Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1612

Chapter 537 Rubik's Cube Great Formation Zhao Hai stands on the Yama Ship bow, the look at distant place, his fleet has completed integrate, nine Great Magical Artifact eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Yama Ship comprised of a fleet, simultaneously old Turtles follows on the heels, person who in these nine Great Magical Artifact the present not only has thought of hundred treasure, Divergent Technique person. Besides these Great Magical Artifact, in side of fleet, but also is flying 800 sword shuttles, these sword shuttles are similar to swimming fish is equally flexible very in all around are flying, very beautiful. Mu Tianbo they were discussing in cabin now matter of attack, Zhao Hai one is not ordinary in status although, but does not have the qualifications to attend this time conference. Now they started to get ready to Weave Fire Clan to carry on attack, previous time regarding the attack of Weave Fire Clan, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, was not very heavy, Weave Fire Clan after returned to the rear area, immediately started the vigorous entire armed forces, but with the front of sword there to war, has not made sword grab the too big bargain, the although sword attack, let Weave Fire Clan retreat more than 1000 li (0.5km), but they have defended. However now Weave Fire Clan cares was Divergent Technique and hundred treasure this attacks, this time they in one time reassigned 50 ten thousand army, in one time has exhibited a defense line in front, prepared to cope with hundred treasure and Divergent Technique army. Moreover this their defense line even bigger, on their defense lines, but also has arranged ** formation disk, does not want to let the possibility that hundred treasure Great Magical Artifact has to attack. What Mu Tianbo their don’t know is, now Weave Fire Clan there Rubik's Cube Great Formation has formed slowly, although said that is impossible to look like Laura their command(er) Undead Creature that flexible transformation, but already complete can use in the battlefield. Moreover these Weave Fire Clan people presently, this Rubik's Cube Great Formation probably is more suitable they, because they can make many cultivator meet the enemy directly, this regarding other cultivator possibly is not very important, but regarding Weave Fire Clan cultivator is actually very important. weapon that the Weave Fire Clan person uses is a spear|gun, their bullets cannot be able to trace the enemy like the Zhao Hai shell, but has not achieved Immortal Stage time, their bullets are almost are impossible to turn round, in this case, they, only then, when faces the enemy directly, can wield biggest fighting strength. Therefore regarding the Weave Fire Clan person, this three-dimensional Rubik's Cube Great Formation, can make them wield Might of flintlock, because they stood in the first row are more facing the person of enemy. Actually beforehand Weave Fire Clan Battle Formation somewhat toward Rubik's Cube Great Formation the meaning of direction show, but like the present, had not formed the training of system at that time, but this fight, actually became the Rubik's Cube Great Formation catalyst, because has eaten hundred treasure in the war big owes, Rubik's Cube Great Formation of series hot clan can such quickly form. But Weave Fire Clan person continuously drill Rubik's Cube Great Formation behind their defense lines, therefore these of Divergent Technique scout not presently the Weave Fire Clan sound, but Zhao Hai actually present.

Zhao Hai has no way to relax regarding the surveillance of Weave Fire Clan there, he wanted earlier to end this fight, he also wants to go to half monster island there to have a look. Fleet moving forward slowly, in the suddenly Zhao Hai heart a revolution, is turning the head to look that Mu Tianbo and Horkins brother-in-law walks, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback one lets toward side, to their gave a salute. Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai, smiles said : Little Hai, preparation how? We just said that this attack, is by the Great Magical Artifact give priority to body, other cultivator concerted actions, your won't there have the issue?” Zhao Hai smiles said : absolutely not to have issue, invited elder feel relieved, but this Weave Fire Clan feared that will use many Immortal Stage Expert together to cope with Great Magical Artifact, when the time comes also asked all Elders to assist.” Horkins laughs said : „we do this, naturally must help one another, these Immortal Stage people give us, you do not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, Mu Tianbo look at distant place said : „the Weave Fire Clan present defense line feared that has done well, we wanted to attack, was not that easy, you must be careful that a point was good.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is, invited elder feel relieved, I have sent for Weave Fire Clan defense line there examining, now Weave Fire Clan defense line there has arranged many formation disk, we think that directly was flushing like before, already very difficult.” Horkins nodded, he has not thought that Zhao Hai will know these, because these information he has not told Zhao Hai, his these scout do not have scouting that presently hundred treasure send, does not have scouting that presently Zhao Hai sends, but Zhao Hai actually knows these thing, this makes him very puzzled, don’t know Zhao Hai knows these matters from there. Mu Tianbo looked at Horkins one eyes, he knows that Zhao Hai this has given Horkins in invisible demonstration of authority, the person who Horkins although very much high looks at hundred treasure now, but he still thinks that hundred treasure they are not good, even he thinks that hundred treasure did not have them, was the deaf person and blind person, but Zhao Hai just said that clarified told him, without your Divergent Technique, our hundred treasure still anything knows. What idea Mu Tianbo then Zhao Hai words said : „do you have? Is uses Great Magical Artifact to attack directly, is the use sword shuttle?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, I plan first with bombing, makes passage to come, is attacking, but when the time comes can meet Weave Fire Clan Rubik's Cube Battle Formation, at that time the Great Magical Artifact impact had not used, planned that regards city wall that Great Magical Artifact can move, takes Great Magical Artifact as the shield, slowly prompts forward.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : like this to arrive yes, has Great Magical Artifact in that pendulum, we much less casualties, however Weave Fire Clan that Rubik's Cube Great Formation, we must manipulation well be good.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually Weave Fire Clan that Rubik's Cube Great Formation, only has its shape, does not have his god, if said really that their these Magic Great Formation, are really no big deal, that is I plays remaining thing.” A Zhao Hai such saying, ke the Mu Tianbo interest cancelling, him first time listened to Zhao Hai saying that this matter, cannot help but somewhat puzzled before Zhao Hai said : what? you have suspended Rubik's Cube Great Formation? Hasn't heard?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : elder you naturally not to hear, after I since ascend , has almost not used Rubik's Cube Great Formation, this used Rubik's Cube Great Formation time, was when Lower Realm and person battle, with Magic Great Formation that Undead Creature suspended.” How many Undead Creature Horkins also curious said : „do you have? Rubik's Cube is Great Formation that suspends what kind of?” Zhao Hai self-confident smiles said : „, if not my Undead Creature fighting strength is not strong, Weave Fire Clan Rubik's Cube Great Formation, has fallen far short, but my nearest/recent is promoting the Undead Creature fighting strength method in research, believes soon, my Undead Creature fighting strength will improve.” Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai can said : release demonstrate? Allow us also to understand this Rubik's Cube Great Formation Might?” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, was good to stern there, two Elders invited.” Because Mu Yu assumes personal command on another Giant Spirit Treasure Ship, therefore Yama Ship here, only then Zhao Hai, three people quick arrived at the stern. After three people arrives at stern there to stand, Zhao Hai wields, Undead Creature army of hundred thousand person by let out, then these Undead Creature army with quickest has composed Rubik's Cube Great Formation, then this Rubik's Cube Great Formation changes the shape, Zhao Hai is giving them to explain every in the one side time changes doing uses. But Zhao Hai their here movement, attracted many hundred treasure and Divergent Technique people walks to watch from the cabin, look at that keeps changes Rubik's Cube Great Formation of Illusion Formation shape, all people while feeling interesting, feels in the heart imposing. The countless changes of this Great Formation, although looks like only suits the close combat to use now, but the fight of cultivator uses the Magical Artifact farfight generally, but almost all cultivator understand, finally the solution fight must depend on the close combat now. But close combat time, appropriate Battle Formation, will make cultivator fighting strength increase, casualties smaller, but this Rubik's Cube Great Formation countless changes, are really the very suitable cultivator use. After waiting for Zhao Hai to evolve the changes of some Rubik's Cube Great Formation, Mu Tianbo and Horkins some little time have not spoken, they were the people of commanding troops, naturally could look, that many changes of this Magic Great Formation, were not suspending attractively, that was slaughters after the battlefield truly examines, each change was to correspond in the battlefield the one type of corresponding situation, such Great Formation, if were uses in both sides really to fighting, that Might it can be imagined.

Thinks of here, Mu Tianbo and Horkins cannot help but felt that an intermittent heart startled, some little time Mu Tianbo deep voice said : Little Hai, you were said that Weave Fire Clan is currently using this Great Formation with us to the war? Their learn this Great Formation?” Zhao Hai shook the head, smiles said : not to have, the elder does not need to be worried that Weave Fire Clan only learn this Great Formation embryonic form, simply could not wield this Great Formation true Might now, does not have what good worry.” Mu Tianbo and Horkins simultaneously let out a long breath, to be honest Daoist/actual person really do not hope that Weave Fire Clan grasps this Great Formation, if they grasped this Great Formation, then regarding hundred treasure and Divergent Technique, is not the good matter. Zhao Hai looked at their said : if we cannot as soon as possible gives to annihilate Weave Fire Clan, even these time to the disaster of Weave Fire Clan, that Weave Fire Clan slowly will improve this Battle Formation, perhaps finally really made their learn uncertain.” Mu Tianbo and Horkins nodded, their very clear, any Battle Formation even Cultivation Method, when starts most from the beginning, is very rough, underwent the effort revisions of countless posterity, energy additional merit, slowly becomes must Might be astonishing, such as must make Weave Fire Clan such unfold, perhaps that some day they really can display mature Rubik's Cube Great Formation. Thinks that here they to this time war, was more urgent, now Divergent Technique and hundred treasure have formed the dead enmity with Weave Fire Clan, if makes Weave Fire Clan recover, they were dangerous, therefore cannot certainly to Weave Fire Clan this opportunity, probably give to annihilate them, otherwise future hundred treasure and Divergent Technique do not think peacefully, the disposition that Weave Fire Clan sought revenge for the slightest grievance, the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield knew. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, cannot help but show a faint smile, he wants is this result. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;