Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1625

The time passes fast, Zhao Hai to heart prison old person the mountain valley already entire one year, in this year time, the Zhao Hai majority of time practiced in this mountain valley, only then the time of few part, he will exit to relax, regarding his such procedure, heart prison old person not only had not opposed, instead to returning very happy. Heart prison old person very clear, the [say / way] of practice lies in alternates tension with relaxation, if Zhao Hai has practiced that he instead to being worried about Zhao Hai meets possessed by the Devil. .com Zhao Hai first time exits to relax, is leave Divergent Technique encampment, transfers the extension to outside, actually he entered to accompany Laura using that time to Space in they, although his spiritual force has been accompanying Laura in Space they, but the spirit turned over to the spirit, Laura their time grew could not see him, will think of his. This year time, made Zhao Hai spiritual Rubik's cube from 360 turn 480, this regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely was good information, his spiritual force formidable, Zhao Hai currently uses Ming Xin to see xing Profound Technique, Mastering Infinity Profound Technique, Bright Sword Profound Technique and Enlightenment Profound Technique Might also even bigger. Also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has been towing, has not told heart prison old person his spiritual force oneself after achieving 480 Rubik's Cube, heart prison old person also thinks that his spiritual force has not achieved 120 Rubik's Cube. Reason that must such do , because Zhao Hai present, after his Ming Xin sees xing Profound Technique Level Up, he can from the body of heart prison old person, feel a dangerous aura. If heart prison old person does not have any evil intention to him, ~ he will not feel that this danger, he can feel now this dangerous aura, that can only explain that heart prison old person has evil intention to him, only not satisfying conceal very deep, is careful prison old person strength very formidable therefore him before in addition not presently. This is also because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has been towing, he wants to know that heart prison old person wants to do, before heart prison old person these words that spoke he naturally will not be believing. Through one year of observation Zhao Hai present, heart prison old person probably, when he arrived at 120 Rubik's Cube time, probably will have any movement, moreover he has not broken through in this year, heart prison old person although has not said anything, but in the eye actually passed 1 u to leave anxious , good that very but he hid, not by Zhao Hai present. Besides the practice, Zhao Hai regarding the situation ten people of attention of half monster island there, this year time Mu Yu has also stayed in half monster island there, or uses weapon, either uses relationship, oneself after subduing many Monster Race, has let these Monster Race complete submitting to Yu Baibao, but wants to take the entire half monster island, was not that easy half monster island there Monster Race were too many, but some big Monster Race, do not sell hundred treasure now the accounts. However now Zhao Hai actually does not prepare to wait for now his spiritual Rubik's cube oneself after stably in 480, moreover he also prepared completely safe he preparing to tell heart prison old person his spiritual force to achieve 120 Rubik's Cube, having a look at heart prison old person to do. Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but slowly opens the eye, heart prison old person sat in his opposite, closed one's eyes, but Zhao Hai, when opened the eye, heart prison old person slowly has also opened the eye, he looked at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, your oneself has practiced for seven days, must rest to be good.”

Zhao Hai stood to bow to heart prison old person said : Master, the disciple sixth branch after achieving 120 Rubik's Cube.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that heart prison old person cannot help but two eyes one bright, then laughs said : well, good, worthily is the person who teacher settles on, fantastic.” Said that a blood has spurted. Zhao Hai stares, in great surprise said : Master, Master, are you then what kind of? Are you all right?” At this time heart prison old person gaining ground of slowly, looked at Zhao Hai said : well, small, sea, you are great, teacher feel relieved, before saw you to break through finally finally at the point of death, after this was spiritual force to 120, Cultivation Method that practices, teacher thinks that cannot hand over give you personally.” Zhao Hai received that jade slip actually not to examine, but is look at heart prison old person said : Master, you did not say that you also do have one year of lifespan? How can like this?” Heart prison old person shook the head, sighs said : „the teacher lifespan, feared less than one month, for before practiced relieved, therefore has not told you, you sat.” Zhao Hai sat the heart prison old person opposite with tears, heart prison old person sighed said :day to behave badly You Kewei, from behaving badly cannot live, the teacher previous time wants to surrender you and Mu Tian with spiritual force o, making you Divergent Technique person, is Divergent Technique strives, but was actually injured by your spiritual force backlash, only under can restrain by force the injury, and accepts your this apprentice, is hopes that you can in this year, achieves 120 Rubik's Cube, then teacher can use Secret Technique, passes to you oneself spiritual force, if your spiritual force does not achieve 120 Rubik's Cube, does not have the means to withstand teacher spiritual force, teacher feared that you do not have the means before teacher passed away achieves 120 Rubik's Cube, you have achieved fortunately. ” Zhao Hai stares, then he somewhat puzzled look at heart prison old person said : Master, before you, why didn't tell me? Also makes me rest?” Heart prison old person knows said : painstakingly „the spiritual force practice, most death anniversary worries, if you because of this matter, the practice, may leave eagerly behind the internal injury, such your this has destroyed for a lifetime, therefore teacher has not given you any pressure.” Zhao Hai face affected look at heart prison old person said : Master, disciple does not have the understand Master pains, asking Master to forgive.”

Heart prison old person forced smile said : this do not blame you, are I have not told you, was good, you do not need to be sad, teacher sixth branch after living these many years, anything has seen through, tidies up here.” Zhao Hai complied with one, immediately/on horseback caused one group of clear water, washed the bloodstain of ground cleanly. But heart prison old person has actually put out communication jade sword, has input the content in, released for flight the jade sword, after Zhao Hai tidied up, stood on bowing in the one side, has not made noise, had not asked. Heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai said :my oneself passed through the letter to call Horkins, my lifespan completely, this matter must tell him, but also bounded in something must be clear with his explain/transfer, today explain/transfer was clear, later did not need to manage, this month, I must prepare well, therefore this spiritual force, shifted to your body. Flowing that the Zhao Hai tears cannot stop, his sad sound said : „didn't Master, have other means? I heard Spirit Medicine that ten-thousand realms battlefield here has plenty can prolong life, disciple is Master you seeks certainly.” Heart prison old person beckoned with the hand said : uselessly, these Spirit Medicine teacher have eaten, they impossible in lengthening the teacher lifespan, can, when the lifespan completely, will accept your this kind of apprentice, teacher was also content.” The Zhao Hai tears have been flowing, but he did not have to say anything, was only tight pursing the lips, before long, the sound of outside broken wind transmitted, Horkins brought Divergent Technique Immortal Stage Expert of troop to walk, they looked at Zhao Hai face sad the appearance, cannot help but gawked, then face changed, restless look at heart prison old person. Heart prison old person looked at Horkins their eyes, sighs said : today to ask to have a matter you lightly to tell you, my lifespan completely, the life will be beautiful soon, later Divergent Technique matter on give you.” Boom! heart prison old person this saying looks like bomb, one has blasted out in the center of people, people in an uproar, on the face appears startled , Horkins is the same, his look at heart prison old person said : elder, you chatted? Divergent Technique cannot leave you.” Heart prison old person stares said : not to be that daughter condition, you wait till are the person of practice, naturally should know, when the person of lifespan practice also has completely, can I also really live forever and never die be inadequate?” Horkins they do not make noise, but each and every one lowers the head, does not dare to look at heart prison teacher, sad of face. Heart prison old person looked at their one eyes, sighed the mouth to dare said : I already to feel the lifespan completely, therefore received Little Hai for the disciple, my institute studied the sixth branch after giving Little Hai, Little Hai now is also our Divergent Technique guest's seat long old, I can also feel relieved, how later Divergent Technique unfold, looked your, the words of something may look for Little Hai to discuss, and you went, making Little Hai remain to accompany me to be good, when Little Hai left the valley, when was I returned to heaven, after I die, only needed Little Hai my skeleton and this. The thatched-roofed hut together cremation is, you and others , to worship, worships outside the valley already may.” As soon as the people listen to the expression of his explain/transfer things to do after death, cannot help but sadness, each and every one is the two eyes belt tears. Heart prison old person looked at their one eyes, sighed, the hand wielded, a ring has flown Horkins, he to Horkins said : in this ring, there are some thing that my many years saved, handed over give you, inside also had Cultivation Method that I practiced, later in Divergent Technique, such as in having to specialize in the person of spiritual force, may watch to him, you went.”

Horkins received the ring, tiger eyes belt tears, takes the lead in giving heart prison old person to kneel down, after three do obeisance, this got the people to withdraw from the thatched-roofed hut, departed mountain valley. Zhao Hai look at heart prison old person at the there explain/transfer things to do after death, was the sound did not have, when Horkins they walked, Zhao Hai look at heart prison old person said : Master, you well rested, if you did not give me cultivation level, was can also lengthen some time the lifespan? If so, disciple does not want your cultivation level.” Heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai, sighed said : disciple, your heart teacher understand, but teacher did not give you this cultivation level, was impossible to live this month, you do not need to think, used this month of time, well consolidated own cultivation level, not must waste teacher this pains.” Zhao Hai has complied with one sadly, sat in front of heart prison old person, slowly has closed the eye, was actually some little time truly sits in meditation. The heart prison old person look at Zhao Hai appearance, sighed lightly, look complex looked at Zhao Hai one, this slowly has closed the eye. Zhao Hai although looked like has sat in meditation probably, but outside looked unfamiliar any he to know, to be honest, he just has been acting in a play, because he could feel, heart prison old person was also acting in a play, he wants to know that heart prison old person actually wants to do! To be continued)!. &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;