Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1614

In the Yama Ship cabin, sits several people, lead two Mu Tianbo and Horkins, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu is also sitting, besides them, several Divergent Technique Divided Spirit Stage Expert, these Divided Spirit Stage Expert, is responsible for managing these Divergent Technique ordinary cultivator. The atmosphere in cabin is somewhat dignified, everyone/Great Clan has not opened the mouth, today this weaponry they have not defeated, but is initiative has drawn back, these Immortal Stage Expert kept off in Great Magical Artifact front, Great Magical Artifact did not have the means to charge, but sword shuttle under the suppressions of these Immortal Stage Expert, has not played does to use, because the flintlock of both sides left was too far, has almost not wielded does to use. It can be said that today is only one time probes the attack of xing, but lets Divergent Technique and person headaches of hundred treasure, Weave Fire Clan such defensive measure, although is not quite bright, but actually very effective. If tomorrow their attacks, the Weave Fire Clan person also with such method, they can to break? This truly is a difficult problem. Some little time Horkins said : everybody, today's situation you also saw, what opinion does everyone/Great Clan have?” The people have not made noise, Mu Tianbo looked that all people do not make noise, his then deep voice said : I think that the plan of Little Hai is feasible, we can first that defense line on Weave Fire Clan mountain destroying, were then beginning to Weave Fire Clan, Weave Fire Clan mountain Great Magical Artifact on that defense line although to Little Hai cannot constitute anything to threaten, but we actually cannot send to participate on the ship cultivator, can only depend upon the Great Magical Artifact sword shuttle, this backs moved, therefore my meaning first tidies up on the mountain the defense line, then in tidying up these Weave Fire Clan person.” The people nodded, but an elder of Divergent Technique actually knit the brows said : this to fear that is not quite easy, that defense line very good that this Weave Fire Clan person constructs, moreover defense line there has certainly Immortal Stage Expert to assume personal command, even if we sends Immortal Stage Expert to cope with that defense line, is not that easy.” The people nodded, Mu Tianbo turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you said that these Great Magical Artifact are the person is using, did you find out to cope with Weave Fire Clan that defense line the method?” A Mu Tianbo such saying, in cabin the vision of all people centralized on the body of Zhao Hai, the people in hundred treasure looked that in Zhao Hai target is having an anticipation, but the Divergent Technique person looks in the Zhao Hai vision, is having a suspicion. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, stood got up deep voice said : to return to the words of elder, Weave Fire Clan this defense line arrangement good of , the entire defense line has made against artillery preparation, has made also the preparation of against sword shuttle, I think that their defense line there, have certainly engraved defense line Magic Formation on the defense line wall, otherwise could not achieve this point, my meaning was, tomorrow in the safe distance, all cultivator from Great Magical Artifact, then by my command(er) Great Magical Artifact, used Great Magical Artifact to attack the opposite party defense line directly.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that all people stare, they have not thought that Zhao Hai such frantic, unexpectedly must attack the opposite party defense line with Great Magical Artifact unexpectedly directly. Mu Tianbo knit the brows said : „the Weave Fire Clan defense line in the mountain, the Great Magical Artifact volume feared that is impossible to crash in the Weave Fire Clan defense line?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Weave Fire Clan defense line in the mountain, they like before, have possibly hollowed out mountain, but this it doesn't matter, Great Magical Artifact does not need to walking into the mountain, only needs in the impact that outside the defense line keeps, when the time comes mountain feared that will unable to bear such hit, but has collapsing, their defense lines destroyed.” Horkins two eyes one bright, look at Zhao Hai said : this plans is good, how many assurances but do you have? Moreover such does, may make Great Magical Artifact be damaged.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : „, if cannot as soon as possible Weave Fire Clan tidying up, is leaves behind these Great Magical Artifact not to have the meeting to use, might as well uses in the war directly, even if lost, so long as can break through the opposite party defense line, we have won, Great Magical Artifact cannot construct, if delays too long time in here, to us does not have any advantage.” Horkins turns the head look at Mu Tianbo, the plan of Zhao Hai in his opinion is very good, but to the damage of Great Magical Artifact is also very critical, now looked that Mu Tianbo gave up these Great Magical Artifact. Mu Tianbo looked at Horkins one eyes, turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : let's do it according to your advice, tomorrow arranges Great Magical Artifact to attack the Weave Fire Clan mountain defense line directly.” One hear of Mu Tianbo said that in these Divergent Technique the eyes of person cannot help but has flashed through an appearance, they have not thought really that person unexpectedly such giving up of Weave Fire Clan, attacks the opposite party defense line with Great Magical Artifact directly, under this must need big determination that. Thinks of here, person cannot help but secret deciding of these Divergent Technique, must leave to try to deal with the Weave Fire Clan person, the person who you look at others hundred treasure, gives up including Great Magical Artifact, person who if we in fully, that do not let hundred treasure being inferior, that is how good. Horkins look at Mu Tianbo, had not said words that anything thanked, but was take deep breaths said : good, that tomorrow looked at Little Hai, so long as Little Hai has destroyed to me their defense lines, our full attack their Battle Formation.” Zhao Hai complied with one, Mu Tianbo looked at people said : tomorrow to ask everyone/Great Clan organization on the ship cultivator to get down from various ship on the ship, must know that hit the mountain with Great Magical Artifact, this was ten-thousand realms battlefield first one, when the time comes do not keep on the ship, was stunned to trouble.” As soon as the people listened to Mu Tianbo saying that he he chuckle. Horkins deep voice said : was good, gets down under the preparation, now carries over various ships the person on immediately/on horseback, cannot harm the tomorrow matter, right that Little Hai said that now regarding us, most important is the time, if the time drags was too long, probably meets the appears anything calamity.” The people complied with one, immediately have prepared, when people leave, in entire cabin on remaining Mu Tianbo and Horkins time, Horkins then turned the head to Mu Tianbo deep voice said : Elder Mu, the unnecessary words I did not say that the matter that your hundred treasure handled, my Horkins at heart, later hundred treasure and Divergent Technique is the most faithful ally.”

What Mu Tianbo showed a faint smile said : Huo Elder saying that our hundred treasure and Divergent Technique were the most faithful allies, walked, we went to my there to drink two cups, some of some of my here also Cloud vegetables and Cloud Fruit liquor.” As soon as Horkins listened to Mu Tianbo saying that cannot help but gawked, then Ha Ha greatly knew said : well, fantastic, I already heard that hundred treasure Cloud vegetables and Cloud Fruit liquor becoming famous, can be a real treat today finally.” They was saying while walks outward. Day of time quick on the past, the people in all Great Magical Artifact, have carried out Great Magical Artifact, was arranged the following quite safe place, but Zhao Hai harnesses Great Magical Artifact to expunge toward Weave Fire Clan defense line there. , Zhao Hai saw outside the Weave Fire Clan defense line from afar, on one time was put completely formation disk, he does not have point being startled, yesterday after they retreat, person immediately/on horseback of hundred treasure in one time put completely formation disk on there, these formation disk manufactured simply, was purely the consumables, big like Weave Fire Clan, wanting many to manufacture many. Zhao Hai stopped in a place of relative security, but Weave Fire Clan there also moved, various cannon have put up, Great Formation also suspended, the appearance that waited for Zhao Hai to attack. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, fleet landing slowly, drops down to with the mountain defense line flush position, he then fiercely proceeds to wave, all Great Magical Artifact are bringing unprecedented imposing manner, direct Weave Fire Clan mountain defense line there flushes away. Not only Zhao Hai, Mu Tianbo is also very clear, Zhao Hai these Great Magical Artifact are very difficult to damage, even if has damaged, Zhao Hai can also fix, this was Mu Tianbo so is why refreshed complied, Zhao Hai must attack the plan of Weave Fire Clan defense line with Great Magical Artifact, because he knows that this Great Magical Artifact will not have anything to lose. The people of hundred treasure know that what's the matter, but person don’t know of Divergent Technique, their each and every one stared in a big way the eye look at Zhao Hai fleet, they have not seen such to take Great Magical Artifact not to work as thing really to use, hit the mountain with Great Magical Artifact, feared that was also only then hundred treasure can do. Weave Fire Clan person also present this point, they were also anxious, Weave Fire Clan there all cannon have been firing off to the Zhao Hai fleet, even also clashes dozens Immortal Stage Expert from mountain defense line there, wants to prevent the hit of Great Magical Artifact. However their impediments do not have any to use, the Zhao Hai command(er) fleet, looks like armored warfare in addition that charges fully, any keeps off in their front thing, will be ground. That dozens Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, sees Great Magical Artifact that clashes directly, face changed, they presently really do not have the means to block these Great Magical Artifact, these Immortal Stage Expert flashes bodies, slid!

Their this walks, on equal to in mountain defense line complete expose before Zhao sea surface, Zhao Hai that will be polite, command(er) Great Magical Artifact has been hitting. Boom! a loud sound, everything may become vulnerable, under the gazes of all people, Weave Fire Clan mountain defense line there, was startled all over the sky dust, that dust flew very high, blocked the sky. However in the here people are Expert, all people were almost at the same time, have searched their spiritual force, they presently hundred treasure fleets in retreat, but these time drew back, only then six on the ship, three ships vanished. Knows from the person that three ships certainly by Zhao Hai receiving, have certainly damaged, otherwise impossible to be received by Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai these time comes with attacking the Weave Fire Clan defense line fleet, only then eight Giant Spirit Treasure Ship add on Yama Ship, old turtle Zhao Hai has not moved, the old turtle is lives after all, he cannot make the old turtle be all right to hit the mountain. These Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert when the Zhao Hai fleet toward retreat, just ran away, immediately threw toward the Zhao Hai fleet, because the Zhao Hai fleet is retreat, was adding on just started, therefore was not quick, these Immortal Stage Expert looked like wants to grab a bargain. Horkins also present this situation, his immediately/on horseback said : Immortal Stage Expert attacks, blocks these fellows, cannot make them threaten Little Hai.” Said him, when flew first, welcomed toward Weave Fire Clan these Immortal Stage Expert.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;