Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1621

? Zhao Hai looked at Mu Tianbo understand his meaning, he cannot help but showed a faint smile said :we naturally to go, but made everyone/Great Clan stay in Great Magical Artifact do not exit to be good, if real accident, had Great Magical Artifact to protect, everyone/Great Clan will not receive any wound, when the time comes we can also say that we lost seriously. «» The Mu Tianbo knitting the brows head, transferred two on the ground, selected to said : this means to is good, explosion time, a Great Magical Artifact matter did not have, we said that we lost seriously, feared that is the Divergent Technique person will not believe?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we to be able in Weave Fire Clan outside, hides several Great Magical Artifact, then when enters Weave Fire Clan, uses Transmission Formation on Great Magical Artifact, arrives on in person Transmission outside Great Magical Artifact, only leaves behind spatial Great Magical Artifact to make them explode, when the time comes I can also make Great Magical Artifact fall broken, even can also make some Undead Creature stay in Great Magical Artifact, like this we were not Great Magical Artifact were also bad, did the person also die?” Mu Tianbo two eyes bright said : good, good, such manages.” Ended Mu Tianbo immediately to put out signalling jade slip, after inputting the content, let out, before long therefore the Weave Fire Clan Steward people arrived in the Mu Tianbo cabin, after waiting for all people, Mu Tianbo said the plan of Zhao Hai. Mu Tianbo did not fear that these people will say, does not fear to disclose information, these time arrives at Weave Fire Clan here, is the people who the city elects carefully, to hundred treasure absolute loyalty, they will be will not release 1 u to exit information absolutely. Waited for Mu Tianbo saying that all person two eyes shone, these person of very clear of hundred treasure, do not look at now Divergent Technique to their very polite, if later hundred treasure and Divergent Technique had anything to conflict, Divergent Technique will not let off their, in ten-thousand realms battlefield here, was the fist greatly has said was. After Mu Tianbo said that looked at people said : plan is this, everyone/Great Clan listened clearly, after to various ships, must this plan say that to these people listened, making them be ready, must perform in this play, when the time comes all Transmission to Weave Fire Clan encampment outside person, first hid in there, was steady chaotic leave Weave Fire Clan the domain, to the Weave Fire Clan domain outside, returned to encampment to go in Transmission, such cannot presently.” People simultaneously has complied with one. For those not Zhao Hai they do not return to encampment in Weave Fire Clan there on Transmission directly, because Transmission Formation has characteristics, is long-distance range Transmission, the Transmission Formation there light is bright, moreover energy bo will move will be also bigger. If in that Transmission square there, to does not have anything, but this actually on Great Magical Artifact, the place that the person who if lets Divergent Technique presently does not suit is not good, therefore Zhao Hai will hide several Great Magical Artifact outside Weave Fire Clan encampment, then makes them call chaotic leave, to Weave Fire Clan outside in Transmission leave, this was unable by Divergent Technique presently. Mu Tianbo such does, to is not against these ordinary Divergent Technique people, he in against heart prison old person, must know that this heart prison old person don’t know lived many years, already is a person old person fine character, because he specializes in spiritual force, moves very sensitively regarding various energy bo, to provide against contingencies, can only such do. After the people walked, Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, after this time matter, you feared that must keep Weave Fire Clan here some time, heart prison old person will certainly not put you to go back, when the time comes you can add are careful that.” Zhao Hai complied with said : is, invited elder feel relieved, will not have the matter.”

Mu Tianbo nodded said : well, you also get down to prepare, this time matter cannot the appears careless mistake, the losses of our hundred treasure very be otherwise big.” Zhao Hai nod said : invited elder feel relieved, will not have the matter, waited for everyone/Great Clan to remove to Great Magical Artifact outside Weave Fire Clan encampment on, my immediately command(er) these Great Magical Artifact withdrew Weave Fire Clan, these Great Magical Artifact can shrink, nobody be able presently.” Mu Tianbo nodded, beckoned with the hand, Zhao Hai bowed to draw back. If these time lets sword and Divergent Technique really loses some much, regarding hundred treasure, only then the advantage does not have the fault, ten-thousand realms battlefield here big Interface may not have one is good thing, is one by one stingy, Zhao Hai such does, prepares for later. Zhao Hai and person of treasure in the preparation of here secret, the person of Divergent Technique does not have presently, although heart prison old person is still staying on Great Magical Artifact of hundred treasure now, but Zhao Hai had presently is the method lets him own sound. When his here prepared, Zhao Hai arrived at the cabin that heart prison old person was, he stood in cabin in front of the door deep voice said : Zhao Hai seeks an interview Master.” The heart prison old person sound conveyed said : Little Hai to come, came.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, pushed the door to walk, heart prison old person still sat on a multipurpose cloud, looked at Zhao Hai to come, heart prison old person cannot help but two eyes a flash of divine light, then he somewhat surprised said : „have you unexpectedly congealed spiritual Rubik's cube? It seems like Little Hai your beforehand spiritual force is not small.” Zhao Hai bows said : is Master, because I in Lower Realm am Magician, specialize is spiritual force, after ascend, most from the beginning studies is various Magic and spiritual force practice method, therefore spiritual force wants to be stronger than the ordinary person.” Heart prison old person nodded, he knows regarding the Zhao Hai matter, he knows that Zhao Hai is not the locally born hundred treasure people, is not ascend to hundred treasure on, but is a small person who hundred treasure govern, afterward must go by hundred treasure, therefore Zhao Hai said that he to had not suspected. Heart prison old person deep voice said : „, since you have congealed spiritual Rubik's cube, my spiritual practice method, you have also crossed the threshold, but also there is a place that what did not understand?” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, controls the issue of strengthening about spiritual force, my, asking Master to direct.” Heart prison old person nodded said : to say.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, said one with spiritual force controls the difficulty, actually these issues he got the answer with Universal Machine, but has not wanted to make heart prison old person think that he was extremely outstanding, therefore has chosen some issues specially asking one's conscience prison old person. Receives him regarding heart prison old person for the matter of disciple, he has been somewhat in doubt, does not know that the Dao Heart prison old person point is anything, therefore he does not think expose his card in a hand. The question that heart prison old person one hear of Zhao Hai asked that also cannot help but nodded, to be honest, he was quite satisfied regarding Zhao Hai this apprentice, what therefore he was patient was Zhao Hai has answered his question.

After Zhao Hai hear, felt that is similar to the Universal Machine answer, if said really that is the Universal Machine answer, is better to understand some. Then Zhao Hai also asked two issues, what heart prison old person is still patient was Zhao Hai has explained that in this was asking answered, sound speaking sounds that out of the door transmitted: Heart prison elder, Little Hai in your here? We wanted.” Zhao Hai one hear of Mu Tianbo sound, his immediately has stood, bowed to heart prison old person said : Master, disciple asks to be excused first.” The heart prison elder beckoned with the hand said : to go, oneself pay attention to the security.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked. The heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai back, muttered said : not to think really that was so quick.” Said that has closed the eye. Zhao Hai comes out from the heart prison old person cabin, sees Mu Tianbo to stand outside he, look at him to come out, immediately/on horseback deep voice said : walked, Horkins informed us to leave.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, with Mu Tianbo to the Yama Ship bow, command(er) the entire fleet was flying toward Weave Fire Clan encampment, but at this time, Zhao Hai old turtle receiving. Now the person of many Divergent Technique also sits on Great Magical Artifact, by the Great Magical Artifact ability, the people who lets all Divergent Technique sat on Great Magical Artifact will not have the matter, but Zhao Hai has not actually done, because he made few Divergent Technique people sit on Great Magical Artifact, used a pretext on Great Magical Artifact not to sit down, Horkins they regarding Great Magical Artifact were not completely understand, what also has not suspected. Reason that Zhao Hai does not let these Divergent Technique on person Great Magical Artifact , because he does not want to let Divergent Technique person many understanding Great Magical Artifact secret, then does not have the advantage to him. Because the Weave Fire Clan person withdrew from the ten-thousand realms battlefield, these small Interface have also surrendered, therefore this they have not encountered any resistance all the way, but Zhao Hai they walk is still not quick, after all now Horkins their also don’t know Weave Fire Clan person ran. Used three days, Zhao Hai they to arrive at outside Weave Fire Clan encampment, Weave Fire Clan encampment there, protective shield was still hitting, could not see clearly inside situation, Horkins does not have trade attack rashly, but made Zhao Hai stop, person who must wait for sword. Horkins although is militant, but his also understand, this time is 2 Realms together dispatches troops, if Weave Fire Clan carries on the final resistance in encampment here, that does not wait for sword to arrive at them to carry on attack, that will probably incur the loss of even bigger to Divergent Technique, if Weave Fire Clan ran, they have crashed in Weave Fire Clan encampment, when the time comes the person of sword, possibly thinks that Divergent Technique obtained any good thing, if both sides cause anything to misunderstand to be possible not to be good, therefore stopped, is not anxious the attack. Zhao Hai naturally does not worry, he monitors the situation in Weave Fire Clan encampment through Space, in making final arrangement, several change small Great Magical Artifact, had been put in piece of dense forest outside Weave Fire Clan encampment to camouflage by him, not some people present. In Zhao Hai, when arranges these, his suddenly felt that heart prison old person came out from his in the room, standing of Zhao Hai motionless sound in there, when heart prison old person came out, his immediately/on horseback pretends just presently his appearance, bowed said : to see Master to heart prison old person.”

Heart prison old person nodded said : „, good, arrived at the Weave Fire Clan encampment team, Horkins, you also somewhat progressed, has not worried to attack, this is very good.” Horkins somewhat awkward, but he who heart prison old person said bowed said : to make the elder you worry to heart prison old person.” Heart prison old person he he chuckle said : does not have, you do is very good, do not worry, patient wait / etc., when the person arrival of sword, moves in together.” During Horkins complied with one, Yama Ship fell into one piece to be peaceful. In this time, distant place sword ray are shooting toward here, that sword ray quantity is numerous, probably the meteor shower is the same.!. Looks without the advertisement welcome to «» Please share &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;