Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1619

Zhao Hai has packed off Mu Yu , reason that looks for Mu Yu to drink this cheekbones liquor , because Zhao Hai does not want to let Mu Yu and between him appears any issue. Zhao Hai knows that although he now is very high in hundred treasure there human spirits, but compared or misses with Mu Yu , because Mu Yu was the sole legitimate successor who Mu Pai recognized, all Mu Pai people fully will support Mu Yu , next can be Zhao Hai. This Zhao Hai Bai Xinyu old person teacher matter, Zhao Hai does not hope Mu Yu because of this matter, but has any contradiction with him, therefore he had found Mu Yu , comes to drink with Mu Yu , even he also told Mu Yu him with Mu Tianbo by the attack matter, he believes that Mu Yu instead this matter will not say. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, flashes body returned to in Space, Laura they are waiting for Zhao Hai in Space, looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Laura their immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, why didn't you borrow this opportunity join to consider as finished to Divergent Technique?” Zhao Hai shook the head, forced smile said : incorrect, if I now on join Divergent Technique, before that all that makes ended, what most important is, I have not known that now Dao Heart prison old person receives me for disciple is true or false, the Divergent Technique there situation, is much more complex than hundred treasure, therefore my impossible join Divergent Technique.” Laura sighed said : Elder Brother Hai you to think lightly really hundred treasure can unify the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield? Tower of Babel doesn't there contain tube matter really?” Zhao Hai deep voice said :I must compel Tower of Babel there to take an action, so long as they moved, we might know what their back was standing was who. Laura nodded, to be honest regarding the Tower of Babel back person, he also feels very curious, what place Tower of Babel that was, each person of there surface is the elite, Zhao Hai they on just Fifth Layer had met that many Expert, behind that Tower of Babel was standing influence strong? What most important is, the Tower of Babel there person, each one has used unexpectedly Strength of Faith, when was this most important Strength of Faith was in flood to this situation? These people Strength of Faith that gets so far as from there? Can they also control small Interface be inadequate? Reason that must say Zhao Hai must trace behind Tower of Babel to have anything, not because of Strength of Faith, but is he must know how ten-thousand realms battlefield here forms, but obvious Tower of Babel there will possibly have some clues, therefore behind his curious this Tower of Babel is standing is who. Zhao Hai very clear, on the ten-thousand realms battlefield here situation, constructs the Tower of Babel person is impossible to harvest any Strength of Faith in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, they have established the ten-thousand realms battlefield, does not have the means to harvest any Strength of Faith, do they establish the ten-thousand realms battlefield to do?

What most important is ten-thousand realms battlefield here does not have means long time to maintain the peace, almost every time is in the fights, the small war does not calculate that the fight of large-scale are also many, even to let these Interface ties the enmity, but also caused Tower of Babel. All these are very abnormal, nobody knows the person who establishes the ten-thousand realms battlefield wants to do, why they must such do, since they did definitely had the point, Zhao Hai wants to know that their points is what was only they massacres from the cypress for look at? In that case, how could it not be ten-thousand realms battlefield is here Colosseum? If they want to let some Expert, growth slowly in this killing one another, they are raising the cup. Is Colosseum or is raising cup, these are Zhao Hai very cared that because these two results he does not want to accept, he must escape this destiny. To get rid, must know that who is promotes all these in the back, so long as knew the enemy in there, you can the true getting rid enemy, defeat the enemy. Zhao Hai normally is somewhat lukewarm, he to person very genial, not because a minor matter will shout hits to shout " kill ", that will not be his disposition, he will like the life of calm, but his actually bottom line, that will be he does not like being operated own destiny, his destiny, he will want to control, anybody cannot control his life, anybody! Because of this, he has arrived at today gradually, but he presently, oneself cannot get rid of that invisible the big hand, therefore Zhao Hai must resist, he must resist. Lived such long time with Zhao Hai, Laura they have understood Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai was likes that type simply, but was free, took responsibility the life that by oneself, this life was very actually easy to satisfy, but actually some people think that extend the hand to during their life, gesticulated to their life, but all such people, will receive the Zhao Hai most intense counter-attack, was relentless. After Zhao Hai sits down, Meg has carried one cup of tea to Zhao Hai, her look at Zhao Hai deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, when do you plan to start to study that spiritual force practice method? If the incorrect words, I looked that do not practice, that Cultivation Method is heart prison old person gives after all, that and person were extremely cloudy.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, even if heart prison old person has any idea, this practice content all does not have anything specially, he nothing but wants to our some advantage, making us eliminate to his vigilance, so long as we maintain this vigilance to him, he will not have any threat to us, you do not need to be worried.” Meg one hear of Zhao Hai said that this nodded said : original Elder Brother Hai you already to think of this point, my feel relieved, Elder Brother Hai, or do you try this spiritual force practice method now? Sets up to try to hundred treasures.”

Zhao Hai smiled said : well, I try, if you have the time, can practice, because drinks hundred Spirit Medicine tea all the year round, your present spiritual force, are not bad, has studied this spiritual force practice method, very much has the advantage to you, you have not looked at heart prison old person with this ability, can run amuck for many years in ten-thousand realms battlefield here.” Heart prison old person gives Zhao Hai that practice method is very comprehensive, inside has the practice of spiritual force, has the spiritual force defensive measure, the spiritual force attack method, controls the thing, the destruction, can say that heart prison old person, the diameter has achieved the one type of limit the use of spiritual force, if the spiritual force use of Zhao Hai is Devonian that makes thickly, that heart prison old person regarding the use of spiritual force, was that fine incomparable chinaware. Laura they do not like that practice of cultivator, moreover they do not need to carry on that type to practice, Zhao Hai these women, after following Zhao Hai, the body obtained transform, although had been inferior that Zhao Hai was so abnormal, but actually was also extremely powerful, moreover outside fight gave Zhao Hai to be good, they do not need to participate, therefore Zhao Hai studied study Cultivator Cultivation Method not to care regarding them. But this spiritual force practice method can actually make them study, because of this spiritual force practice method, is unexpectedly same as the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art, can practice at any time. So long as has practiced a junction, own spiritual force true completed the study spiritual Rubik's cube, that this) Rubik's Cube will have been rotating, practicing, that feared that is you do not go to manage him, he still meets to practice, your spiritual force can increase bit by bit. But this spiritual Rubik's cube, heart prison old person practices many years of attainment, the average person is impossible to practice spiritual Rubik's cube, because wants to compose this spiritual Rubik's cube, although very strong spiritual force, Divided Spirit Stage Expert spiritual force cannot achieve that degree generally. Naturally this regarding Zhao Hai and Laura they is actually the inadequate any issue, because drinks hundred Spirit Medicine tea all the year round relationship, their spiritual force very formidable, therefore they can definitely completed the study this spiritual Rubik's cube, so long as completed the study this spiritual Rubik's cube, Laura husband's brother's wives not in tube other. This spiritual Rubik's cube is not suspending attractively, this) spiritual Rubik's cube first, even each small surface is representing one type of very slight spiritual force, for example attack, for example controls especially, one, but you must use spiritual force time, this Rubik's Cube will start to rotate, then these small surface compose the each and every one order of rank, for example you want control attack, or carries on attack spiritual force Morph Form, yes, when your more great strength of spiritual force practice, your spiritual Rubik's cube also great strength, small, many, on entire produces. Many combinations, your Spiritual Attack also strange. Heart prison old person in the peak, his spiritual force attack is almost invincible, but now his life has soon come to the end, what although his practice is spiritual force, however before his spiritual force attack also already greatly, but is this, in entire ten-thousand realms battlefield here, can block fearing of heart prison old person spiritual force attack also to have Zhao Hai one. Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also with a smile complied, but they have not cared, in their eyes, can accompany in the Zhao Hai side, in Zhao Hai supported him silently, that was enough.

Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, shook the head, has smiled bitterly, oneself walk outward, sat to hundred Spirit Tree, he can feel clearly intermittent incomparably powerful Spiritual Qi that hundred Spirit Tree there come out, this Spiritual Qi had seen in hundred treasure there compared with Zhao Hai best Spirit Vein Spiritual Qi also wants the foot. Zhao Hai knows that this is because spirit root under hundred Spirit Tree in keeping relationship of increase, now Spiritual Qi in Space was also getting more and more full, Spiritual Qi that in Space all plants contain was also getting more and more full. Zhao Hai calm sat, slowly is adjusting own spiritual force, had been achieved best by own spiritual force, when finally his calm gets down completely, he starts gathering his spiritual force slowly, in he rests that spiritual force villain, finally moved, now that villain sat above Dao Lotus, Gold Core that the abdomen of villain, golden light sparkles, but his head, actually extends arrives in void of top of the head, during these is void, there are innumerable star light to glitter. Now villain that long head, is actually calm automatic, the star light of his top of the head moved, some little time, star light the fluctuation of head is getting more and more fierce, finally, the suddenly star light flashed like the explosion equally fiercely, then all calm, the villain still sat on Dao Lotus closes one's eyes, however his head has hung loose, although is still very long, but was not drifting, in the head of villain, appears small Rubik's Cube, this Rubik's Cube although was not big, but actually has plenty small, looks like complex incomparable, but this is small and small. Rubik's Cube is revolving, in the Rubik's Cube front, is actually starry skies, tranquil incomparable, is actually deferring to own path to operate slowly!...... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;