Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1620

? Zhao Hai has opened the eye slowly, none remaining of his eye in like before did not sparkle, but to the person the one type of very profound feeling, in his eyes, Rubik's Cube, was rotating probably, but this Rubik's Cube was smaller, moreover hid in the pupil of Zhao Hai. «» Zhao Hai long vented anger, mutters said : not to think really that this Rubik's Cube really also has this use.” Reason that Zhao Hai said that is because he presently in that Rubik's Cube small surface, there is a each and every one design, these designs including the 18 Arhat Profound Technique design, including the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Sword Formation design, including Zhao Hai meeting all Cultivation Method and Divergent Technique, this were really too mysterious. Moreover Zhao Hai present, so long as he wants to use any one type of Cultivation Method or Divergent Technique, so long as the thought moves, the representative on Rubik's Cube that Cultivation Method design like the activity, immediately will be moving, then he can use this Cultivation Method at will, this really very mysterious, before him wants use the cultivation more convenient. Zhao Hai has stood slowly, chuckle said : this thing is really ting is easy-to-use, probably in the head installed automatic desktop/tabletop to be the same to oneself, he he, good.” Was saying while entered room, outside Laura their these time has not arrived accompanies Zhao Hai, they believe that Zhao Hai will succeed, therefore simply does not have what good worry. That Cultivation Method that heart prison old person sends absolutely does not have the issue, otherwise Universal Machine will certainly have prompt, must know Universal Machine this thing although in Space relative **, but this after is the Space product, is by Zhao Hai give priority to, any to Zhao Hai harmful thing, he will make the reminder, these time to this Cultivation Method not any reminder, in other words this Cultivation Method does not have the issue, therefore Zhao Hai can the practice of feel relieved. Zhao Hai enters the room to see that Zhao Hai Laura they are sitting in the there look at screen, but on screen appears Weave Fire Clan encampment there situation. Looked at Zhao Hai to come back, Meg immediately greeted Zhao Hai to sit down, she also gave Zhao Hai to serve tea, after Zhao Hai sat down, looked at screen one, presently on screen Weave Fire Clan encampment Assembly Hall, but now this Assembly Hall to very silent, inside although sits dozens Immortal Stage Expert, actually nobody made noise. Did Zhao Hai look at screen said : puzzled what's the matter? Do these fellows sit in there pray to Buddha? How?” Laura smiles said : „they are is not praying to Buddha, they were don’t know must say anything, just they received information, Buddha and Primal Chaos refuse to dispatch troops to help them, but their under the hand/subordinate small Interface, currently also has majority of surrender Divergent Technique and sword, now the sword there defense line was also broken through, next step was sword and Divergent Technique also has our hundred treasure soldiers to supervise Weave Fire Clan encampment, their Patriarch were soliciting the suggestions of everyone/Great Clan, but you also saw, their obviously not what good opinion.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that also he he the chuckle, it seems like Weave Fire Clan is a dead end, if they do not want to lose are too big, that present withdraws from the ten-thousand realms battlefield is the correct principle. The positive phase, a Weave Fire Clan person on screen was starting talking, that person of deep voice said : Patriarch, I think that we should resist, initially we attacked hundred treasure with great Spirit Race army, hundred treasure have carried on the resistance, finally they won, hundred treasure can achieve, we were also same.” This person of start to talk, all people use one type of not too friendly look look at he, obviously this matter, regarding Weave Fire Clan, is a taboo, anybody cannot mention.

That person actually does not care, his look at people said : our Weave Fire Clan strength formidable, although these small Interface ran away now, but the strengths of our clan still, so long as we can insist some time, I thought Buddha and charlatan dun have to again the consideration our proposal.” Another Immortal Stage elder actually sneers to is relaxed, initially hundred treasure that said : you said can block us, was they have gathered the strength of entire clan, and has concentrated the strength of many small Interface, was adding on them to have reinforcement, their very clear, these big Interface not look at of place of chaotic war, no matter, therefore they, so long as resisted has been OK some time, but we were different, our present equal to were simply does not have reinforcement, what Buddha and Primal Chaos calls certainly to the Divergent Technique advantage, otherwise not no matter, if they received the advantage, that they on. Impossible make a move, so long as their make a move, we are not resisting, is the disciple increases the casualties.” He such spoke is the has plenty Weave Fire Clan person nods assent, another long Old Daoist: initially we cope with hundred treasure with great Spirit Race, we fully, because we also want against Divergent Technique and sword, but now hundred treasure, Divergent Technique and sword are actually lean attack fully, we want to block them not to be easy.” Also there is many elder time Expert to nod, before that elder actually said loudly of main action: „Do you want such to run? To give up in ten-thousand realms battlefield here all? Your these cowards.” Another elder one stood got up said : you saying that who was a coward? We do not consider for Weave Fire Clan, what situation is Weave Fire Clan now? How many this did twice fight us to lose? Do you want to make Weave Fire Clan Expert die in here? If person Expert died, after our Weave Fire Clan, what to do can? We will withdraw when the time came from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, moreover feared in having heavy anti- ten-thousand realms battlefield opportunity.” That main action elder also stood got up said loudly: That cannot such walk, thinks when our Weave Fire Clan does not fight to escape.” ...... Both sides loudly quarrelled, but Weave Fire Clan Patriarch wished melts has actually closed one's eyes to sit in there, a few words had not said that some little time he opened the eye, silently said: Stops talking, what appearance like, you may be the Immortal Stage elders, but also like sprinkling fu quarrelling, doesn't dislike disgraced?” One hear wished melts said that two long hero time Expert then stopped talking, air/Qi looked at opposite party, sat, wish looks at people said : present 3 Realms vigorously to attack friendly, keeps off us definitely unable to block, made the damage with it, was inferior that earlier retreated.” Nod that some Immortal Stage elders keep, another was actually 1 u left extremely angry , wish looked at their said : friendly if a sound did not make to walk, was not good, we must always this 3 Realms to know that our fierce, passed on me to order, gave me to concentrate in all spear|gun medicines, has put under the discussing room hall, prepare time delay Magic Formation, staff withdrawal in turn, left behind few people to make the final resistance, and other 3 Realms people, on the appearance that must unable to block, passed Transmission Formation to return, at the same time. Blasts Transmission Formation, start up delay time formation, the 3 Realms person's to our encampment situation is not familiar, they were impossible presently under encampment to bury the spear|gun medicine quickly, so long as their People batch entered in encampment, the spear|gun medicine exploded, asked them to lose seriously, like this we not only have given them a lesson, will not make us lose are too many.” These Weave Fire Clan Immortal Stage Expert one hears wished the friendly arrangement, was two eyes one bright, all Immortal Stage Expert have stood, to wishing melted bows said : is, Venerable the Patriarch command.” Said that turn around walked. Wish to melt then to stand, outside the look at hall, coldly snorted said : you do not make me feel better, I do not make you feel better.”

Zhao Hai is actually hears the cold sweat to brave, to be honest he has not thought really that wish melts so will be unexpectedly ruthless, must cope with them with this method unexpectedly, if he has not heard these words, that feared that will be the losses of hundred treasure will not be small. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, Weave Fire Clan suddenly finds out such draws on, what to do do you look to? Can inform Elder Mu they?” Zhao Hai now already completely calm, he shows a faint smile said : Elder Mu they to inform, but this matter regarding hundred treasure actually not necessarily is any misdemeanor, he he, I exited first, has any information immediately/on horseback to tell me.” The flashes body walked from Space. Comes out from Space, Zhao Hai immediately went to the Mu Tianbo cabin, he arrives to Space from entry, already past several hours, at this time Divergent Technique and hundred treasure rested was similar, wanted. Zhao Hai to the Mu Tianbo cabin outside, said loudly: Elder, Zhao Hai interview.” The Mu Tianbo sound conveyed said : Little Hai to come, came.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, shoved open the cabin door to walk, this cabin after especially remnantly designed, the person sat in the cabin, can hear cabin outside sound, outside person actually cannot possibly hear inside sound, only if Master of room wanted. Zhao Hai entered the cabin, to Mu Tianbo gave a salute said : elder, I present some situations, informs the elder especially.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : not to need to my here to be so polite, said that presently what?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : Weave Fire Clan must run.” Mu Tianbo one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then did one stand got up said : information to be true?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be true absolutely, but they are not willing the soldier to help them after presently Buddha and Primal Chaos, had has drawn back intent, but Weave Fire Clan not willingly this ran, therefore they want from their Interface, to adjust encampment there to go all gunpowder, simultaneously arranges the person to retreat, time when our 3 Realms army presses, they can let keep the person under person to retreat finally, at the same time with burning the gunpowder, when the time comes 3 Realms must certainly lose is not small.” Mu Tianbo one hear of Zhao Hai such spoke of stares, then face did change said : if so? This Weave Fire Clan, good ruthless feelings, are not good, this matter must tell Divergent Technique, otherwise they feared that must suffer a loss.”

Said that Mu Tianbo must walk outward, actually presently Zhao Hai stands in there is motionless, Mu Tianbo cannot help but somewhat curious said : Little Hai? Do you have the matter?” Zhao Hai looked at Mu Tianbo one, deep voice said : elder, I think that this matter not tell Divergent Technique to well.” Mu Tianbo stares, but looks at the Zhao Hai facial expression, his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Mu Tianbo has cannot help but hesitated next step: Words that but such one comes, the losses of our hundred treasure feared that will be will not be small? If we with are not good.”!. Looks without the advertisement welcome to «» Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;