Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1624

Chapter 549 hundred two Rubik's Cube That person thing that received Zhao Hai to hand over, presently is actually Command Token of a piece guest's seat elder, he one startled, does not dare to neglect, both hands give Zhao Hai said : to ask the elder to come with me Command Token hastily.” He such politely also has reason, in Divergent Technique here, the status of elder is very high, the special person guest's seat elder, the guest's seat elder did not say the too big authority in Divergent Technique here although, but the status is actually very high, is adding on Zhao Hai also good Master, that person of although somewhat looked that Zhao Hai is not smooth, actually does not dare to say anything, because of his very clear, one, but offended Zhao Hai, that bad luck can only be he. Just that person made Zhao Hai confirm status, although has to feel embarrassed the suspicion of Zhao Hai, but that actually is also the Divergent Technique here custom, he can only be in the regular range, came awkward Zhao Hai, did was not excessive. Zhao Hai has not cared about that person of response, smiled was receiving Command Token, walked toward Divergent Technique in that person, the encampment of Divergent Technique also on a mountain, but actually in a summit platform, here everywhere can see various strange constructions, but Divergent Technique Transmission Formation square in the center of platform. That person directs Zhao Hai to arrive at the Transmission square surrounding, this flew, Zhao Hai at a moderate pace following in his behind, their one after the other proceeds to fly in various buildings. Before long they left that giant summit platform, flies toward the mountain outside, has not departed far, Zhao Hai looked that Mu has mountain valley to the distant place, this mountain valley very beautiful, above really also has not big waterfall. That person was directing Zhao Hai to mountain valley outside, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : elder, heart prison Supreme Elder to live in this mountain valley, we did not pass through the summon not to pass, I can only deliver you to here.” Zhao Hai turns the head to show a faint smile said : to that person thanks a lot.” Said that turns the head Zhao Hai to pay a visit Master to mountain valley said :!” The heart prison old person sound conveyed said : from mountain valley is Little Hai came, came.” Zhao Hai complied with one, personal appearance moved, flew toward mountain valley. Sighing that person of look at Zhao Hai back, loses, turn around flew away. This is small mountain valley as beautiful as a painting, in mountain valley is planting many flowers and plants, these flowers and plants looked that carefully had been handled, growing trend very good, what most important is, Zhao Hai from the mix flavors of these flowers and plants, felt an unusuality. This flower and grass mix in the together flavor, smell very good, moreover can rather calm the air/Qi, regarding practicing spiritual force is of great advantage. A creek, flow through from mountain valley, such as the jade belt was ordinary, making mountain valley many several Spiritual Qi, by waterfall, the antique small thatched-roofed huts, the thatched-roofed hut was not big, in such environment, was makes people feel not in part of ones duty harmonious nature.

The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved arrived around thatched-roofed hut, the entrance of thatched-roofed hut opened, the heart prison old person sound conveyed said : Little Hai to come.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, took a step the thatched-roofed hut. This thatched-roofed hut is not really big, entire small room area also more than 40 square meters, thatched-roofed hut inside completely empty, anything does not have, but is putting a multipurpose cloud on the middle of grass level, heart prison old person is closing one's eyes to sit in there. Zhao Hai goes forward one step, bows said : to see Master to heart prison old person.” Heart prison old person closes one's eyes to nod, said : sits, oneself advance the practice, has the unclear place, in asked me.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, has put out the a piece multipurpose clouds, sat. After waiting for Zhao Hai to enter next, heart prison old person slowly has then opened the eye, looked at Zhao Hai one, satisfied nod, in one time has then closed the eye. Regarding the heart prison old person movement, Zhao Hai is also knows that but he has not cared, he has had certain vigilance regarding heart prison old person, he believes that wants own incomplete forfeit vigilance, heart prison old person to take him not to have the means. Zhao Hai although seems like is practicing now, but actually he actually spiritual force centralized to Space, is in look at Mu Yu they. Mu Yu they went to half monster island there, watched over in hand half monster island, naturally, this also is just the nominal control, these many years, half monster island did not have to submit to Divergent Technique, hundred treasure contacted, was makes half monster island there turn over to hundred treasure in name. But this time to deal with these people on half monster island, Mu Yu specially Zhao Hai Yama Ship taking advantage of the past, but also borrowed many sword shuttles, Zhao Hai naturally complied, as the matter stands half monster island there lived anything, he can know was clear. Before half monster island there situation him, some had understood that there is puts comprised of the innumerable monsters, these Monster Race each and every one are unruly, is very difficult to surrender them, moreover fighting strength of these fellows are not weak, although said that among them sometimes will also hit to live to kill, but treats other families time, actually very united, therefore these many years, Divergent Technique has also had no alternative regarding half monster island here. Naturally, reason that these Monster Race can with Divergent Technique resistance that long time, cannot leave the support of hundred treasure, hundred treasure have wanted to tidy up half monster island, but had not actually succeeded, therefore they can only support some Monster Race people, making them do right with the Divergent Technique person, enabling Divergent Technique the complete control half monster island. As the matter stands hundred treasure also has some friendship with half monster island here several big Monster Race, but person also very clear of hundred treasure, they have the friendship with half monster island, but wants to let these Monster Race complete submitting to them, is actually unlikely.

Monster Race very antiforeign, they to are not the people of their clan, continuously repel, even if with hundred treasure cooperation, some friendship, is having very strong vigilance, but now half monster island has turned over to hundred treasure in name, but this is the issue is also. Monster Race on half monster island has believed that half monster island should be Monster Race, any rules Human Race of half monster island, is their enemies, beforehand Divergent Technique is, present hundred treasure are also. Therefore hundred treasure want to take back oneself to use hundred treasure, feared that must make on not the small effort to be good. Also because of this, Mu Yu will be bringing Zhao Hai some Yama Ship and sword shuttles. In Zhao Hai is observing half monster island there time, heart prison old person slowly has actually opened the eye, he looked at Zhao Hai one, slowly has stood, walks outward. Laura their immediately told Zhao Hai, heart prison old person got up, Zhao Hai has also taken back the mind, slowly has opened the eye, stood to arrive at outside. To outside one looked that heart prison old person is standing in front of the thatched-roofed hut, these flowers and plants in look at mountain valley, heard Zhao Hai to come out, he has not turned head, but was deep voice said : I the bureau in this valley lives already nearly millenniums, this valley like spring all year round, most suited Ning Xincao and stimulation colored growth, but these two plants mixes in the flavor that together came out, was of great advantage regarding spiritual force practice, not only can make spiritual force practice quickly, but also can never possessed by the Devil.” Zhao Hai stands in the heart prison old person back has not made noise, his do not understand, heart prison old person said these to do to him, heart prison old person turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your spiritual force wants to be higher than the average man, these days, you practice in here, can own spiritual force promotion as soon as possible to 120 Rubik's Cube boundary, understand?” Zhao Hai bows said : is, Master, I will try hard.” Heart prison old person nodded, turns the head the flowers and plants in look at valley, deep voice said : in the past I, when has not achieved 120 demon words, with the person battle, finally spiritual force is damaged, is almost complete on cultivation level, afterward was uses Ning Xincao and stimulation flower in this mountain valley restoration slowly, however after restoring, my spiritual force although will also increase, but also has actually left behind an internal injury, this point internal injury finally has become on my cultivation level the biggest obstruction.” Zhao Hai static is listening, he has not thought really that heart prison old person has been unexpectedly also injured in Immortal Stage, moreover this wound actually will have affected now. Heart prison old person sighed said : Little Hai, you are now young . Moreover the strength was very strong, so long as you practiced diligently, sooner or later one day will achieve Immortal Stage, moreover I thought that your appearance knows, on this day feared will not be far, but you must remember, Immortal Stage was not cultivator Peak, before Immortal Stage, had certainly formidable cultivator to exist, my this because of that time wound, did not have the means for a lifetime in pursue High level time, but you can, you probably enter to Highest Level, when the time comes feared that was I already not.” In his expression the belt whereabouts not, Zhao Hai cannot help but comforts said : Master, so long as your wealthy family relieved convalescing, should not have the issue.” Heart prison old person shook the head said : my status I to know, I most, be only two years of lifespan, hoping you to be able in these two years time, completed the study 120 Rubik's Cube, I can also walking of feel relieved.”

Zhao Hai quickly said: Master......” has not waited for him to say anything, heart prison old person beckoned with the hand said : not to be no need saying that cultivator although practice for go against the Heaven to change fate, but the sometimes destiny is really irreversible, my lifespan by completely, you are not no need to say much that well the practice is.” Zhao Hai lowers the head said : is, Master.” Heart prison old person beckoned with the hand said : to practice, does not need to manage teacher, does teacher practice now is the same, you are different, you must practice well, I hope that you can early a day achieve 120 Rubik's Cube boundary.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, turn around returned to in the thatched-roofed hut, sits on the multipurpose clouds, then own attention centralized to Space. To be honest, just elastic center prison old person said these words time, he felt really very much, he impulses wants to tell heart prison old person, oneself already cross 120 Rubik's Cube, oneself when practice spiritual Rubik's cube, has achieved 360, now although has not increased, but regarding the utilization of spiritual Rubik's cube, he was more skillful. However finally thinks that Zhao Hai has not said the truth, he does not like making others know his secret, therefore he prepares after a period of time in telling heart prison old person, he arrived at 120 Rubik's Cube, regarding him, does not have anything not to be good in the here practice in any case, cannot enter besides the body to Space, his spiritual force can stay in Space the person, to watching the movie same is paying attention to Mu Yu they, how having a look at them to regain half monster island. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;