Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1622
sword ray collects, one crowd of person appears in Zhao Hai in front of them not far away, saw these people, Zhao Hai finally found one type of to be in the feeling of Cultivation World, these person of person white cultivator robes, the under foot is stepping on Great Sword, that may really be the white clothing wins the snow, sword belt cold light, really has model|pattern! In one that in these people leads, what lead is a colored person of silver, his head pulls in the head in the head, three wisps of silver fine beard float the front, natural that could not say. That old person looked at heart prison old person one, shows a faint smile, holds the fist in the other hand said : not to think that to heart prison old person is the heart prison brother leads unexpectedly personally, sword wind reasonable.” Hears the old person registration, Zhao Hai one knows that he has facilitated, the Herd sword, the sword wind, the person of sword takes the sword as the surname generally, but the sword wind is also so, his nickname was called the Herd sword, can look from this nickname, his Sword Technique only then characteristics, that was quick, was quicker than the wind, making people virtually impossible to guard against. Heart prison old person shows a faint smile said : not to think that to the sword wind was the sword wind brother came, he he, you came was not slow, came the brother, and how sits to on the ship?” Sword wind not polite, held the fist in the other hand said : such as some sword winds to disturb to heart prison old person.” Said that he waved, his behind that this person of immediately goes toward retreat, then fell the ground, gripped the military camp. cultivator also needs to rest, therefore they where, when goes, if person are many, will build a military camp, if the person are few, will open Cave Mansion, to do momentary rest. After sword wind Yama Ship, heart prison old person asked the sword wind to enter in the cabin, Horkins and Mu Tianbo sat accompany, Zhao Hai their these younger generations, naturally did not have the qualifications to go. Heart prison old person, the sword wind, Horkins, Mu Tianbo several people to the cabin, heart prison old person asked the sword wind to sit down, the sword wind looked at a multipurpose cloud curiously, this sat, after several people sat down, the sword wind turns the head he he chuckle said : brother to enjoy to heart prison old person well, this thing study was really good.” Heart prison old person shows a faint smile said : this is not my thing, but is hundred treasure, I am also profit at someone's expense, come, the sword wind brother, I gives you to introduce, this is hundred treasure Mu Tianbo elders.” Mu Tianbo does not dare to neglect, this sword wind is not low in the sword there seniority in relationships, can with the person who heart prison old person is on intimate terms, is higher than him on a generation, therefore Mu Tianbo immediately/on horseback bows said : sky wave to see sword wind senior to the sword wind.” The sword wind has sized up Mu Tianbo one, nodded said : well, does not need to be so polite, in the past I also had the casual acquaintance with your Master, and sits, heard your hundred treasure nearest/recent exhibitions is very good?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : fortunately, compared with sword and Divergent Technique established big Interface, fell far short like this.”

The sword wind he he the chuckle, to be honest, he very much appreciates to Mu Tianbo, neither arrogant nor servile, the manner is calm, there is a bearing of elder. Heart prison old person shows a faint smile said : sword wind brother, we are our Divergent Technique Horkins elders.” Horkins has also stood, bows said : Horkins to see sword wind senior to the sword wind.” The sword wind shows a faint smile said : well, is youth outstanding, Divergent Technique is the capable person pours forth worthily seriously.” Horkins quickly said: „It is not at all the senior praise.” Heart prison old person smiles said : to be good, we are not no need to speak these pleasantries, said that Weave Fire Clan matter, Weave Fire Clan now is a dead end, I suspected that now Weave Fire Clan must possibly escape.” The sword wind is also an upright expression, nodded said : well, if I am Weave Fire Clan, I will also choose the leave ten-thousand realms battlefield, by the Weave Fire Clan present strength, simply is impossible to block army of our two clans, the Weave Fire Clan person, feared that not necessarily so will be easy to retreat, the Weave Fire Clan person has a grudge the disposition that must report.” Heart prison old person nodded said : I to look at this, tomorrow sends for first exploratory attack by our 2 Realms, if the resistance of Weave Fire Clan is very intense, we are mounting a large-scale attack, if they ran, we to were relaxed.” The sword wind nodded said : this, our 2 Realms one sends out ten thousand people, not intimate prison brother what do you think?” Heart prison old person nodded said : well, the sky wave, this probe attack, hundred treasure first do not participate, in order to avoid increases the loss, do you look?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : I not to have opinion, depends on the words of elder.” The meaning of Mu Tianbo understand heart prison old person, said that to let hundred treasure reductions loses, that is placed on outwardly the attractive reason, the real reason is, does not want to make hundred treasure snatch the merit. Weave Fire Clan although withdrew, however their encampment here are impossible good thing not to stay behind, but crashes in the encampment person first, naturally may obtain these good thing, very obviously Divergent Technique and sword do not want to make hundred treasure obtain these thing, therefore under the pretext of fearing hundred treasure will have loss, will not allow them to enter to Weave Fire Clan encampment.

If beforehand Mu Tianbo will possibly be angry, but he does not have the means that because of the situation compared with person, in sword and Divergent Technique the eye, hundred treasure did not have the qualifications to struggle anything with them. However now Mu Tianbo is a feeling of point vitality does not have, because of his very clear, the Weave Fire Clan person truly walked, but actually left behind a big ritual to wait for sword and Divergent Technique person, hopes them, when received this big ritual, will not be excited. Heart prison old person and sword wind also discussed the matter of tomorrow motion, the sword wind said goodbye leave, waited for sword wind leave, heart prison old person to sigh to Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, hopes that should not be angry, my this did not have the matter of means that if I must allow you also to participate, the person of sword feared that is will be at heart uncomfortable, then did not have the advantage to your hundred treasure.” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile said : elder feel relieved, I have not been angry.” Heart prison old person nodded said : that to be good, you also get down the rest, if attack of tomorrow all smooth, our plans were successful.” Mu Tianbo has stood, bows to heart prison old person, turn around walked, returned to own in the room, Mu Tianbo immediately called the room Zhao Hai and Mu Yu . When Zhao Hai and Mu Yu to the Mu Tianbo room, saw standing of Mu Tianbo face smiling face in there, Zhao Hai and Mu Yu somewhat puzzled look at Mu Tianbo. Mu Tianbo look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Little Hai, it seems like our plans must change, in person feared that did not need to worry.” What Zhao Hai lived regarding the cabin in is actually clear, therefore also probably guessed correctly the meaning of Mu Tianbo, but he puzzled said : how did the elder, have what incorrect place?” Mu Tianbo shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not to have what incorrect place, your proposition is very good, but tomorrow Divergent Technique and sword will send out the twenty thousand person to carry on attack to Weave Fire Clan encampment, if your information not wrong, that Weave Fire Clan encampment there remaining people will not be many, these people are impossible to work as the twenty thousand person's attack, so long as when the time comes a person withdrawal of Weave Fire Clan, their plans on will move, but our hundred treasure enter to encampment opportunity continually not, what the nature on was impossible to lose, Divergent Technique and sword loss. Also will not be big, the loss of twenty thousand person, regarding these two big Interface, simply is not anything.” look at Mu Tianbo with a smile, saw that likely is taking pleasure in others'misfortunes, but Zhao Hai and Mu Yu know the limitation has not said anything, naturally Mu Tianbo said not wrong, the loss of twenty thousand person, regarding sword and Divergent Technique also is really not anything, but the influence of this matter feared that will be will not be small, because a batch will enter to the person in Weave Fire Clan encampment, affirmative majority of will be sword or a Divergent Technique this Realm people, like this, the loss of 2 Realms feared that will be will not be few. Mu Tianbo also thought one happy is a little early, his deep voice said : your a while told in person this information, making everyone/Great Clan do not have any change, waited for the here matter to understand that we returned to hundred treasure to go, but I think that Little Hai you feared can also wait some time.” Zhao Hai nodded said : is, invited elder feel relieved, my here will not have any issue.”

Mu Tianbo nodded, beckoned with the hand, lets Zhao Hai and Mu Yu leave, after their leave, immediately told in person this matter, making in person do not have the change. Second Heavenly Sword and Divergent Technique have organized army of twenty thousand person, kills toward Weave Fire Clan encampment, just as is such that Mu Tianbo thinks, Divergent Technique and sword organization this only twenty thousand person army, by this Realm person give priority to, only then the small Interface people of minority 2 Realms. But Mu Tianbo and Zhao Hai their one face calm look at Weave Fire Clan encampment, they also really hope that at that moment earlier arrives. Weave Fire Clan has not let Zhao Hai they and others too long time, is less than one hour, heard in Weave Fire Clan encampment to transmit heaven-shaking loud noise, the volcano that then entire Weave Fire Clan encampment looked like spurting was the same, a red column of flame, direct injection sky from Weave Fire Clan encampment, Weave Fire Clan encampment Fangshan Great Formation, looked like a soap bubble is the same, one broke to pieces, that formidable air wave, will flush straight the Zhao Hai fleet in the future will fly, has departed in one near about, this stopped. All person dull look at Weave Fire Clan encampment directions, there already was covered by all over the sky dust, in simply cannot see is any appearance, but this cannot baffle the people, the people search toward in spiritual force, knows that in lived anything. Now entire Weave Fire Clan encampment completely vanished, there a depth of hundred meters big hole on remaining one, entered in all cultivator to Weave Fire Clan encampment already vanish from sight, do not say the person, the corpse could not find. All person dull look at all these, including Zhao Hai and Mu Tianbo them, although said that they already knew the plan of Weave Fire Clan, but they have not thought really that the Weave Fire Clan gunpowder, the explosion will really have such big Might, thinks of some here Zhao Hai cannot help but fear, if they entered Weave Fire Clan encampment, has carried on their plan, feared that will be they will also be injured is not small, such explosion Might, even if were Immortal Stage Expert, will meet a cruel death. Must know that just this exploded, protective shield on Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact all exploded, moreover his Great Magical Artifact in the future will have been pushed nearly one li (0.5km), their this was is only also affected, obviously Might of explosion center big.!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;