Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1611

Chapter 536 person on one's own side Mu Yu is taking the in hand flintlock, is firing at distant place the target location of migration, reason that he has taken up the flintlock , because he wants to be a model to these people, he wants to make other attain cultivator of flintlock to know that his Mu Yu can put down ordinary Magical Artifact, with the flintlock, what you also had unusable? However speaks the truth, Mu Yu also really likes flintlock thing, because this thing did not need you to use Spiritual Qi to go to command(er), so long as you aimed to take away the trigger to be OK, although when took away the trigger, needs some Spiritual Qi, but these Spiritual Qi with operating Magical Artifact compared, actually must too be much less. Moreover this flintlock looks like although is common, but its true doing with is not small, because attack of this spear|gun first time is the same, is equivalent to Transcends Tribulation later Expert strikes fully, such attack ability, even if this Divided Spirit Stage Expert , is impossible to achieve. Falls ten thousand flowers to flutter like his rain, uses very magnificently, very beautiful, the attack strength is also very strong, but this did not express that he every strikes has that big Might, this point he cannot achieve, but the flintlock can actually achieve. Now Mu Yu spear|gun hit was very accurate, these moving targets is quick, is not slower than a Divided Spirit Stage Expert mobility, therefore this spear|gun , to hit, but also really needs certain innate skill. Mu Yu has fired ten spear|guns continually, the spear|gun spear|gun that moving target, such result was very good, in these cultivator, was could count god sharpshooter. How is hearing Zhao Hai to smile said : in this time Mu Yu Big Brother Mu, liked on firing the spear|gun? I presently your spear|gun hit also is really good.” Mu Yu turns the head to look that Zhao Hai is standing in not far away look at he, Mu Yu laughs, lays down the spear|gun, arrives at Zhao Hai side said : to be very good, the feeling of this dozen of spear|guns also is really good, to be honest, I also really a little liked on this thing.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, in hand were many two lengthened the pistol, is the runner shape, the Zhao Hai handle spear|gun has given Mu Yu , smiles said : to try this, I also just did.” Mu Yu gawked, received the pistol to look, how his immediately understand this pistol has used, he was taking two handle spear|guns, to the moving target of distant place, was two spear|guns, but this time he has not hit, he has not tried should the recoil force of this spear|gun, but several spear|guns his immediately was then used. Because these two spear|guns are that design of revolver spear|gun, therefore can only install six bullets the spear|gun every time, but Might is not small, the feeling of hitting is also very good, Mu Yu one liked this type of spear|gun.

Mu Yu has both polished bullets in two spear|gun, look at these two spear|guns that this somewhat let go, Zhao Hai look at his appearance, shows a faint smile, a hand revolution, in hand are many a strip width big leather belt, on the leather belt has hung two rifle scabbards, the Weave Fire Clan person is not liking receiving in Space equipment the spear|gun, they rather carry, this actually also reasonable, because such does to increase the spear|gun feeling. The spear|gun feeling chatted is makes your spear-play familiar, looked like the beforehand these people are same to Magical Artifact very familiar with that oneself most often used, because you have been familiar with weapon, you can wield he biggest Might. But this leather belt is Zhao Hai is specially-made, specifically is used to put the pistol, his also don’t know Mu Yu likes firing outside Space equipment the spear|gun, but this leather belt is he prepares for this revolver specially. Mu Yu look at this leather belt, his immediately understand this thing use, he of leather belt on toward the waist, then inserted toward the rifle scabbard in two revolvers, let alone, but also is really very lordly. The look at Mu Yu appearance, shows a faint smile said : well, but Big Brother Mu, later these two spear|guns on give you, few, now only then you who this spear|gun I make are using, the bullet of this spear|gun can use in common with the bullet of ordinary rifle, in the load, actually needs this spring band, on this thing happen to can put six bullets, is the same to the cylinder, with turns on the cylinder, one pushed toward in this bullet on the line.” At the same time was saying Zhao Hai side took big pile of spring bands to give Mu Yu , Mu Yu pushed this thing to look, has put out a bullet, pressures on the spring band, after having pressed, he has put out his revolver spear|gun, turned on the cylinder, the pressure of spring band in toward the cylinder, really six bullets put away, at this time he can take to put in own Space the spring band, nod of Mu Yu cannot help but satisfaction, gained ground look at Zhao Hai said : well, this thing was good, I must.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : my a while to all Great Magical Artifact carry on integrate, the meaning of Elder Mu is to leave behind eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, other turns into the sword shuttle, therefore a while you must help to organize the talented person line.” Mu Yu nodded said : truly to this integrate time, if Great Magical Artifact cannot wield that big Might, that too has wasted, integrate one also good.” Zhao Hai nodded, they also chatted a few words, Mu Tianbo is helping the Zhao Hai arrangement on immediately/on horseback, moved on all people eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, remaining Great Magical Artifact made Zhao Hai receive. Hundred treasure here sounds, naturally hide the truth from these Divergent Technique people, the people of these Divergent Technique very attach great importance to hundred treasure now, they looked that hundred treasure suddenly have carried on the staff reassignment, finally has only left behind eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, this cannot help but makes them feel somewhat strangely. Zhao Hai just received in these Great Magical Artifact Space, saw Divergent Technique cultivator to arrive on Yama Ship, sought an interview Mu Tianbo, although said that Mu Tianbo made Zhao Hai receive all Great Magical Artifact, only left behind eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, but Yama Ship remained, was old Turtles remains also gets down, Zhao Hai received several other Great Magical Artifact, but Yama Ship there now also has become Mu Tianbo ride. Looks at the person arrival of that Divergent Technique, Zhao Hai knows that because of their here movement , after that person has sought an interview Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo that person followed, sees heart prison old person.

Heart prison old person they also very pay attention regarding the trends of hundred treasure, therefore looked at Zhao Hai to receive several Great Magical Artifact, they somewhat could not sit still, heart prison old person immediately gave Mu Tianbo please. Mu Tianbo to Cave Mansion that in heart prison old person was, presently in this Cave Mansion has actually stood many people, heart prison old person sits on a innermost multipurpose cloud, Horkins stands before him not far away, in Cave Mansion is also standing several people, these person of although appearance vary, but understood at a glance that the strength is unusual. Mu Tianbo after the people saw the ritual, heart prison old person turns the head to Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, I thought that your suddenly did receive several Great Magical Artifact? Why is this?” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : returns to the words of elder, because after we present some issues, Great Magical Artifact in the battlefield, possibly could not wield that big Might, therefore received several Great Magical Artifact, planned to use more sword shuttles.” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that the people in hall have gawked, then started humming sound the discussion, heart prison old person looked at people one eyes, people immediately stopped. Heart prison old person looked at Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, you said carefully, previous time you do isn't very? How saying that Great Magical Artifact doesn't have the means to wield biggest Might?” Mu Tianbo to heart prison old person said : elder, what this matter raises most from the beginning is Little Hai, Little Hai is responsible for command(er) these Great Magical Artifact, moreover he also carries on computer to deduce, if the elder permits, I want to make Little Hai explain, should say me is better.” Heart prison old person one hear of this matters are Zhao Hai raise, his cannot help but heavy ritual, his immediately/on horseback nodded said : to call Little Hai, making him say to here personally.” Mu Tianbo has complied with one, put out a signalling jade sword, the hand wields to lose, before long the Zhao Hai sound conveyed said : outside Cave Mansion „the Zhao Hai interview.” Heart prison old person deep voice said : comes.” Zhao Hai walked slowly, then salutes upon meeting to the people, after he sees exchanging greetings, the heart prison elder then to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, heard that is you raises to these Great Magical Artifact receive? Said because of anything.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, said to the words that Mu Tianbo said him, put out that computer deduction to look to the people, after completing these, he deep voice said : because of such reason, therefore I believe that now in wants to use the Great Formation attack impact of Great Magical Artifact to Weave Fire Clan, could not receive the anticipated effect, after the several times war, Weave Fire Clan battle formation certainly skilled person, but the sword shuttle was different, the sword shuttle build was small, the attack strength was strong, flexibility, therefore I think that now uses the sword shuttle to deal with the Weave Fire Clan person, can compared with Great Magical Artifact. Good.”

Heart prison old person knit the brows said : in a short time, can you make that many sword shuttles to there?” Zhao Hai does not make noise, but looked at Mu Tianbo one, Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : elder to invite feel relieved to heart prison old person, this matter gave Little Hai to be good, Little Hai was cultivator, he will be one will decompose synthesizes Divergent Technique Divergent Warlock .” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that the person in hall in one time humming sound, on being intimate friends prison old person is an accident of face, in his eye has actually revealed the happy expression, then he laughs said : original Little Hai unexpectedly is also Divergent Warlock , good, fantastic, that presses doing that Little Hai said.” Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo have complied with one, but Zhao Hai actually noted one compared with the accidental matter, the people in hall, looked in his look, unexpectedly many a kind meaning, this arrived is Zhao Hai has not thought. Actually what Zhao Hai don’t know is, the person of Divergent Technique, regarding all Divergent Warlock , will feel kindly, the practice of Divergent Warlock , is different to the practice of ordinary cultivator, their practice most important strengthens own Divergent Technique practice, but such does not carry on the practice like Pu people, therefore in Cultivation World, Divergent Warlock is quite alternative existence, some cultivator will even come to see them with the colored vision, because, therefore Divergent Warlock has regarded to be different from existence of ordinary cultivator, they regard as all Divergent Warlock are the people on one's own side, but ordinary cultivator, regarding as is other one type of person, looks like two completely. The different races are the same, because of this, therefore the Zhao Hai Divergent Warlock status shines, immediately won the favorable impression of Divergent Technique people, in their opinion, Zhao Hai now is half person on one's own side. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;