Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1627

black gas vanishes, Zhao Hai present heart prison old person has actually stood in there, then heart prison old person bows said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai stares, then he somewhat puzzled look at heart prison old person said : „wasn't your consciousness the sixth branch after stirring to extinguish by me? To have how also the consciousness?”. .com Heart prison old person said : returns to the Young Master words, my main consciousness truly you had been given to stir to break to pieces by Young Master, but any Immortal Stage Expert, in must go through Divided Spirit Stage this process, but the Divided Spirit Stage person, two souls, one will be the main soul, one will be secondary soul, but will enter from Divided Spirit Stage to Immortal Stage time, must with own secondary soul feel that this Heaven and Earth will realize, so long as you felt that existence of one type of consciousness, you can enter to Immortal Stage truly, but this consciousness can also and your secondary soul fuses, finally will become Immortal Stage Expert main attack method, but after a Immortal Stage Expert main soul vanishes, his secondary soul can exist some time, because secondary soul oneself after fuses with the Heaven and Earth consciousness, therefore cannot in the body of control main soul, lose the support of main soul, secondary soul slowly will also vanish.” Zhao Hai nodded, understand what's the matter, this secondary soul to Immortal Stage time, really with Divided Spirit Stage the time application method is different, Immortal Stage Expert attack time, first will strike will have the strength of one type of consciousness, for example the consciousness of mountain, the consciousness of sea, will say is the consciousness, actually will be one type of unexpectedly, in attacking, can by own attack, such as Shan Ruhai be been same, to person one type of constriction, moreover can increase the attack strength. Zhao ~ sea look at heart prison old person said : that your can spiritual force also use now?” Heart prison old person nodded said : completely, because of the give priority to soul enters to the Young Master body in time, has not taken away many spiritual force, therefore my spiritual force can definitely use, moreover can continue to practice.” Zhao Hai nodded, he thinks that a hand revolution, has put out black Magic Robe, this black Magic Robe is that most ancient Magic Robe, is bringing the topee, moreover that one type of that this hat also lives in the entire bow cap. After Zhao Hai Magic Robe has given heart prison old person said : you, puts on this, has any matter I to call you.” Heart prison old person has complied with one, puts on Magic Robe, then Zhao Hai waves, has delivered to him Space. From knowing Dao Heart prison old person must carry on seizes the shed the time to him, Zhao Hai after has thought through the entire item matter on oneself completely, heart prison old person, when gives him that many status and status, feared that already prepared to seize to abandon, has to recognize, heart prison old person regarding Divergent Technique be very loyal, although he seizes the shed is wish by himself live is longer, many fearing that but he thinks are Divergent Technique. Because he wants to help Divergent Technique, therefore he wants by the live long time, simultaneously to be given a status of Zhao Hai his apprentice, is the guest's seat elder, such Zhao Hai will have certain word power in Divergent Technique, what most important is, after he succeeds, he can use this status , helping Divergent Technique. Why must wait till he achieves 120 Rubik's Cube the time as for the heart prison elder carries on to seize the shed, Zhao Hai thinks that certainly is because this seizes the shed is not that easy, was seized the person in shed, must achieve a certain degree to be good on spiritual force, otherwise is impossible to withstand this consciousness to be cancelled, the external consciousness is invading this class matter, must know that spiritual force of person very frail, will not do well on will leave behind the internal injury, or was seized the person in shed to meet dead, that on will be one pats two to disperse, all had been finished.

Regarding the heart prison old person procedure, Zhao Hai really don’t know must say any good, regarding him, heart prison old person such does really suffices vicious and merciless, but regarding any cultivator was saying that if his having a mind prison old person such strength, was at heart prison old person such one type of link place time, they will also choose with the heart prison old person same procedure. Normally Zhao Hai obtained heart prison old person such spiritual force Expert, he should immediately learn this seizing shed **, to do emergency requirement, if others, definitely immediately such does, but he is Zhao Hai, he such will not do, he is confident to himself. Zhao Hai empty thatched-roofed hut, looked at a outside canyon, sighed lightly, the personal appearance moved returned to in Space, now Laura they are sitting in Space the look at screen, on the screen situation of Mu Yu on half monster island. Now half monster island there several big Monster Race still disobey to hundred treasure Yang Fengyang, to be honest, facing this situation, any race can the headache, hundred treasure want completely subdues half monster island, but also real don’t know needs how long. Do not think that hundred treasure have not thought must resort to violence, but Monster Race on half monster island facing other families time, very united, you want to resort to violence to them, the price that pays is, not only hundred treasure that hundred treasure cannot withstand, even if Divergent Technique big Interface cannot withstand like this. Although these Monster Race in unruly, however their strengths are very good, if hundred treasure come really hardly, then regarding hundred treasure not any advantage. Now hundred treasure are also having the headache for this matter, Zhao Hai does not have any good means that he was unable to go to hundred treasure there help now, he cannot make passing information that heart prison old person oneself passes through have the tiny bit revelation. Zhao Hai was not worried that in 20 day of saving, will have the Divergent Technique person to come heart prison old person here, here is the Divergent Technique forbidden area, does not have the approval of heart prison old person, anybody cannot come in But reason that Divergent Technique person such is serious the order of heart prison old person, not completely is because they respect heart prison old person, because heart prison old person butchered many Divergent Technique people, the prestige of establishing, this also let Zhao Hai understand, in Cultivation World, that was the same Interface person, sometimes also needs to set up the prestige, otherwise nobody will fear. Situation of Zhao Hai in Space after having a look at half monster island there, paid attention to the Divergent Technique here situation, the Divergent Technique here atmosphere now is somewhat depressing, although all people know Dao Heart prison old person was old, but heart prison old person lived that long time, people oneself after being used to have him, probably thinks that he forever will not die to be the same.

information suddenly when he must die passes on, entire Divergent Technique vibrated, is good throws because of the heart prison old person remaining prestige, therefore these people have not entered to mountain valley. Naturally, what now is busiest is narrow Jenkins they, Horkins they, are the Divergent Technique ruling circles, perhaps Horkins is not a completely qualified ruler, but he is not too bad, his very clear, Divergent Technique cannot make any trouble at this time, before heart prison old person looked like nucleus weapon, not only in the Divergent Technique prestige very high, but also had doing that certain shaking absorbed to use to other Interface. But one passed away in his suddenly, other difficult insurance Interface not to have any idea, therefore at this time, Divergent Technique must do, stabilizes own domain, cannot to other Interface any be possible the opportunity of name. Therefore in recent time, Divergent Technique army reassignment frequency of, regarding own domain protection was also more solid. Must say that the domains of other big Interface to Divergent Technique does not have words of what idea is impossible, other big Interface also want to take a look at Divergent Technique to have anything to respond, if the response of Divergent Technique is very slow, they did not mind that gets down from tangential point meat of Divergent Technique However looked the response that Divergent Technique is critical situation like this, several other big Interface do not dare to begin, several other big Interface very clear, Divergent Technique can arrive at today, because of heart prison old person, heart prison old person although did not die absolutely, but the overall strength of Divergent Technique still, annoyed Divergent Technique at this time, met sub- cauldron entire Divergent Technique public sentiment ji indignant, when the time comes will not do well Divergent Technique with their undead non- body, this was not they want to see. If heart prison old person, other Interface people possibly also will still cause trouble, after all heart prison old person will take the larger situation into account, will not be what kind of them, but now Divergent Technique there Steward, but Horkins, what person Horkins is, the people of other office surface know that is not an affable person, if you have annoyed him, he really with your undead continuous, in other big Interface, Horkins on will be militant Lunatic. Horkins perhaps is not qualified superior, but he absolutely is militant Lunatic, person who any has offended his, he will not let off, because of this, the talented people of other big somewhat fears him, the normal person has not feared Lunatic. Time in the blink of an eye on the past 20 days, Zhao Hai presently mountain valley outside person were many on this day, Zhao Hai knows one should exit, that thatched-roofed hut igniting, this matter will not have finished. Comes out after Space, Zhao Hai looked at that thatched-roofed hut eye, to be honest he very likes here, after all also lived in here for more than one year . Moreover the here environment also is really very good.

Zhao Hai looked at that thatched-roofed hut some little time, this sighed, the hand wielded, the entire thatched-roofed hut nodding, because the top of grass level somewhat wet, therefore the massive black smokes braved, but Zhao Hai release went, but Fire element Spell, the entire grass level turned into pile of ashes before long. However this has not calculated that Zhao Hai fully realized acts in a play to make the truth of complete set, in some big stone that makes from mountain valley, cultivated a grave sparkling stone in there, has made a tombstone, has displayed some sacrificial offerings, after some do well, in Zhao Hai then mountain valley followed. Zhao Hai saw Horkins their these Divergent Technique to mountain valley outside High level, saw Zhao Hai to come out, Horkins immediately moved forward to meet somebody, look at Zhao Hai said : „did elder walk?” Nod of Zhao Hai face sorrow, deep voice said : my oneself after Venerable from the teacher last wish, has cremated him, set up the grave, the meaning of teacher was, later everyone/Great Clan did not need to worship, such as Zha Xiang worshipped, worshipped to be OK outside the valley.” Horkins has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai slightly, deep voice said :, sea, your although is disciple of elder, but your not understand elder in our Divergent Technique status, ok, since is the elder told that worships in here.” Said that Horkins got the people to carry on to worship to heart prison old person in valley entrance here, this brought Zhao Hai to go back, but Zhao Hai actually knows, oneself leave time....... ( to be continued ) &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;