have anything, but pays a visit Elder Mu, this time we can obtain such win, had been lucky Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure, how I can not defeat see.” Mu Tianbo one hear of Horkins said that cannot help but has gawked, deep voice said : Huo Chang Old Lady is polite, we are the allies, naturally must deal with the common enemy, this is we should help, moreover this fights our although victory, but Weave Fire Clan is not a rebel ability does not have, we are more careful to well.” Horkins laughs said : Elder Mu not to need to be worried, this Weave Fire Clan person already, although strength/Origin Qi has damaged severely, moreover their under the hand/subordinate these small Interface ran first, later Weave Fire Clan in wants to draw in these small Interface somewhat to be difficult, feel relieved, our definitely can in one vigorous effort Weave Fire Clan expelling the ten-thousand realms battlefield.” One hear of Horkins said that the Mu Tianbo cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, he thought Horkins to the current situation, it is estimated that was extremely optimistic, Weave Fire Clan has managed these many years in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, moreover is one of the five side Upper Realm, impossible, because a failure cultivates all initial capitals light, moreover this motion is also the alliance motions of three Interface, to be honest, to tidy up the Weave Fire Clan person in a short time, is not that easy.

However looks at now Horkins's appearance, has remembered proud to fill obviously, feared that spoke to him these words, he has also turned a deaf ear, now Mu Tianbo to really the worries of some Ming Xin prison old person. Heart prison old person has said that Horkins was in this generation in Divergent Technique the most outstanding character, but now Horkins's performance, is really not much. Mu Tianbo recognize, Horkins perhaps is a person of good man, but he actually not necessarily is qualified superior, qualified superior, so arrogantly will not have a low opinion of the enemy absolutely. Horkins looked that Mu Tianbo has not spoken, knows that Mu Tianbo somewhat was worried, he cannot help but secret curling the lip, to be honest, he very much admires regarding the strengths of hundred treasure, but regarding Mu Tianbo, he actually somewhat cannot have a liking, in his opinion, Mu Tianbo was extremely overcautious, not like a man. Horkins deep voice said : Elder Mu feel relieved, I ensure quick will defeat Weave Fire Clan, naturally, the full coordination of this need hundred treasure is good.” Mu Tianbo looked at Horkins one eyes, deep voice said : invited Huo Elder feel relieved, hundred treasure had the big enmity with Weave Fire Clan originally, how we possibly gave up this revenging opportunity, we fully will certainly coordinate Divergent Technique, tidying up Weave Fire Clan well.” Horkins laughs said : well, had Elder Mu these words my feel relieved, Elder Mu invited feel relieved, I ensure helped your hundred treasure report this big enmity, I first said goodbye.” Said that stands to hold the fist in the other hand to Mu Tianbo, turn around outward walks, Mu Tianbo stands to see off hastily, after Horkins sends off, Mu Tianbo Zhao Hai and Mu Yu calls in the living room, he frowns said : lightly Little Hai, the small feather, your nearest/recent must pay attention to a point, person who must pay attention to protect our hundred treasure, I presently now the person of Divergent Technique these successfully to the fainted brains, Weave Fire Clan was called king dominate in ten-thousand realms battlefield here these many years, impossible on this skill, careful some for good.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to invite elder feel relieved, we will not be separated from Divergent Technique friendly from the motion, even if Weave Fire Clan wants sneak attack we, does not have opportunity.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, is certainly careful, Weave Fire Clan these fellow friendly Ba Ganti, the war perhaps just will not start.”

Zhao Hai has not made noise with Mu Yu , they to are agreed that Mu Tianbo words, Weave Fire Clan Ghost Spirit Realm is different, Ghost Spirit Realm is place of chaotic war big Interface, but also to the place of chaotic war, Ghost Spirit Realm in the place of there chaotic war domain is not very big, can say that the strategic depth is not big, in adding on hundred treasure had made at that time the completely safe preparation, and other big together moves, like this can that quick on gives to compel on the dead end Ghost Spirit Realm. But Weave Fire Clan is different, is one of the five side Upper Realm, their domains be much bigger than Ghost Spirit Realm, the strategy is vertical, is adding on Weave Fire Clan fighting strength to be very good, their Monster Beast take the helper, such Weave Fire Clan be more formidabe than ghost Spirit Race, in this case, wants the quick solution Weave Fire Clan, is almost impossible. Moreover Zhao Hai also knows that although Weave Fire Clan has defeated in their here, however in the other aspect, actually sword keeping off in there, having made sword want to tread previous step very difficult. Zhao Hai is very confident to own Great Magical Artifact, but Great Magical Artifact is not multipurpose, Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact charges is very formidable, but currently had some Interface in trying to find the solution copes with this Great Magical Artifact, they will find the way to block Great Magical Artifact attack with some Magic Formation, similarly, they can also become the lineup very loose, then when the Great Magical Artifact impact, they can carry on the suitable avoidance, Zhao Hai knows, after Great Magical Artifact, such to Battle Formation of enemy batters before the imagination, the directness on gives the day of ruining to fear that Battle Formation of enemy will be will not be many, because now Weave Fire Clan Makes the war, from starting plane trigonometry, four square-shaped formation wait / etc. Great Formation, slowly transformed to three-dimensional Magic Great Formation. Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated this transformation, Battalion of several hundred thousand people, one, but forms loose Rubik's Cube **, then the impact of Great Formation, will become not that big Might, they Spiritual Qi, will have attack xing. But now no matter Horkins or Mu Tianbo, extremely in believing Great Magical Artifact Might, this is not the good phenomenon, one, but day of Great Magical Artifact Might changed lowered, not having the means to form to threaten to these greatly, then regarding the attack of morale was very fatal. However what lets Zhao Hai happy is, Mu Tianbo like Horkins, to the fainted brains, he regarding the Weave Fire Clan strength very had not been dreaded successfully, but this type dreaded that absolutely is not because Great Magical Artifact possibly cannot unfold corresponding doing to use, because since to five side Upper Realm dreading, has been able saying that this is one type of is used to xing to make it so. Zhao Hai looked at Mu Tianbo said : elder, some of my also matters must tell you, this matter relationship to Great Magical Artifact.” Mu Tianbo one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately anxious, his quickly said: What matter Great Magical Artifact does What happened? have?” Zhao Hai shakes the head said : Great Magical Artifact not to have what matter, was only I present some issues.” Said that Zhao Hai has put out computer, opens computer, when their front immediately appears today's fight situation, these projection three-dimensional, Zhao Hai command(er) projection said : elder please look, today most from the beginning Weave Fire Clan and Divergent Technique engagement time, their lineups are this appearance, this lineup is not the ordinary plane lineup, but is a somewhat three-dimensional lineup, moreover lineup very loose, is adding on their also two Reserve Troops, if at this time, we used Great Magical Artifact to carry on the impact on their Great Formation, that certain will not obtain many big. The victory, below was I uses computer simulate to send out the situation that Great Magical Artifact attacked the Weave Fire Clan lineup at that time.” Said that Zhao Hai has manipulated several on computer, the picture on screen one changed.

Sees hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact suddenly appears , direct Weave Fire Clan Great Formation flushes away, however at that time, Weave Fire Clan two Reserve Troops still, Zhao Hai their Great Magical Artifact rushed, Weave Fire Clan Reserve Troops immediately moved, two Reserve Troops had the eighty thousand person scarlet, flushed toward Zhao Hai here, simultaneously their in hand actually left each and every one formation disk, then they on the Great Magical Artifact advancing road, put down these formation disk, started formation disk. Before long in hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact front on appears formation disk Great Formation, but Great Magical Artifact although of hundred treasure broke through formation disk Great Formation, but actually probably was slow, but had this point time cushion, Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, immediately has made the adjustment, that Great Formation split opening unexpectedly slowly, has let the impact of Great Magical Artifact, but they and war between Divergent Technique has not actually stopped. After waiting has let Great Magical Artifact, then these Weave Fire Clan Reserve Troops, in one time have put out massive formation disk formation flag, prepares to greet the attack of Great Magical Artifact at any time, but their lineups restored, probably is any matter has not lived to be the same. Then Great Magical Artifact transferred a head, when one time flushes away toward Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, welcomed Weave Fire Clan Reserve Troops formation disk and formation flag, moreover this formation disk and formation flag are more, Great Magical Artifact became was also slower, Weave Fire Clan Great Formation even can calmly change, will carry on to Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure has counterattacked. But at this time, hundred treasure cultivator Battalion, if rushes, that Lower Realm, their simply will certainly not have the means with Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, was repelled is natural.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;