Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1615

Horkins very clear, if makes Weave Fire Clan these Immortal Stage Expert rush to Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, that has troubled, but the Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact last present only then a Zhao Hai person, his one is impossible to block these many Immortal Stage Expert. Therefore Horkins immediately brings large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert to move forward to meet somebody, even he sent out personally, Horkins's strength in Immortal Stage Expert, even if very formidable, he is strong by defense strength, the strength big and famous. However Horkins is not slow, he has dashed to Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, that is Weave Fire Clan the clansman, his in hand is taking large spear, this must be longer than the ordinary spear|gun large spear, is big. Now that Immortal Stage Expert is taking his large spear, has aimed at the Zhao Hai fleet, but Horkins sweeps with spiritual force, immediately knows, that person of alignment stands Zhao Hai on Yama Ship bow, but Zhao Hai has probably not felt to be the same now, stands on the Yama Ship bow, moves has not moved. Horkins looked that this situation cannot help but anxious, he is very clear, Zhao Hai is very important regarding hundred treasure, if Zhao Hai had an accident, that Mu Tianbo possibly will not coordinate them like the present. What most important is, he to Zhao Hai appreciation, has wanted Zhao Hai from hundred treasure digging, therefore he cannot make Zhao Hai have an accident. Horkins cannot help but tiger eyes circle opens the eyes, must calm automatic, then he calls out said : houseboy, you dare! His sound very big, and has sound wave attack, but his opposite that person is also Immortal Stage Expert, moreover long sound time Expert that in Weave Fire Clan became famous, nickname ball not empty, according to legend from opening touched to that day of spear|gun since, he has not blown off a spear|gun, his spear|gun was in Weave Fire Clan most makes existence of life. Therefore Horkins's sound wave attack although arrived, but that person has not actually cared, he still steady standing in there, the buckle that simultaneously in the hand also made an effort the trigger. Bang, a bullet has shot from the spear|gun, at this time that Weave Fire Clan talented person turned the head to look at Horkins one eyes, from Horkins shouted that took away the trigger to him, his hand continuously very steady, although Horkins in entire threw toward him, and moved sound wave attack to him, however his hand actually moved has not moved. Horkins watched that person of gunshot, cannot help but one startled, turned the head to look toward Zhao Hai there that but after that person was also to turn the head to look at Horkins one eyes, turns the head toward Zhao Hai to look. However these time looked that he has actually been shocked, when sees that bullet soon projects on the head of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai putting out a hand suddenly, one that clip in the index finger with the middle fingers, probably is puts out a hand to clamp a shelled peanut same simplicity.

Zhao Hai turned the head to look at bullet on a finger, threw toward the ground the bullet conveniently, then looked up that Weave Fire Clan cultivator, coldly snorted, turned the head to look to the mountain defense line, probably just matter simply has not lived. However Zhao Hai such doing faction, is lets Horkins and that Weave Fire Clan person greatly surprised, they have not thought that Zhao Hai strength such formidable, must know unexpectedly that is the bullet that Immortal Stage Expert has shot going, moreover projects the person of bullet, makes noise by the attack strength, such attack, feared that is Horkins cannot this 's catching, but Zhao Hai has actually achieved, this was really too inconceivable. But at this time these Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert, has blocked Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, both sides exchange hands, Horkins also one responded, he has cried out strangely, throws toward that Weave Fire Clan person did not have the means to make the second spear|gun to the present to Zhao Hai, turn around wholly-absorbed coping Horkins, however his complexion was also not inevitable appears a startled color, the performance of Zhao Hai, was too just big to his confidence attack. At this time the Zhao Hai fleet in one time has fallen back on an appropriate position, then his hand in one time fierce wielded, the fleet in a start, mentioned with the shortest time and limited, hit in mountain defense line there. Heard with a bang sound, the mountain defense line in a vibration, then entire huge mountain swung swinging, slowly downward sank. All saw that this person was shocked, their these cultivator although strength very formidable, but on eye look at huge mountain such in own eye front-heavy, feels very shocked. They know, in this huge mountain by Weave Fire Clan hollowing out, but similarly, inside also throws the innumerable props, moreover in also with defending Magic Formation reinforcing, has been able saying that if Zhao Hai not with Great Magical Artifact, not awfully same came such two to this defense line, this defense line has existed, even several thousand years will not have the issue. However now this defense line actually collapsed, removes the bottom has destroyed, believes that some Weave Fire Clan people in this defense line, feared was finished. Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact this presently from a hit, not only will bring the danger to this defense line, similarly, in the person to defense line will be having a shake, so long as the person in defense line cannot wield them fully, that this collapsing fully can want their assigning. Now the mountain defense line of Weave Fire Clan person collapsed, Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact in one time has drawn back, but this time only remaining four, but Zhao Hai has not stopped, but was the Great Magical Artifact altitude rose slowly, the fire in one time struck toward these formation disk on. This Zhao Hai has only carried on three rounds bombing, then entire Great Magical Artifact proceeds to flush away, one has crashed in formation disk Great Formation, therefore approaches Great Magical Artifact formation disk, will be blocked by Great Formation protective shield, these formation disk although stuck on Great Magical Artifact protective shield, but on Zhao Hai big protective shield immediately appears electric currents, directly these formation disk shooting.

Should Zhao Hai four Great Magical Artifact rush among formation disk Great Formation time, these formation disk at a time explosion, but Zhao Hai has not actually stopped, his Great Magical Artifact still opens the full horsepower, flushes away toward Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, in Great Magical Artifact behind, with 800 sword shuttles. Looks at Zhao Hai this proceeding not awfully to the appearance, Weave Fire Clan there immediately has made the response, about thousand Immortal Stage Expert together flushed from Great Formation, their in hand weapon, attacks toward Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact on. But this Mu Tianbo they, because did not have defense line there cannon attack, starts full proceeding to clash, prepares to support Zhao Hai, but at this time, Horkins the fight of their there also has yielded certain result, these Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert somewhat could not withstand, withdrew, Horkins they also ran up to behind the Zhao Hai fleet, prepares together. When Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact enters to the Weave Fire Clan flintlock firing distance, he received these Immortal Stage Expert attack directly, the fleet slow, finally was hit to stop. At this moment, a Zhao Hai actually fierce revolution of hull, all Great Magical Artifact horizontally setting up in an array, like huge city wall horizontally before Weave Fire Clan Great Formation. But the Zhao Hai fleet this comes horizontally, following hundred treasure Battalion immediately followed, the people of these hundred treasure, in hand are taking the flintlock, they use the fleet as the bunker, has launched the gun battle with the Weave Fire Clan person. At this time, Immortal Stage Expert also in abundance make a move of both sides, began in the battle area of both sides, at once no matter hundred treasure and allied armies or the Weave Fire Clan of Divergent Technique people, have to stop the fire, they to did not fear that their bullet suitably becomes to these Immortal Stage Expert anything will injure, because of them presently, own bullet simply does not have the means to project on enemy there to go, because of fighting of these Immortal Stage Expert, their bullets just departed half, the air/Qi play when will receive Immortal Stage Expert to fight the violent comes out to affect, don’t know flew that. Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, these time attacks the plan of Weave Fire Clan Great Formation to fear was inadequate, his immediately harnessed the fleet to draw back to transport slowly, but he has fallen back on beyond the Weave Fire Clan flintlock firing distance, then in the using artillery attack Weave Fire Clan person who there kept. But both sides on damaging to fall in some Immortal Stage Expert situations, stopped slowly, hundred treasure and Divergent Technique the allied armies, have drawn back slowly, but they have not drawn back is too far, but to the Zhao Hai fleet , the Zhao Hai fleet stopped beyond the Weave Fire Clan flintlock firing distance. If Weave Fire Clan wants to proceed, Divergent Technique and Immortal Stage Expert immediately of hundred treasure sends out, therefore their simply does not have the means to proceed to force Zhao Hai fleet retreat. But at this moment, the Zhao Hai fleet also by the originally four ships, turned into eight, Zhao Hai received several ships in returned to Space the past in time let out, naturally this was only the phenomenon of performance, actually in Zhao Hai Space can also release innumerable such Great Magical Artifact, but Zhao Hai does not want to know.

Both sides on are confronting in this naked eye obvious distance, no one has withdrawn one step, but Zhao Hai on the ship cannon has not actually stopped in the bang toward opposite party Great Formation goes, making Weave Fire Clan simply not have the time to establish formation disk Great Formation. Mu Tianbo and Horkins they in one time arrived in the cabin, on the face of everyone is having a excited facial expression, today although cannot defeat Weave Fire Clan Great Formation, but actually their defense lines destroying, this regarding them absolutely is good information. After all people sit down, Horkins turns the head look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : Little Hai, you today the dry attractiveness, HaHaHa, two hitting to collapse the opposite party defense line, satisfying, too satisfying.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, Mu Tianbo turned the head to look at other hundred belts happily by Immortal Stage Expert said : now we do not need to worry that the threat of come from mountain defense line there, however Weave Fire Clan these fellows, have made Immortal Stage Expert keep off in the front, this was not good information, if we want the means to break to opposite party Great Formation, making their Great Formation break through, only then we can defeat them like this.” Horkins also nodded said : „, Weave Fire Clan is also enough shameless, by putting down two big conflicts, Immortal Stage Expert must fight, will find the place in addition, but they actually begin before both armies team, making us absolutely not have the means to attack their Great Formation, is naturally impossible to defeat them, is really hateful.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;