Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1609

Chapter 534 changes military strategy The Mu Tianbo dull look at front computer picture, although finally hundred treasure and Divergent Technique in the picture has gained the victory finally, the price of however paying is actually very big, even army of entire hundred treasure, has paid about half representative, finally can Weave Fire Clan repelling. But Weave Fire Clan does not burst several, but retreats! Naturally most makes Mu Tianbo be worried, in the picture doing of Great Magical Artifact with was almost fallen lowly. During this computer deduction, Zhao Hai 13 Great Magical Artifact, doing that plays with is very small, because of Weave Fire Clan Battle Formation very convenient and Spiritual Qi, Great Magical Artifact, no matter clashes from there, they will have the time change, evades the impact of Great Magical Artifact, even the Great Magical Artifact victory, might as well the build is finally exquisite, flexible incomparable sword shuttle. Mu Tianbo is not one does not know person who soldier, he looked that the deduction on screen knows, this deduction does not come carelessly, but is the Weave Fire Clan person can achieve this point. Miserable that such reason that this Weave Fire Clan person can defeat, is mainly because before them, Great Magical Artifact of although to hundred treasure has guarded, but they do not think that their left wing can have the matter, because they sent the massive manpower to do an inspection in their left wings, finally is anything does not have presently, therefore they have thought their left wing was very safe, therefore finally in fighting most intense, they own two Reserve Troops invested into the fight during, before the same time, their prepare loose lineup, by unconscious compaction, because like this, therefore they finally. Meets the disastrous defeat. However this disastrous defeat also let their casualties about the eighty thousand person, they have calculated with Zhao Hai most from the beginning, can make the Weave Fire Clan casualty hundreds of thousands people of situations different. It can be said that the loss of Weave Fire Clan must be short about half compared with minimum that they estimated most from the beginning, this was in hundred treasure when most appropriate mobile relationship, otherwise the loss of Weave Fire Clan feared that is will be less. Waits for Zhao Hai the time that computer receives, Mu Tianbo complexion one after another changed several times, did he turn the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, the Weave Fire Clan person grasped the change of that lineup really? Can they use that type formation that really prevents Great Magical Artifact to attack?” Zhao Hai nodded, a hand revolution, has put out person of formation disk, this formation disk is not big, diameter about one meter, does not need to use formation flag to coordinate, it can be said that formation disk of this one type of independent employment, very convenient. Zhao Hai has given Mu Tianbo said : formation disk elder, this is I formation disk that gets so far as from several Weave Fire Clan person in hand, moreover I also personally inquired Weave Fire Clan Undead Creature, this formation disk was past Spirit Race manufactures, to cope with Great Magical Artifact, because Spirit Race ruined their encampment to feel very angry regarding us, therefore manufactured this thing, studied formation disk usage very simple, moreover manufactured not to be difficult, now Weave Fire Clan already in large-scale produce.” Mu Tianbo has stood, transferred two on the ground, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Weave Fire Clan to achieve these really?”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Now they possibly could not have achieved, but, certainly can achieve, elder not presently? The fight of this several times, Weave Fire Clan the battlefield in enhancement slowly, this facilitated them to establish this enormous three-dimensional Battle Formation.” Mu Tianbo has gawked, then he to nodded, today's fight he participates personally, naturally knows that the situation in battlefield, Mu Tianbo knows what Zhao Hai said is right. However this also makes him worried, such that if said to Zhao Hai , after that Weave Fire Clan, at war, certainly careful, Might that by that time Great Magical Artifact can wield feared that was can smaller. although said that doing of Great Magical Artifact with like tank, can rip open the defense line of enemy, the environment that but Great Magical Artifact is after all different from the tank, the tank makes the war in the ground, enemy who they must face, is in front of come from, moreover their enemy impossible immediately to fly, or immediately sinks to underground goes, as the matter stands they naturally can rip open the defense line of enemy. But Great Magical Artifact in Space, their enemies is formidable cultivator, these cultivator can upward fly, can downward sink, can toward right, fly in any direction toward left, so long as that direction is spatial, they can fly. If Weave Fire Clan has used that very loose lineup, that Great Magical Artifact Might by big reduction. But Weave Fire Clan may such do very much, because their originally has a grudge with hundred treasure, but hundred treasure present forms of combat, with Great Magical Artifact to the lineup of chaotic enemy, are chasing down the enemy. However similar their such forms of combat, were known very well, all with the person who hundred treasure have a grudge, is thinking breaks their this attack ways, even if their some allies also in thinking to break their forms of combat, but on the current situation, Weave Fire Clan the mentality is very correct. Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai does said : what office have to cope to these fellows?” Zhao Hai nodded said : now our hundred treasure strengths not to be strong, cannot consume like this, therefore I prepare, when copes with hundred treasure, making everyone/Great Clan from Great Magical Artifact, if the elder did not oppose, gave on the everyone/Great Clan chaotic spear|gun, such everyone/Great Clan can deal with the fight of long time, had the protection of Great Magical Artifact, in adding on spear|gun and cannon, we to enemy time, minimum can achieve the loss falls to lowly, has been in an impregnable position on equal to.” Mu Tianbo thinks that nodded said : this to be also good, but is your in hand spear|gun sufficient?” Zhao Hai selected enough to use to said :, the elder forgot, before I gave these undead fresh preparations many spear|guns, now these Undead Creature must help me drive Great Magical Artifact, therefore these spear|guns they have not been able to be useful, happen to made everyone/Great Clan use.”

Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, such manages, I went to say with everyone/Great Clan, your as soon as possible got down to everyone/Great Clan the spear|gun, lets the everyone/Great Clan custom with the way of spear|gun fight, appearance that I looked at Horkins, feared that will be it will not take long to Weave Fire Clan in time beginning.” Mu Yu nodded said : these fellows of present Divergent Technique, serious of each and every one happy, wishes one could immediately to attack Weave Fire Clan, I think that they will quickly certainly begin.” Little Hai, can you think means breaking their this formation?” Mu Tianbo referred to also placing the ground that Weave Fire Clan formation disk. Zhao Hai shook the head said : this formation disk is very actually good broken, he does not have too many aggressiveness, can presently the one type of gravity come, to be used to constrain Great Magical Artifact flight, moreover this thing can stick on Great Magical Artifact, to Great Magical Artifact will have the one type of durable influence, sticking that I said on Great Magical Artifact, not only sticks on Magical Artifact itself, but can also stick on Great Magical Artifact protective shield, therefore on Great Magical Artifact sticks are too many, on will affect to the degree.” Zhao Hai looked at their deep voice said : this thing to break also very simple actually, even after fight, so long as pulled out with the hand, can make from Great Magical Artifact this formation disk, however in the fight, this thing really had very tremendous influence to Great Magical Artifact.” Mu Tianbo sighed said : five sides last year tens of thousands years of accumulation, really did not allow to look down upon, such formation, I think that Weave Fire Clan met large-scale to have the business, later also will perhaps have some attack formation to be manufactured, if we cannot find out the to break means that to was a very major problem.” Zhao Hai nodded, he thinks that said : elder, can I go to research, look before has not met this thing gave to destroy him.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : to go, research as soon as possible comes out, our time feared that will not be much.” Zhao Hai and Mu Yu understand Mu Tianbo words are any meaning, the attack of Divergent Technique to Weave Fire Clan certainly will speed up, will not leave the too much time to them. Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invites elder feel relieved, the elder, a while I the spear|gun toward in a cabin, making Undead Creature lead you to pass, you can cultivator in arrangement, take the spear|gun to that cabin, Undead Creature can also bring everyone/Great Clan to arrive in a following spatial cabin to try the spear|gun.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : you to go busily, the small feather, this matter hands over give you, I must go to discuss a next later matter with other elders.” Mu Yu has complied with one, walks with Zhao Hai outward. Zhao Hai returned to own room, immediately entered in Space, his in hand is also taking that formation disk, but enters in the room, he that formation disk discarding, to be honest, this formation disk was unable to bring any danger to him, protective shield on his Great Magical Artifact may , not only can be used to defend, can be used to attack, so long as increases the protective shield strength on Tribulation Lightning, all sticks this formation on protective shield, will fall by the instantaneous elimination.

Reason that he said that this formation disk will suffice the threat to Great Magical Artifact, does not want to make Mu Tianbo they depend upon Great Magical Artifact, must fall this time merit, after Mu Tianbo them, still Great Magical Artifact time has been short, his merit also has naturally been short, although said that these spear|guns are also he take, but other most minimum cultivator also participated to fight, they had the merit, like this on will not have the person too to envy him. But reason that Zhao Hai thinks that because of Mu Yu relationship, he is very good with Mu Yu relationship, but now a little, Mu Yu itself the real power elder, when over a hundred treasure only come trains, but now the Zhao Hai strength is stronger than Mu Yu , today even in hundred treasure, his prestige soon tall Guo Mu Yu , has also been adding on heart prison old person has spoken the words, if heart prison old person receives him for the disciple, that Zhao Hai in hundred treasure there status in a rise, will not do well, on will be higher than Mu Yu , this. It is not Zhao Hai wants to see. Mu Yu is very magnanimous, moreover he is devoted to the public, for entire hundred treasure exhibitions, even if the Zhao Hai status high he, he will not say anything, even also will possibly support Zhao Hai. However can others think to him that does not say, because Mu Yu was Mu Pai the representative, but Mu Paili may, not only Mu Tianbo, Mu Yu , the Tang Tian graciousness, Tang Jie they, entire Mu Pai person has plenty, these Mu Pai people have regarded the hope Mu Yu now, if Zhao Hai inserted a beam, will make the Mu Yu authority be affected, when the time comes feared that is these people will not comply. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;