Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1628

Chapter 553 Monster Race autonomous white light flashes, Zhao Hai appears in Transmission Formation, he has sized up all around one, does not have what change, some cultivator are passing and out in Transmission Formation here, on the face of everyone is bringing anticipation radiance. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, takes a step to walk outward, at this time a sound actually conveyed said : is Elder Brother Hai came back, Elder Brother Hai came back.” Zhao Hai looked that looks at Transmission Formation, this person is also Divided Spirit Stage Expert, before saw Zhao Hai time, although also greeted, but called Zhao Hai to be Little Hai generally, now calls him Elder Brother Hai, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat not know whether to laugh or cry. Zhao Hai don’t know, he is very actually high in hundred treasure here status, although said hundred treasure here his not anything too high status, but he is hanging Divergent Technique a status of guest's seat elder now, but Divergent Technique also wants formidable existence compared with hundred treasure, such Zhao Hai status becomes is naturally different. although now Zhao Hai is hundred treasure people, but hundred treasure here ordinary cultivator, actually unconscious enhanced one layer the Zhao Hai status. Is adding on the Zhao Hai strength, now Zhao Hai in the human spirits of hundred treasure, that is not general high. Cultivation World is takes the strength as Venerable the world, your strength, let alone calls the elder brother, calling the uncles to be good. But that person of this throat also gave to call other people, Zhao Hai look at these people, a forced smile, he also real don’t know must say that any was good. Zhao Hai had more than one year of time not to have returned to hundred treasure, hundred treasure here people also really worried that Zhao Hai meets join to Divergent Technique, after all Divergent Technique is bigger than hundred treasure, Zhao Hai is the Divergent Technique guest's seat elder, if his join Divergent Technique, compared in hundred treasure here moistening. In the past heard that heart prison old person passed away, these people somewhat were excited, think that Zhao Hai immediately came back, has not actually thought that waited for good several days, now Zhao Hai comes back, therefore these talented people can notice that Zhao Hai so was excited. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, notified these people with a smile, person does immediately/on horseback to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you now come back? Heard that heart prison elder did pass away probably several days?” What this saying asked was some suddenly, moreover very improper, but Zhao Hai smiles said : is, Master passed away several days, but Divergent Technique there had the activities of some sacrificial offerings, I must participate, therefore after and other activities ended, I came back.”

The people then nodded, one of them said loudly: Was good, everyone/Great Clan do not encircle in here, the elder said that if the elder brother sea came back, immediately makes Elder Brother Hai see him, everyone/Great Clan do not gather round Elder Brother Hai.” One hear of that people said that the people then make way, Zhao Hai is smiling after the people have greeted, this toward the center halls of hundred treasure walks. The people look at Zhao Hai back, on face has shown the smiling face, they also really feared that Zhao Hai on join to Divergent Technique, was not returning to hundred treasure from now. These ordinary cultivator sometimes trust luck, but after Zhao Hai since to hundred treasure, the several times crises of hundred treasure passed, moreover in strength step by step, is adding on Zhao Hai itself strength formidable, the first fight, he can win, therefore regarding Zhao Hai, these ordinary cultivator has obsession at heart, they have thought Zhao Hai is the ascendent, certainly will win with Zhao Hai. Present hundred treasure in the attack of half monster island there are not very smooth, although in having Mu Yu sits personally, but will receive Monster Race attack to half monster island there cultivator sometimes, therefore these can cultivator, hopes that Zhao Hai can go to half monster island there, with his unsurpassed luck, as soon as possible half monster island there subduing. If Zhao Hai knows that he because of this, so will be popular, don’t know will do with the feelings. He has flown center hall there slowly, then deep voice said : ocean interview.” sect Ze the Wei of voice from the hall came said : Little Hai to come back, came in quickly.” Zhao Hai then takes a step to walk toward the center hall. Now center hall here only then sect Ze their several, Mu Tianbo in here, Mu Tianbo did not come back didn't have long time to close up from Divergent Technique there is not inquiring about these matters, moreover hundred treasure here ten groups of Elder Assembly have also dismissed, Mu Tianbo also has naturally handed over own authority, is not keeping off sect Ze said that avoid makes others think that he wants track Ze to fight over the power. In this regard, Mu Tianbo has made with the Zhao Hai same choice, all consider for the unities of entire hundred treasure, they do not think that hundred treasure because of their selfishness, have any fissure. Now entire construction hall here only then five elders, this makes center hall here appear somewhat spacious, Zhao Hai comes, immediately/on horseback salutes to several elders, sect Ze beckoned with the hand said : to come back well, sits, I was having the matter to you tell.” Zhao Hai nodded, sits on a nearby multipurpose cloud, sect Ze look at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, did you in Divergent Technique there more than one year, how many Interface matter you know?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : almost knows, half monster island turns over to us in name, but the situation probably was also not good, besides this matter, feared that was only then the exchange system was completed in encampment here is the big matter.”

Good that sect Ze he he chuckle said : you said that besides exchange system, only then half monster island matter was the big matter, half monster island there situation was quite special, we wanted to subdue there to fear that not so was easy, now there although has the small feather to assume personal command, but the situation was not quite good, has plenty Monster Race refused to accept us, Little Hai you think how we should do?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that sect Ze actually will ask this issue he looked at sect Ze one eyes puzzled, sect Ze nodded to him, hints him to say boldly. Zhao Hai thinks said : my fifty-fifty monster island there knows are not many, only knows calculation that there said truly, should be several big Monster Race on half monster island, these big Monster Race do not want to make different race rule them, therefore they have done with us right, don’t know I said is right?” sect Ze nodded said : you saying that not wrong, the general situation is this, the Monster Race person does not hope the person who other races rules them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : if so, that arrived is good half, the elder, I thinks that we fell into an erroneous zone, that was wholeheartedly wants to give to take back half monster island, but wants the Monster Race income to hundred treasure, therefore sent for ruling them, but this was contradictory was, I think that we should change the idea, half monster island there Monster Race, regarded is ordinary Human Race small Interface is the same to process, like this on can.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that sect Ze cannot help but stares, then his immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, he cannot help but has tapped the head, turns the head other look at several elders, laughed said : looks like we drills ox horn to be sharp, actually has not thought of this point, HaHaHa.” Zhao Hai knows that is not these elders has not thought of this point, but in the subconscious, they somewhat looks down upon Monster Race, therefore they have not thought from the start is serious Monster Race, wants to send for ruling Monster Race directly. If they regard ordinary Human Race small Interface to be the same Monster Race, that will not send for ruling Monster Race, so long as they make Monster Race submit to themselves, every year delivers some thing, after hundred treasure, they must with dispatching troops to support hundred treasure, this was enough, simply does not need to set a leadership organization in Monster Race above directly, that will only cause Monster Race dislike. Said simply is, hundred treasure can Monster Race to manage half monster island, can make half monster island there implement Monster Race autonomous, but Monster Race must at the important matter big non- matter, support hundred treasure, when hundred treasure and enemies to the war, they also unify to turn over to hundred treasure leadership, but normally half monster island there what, hundred treasure will not meddle the tube, like treating ordinary Human Race Interface. an elder somewhat scruple said : „, if such Monster Race doesn't comply? Part of Monster Race may probably make half monster island be separated from the rules of hundred treasure, forms Monster Race Interface, are treated equally with hundred treasure.”

Zhao Hai sneers said : to deal with such person, that only then the one type of means that killed! We can say to all Monster Race our conditions that I want as the matter stands, to meet the Monster Race agreement of has plenty, but fearing that does not agree with will occupy minority, after all the strengths of our hundred treasure, strive to excel compared with the strength of half monster island, making them autonomous, this is our concessions, if they also want to treat as an equal with hundred treasure, that only then has killed, before beginning, we must announce first that told all Monster Race, they want to treat as an equal with hundred treasure, that was impossible, only then submitted to Yu Baibao, like this we began, feared that was other's Monster Race Thinks, after all they only need to deliver some thing every year, but does not need to listen to hundred treasure, I think that these people will also make the choice.” sect Ze nodded, deep voice said : „the request of majority of Monster Race, does not want to make Human Race rule them actually, this point we can comply, but if he must treat as an equal with hundred treasure, then on do not blame me.” Several people nodded, sect Ze look at Zhao Hai, he he chuckle said : „is really a language awakens dreamboat that our also not understand why these Monster Race rebel such intense, now looks like, this means to are feasible, my immediately informs Mu Yu , making him press this means to manage.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : actually all Elders, we can control half Monster Race slowly, I hear that half monster island there commodity not very rich, our hundred treasure want to obtain there, for the there geographical position, but is not the commodity, therefore we can increase with the transaction of Monster Race, with commodity that they need, received exchange their there commodity, this our equal to slowly was control the interflow of commodities of their there, what if Monster Race had disloyalty, we control they on the commodity under one, on will be felt by them to very difficult.” This that Zhao Hai said is actually economical invasion one type of, but concept of cultivator never anything economy invasion, therefore before , nobody uses this method to deal with others, sect Ze they naturally does not understand, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that feels some new and odd. ! #( &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;