Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 17 - Chapter 1629

Chapter 554 no talent Zhao Hai The Mu Yu look at in hand signalling jade sword, this jade sword is, is how tells him to handle half monster island here matter, sees the content in jade sword, Mu Yu knows that this idea is Zhao Hai leaves certainly, can offer such advice except for his nobody.(, Net) Moreover in the jade sword added that because Zhao Hai just came back, must return to the blue tree star, then helps him, this from one side has also substantiated his idea. Mu Yu admires Zhao Hai really very much, somewhat is disheartened, thinks that he is hundred treasure talents, however actually all was given to be inferior by Zhao Hai in each every aspect, this makes him somewhat dejected. However he has not been jealous Zhao Hai, because of his very clear, Zhao Hai such does, is good for hundred treasure, but his all can have today, all because of the reasons of hundred treasure, hundred treasure is formidable, gives all environment that he has practiced, making him have today's such status, if he were not hundred treasure makes anything, that was really unfair to hundred treasure. if the skin does not exist, what could the hair adhere to, this is the Mu Yu at heart most real idea, regarding him, hundred treasure is basic, therefore Zhao Hai although everywhere performance is more outstanding than him, moreover in also very popular, but he has not actually been mad Zhao Hai, instead to is thinking must fully support Zhao Hai, only by doing so, can make hundred treasure well. Some the nearest/recent also Mu Pai people, said to Mu Yu that lets Mu Yu careful Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai approaches him for the quick superior, if such is getting down, later Zhao Hai will affect him the status in hundred treasure. However Mu Yu has not actually been serious this saying, Mu Yu was together such long time with Zhao Hai, he to Zhao Hai was finding, he believes that Zhao Hai will not cope with him for the authority, before Zhao Hai on multiple gave him the merit, withdrew goes secretly, at that time his also do not understand Zhao Hai was any meaning, now his understand, Zhao Hai has not thought before them, appears any contradiction, regarding this point, Mu Yu was very affected. To be honest, these days in half monster island here, Mu Yu felt is really very exhausting, half monster island here each matter, makes him feel headache, to handle these matters, he had for a long time not to practice. He was the half-step steps into Immortal Stage person, if can practice one relieved, feared that was he entered to Immortal Stage now, to be honest, Mu Yu regarding the enthusiasm of practice, distant being higher than to the enthusiasm of authority, he to is hopes that now Zhao Hai quick 1 : 30 monster island here came, handled the here matter, he completely liberated. However now Zhao Hai has not come, he cannot any matter not do, after receiving the jade sword, Mu Yu immediately makes the person go to please several big Monster Race Patriarch, he must with these main long chatting well. Half monster island here is not big, but was actually being secluded by nine big Monster Race wars, the first Monster Race strength is good, in equivalent to the Upper Realm strength, such strength hundred treasure do not certainly pay attention , the strength that but nine big Monster Race alliance get up is not small, even if hundred treasure does not dare to be hard.

Is adding on nine big Monster Race in half monster island here prestige very high, they call from a high place, these small Monster Race will attach in their sides, this is also lets hundred treasure very headaches the places. Naturally, nine big Monster Race are also not very united, among them also has the contradiction, very much does not cope like Tiger Race and Lion Race, Wolf Race also very arrogant, Snake Clan was most not treated sees, Xiong Clan and Hawk Clan a little are also contradictory, Fox Clan is a worldly person, no one offends, but Elephant Clan and rhinocero clan is actually the most faithful ally. Original Mu Yu thinks the contradictions between these Monster Race, he can use well, but he has not thought that these Monster Race he want to use these contradictions not to be impossible regarding vigilance very strong, of other families. Now in has given this processing method, he to was relaxed, so long as discussed with these Monster Race well, can know their ideas, were then finding the way to cope with them. These time with also 10,000 cultivator that Mu Yu comes, they to do not have what loss, but several people were actually wounded, moreover could not find the person to the present, is adding on nine big Monster Race is also Yang Fengyang disobeys to their orders, therefore the people of hundred treasure, really have not felt better in half monster island here day now. The person who Mu Yu has not let hundred treasure passes on the order, he has put out communication jade slip, sent the letter to nine big Monster Race, makes them to discuss the autonomous matter. Now Mu Yu they live on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, these time had also been lucky Zhao Hai Yama Ship, otherwise, they will possibly have more people injured, these Monster Race feared that is also wild. Yama Ship stops in there, can play very big frightening to do to use, is adding on Yama Ship fighting strength to be placed in there, these Monster Race people are want to cope with Mu Yu , must think over well own strength. Moreover these Monster Race people are not the fools, they attack hundred treasure, but to person demonstration of authority of hundred treasure, they knows status of Mu Yu in hundred treasure, if they injured Mu Yu , or made hundred treasure losses too big, perhaps that hundred treasure anger soldiers, when the time comes will fear that was nine big Monster Race cannot block. However nine big Monster Race did not have regarding Mu Yu really thinks highly, to a half monster island more than one year, did not have any too big motion to the present, moreover spoke also very polite, this made these Monster Race rampant, therefore after Mu Yu used the signalling jade sword, several days time, nine big Monster Race have still not sent for Yama Ship here. Mu Yu to has not worried, he knows that nine big Monster Race prepare to his demonstration of authority, then slowly comes, actually Mu Yu also very happy nine big Monster Race such do, because he knows that Zhao Hai must come, best was nine big Monster Race had not come time Zhao Hai to arrive, when the time comes was tidied up them by Zhao Hai.

After Mu Yu uses the signalling jade sword ninth day, nine big Monster Race then arrived at Yama Ship here, but the people of first clan came almost 5000 people, nine big Monster Race that are the forty thousand many people, entire Yama Ship encircling stubbornly, this clarified is gives Mu Yu to be ugly. The Mu Yu although temperament is good, but now complexion somewhat is also ugly, he has not exited to greet nine big Monster Race people, the person but who lets hundred treasure, nine big Monster Race Patriarch welcome to the Yama Ship cabin, nine big Monster Race each Monster Race behind also be bringing two people, made that negotiated to be the same with the bandit. After nine big Monster Race Patriarch entered the cabin, but optional holds the fist in the other hand gave a salute to Mu Yu , took a seat on the multipurpose clouds, the polite appearance did not have. Mu Yu although cannot have a liking for their this welldoing, has not said anything, when nine big Monster Race Patriarch, after sit down, Mu Yu on open the mouth and said: This time please nine Patriarch come, is discussed that nine big Monster Race autonomous matters, what opinion don’t know nine Patriarch do have?” A figure is slim, did Patriarch of face smiling face, look at Mu Yu said : how don’t know Mu Yu mister this autonomous is an autonomous law?” Mu Yu looked at this person of one, this person is Fox Clan Patriarch Hu Quan, Mu Yu smiles said : Hu Quan Patriarch asked that we in meaning was, half monster island here, later turned over to nine big Monster Race to govern, but nine big Monster Race must submit to my hundred treasure, took my hundred treasure as Venerable, every year presented tribute, such as was my hundred treasure must live the conflict with other Interface, needed nine big Monster Race to enter the war, nine big Monster Race must dispatch troops to enter the war, in other words, all pressed to submit to these Human Race small Interface of my hundred treasure are the same. Handles, doesn't know Patriarch what do you think?” A Mu Yu saying, nine big Monster Race people to have gawked such, then mutually looked at one, they saw excited radiance from the opposite party eye. Nine big Monster Race very clear, by their strengths, want to treat as an equal with hundred treasure really that is impossible, if can like other Human Race small Interface, obtain the autonomous authority, was very good, in fact this is they have also wanted to strive, but they have not stated clearly. In however nine big Monster Race actually some people do not think that why sees robust man coldly snorted said : of face full beard to make our Monster Race submit to your hundred treasure? Do you have that strength?” Mu Yu complexion changes, other Monster Race Patriarch are also complexion changes, they can the Mu Yu demonstration of authority, be able to make Mu Yu suffer a hardship, but they actually cannot say hundred treasure, if this saying passes on, that later hundred treasure do rule small of their? Isn't this compelling hundred treasure with their undead continuous? Has not waited for Mu Yu to speak, hears a faint sound to transmit said : „, since everybody is thinks that anything was needless saying that everybody please return, two days we will have gone to visit personally.” At the same time was saying a person's shadow walked from outside, this person long very ordinary, on the face is also having ten thousand years of invariable smiling face, obviously just these words were he said.

Mu Yu sees the person, is actually laughs said : Little Hai, did you come? HaHaHa, more than one year have not seen, but thought dead Elder Brother I.” Zhao Hai also walks up, hugged with Mu Yu , smiles said : I to say the feather elder brother, you in more than one year probably not too Ruyi Scepter.” Said that also has swept nine big Monster Race one with the look. That full beard robust man look at Zhao Hai said : that before spoke „were you who? Sent out the status to come?” Zhao Hai look at that person, shows a faint smile said : no talent Zhao Hai, mister has not listened to being nothing unusual, does mister want to come is the Lion Race person? Since mister thinks that our hundred treasure, do not match to make you submit, that mister please return, will cross several days we to go to Lion Race visiting personally, because today everybody is the feather elder brother invites, I will not be good to detain everybody, if also wants to discuss that can remain to discuss, wants to walk, please as one likes.” Said that Zhao Hai looked at other person of one in cabin, on his face has been having the smiling face, but two eyes is actually sharp like the blade, making the person not dare to face up. This entered that Fox Clan Patriarch immediately/on horseback to stand said : misunderstanding, Mr. Zhao Hai has misunderstood, the mister given name, like thunder in my ears, I and others very admired to mister, mister please sit down, Bath absolutely did not have that meaning.” Zhao Hai look at people said : everybody should know that this is our hundred treasure has yielded most greatly, what? everybody thinks really Monster Race can defeat our hundred treasure? Our hundred treasure have shown the most sincerity, I think that everybody should also show your sincerity to come, meet in battle, is not we want to see that I believe that is not everybody wants to see, I also want to urge one, hundred treasure exercises forbearance to regard is weak.” &\; 1 t \; a href = "……" target = " _ b 1 ank " >\;. " >\;