Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1623

Chapter 548 fought to end The heart prison old person complexion ugly look at front, he knows that enters to the Weave Fire Clan encampment person feared ended, he has not thought really Weave Fire Clan unexpectedly so ruthless, just before leaving before gave back to them to come such. However he must be has seen the storm person unexpectedly, take deep breaths, calm, turned the head to side, almost makes the person search around Horkins said : that eyeball stares, has a look also to have living person.” Horkins one recovers, on his face actually appears a flurried facial expression, immediately transmitted orders, Mu Tianbo has not been idling, he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, making in the people of all people come together the help, has a look around this also nobody living person, pays attention, having a look around this also to have other ambush.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, put out the signalling jade sword, immediately passed on the letter. After having passed on the letter, Zhao Hai wields, huge water ball flew from in his hand, then water ball suddenly open/operated, changed drizzle, Weave Fire Clan encampment there mist and dust that because the explosion raises, slowly was fallen to the pouring by the drizzle. cultivator of quick hundred treasure also flew, is searching for in all around, they widened the range of search, but breaks the arm to the present besides some stump residual limbs, actually does not have present living person. After five hours of search, three teams of cultivator returned to Zhao Hai Great Magical Artifact here, they have had achieved nothing, not only in fact they, Zhao Hai does not have any harvest, Divergent Technique and sword enter to Weave Fire Clan encampment these cultivator, had been exploded met a cruel death, even if Zhao Hai wants to turn into Undead Creature not to be impossible them. Horkins returned to on the ship, his complexion paleness, has also bowed to the heart prison elder said : elder, does not have the present living witness.” Heart prison old person already completely calm, he nodded said : to be good, making everyone/Great Clan rest, asking the sword wind elder to come, something consulted.” Horkins complied with one, turn around walked. look at Horkins walked, heart prison old person then turn around walks toward the cabin, walks while to Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, you also come, this time war was the result.” Mu Tianbo has complied with one, turns the head to arrange everyone/Great Clan to return to Great Magical Artifact to Zhao Hai said : to come up the rest, goes.” Zhao Hai complied with one, turn around walked. When Mu Tianbo and heart prison old person enters to the cabin in not long after, Horkins got the sword wind to come, Mu Tianbo was busy at saluting to the sword wind, the sword wind beckoned with the hand, turns the head look at heart prison old person said : not to think really that Weave Fire Clan fellow unexpectedly so ruthless, got down murderous scheme then.” Heart prison old person beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, did not say that this, sat, no matter what, this time war had ended, we won, Weave Fire Clan has tumbled out the ten-thousand realms battlefield, this is also one is worth the happy matter.” The sword wind selected has occupied the head, sat, Mu Tianbo and Horkins also sat. After three people sit down, heart prison old person turns the head look at sword wind said : sword wind, I prepare all died cultivator to bury in here, constructs a big grave in here, to do to commemorate, your what do you think?”

Sword wind one hear of heart prison old person said that has gawked, but his immediately nodded said : agreement, this should be.” Heart prison old person nodded said : war to end, before the matter that saves presses us , the office that discussed that this didn't have the issue?” The sword wind shook the head said : not to have issue, manages.” Heart prison old person nodded, turns the head look at Mu Tianbo said : sky wave, after you go back, can send for receiving half monster island, belonged to hundred treasure by the second half monster island.” Mu Tianbo bows said : to thank the elder to heart prison old person.” Heart prison old person beckoned with the hand said : not to have what to be good to thank, this is you earns, this time your hundred treasure also render meritorious service is not small, Great Magical Artifact of people, we are impossible such quickly to break through the Weave Fire Clan defense line, but you go back, Little Hai must remain some time.” Mu Tianbo nodded said : „should, so long as after inviting Little Hai we sent back, immediately can make him come back, this point invited elder feel relieved.” Heart prison old person nodded said : well, that such settled the person, the sword wind brother, our 2 Realms can believe to outside world jointly, to shake evildoer.” Meaning of sword wind understand heart prison old person, they really to not frighten any evildoer, but to announce to other two big that the Weave Fire Clan domain was their. The sword wind naturally must agree, if such does not do, another two contended for the a piece domain to trouble in shameless running over. Then heart prison old person also discussed with people the friendly things to do after death discussed that people then leave, when Mu Tianbo returned to his room time, these Immortal Stage strong Expert of present hundred treasure were waiting for them in there, he was busy at opening the door of room, asking the people person to enter the room. After all people entered room, Mu Tianbo looked at audiences one eyes, deep voice said : war had ended, we can official received half monster island!” Long live!” The people are cheering, half monster island absolutely is the a piece territory that hundred treasure most want to obtain, now finally has succeeded in obtaining, their naturally happy. Some little time, when mood calm of people slowly, Mu Tianbo has then smiled said : and other here matters to process, in our returned to, then sends for receiving half monster island, the there situation, everyone/Great Clan also knows that wants there complete subduing, is very difficult, everyone/Great Clan must have the preparation to be good, Little Hai, after you we send back, immediately comes back, the heart prison elder makes you come back studying with him.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : is, elder, I knew.” The people look at Zhao Hai look, is a little different, must know that Zhao Hai may be Divergent Technique guest's seat long old now, must say that this status in was almost equally matched with the Mu Tianbo status, these person of that can not have a point other idea. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, Mu Tianbo has not cared, Mu Tianbo very clear, Zhao Hai this time acknowledging as teacher, is ominous is happy has not said. Also explain/transfer something, Mu Tianbo has then made the people go back, when people leave the Mu Tianbo room, Mu Yu has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : to add carefully.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Mu Yu said : Big Brother Mu, you must try hard, when I go back, I hoped us to take back half monster island.” Mu Yu shows a faint smile said : certainly will, your feel relieved.” Said their then returned to the respective room. Two days later, giant tomb appears in the original Weave Fire Clan encampment position, has been setting up a piece huge monument before the tomb, on this monument carves grave of several characters twenty thousand brave warrior, the monument back is also carving the names of these people, very attractively, very tall and big that monument does, distant can see. Zhao Hai look at this monument was some feelings generally, obviously is sword and Divergent Technique has invaded at heart actually Weave Fire Clan, but also Weave Fire Clan expelling the ten-thousand realms battlefield, but now the Weave Fire Clan dead actually has become by the brave warrior who the person recorded deeply, but Weave Fire Clan instead to was given to forget, calculation that this way of the world, really the victor said. Set up the tomb, after worshipped, the people of hundred treasure on leave, after Zhao Hai must deliver these people went back, can go to Divergent Technique there with heart prison old person studying. Goes back this is safe, anybody does not dare to provoke them, now Divergent Technique, sword and hundred treasure 3 Realms defeat Weave Fire Clan, expels the ten-thousand realms battlefield matter Weave Fire Clan, has spread in the entire ten-thousand realms battlefield, hundred treasure are unmatched in the crest of wave of place of chaotic war, in this case, that also has dares to provoke them who does not enlarge ones vision, that is not courts death. Used more than ten days, Zhao Hai to deliver returned to the people finally hundred treasure encampment there, has rested for day in encampment there, Zhao Hai then sits Transmission Formation to go to Divergent Technique encampment. Heart prison old person already returned to Divergent Technique encampment, such blows the minute of Weave Fire Clan domain, they had already reached an agreement before, simply will not have any matter, no matter sword Divergent Technique, at this time, because of the matter of domain with opposite party cause disturbance , such words will not do well cheap others. Zhao Hai is first time comes to Divergent Technique encampment, but speaks the truth he regarding here not very strangely, because before him, grounded Space has observed Divergent Technique encampment. encampment of Divergent Technique with other encampment maximum difference is, Cave Mansion in their encampment are not many, here is constructing all kinds of houses, like other encampment, the house are not many, Cave Mansion are many, they were just opposite.

Zhao Hai just appears in Transmission Formation of Divergent Technique, immediately had Divergent Technique Divided Spirit Stage Expert to walk, this Divergent Technique Divided Spirit Stage Expert, high and low is sizing up Zhao Hai, deep voice said : „the friend there person? What comes our Divergent Technique so-called?” Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, this person of appearance very ordinary, his both eyes somewhat are however special, his two eyes is the red, very strange thing. Zhao Hai quickly said: Hello, below Zhao Hai, presents the life of Master to come.” As soon as that person listens to the Zhao Hai name, obvious has gawked, he also heard certainly that heart prison old person received apprentice named Zhao Hai newly, is hundred treasure people, has not actually thought that saw in here unexpectedly, he sized up Zhao Hai one carefully, on the face cannot help but has actually shown a disappointed facial expression, because of Zhao Hai long was too ordinary, temperament also very ordinary, did not look like a point special place. Must know Dao Heart prison old person in the Divergent Technique here status very however, Divided Spirit Stage Expert like this person, if can obtain heart prison old person to direct a few words, that is the matter that ten points are honored, making heart prison old person receive him for the disciple, wants unable to think. But heart prison old person actually received Zhao Hai for the disciple, this makes Divergent Technique here people feel that to Zhao Hai the incomparable curiosity, feels envying and envy. If Zhao Hai is that specially extraordinary person, that said fortunately, but looks at Zhao Hai now unexpectedly so ordinary, this cannot help but makes these feel that a disappointment, felt is not convinced, as soon as he pays appearance said : that is conscientious in discharging official duties what card play to show that you are Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai one hear of this saying cannot help but stare, he from this person of look with the facial expression, almost understand he was thinking anything, he has not cared, but put out a hand to put out same thing to give that person. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;