Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1613

Chapter 538 attack is blocked Reason that Zhao Hai must let Divergent Technique hundred treasure full attack Weave Fire Clan, feared that this 2 Realms meets the situation that appears delays, if only sole one and Weave Fire Clan to war, no matter hundred treasure Divergent Technique, will spell to try. But if 2 Realms and doing, they have the situation that possibility appears idles, the person is such strange, a person handles a matter, he will be very wholly-absorbed, but if two people, that is possible appears , etc. by such phenomenon. China has a proverb to call, Dragon Duokao, Dragon Shaolao, is actually this truth. If this hundred treasure and Divergent Technique, when copes with Weave Fire Clan, both sides keep the strength, wants to make the opposite party strive, that feared finally is really may make Weave Fire Clan give to get strength back, therefore Zhao Hai made them look at the Rubik's Cube Great Formation fierce place, let their understand, if they did not cooperate fully, launching a joint assault, then regarding a 2 Realms advantage also no. Must make this 2 Realms people feel that huge threat of Weave Fire Clan, they will cooperate, now Zhao Hai was wants the quick point tidying up Weave Fire Clan. Zhao Hai target is the ten-thousand realms battlefield and Cloud Sea Territory, that Tower of Babel, if hundred treasure lose in this time war are too many, then to his later plan very disadvantageous, what most important is, if this attack Weave Fire Clan is defeated, that will leave behind a powerful enemy to hundred treasure, no matter later hundred treasure why, this enemy will eye covetously in one side, this regarding hundred treasure is not the good matter. although his matter of this doing is planning Mu Tianbo probably, matter that but he does not have the means that for hundred treasure consider, he has to such do. Waits for three people of returned to bows time, Mu Tianbo and Horkins somewhat are worried, they are also thinking just the performance of Zhao Hai, to be honest, that performance really frightened them. Zhao Hai has not actually managed these many, he now already attention centralized to Weave Fire Clan there, Weave Fire Clan knows obviously they moved, the entire Weave Fire Clan defense line moved, all kinds of formation started, cultivator also gathered, composed Rubik's Cube Great Formation. In fact this Zhao Hai also meets many Weave Fire Clan all the way scouted, but Zhao Hai has not scouted these what kind, his very clear, these scout him unable to kill, moreover was the homicide, Weave Fire Clan there can certainly obtain the situation, these scouted must certainly contact one within the regulation time with Weave Fire Clan time, if Weave Fire Clan there presently scouts not to have information, knew to have an accident, they same will alert, therefore thinks that was losing raids is completely impossible. After several hours of navigation, the fleet arrived at the Weave Fire Clan defense line surrounding finally, this Weave Fire Clan this defense line of electing, on mountain range, in the mountain range middle, they constructs a defense line, inside is also putting many cannon, but before this cannon, Zhao Hai has not seen, it seems like Weave Fire Clan in one time intensified the research cannon effort, now these cannon looked like some likely artillery. Outside the entire Weave Fire Clan defense line, had been put completely formation disk, these formation disk like a wall, the Weave Fire Clan defense line keeping off in behind, Zhao Hai they want to attack the Weave Fire Clan defense line, must against these Magic Formation be first good. Zhao Hai and Horkins, Mu Tianbo stands in bow there look at these Magic Formation, Mu Tianbo turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, could move?” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand wielded cannon barrel on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship and Yama Ship has extended from the artillery window, then Wan Paoqi called, a shell has hit toward these Magic. These Magic Formation obviously are the work that rushes a job, the manufacture not very fine, the significance that these Magic Formation have is to slow Great Magical Artifact good that does not need to manufacture. A Zhao Hai on the ship cannon sound, Weave Fire Clan defense line there cannon has also made a sound, this handed over their cannon is not that type of mortar, cannon caliber even bigger, hit was also farther, Might also even bigger.

A shell is hitting on Yama Ship protective shield, hits protective shield rocking of Yama Ship unexpectedly, Zhao Hai looked that this situation has cannot help but selected the eyebrow, he presently Weave Fire Clan gunpowder Might probably was even bigger. Must know that in Zhao Hai Space had the Might even bigger gunpowder, at the matter these gunpowder he compounded, but had not used, he does not want to make Mu Tianbo they know him in research these thing. But now Weave Fire Clan actually caused the Might even bigger gunpowder, it seems like Weave Fire Clan under the threat of perishing clan genocide, was stirred up all potential, prepares with their 3 Realms well fought one to fight. Horkins stands in the Yama Ship deck, he naturally also felt that rocking of Yama Ship protective shield, his cannot help but gently knitting the brows head, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, Weave Fire Clan cannon was probably more violent than before, can Great Magical Artifact be able to block?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : elder feel relieved, Weave Fire Clan this new-style cannon Might although is very big, but Great Magical Artifact will block such attack not to have the issue, even if will be protective shield cannot block, Great Magical Artifact itself can also be able to block.” Horkins nodded, on his face has still shown an anxious facial expression, he has not fought with Zhao Hai together, regarding Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, his complete did not understand that the worry is also so normal. Mu Tianbo to was not worried, the appearance person who he looks at Horkins, cannot help but shows a faint smile, but he has not said anything, now he said that feared will be Horkins does not believe that sometimes will say 100, might as well let solid that he will see with one's own eyes. Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these cannon attack, but lets on the ship cannon full attack these formation disk, before long that some formation disk Great Formation were made a giant gap, the Zhao Hai fleet opened fully. After entering to that lacks fire, Zhao Hai to is appears was more relaxed, because these cannon on Weave Fire Clan defense line, want in attack Great Magical Artifact, must link these formation disk together attack, this to saves Zhao Hai many matters, Zhao Hai now has been definitely able to let part of cannon on fleet, started to carry on to counter-attack to these defense line artillery. Build that however because on Great Magical Artifact receives is too big, attack that receives are too many, protective shield on several Giant Spirit Treasure Ship were broken through at once, the one of the guard plate on Giant Spirit Treasure Ship in time rose. Horkins of attention fleet situation, has seen this situation, to was complete feel relieved, he turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, eye color of flashes in appreciation did not have. The fleet then expunges toward inside, when the Zhao Hai fleet arrives among formation disk Great Formation, his suddenly felt a very formidable energy fluctuation, then listened to bang, all formation disk unexpectedly all self-exploding. Zhao Hai has not thought that the Weave Fire Clan person will come this, was good because of just him already the on the ship guard plate, otherwise now on the ship feared that was the appears massive casualties. After this explosion, on the ship person although received some shakes, does not have the appears big area casualties, the situation is very good, because did not have these formation disk to keep off in there, fleet can also raise. Fleet just raised, Zhao Hai presently a Great Formation change of Weave Fire Clan, then some big Monster Beast flew from in the formation, is standing in carrying on the back of these big Monster Beast a person, this person carries on the back at the back of the artillery, but in their front, is actually setting up a mortar, population extremely numerous of these people, fully several thousand people, in other words Weave Fire Clan these time has put out several thousand mortars unexpectedly.

These mortars just took, started, mortar body fleets shoot, Might of mortar, comes to miss compared with these artillery on many, has not done to use to Zhao Hai fleet simply anything. But at this time cannon on artillery also started to carry on counterattack to these people, between both sides the crackle of gunfire rumbling, hits lively incomparable, these ordinary Weave Fire Clan people, he has actually carried their flintlock, standing by, behind these Weave Fire Clan people, were large quantities of their small cultivator, has revealed their Magical Artifact. Zhao Hai waves, fleet slow, but these sword shuttles has actually raised, flushes away toward opposite party Great Formation. These sword shuttles move, Weave Fire Clan there immediately had the response, some Immortal Stage Expert, non-stop flew from Great Formation behind, welcomed toward these sword shuttles, simultaneously these artillery on defense line, takes these sword shuttles as target, but the effect was not quite good. Looked that opposite party elder time Expert such quickly sent out, Horkins and Mu Tianbo somewhat stare, since the opposite party left to incur, they have no alternative but then, immediately from the fleet to depart a batch elder time Expert, welcomed toward Weave Fire Clan these Immortal Stage Expert. Two teams of Immortal Stage Expert from the sky meet, immediately begins, the fight of Immortal Stage Expert, Might naturally is outstanding, remaining ability that jumps, was very strong, even can change some shell flights the path. Immortal Stage Expert that Horkins look at these fought, is actually the knitting the brows head, turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : Elder Mu, do you have presently, can Weave Fire Clan fight a protracted war with us probably?” Mu Tianbo nodded said : is, they want to fight a protracted war with us, such already made Immortal Stage Expert come out, and has not made the place war in addition, instead to was the dozen in front of our fleets, they want in this way, to prevent advancing of our fleet, Little Hai, what view did you have?” That two side Immortal Stage Expert that Zhao Hai looked at fight, deep voice said : „the advancing truth had been blocked by his Immortal Stage Expert, now our simply does not have the means to overrun, I mean, we on retreat, then the low-altitude flying, first wipe out their these defense lines now, is finding the way to cope with them.” Horkins deep voice said : „the present looked like also can only like this, has not thought that these Weave Fire Clan fellows, used this move unexpectedly, kept off Immortal Stage Expert in front, was too sly.” Zhao Hai after hearing him agrees, immediately/on horseback waves, all Great Magical Artifact start retreat slowly, after having drawn back a distance, immediately/on horseback decreases in the altitude, then anxious in defense line there toward the Weave Fire Clan mountain flies. Weave Fire Clan person also understand Zhao Hai they want to do obviously, their artillery also adjusted the angle, started to shell the fleet. However their such attack, have not done to use, to raise the fleet of guard shield regarding Zhao Hai fleet anything, simply had not feared that the attack of fire, Weave Fire Clan cannon does not have with fleet means. cannon on fleet followed online cannon to the bang, but final protective line there obvious had been reinforced, moreover there is a defense of Magic Formation, cannon on fleet, did not have what means with the defense line. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : not to think that the Weave Fire Clan person study was intelligent, he he, the elder, it seems like our old friends came.” Mu Tianbo look at Weave Fire Clan defense line there, nodded said : „seems like the good friend came, only then the phoenix of wishing with us to fighting, she is very clear our these cannon Might, now this defense line under our bombardments, the silk is bold, certainly establishes under command(er) of phoenix of wishing, has not thought that Weave Fire Clan person such quickly on learn these thing.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : battlefield is the best training ground, anybody wants learn to go to war, that battlefield is he best classroom, the same mistake, Weave Fire Clan will not violate the second time . Moreover the phoenix of that wishing also is really very strong, before prevented us is she arranges with the Divergent Technique meeting six defense lines, this woman not simple that.” Mu Tianbo nodded, deep voice said : present what to do?” Horkins actually in observing dialog of Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo, he presently their dialogs are not dialog between that ordinary elder and subordinate, Zhao Hai that have not awed regarding Mu Tianbo, but Mu Tianbo does not have, because the impolite performance of Zhao Hai is angry, this can only explain a point, Zhao Hai is very high in hundred treasure there status. Horkins after knowing Zhao Hai is Divergent Warlock , in trying to find the solution includes him, although he did not have to contact with Zhao Hai now, but he in preparing to include Zhao Hai, reason that has not sent for contacting with Zhao Hai, what person wants to have a look at Zhao Hai is, what he status in hundred treasure was, then they well began. The situation of however now seeing, is makes Horkins also knit the brows, status of Zhao Hai in hundred treasure obviously very high, that spoke with Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo was not angry, but was this, indicated on exceed that wanted to include Zhao Hai not to be easy. Hundred treasure although are inferior to Divergent Technique, but that is also one of the ten-thousand realms battlefield here big, Zhao Hai in hundred treasure there very well-respected, if to Divergent Technique here, but works as ordinary cultivator, he will be is impossible to comply, but if in Divergent Technique here, to the Zhao Hai similar status, feared that will be a Divergent Technique this Realm people will have the opinion, will therefore want to dig Zhao Hai to Divergent Technique comes, feared that will be not easy. Not to mention Horkins transfers the thought that this is winning over a popular actor from another company by offering higher pay in there, the Zhao Hai look at Weave Fire Clan defense line, knit the brows said : these time to fear that really somewhat was difficult, if is really the defense line of phoenix of design wishing, then certainly will have the defensive measure regarding the sword shuttle, it seems like we want to break through this defense line, was somewhat difficult.” Mu Tianbo deep voice said : first makes the sword shuttle try, if the incorrect words, we first draw back, then in thinking means slowly.” Zhao Hai nodded, the hand proceeds to wield, sword shuttle like swimming fish same flushes away toward the Weave Fire Clan defense line. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;