Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1617

A Zhao Hai face calm look at distant place, hundred treasure and Divergent Technique army are chasing down * army of hot clan, in Weave Fire Clan army, most loyal without doubt naturally is Weave Fire Clan the clan people, but hundred treasure and Divergent Technique, when copes with Weave Fire Clan, learn the key attack, they have aimed at army of these Weave Fire Clan this clans main target, other small Interface armies, under the complete pain a type of hand, naturally, have not killed unavoidably, but will not cope with Weave Fire Clan this clan army likely ruthless spicy. Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact flushed seven in Weave Fire Clan Great Formation back and forth, besides the first chapter, other several times effects is not few, he has not killed several people. However these sword corner are different, these sword corner by the Immortal Stage Expert input ability, they by all means input energy, no matter drives, driving gives Laura them. But is this, lets Weave Fire Clan was stirred Heaven and Earth turning upside down in completely, Weave Fire Clan army has not thought that the attack strength of these sword corner unexpectedly became such strong, even wanted to prevent sword corner attack Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert, was massacred. As the matter stands the Weave Fire Clan defense line was naturally impossible to defend the person, these small Interface people in one time retreated, but the Weave Fire Clan person also started to escape afterward, was hundred treasure and Divergent Technique chasing down. Zhao Hai stands in there has not moved, calm look at all these, actually Mou Li was actually Le Kai hua, this time war, the loss of Weave Fire Clan was not small, he can receive large quantities of Undead Creature. At this time the distant place two person's shadows non-stop flew, Zhao Hai Ding eyeball looked, was Horkins's Mu Tianbo, their flashes body arrived on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, they were happy of face, it seems like that this fight, making them cope with the Weave Fire Clan confidence to be fuller. Horkins look at Zhao Hai, extends make a move to come, effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said :1 】, The sea, I must thank you, your words, we impossible within such short time, on successive defeats Weave Fire Clan twice, this time is defeating, regarding Weave Fire Clan, on the equal to end. ” Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Horkins, this Weave Fire Clan although loses is not small, but hasn't been in the situation of having a fracture probably? How will Horkins say this already to the Weave Fire Clan end? The Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai appearance, shows a faint smile, connection said : „the failure of Weave Fire Clan this twice, can say that defeats in the preparation completely safe situation, in this case, these small Interface of Weave Fire Clan will lose the confidence to Weave Fire Clan, these small Interface lose the confidence, that Weave Fire Clan lost majority of fighting strength on equal to, the armies of just by their this clan, are impossible to support how long, I think that Divergent Technique did have in this aspect has arranged?” Horkins nodded, sighs said : before wants attack Weave Fire Clan most from the beginning, the heart prison elder has arranged, this twice wins, believes that many small Interface surrenders we, in this regard, we compared with the having an intention prison elder will come, to miss directly far.”

Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai actually mutually looked at one, has not said anything, regarding them, such arrangement is normal, if no such arrangement, to is not instead normal, but before Horkins clarified is, has not thought of these, this arrived is lets Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo is somewhat accidental. In this time, sound of the broken wind is transmitting, three people looked that actually saw heart prison old person to arrive on Yama Ship, three people of immediately/on horseback saluted to heart prison old person. Heart prison old person looked at three people of one, nodded, smile said : good, dry is very good, the process that you fight I know that is very good, walks, goes, Horkins, informing Battalion to come back, did not want to chase down.” Why Horkins although do not understand this is, but has complied with one, immediately puts out the jade, The sword has arranged, then three people accompanied heart prison old person to enter in the discussing room cabin. After how many people entered the cabin, heart prison is old person turns the head look at three people of said : very strange, why didn't I make you chase down? He He, this does not have quite strangely what, because just several small Interface had surrendered to us, if we in chasing down, to are not instead good, feel relieved, this Weave Fire Clan died!” One hear of heart prison old person said that three people of then understand what's the matter, three people of let out a long breath, so long as some people surrender, that Weave Fire Clan had been finished on equal to, surrender will have second, later Weave Fire Clan in wants to organize such large-scale soldier, is impossible. Heart prison old person looked at three perfect person one eyes, showed a faint smile said : I to tell a sword people here information, now sword there is adding strong attack to strike, believes that received information Weave Fire Clan army, feared that will diverge also much, Weave Fire Clan is a dead end.” Mu Tianbo and on Horkins's face 1 u happy , instead to is calm of Zhao Hai face, conversely, he also frowned, because just Cai'er told to him not good information. Heart prison old person looks at Zhao Hai appearance cannot help but said : Little Hai, what words did you have to say? Do I think you probably am not very happy?” Zhao Hai looked at heart prison old person one, bows said : to return to the words of elder, I am was worrying that Weave Fire Clan will act out of desperation, if they sought help from Buddha or Primal Chaos at this time, we also will possibly have the trouble.” Heart prison old person two eyes cannot help but one bright, he has not thought of Zhao Hai, when this happy, but can also calm thought this point, this be does not accommodate the nose. This twice won to say that because of Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact, but Zhao Hai successfully to the corona brains, he immediately has not actually thought the enemy possibly seeks help like Buddha and Primal Chaos, this was not absolutely simple.

To be honest, if Zhao Hai does not come in hundred treasure, but is a locally born Divergent Technique people, heart prison old person certain first regards the next generation successor to train him. But Mu Tianbo and Horkins, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then their face also changed, because of their understand, this possible was very big. Especially Mu Tianbo, Mu Tianbo, when hears Zhao Hai this saying, first has thought of great Spirit Race, great Spirit Race was compelled not to have in the situation of means by hundred treasure, has sought help like Weave Fire Clan, if Weave Fire Clan compelled does not have the means that they also certainly will seek help from Buddha and Primal Chaos, although they will pay the huge price, but will actually not be expelled the ten-thousand realms battlefield. Heart prison old person looked at their one eyes, shows a faint smile said : „the worry of Little Hai is very reasonable, but you do not need to be worried that I already had the arrangement, other 2 Realms there I already sent for greeting, after this time war, will have their advantage, the although advantage was inferior that we and sword are many, but should be able to make them satisfy, they should in not meddle the here matter.” Zhao Hai one hear of heart prison old person said that cannot help but sighed the ginger is old spicy, his all said that feared Weave Fire Clan will seek help like Buddha and Primal Chaos, will be because Weave Fire Clan has such done. Zhao Hai had for a long time regarding the surveillance of Weave Fire Clan, after this several times war, he is uses the Weave Fire Clan person to often returned to Weave Fire Clan encampment opportunity, has put in the Liquid Silver needle Weave Fire Clan encampment, Weave Fire Clan encampment there has any action, he was clear, because monitored Weave Fire Clan encampment, he knows that Weave Fire Clan Patriarch wished melts, has sent for from Buddha and Primal Chaos seeks help. But Zhao Hai has not thought that heart prison old person had made unexpectedly already the arrangement, with some prices, received exchange for Buddha and Primal Chaos will not dispatch troops, this is the best method, naturally, the premise is, attack very smooth of Divergent Technique and sword to Weave Fire Clan, otherwise Buddha and Primal Chaos look at will not manage. Heart prison old person look at three people of deep voice said : letter, making everyone/Great Clan come back, I have the matter to announce.” Horkins although understand is not any meaning, but immediately published the letter, Mu Tianbo also published the letter, before Horkins's letter stopped pursuing, these time was to let the people came back directly. Before long on one after the other had some Steward Immortal Stage Expert and Divided Spirit Stage cultivator returned to cabin here, saw heart prison old person, all people were saluted by him, then station silently one side, but on the face of everyone was having the happy smiling face. After waiting to manage staff was in attendance, heart prison old person looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : our Divergent Technique with hundred treasure allied armies, obtained twice to win to Weave Fire Clan, has compelled in Weave Fire Clan the dead end, now had ten several Weave Fire Clan small Interface to surrender to us, next attack time, asking everyone/Great Clan to in diligently, conclusion this fight as soon as possible.” People with one voice said : is, sincerely rash elder command... Heart prison old person nodded said : this twice to win, merit Chinese angelica hundred treasure Zhao Hai all, because of Zhao Hai are also Divergent Warlock , starting today, I will receive Zhao Hai am to enter the inner rooms disciple, the pass/test bestow his Divergent Technique guest's seat elder command, later is he Divergent Technique guest's seat long old, everyone/Great Clan has the idea the opinion?” A heart prison old person this saying exit / to speak, the people stare, is look at each other in dismay, how don’t know to reply that at this time Horkins one step had actually stood, bows to heart prison old person said : „the decision of Horkins completely to praise intentionally prison elder, Zhao Hai strength formidable, is a Divergent Technique room, moreover in this twice and Weave Fire Clan war, contributes to the great merit repeatedly, bestows him for the Divergent Technique guest's seat elder, natural.”

To be honest, all people have not thought that the first approval is Horkins, the people stares unexpectedly, then the Immortal Stage elders of these Divergent Technique mutually looked at one, simultaneously has stood, bows said : Venerable the elder command to heart prison old person, bestows Zhao Hai is the guest's seat elder, the principle should Clang! these person not understand, actually Horkins already wanted to include Zhao Hai, but did not have appropriate opportunity, now the heart prison elder said that just and his intent, how he will oppose, therefore first stood to express the support. But other Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert, looked that the heart prison elder and Horkins agreed that other people have anything exceptive, the heart prison elder and Horkins are in Divergent Technique most puissant two, they agreed naturally not to have the issue. Heart prison old person nodded said : well, you do not oppose well, Zhao Hai, you may be willing to do obeisance my teacher, becomes my Divergent Technique guest's seat elder?” Heart prison old person one such asked that the vision of all people centralized to the body of Zhao Hai!!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;